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Ayurvedic Astrology: Self-Healing through the Stars
by David Frawley

Ayurvedic Astrology: Self-Healing through the Stars by David Frawley, Lotus Press, P.O. Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181, USA, 2005. Softbound—274 pp.—$19.95 (ISBN 0-9409-8588-9). Available from: www.lotuspress.com

Many of us who are passionate about astrology have also explored alternative, holistic systems of healing. Over the past few decades, Ayurveda, the natural form of medicine practiced in India for thousands of years, has become deservedly popular in the West. Traditionally, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology were used together to evaluate a person’s health status and prescribe a course of treatment. The Ayurvedic physician who treated me was able to accurately diagnose my two major medical complaints — migraines and menstrual irregularities — simply by feeling my pulse and looking at my horoscope. I was totally amazed.

In Ayurvedic Astrology, Dr. David Frawley shows us how traditional Indian medicine together with Vedic astrology can help us to understand our basic constitutional type and the kinds of medical problems that may arise during particular planetary cycles. He also outlines forms of “astro-therapy” that have been successfully used to treat patients in South Asia, including mantras, gemstones, colors, and aromas assigned on the basis of one’s birth chart. This is fascinating material that you can experiment with yourself. Astrology used to be part of medical treatment in Europe, too, but that tradition has been almost completely lost. Rediscovering medical astrology as it’s still practiced today in the East is a real revelation!

Dr. Frawley has written several books on Ayurveda, but he may be best known to TMA readers as the author of Astrology of the Seers: A Guide to Vedic/Hindu Astrology, which has earned a place on every Vedic astrologer’s bookshelf as a standard reference. He is also past president of the American Council of Vedic Astrology.

If you have a basic background in Western astrology, you can understand most of the information in this book. There is a fascinating section in which Dr. Frawley analyzes the horoscopes of 33 celebrities in terms of their health issues; however, you would need some knowledge of Vedic astrology to fully appreciate his analyses. This book is an invaluable contribution to the burgeoning field of medical astrology.

— reviewed by Linda Johnsen





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