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Between Past & Presence
A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun
by Eric Meyers

Between Past & Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun by Eric Meyers, M.A., Astrology Sight Publishing, 4401 Redmond Dr., #22-105, Longmont, CO 80503, 2006. Paper—280 pp.—$19.95 (ISBN 0-9747766-1-0). Available from the publisher: www.AstrologySight.com

Eric Meyers holds a masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. His new book is a warm-hearted analysis of the two beautiful luminaries of the sky — the Sun and the Moon — the pair that is arguably the keystone in any interpretation of a personal horoscope. In a sense, this a profoundly “personal” book in that Meyers is looking at the inner life, or the intangible factors in anyone’s biography. He takes the view that from “the perspective of soul growth, we are picking up where we left off in past lives.” He considers the Moon as the indicator of how the soul feels, and describes it as showing the “inherent disposition of the soul.”  The Sun is the “vehicle used by the soul in the current lifetime to energize the entire chart ” and as we develop the Sun, we “become who our souls intend for us to be.” The Moon also shows habits that have a regressive or limiting effect, while the Sun is the agent of awareness. Meyers writes: “Spiritual growth concerns the integration of unconscious patterns through sharpened awareness.”

The author develops these essential ideas throughout a wide discourse that includes his careful delineations and unique understanding of the Moon and Sun's sign, house, and aspects (to other planets and each other), as well as his assessments of the lunar nodes and eclipses. In focusing on spiritual growth, Meyers not only describes the meaning of planetary placements, or how a particular aspect might manifest, but also speculates about why placements occur in a horoscope. He provides many chart examples that vividly demonstrate his ideas.

Eric Meyers's Between Past & Presence offers a lovely synthesis of the luminaries that is both engaging and generous. (For instance, few astrologers are likely to contemplate with such kindness the spiritual lives of Dick Cheney and Saddam Hussein, among others.) The author's style is intimate and friendly, and his book is accessible to all levels of astrologers. Readers who are inclined toward using astrological symbolism to understand the spiritual life of an individual will love this book.

— reviewed by Mary Plumb

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