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October/November 2000

As Within, So Without: Your Challenge in Relationships

by Marcia Sacks
The important relation-ships in our lives mirror our own most difficult astrological aspects. The people we are drawn to are here to teach us what we need to learn in this lifetime and are those best equipped to do so. As examples, the author presents the charts of Elizabeth Taylor and the Clintons to illustrate her points.

Mars, Your Inner Hero
by Phyllis Firak-Mitz
No matter what the popular literature says, everyone is from Mars: We all have Mars somewhere in the birth chart. Like any natural force, Mars energy can be either life-enhancing or destructive. Phyllis Firak-Mitz offers some practical suggestions for the best use of this planet’s powers. And, if all else fails, we can "do a 180," by considering how Mars might act if placed in the sign opposite our natal Mars.

Astrological Mars and the Norse God Tyr
by Jodie Forrest
The astrological meanings of the planets have long been enriched by the mythology of the Graeco-Roman gods and goddesses for whom the planets are named. Yet, the myths of other cultures may be closer to our ethnic origins and thus mean more to us, personally. For another look at the Mars archetype, author Jodie Forrest describes his Norse counterpart, the wise and courageous Tyr.

An Interview with Ken Irving
by Tem Tarriktar
Astrologer and researcher Ken Irving is the co-editor of American Astrology magazine and co-author of The Tenacious Mars Effect, a book that confirms Michel Gauquelin’s research showing statistically significant effects of certain planets. Beyond discussing the astrologer-skeptic controversy, this interview recounts the beginnings of American Astrology and explores the impact that the Internet is having on astrology.

The Crawling Eye and the Psychic Bride
by Dana Gerhardt
Have techniques replaced the role of "soulful imagination" in modern-day astrology readings? The author’s favorite childhood horror movie, The Crawling Eye, offers some helpful insights into technology, imagination, and the astrologer.

Spiritual Motivations behind the Twelve Zodiac Signs
by Charlene Sherman
Each sign of the zodiac has a little-known "esoteric" planetary ruler that serves as its spiritual guide. Charlene Sherman describes the evolution of each sign as it initially responds to its better-known exoteric ruler — the ruler of the personality — then gains more awareness of the influence of the soul and the esoteric ruler. This dual rulership sheds light on the motivating forces behind the character traits associated with the zodiac signs.

Additional Features

The Clockwise Interpretation of Houses
by Joe Landwehr
Many astrologers have come to use houses as synonymous with signs. Author Joe Landwehr, however, contrasts the counterclockwise movement of planets through the zodiac with the clockwise movement of planets through the wheel of houses — rising, culminating, setting, and anticulminating. This clockwise consideration distinguishes the houses as a meaningful system, separate from signs, and adds an evolutionary perspective to chart interpretation.

Whom Doth the Grail Serve? A Personal Quest in Pursuit of Vocation
by Anne Whitaker
A Scottish astrologer writes about her life as someone with plenty of fire in her chart — either a blessing or a curse, depending on your outlook. She writes of the heroes who loomed large in her childhood, her years at university, and a succession of careers that led her, finally, to choose astrology as her true vocation.

Vedic Astrology State of the Union Address
by Linda Johnsen
Our Vedic editor reports on the current status of Vedic astrology and the remarkable strides that it has made in the U.S. over the past few years — in terms of visibility and increased interest. The author also includes a list of Vedic resources for those who are looking for study aids or wish to delve further into the subject.

In Memoriam: Edith Custer
January 5, 1923 – June 28, 2000


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