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All back issues, from the original printing, are $7.95 each (US$), which includes shipping and handling in the US. Shipments to Canada, add $1.75 (US) per issue. All other countries add $5.00 (US) per issue, you may have to pay duty tax.

To order with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card, select back issues by year above, or call (800) 287-4828 (U.S. and Canada).

If in Europe contact our Overseas Distributor.

To pay by check or money order, mail payment in U.S. funds, drawn on a U.S. bank to:
The Mountain Astrologer, P.O. Box 970, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924 U.S.A.

All orders will be mailed through the U.S. Post Office. Please allow up to 1- 2 weeks for delivery in the U.S., longer in other countries.


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