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Cosmic Love: Secrets of the Astrology of Intimacy Revealed
by Jan Spiller

Cosmic Love: Secrets of the Astrology of Intimacy Revealed, by Jan Spiller, Bantam Dell, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, 2008. Softcover—458 pp.—$18 ($23 Canada) (ISBN 978-0-553-38311-9). Available from: www.janspiller.com

Jan Spiller is the author of several popular astrology books, including New Moon Astrology (2001) and Astrology for the Soul (1997). Her newest book, Cosmic Love, expands on the Moon’s nodes (the subject of Astrology for the Soul) by focusing on their impact on relationships.

Since the Moon’s nodes are always opposite one another in the zodiac, they naturally suggest relationship dynamics. Spiller uses the lunar nodes as a tool for seeing the “Big Picture” of why someone has come into your life and “what you can do to bring out the positive potential in your relationship.” She conducted research with many clients over the years and has seriously considered their experiences and responses. She believes that the nodes “are operating at a tremendously deep, foundational level in the personality” and, furthermore, that they show our unconscious blocks to intimacy.

In a culture replete with ideas and language about “codependent” behavior (Libras especially tend to relate to, or be identified with, this problem), Spiller’s view seems to be that we are all unconsciously trying to change each other. We attempt “to coerce others into being what we want them to be,” which in fact “defeats the very intimacy and Love we most want to experience.” Her intention in this book is “to expose the different styles we use in our attempts to manipulate others into changing.”

I think this is a provocative idea, and yet Spiller has a gentle approach; she is interested in supporting the deepening of love in all our relationships. Sometimes, that includes creating a loving resolution with another person or recognizing when someone is not a suitable partner. Ultimately, she believes that “… we can only receive the amount of love we are receptive to experiencing. Ultimately, she believes that “… we can only receive the amount of love we are receptive to experiencing, ” and she counsels readers to “try the experiments that are suggested that make sense to you.”

Part 1, “The Signs: Bringing Out the Best in Love Relationships,” comprises more than half of the book. It includes chapters on the North Node in each sign and the sign’s associated house (Aries is the 1st house; Taurus, the 2nd; etc.). Each chapter offers lists of bulleted points titled Misconceptions That Block Intimacy, Complaints of Their Partners, and Special Gifts They Bring to Relationships. There are many pages devoted to an in-depth assessment of each North Node sign’s patterns of behavior and how the partners may experience and react to these natives. These sections are full of observations and client stories, and the author has intriguing insights into human behavior. For each North Node sign, there is also a segment on How Others Can Help Them Heal. The chapters end with the very succinct (and practical) Habits to Discourage.

Part 2, “The Houses: Destiny’s Gifts,” elucidates how the North Node acts as it falls in each of the 12 houses of the other person’s chart. This part is divided into sections that discuss how you receive love from them (their North Node in your natal house) and how you give love to them (your North Node in their natal house). The author also suggests that the other person’s South Node position in your horoscope will tend to “diminish you” in unconscious ways.

Part 3, “The Aspects: Navigating the Energy of Past Life Connections,” is much shorter; the author delineates conjunctions from the North Node in one chart to a planet in the other chart. She makes observations from the point of view of each person involved — the one with the North Node and the one with the planet it conjoins. There are brief notes on the North Node in the composite chart, both by sign and by house.

My only critique as an editor is that the book is a bit long, and the author repeats herself at times; that style, however, may have been intentional, since the book is very easy to read and understand. Readers do not need to know much about astrology; Spiller provides tables to find the North Node and offers a free chart service on her Web site for people who are beginning to explore their own horoscopes.

As I read Cosmic Love, I thought of people I am very close to and was surprised at how accurately the author described some rather subtle dynamics. I recognized something about myself and learned more about some of my friends and loved ones — that’s a rewarding read!

Jan Spiller does a wonderful job of teaching useful, heartfelt astrology to a broad readership. Cosmic Love is an insightful and accessible book on relationships.

— reviewed by Mary Plumb










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