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August/September 2000

Weather Watches and Warnings for August-September 2000

by Ken Paone
The practice of astrometeorology – using astrology to forecast long-range weather patterns – is actually older than you may think. Astronomer/astrologer Johannes Kepler became famous for his weather predictions late in the 16th century. Today, author Ken Paone explains how the planets and their angular relationships influence the weather, and he includes a forecast for North America in August and September.

Simple Rituals for Major Transits
by Ray Grasse
Isn’t it about time for astrologers to stop demonizing difficult transits and start utilizing them? If you have been wondering how in the world to do this, wonder no more. Ray Grasse offers plenty of down-to-earth suggestions for coping with these challenges from the heavens; his comprehensive article provides food for thought and spirit.

What’s So Good about "Bad" Aspects?
by Maura Cleary
Let’s not blame the planets for our bad times but learn to welcome the opportunities that squares, oppositions, and conjunctions can provide us.

Downloading the Cosmic Mind: Group Rituals for 2000-2001
by Barbara Schermer
Over the next ten months, there will be many auspicious times for performing powerful group rituals. Transiting Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius will be forming trines with Jupiter and Saturn in Gemini, and all four of these planets will be either sextiling or opposing cathartic Pluto. In this article, Barbara Schermer offers a list of these important moments and guides you step by step through the process of creating your own group ritual.

The Horoscopic Handyman
by Bruce Scofield
If you have an ephemeris, and if you’re willing to fill your home with cheap computers and old, worn-out household appliances, you can navigate your most challenging transits and remain physically and emotionally unscathed. The Horoscopic Handyman is here to tell you how.

The Astrology of Natural Disasters
by Alexander Markin
Here is solid evidence supporting the traditional association between eclipses and earthquakes and well-known examples to illustrate this point. Successful predictions of volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and floods can also be associated with solar and lunar eclipses, although these are not the only factors involved.

Additional Features

The Astrology of Depression
by Barbara Banfield
Although no one’s horoscope ever mandates a life of depression, astrological analysis can point to certain signatures of this tendency and reveal its unconscious factors – illustrated here by Judy Garland’s birth chart. Scientific research has elucidated the biochemistry of depression, but astrology "cuts to the chase" by suggesting not only possible underlying causes but also creative ways to resolve and integrate these inner tensions.

A Unity of Stars: The Neoplatonic Astrology of Plotinus
by Linda Johnsen
The great Egyptian sage Plotinus did not agree with his contemporaries that the position of the stars dictates the events in our lives, because this philosophy left little room for individual choice and effort – not to mention karma.

The Law Behind the Veil
by Wynne Jordan
Subtitled "One Woman’s Journey into Astrology," this deeply personal, insightful article maps out landmarks in every astrologer’s exploration of this discipline. The author shares her stories and journals along the way, drawing parallels between raising a child and developing an astrological practice. With her resultant understanding of the root principles and power of astrology, she makes some important statements about how we can practice our craft more sensitively and responsibly.

The Merits of Sun-Sign Astrology
by Amanda Owen
We often forget the importance of the Sun in astrology. The author reminds us of the value of Sun-sign horoscope columns and discusses how we can use Sun signs as an introduction to astrology, with a special focus on educating teenagers about the astrological basics.

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