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Posted on January 10, 2007

What's New on the Web?
by Mary Plumb

This is a report on some of the high-quality astrology currently featured on the Web. For longtime TMA readers, the format of this article falls somewhere between the Web reviews I wrote from 1998 to 2003 and the site listings on TMA's links page.

Starting with the broad perspective of long-term planetary patterns, I found some fine work on the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. Astrology for the 21st Century is a large Web site with many excellent essays on current affairs and people in the news written by an anonymous writer from the U.K. (I could not find a name). In an article on the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune, the author offers an interesting perspective on creative tension and holding a vision so that we can manifest what we need.

The no frills Web site, epix.net, features an article titled The Neptune-Uranus Mutual Reception. Here, the anonymous author delineates the chart of the moment of the first exact mutual reception (March 10, 2003) to discover its implications.

On her self-titled Web site, Astrologer and Author Melanie Reinhart writes about this mutual reception in a two-part article, Lightning Over the Waters. Astrologer Reinhart is deeply informed by Greek myth and considers the phenomenon both from a "big picture" point of view and from a more personal symbolism. She writes: "This mutual reception can be seen as supporting the arising of the kind of detached understanding and compassion which alone can prevent differences developing into conflict resulting in violence."

Astrologer Bill Streett's site, Astro-Noetics.com, previews the major upcoming planetary cycles in A Look Ahead: 2007.
Also noteworthy is Streett's long article on the ongoing Saturn-Neptune opposition, Saturn-Neptune and the Desert of the Real.

This aspect is also considered at Astrology for the 21st Century in Dis/Enchanted World: Saturn Opposite Neptune 2006-2007."This article displays a graph of the conjunctions (and squares and oppositions) of these two planets from 1809 to 2096. The author's assessment of the current aspect includes discussions of the separation of church and state and the horoscopes of Tony Blair and Dennis Kucinich.

If you feel like reminiscing, go to Philip Brown's blog on his AstroFutureTrends site for a quick look back at 2006 in The Astrology Year in Review; this article is succinct and entertaining. (He Saturn and Neptune in opposition "the most influential planets" of the year. And is it too self-serving to note that he names The Mountain Astrologer as the "best astrology magazine"?)

Michael Lutin's famous Planetarium column in Vanity Fair magazine has a longer-than-usual column in the January issue, titled Special Alert: Horoscope USA. In this article, Lutin examines the upcoming transits of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries and wonders: Are we [the United States] "ruthless imperialists doomed to be brought down by our degenerate culture? That is the question Pluto's transit through the sign of Capricorn over the next 19 years will answer."

The blog on traditional astrologer Nina Gryphon's site, Gryphon Astrology, is visually stunning as well as rich in astrology. Holly offers lots of articles that demonstrate traditional techniques (e.g., profections, solar and lunar returns), along with an easy-to-use Archive. Beautiful color graphics accompany her articles on a wide range of topics - from specific fixed stars to commentaries on such contemporary topics as Facebook.com, the television show Dancing with the Stars, and the death of wildlife expert Steve Irwin. (When Irwin died, his progressed Moon was at 25¡ Taurus, conjunct the fixed star Algol, known to signify a sudden and violent death.)

Astrology Articles Database is a big database (at least 1,400 items) organized by Romanian astrologer Dan Ciubotaru. Articles, software and book reviews, blogs, etc., are accessible with the Search function. This is an open Web site where you can add a link and contribute to the development of the site. You also have the capacity to translate the works into several other languages. It took me a while to learn to navigate these pages, but it's well worth your time - especially when you have a long rainy day with nothing to do but read to your heart's content.

The Swiss site Astrodienst has posted Clare Martin's excellent book on psychological astrology, Mapping the Psyche: An Introduction to Psychological Astrology (CPA Press, 2005).
In another section, you can find national charts and commentaries (for 2008-2024) by Liz Greene for the U.S., the U.K., Switzerland, and Germany. The horoscopes for many other countries are displayed as well, with Greene's commentary through 2007.
The site also features Dieter Koch's article, Pluto no longer a planet? What are the implications for astrology?

Here is a blog that is both lighthearted and informative: Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, subtitled "Thoughts, theories, opinions and probably some learner's errors about astrology. Glimpses of artists, writers & politics slanted astrologically - hopefully in the right direction!" You might especially enjoy a piece called Translating Bloggerese into Astrologese, which is fun and will help you understand the language of the ever-growing blogosphere.

Although this is potentially a survey without end, I'll set you loose now to follow some of these links and travel onward from what I believe are some excellent starting points. Enjoy early 2007 and astrology on the Internet.

© 2007 Mary Plumb - all rights reserved

Mary Plumb is TMA's Book Editor and Webmaster. She lives in Ashland, Oregon where she teaches, writes, and has an astrological practice. To schedule an in-person or telephone consultation, call 541.488.3048, or e-mail: mary@maryplumb.com


© 2007 The Mountain Astrologer. All rights reserved.