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October/November 2001

Cosmic Dreaming: Astrology and Dream Interpretation

by Marcia Sacks
The author teaches us how to invite astrological symbolism into our dreams. She provides examples from her own vivid dream life, and she describes how dreams give us clues about the way a particular transit is most likely to manifest. She also explains how to remember and record your dreams before they evaporate.

The Magical Endeavor of Astrology: A Conversation with Robert Zoller
by Garry Phillipson
Robert Zoller has advanced the field of astrology by looking back – through the research and teaching of Medieval Astrology – and also by looking forward – through his generous presence on the Internet. In this interview, he shares his story and his philosophy and discusses the connection between astrology and magic.

Ethics in Shades of Gray
by David Arner
What does it mean to practice astrology ethically? How can astrologers become more sensitive to the potential for doing harm to their clients? For starters, read this article! The author draws upon his experience with ethical dilemmas to offer valuable caveats and guiding principles for astrological consultations.

On the Perils of Telling People What to Do
by Ray Grasse
This is a thought-provoking article on the fine art of helping people to help themselves, the pitfalls of taking the decision-making power away from the clients, and the danger of thinking that the astrologer knows best.

MoonWatching Part 1: The Intimate Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
In this issue’s Student Section, Dana Gerhardt commences a nine-part series that revisits the Moon, that elusive luminary that still remains a mystery to most of us. Dana’s own pursuit of the lunar enigma has led her, through fact, folklore, and personal observation, toward a more intimate relationship with the Moon.

The Spiritual Dimension of Taurus
by Moses Siregar III
Astrologer Moses Siregar illuminates the spiritual dimension of the oft-misunderstood sign of Taurus. The author examines the Taurus—Scorpio polarity and lauds Taurean energy, in its highest form of expression, as the astrological symbol of the union of the sacred and the secular.

Additional Features

EnneAstrology, Part III
by Andrea Meek Winchester
In the final part of a series exploring the relationship between astrology and the ancient personality typing system known as the Enneagram, Andrea Winchester discusses "The Gut-Centered Triad" (Types Eight, Nine, and One).

Bridge of Skies
by Hank Friedman
This article, subtitled "Applying Vedic Principles to Western Astrology," dares to bridge the two zodiacs and to combine the wisdom and techniques of Hindu astrology with Western chart interpretation. The resulting enrichment of the astrological reading may well reflect the best of both worlds.

Forecast Section

Where’s That Moon?

Heliocentric Data

Oct/Nov Forecast Calendar
by Tem Tarriktar

New and Full Moon Reports

* Aries Full Moon
* Libra New Moon
* Taurus Full Moon
* Scorpio New Moon
* Gemini Full Moon

Midpoints Table

Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Kenneth Johnsen

TMA Departments

Artist’s Showcase
by Novella Maia

In Memoriam

Letters to the Editor

TMA Professional Directory

Astro-Website Reviews

Neptune Conjunct Venus
by Matt. Meyers

Astrology News
by Gloria Star

Article Particle: The Astrology of Aging, Saturn as the Beneficent Inner Elder
by Norris McCool

Book Reviews
by Mary Plumb

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Humor: TV Today
by Nan Geary

by Charlene Sherman



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