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By Mary Plumb | August 1, 2011

Here’s a diverse collection of links for you to enjoy at the start of the month.

Genevieve Vierling’s site is Blue Light Lady. There are colorful graphics throughout the site, which includes a series on each of the 12 signs. Her current entries are described as “News you can use.” A recent one, Uranus Retrograde and the Uranus-Pluto Cycle: Navigating the Best of Times, the Worst of Times Part III, is an overview of the outer planet square and ideas about our personal place in it. (She is a lovely writer, inspired, in part, by Richard Tarnas and Jeffrey Wolf Green.) She says: “I like to think that the most positive outcome of this next Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn would be the innovative force of millions of individuals all taking action to create a better collective world.”

Lana Wooster writes weekly on the Aspects. In The week beginning 31 July 2011 she makes observations about the tragic events in Norway and Amy Winehouse’s death.  Of the singer’s death, Lana writes: “She had not been able to find the right structure for her life, and in addition was facing a Nodal Reversal, which involved the Mars/South Node conjunction around that weekend (so there was a significant karmic element to the timing of her passing).  Let us hope for a breakthrough in the understanding of addiction, and the true role of Rehab for the next generation, so that such huge talents are not snuffed out before their time.”

Hiroki Niizato is a highest honor graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology. His site is very easy to navigate and full of short and simple lessons. How to Print Your Birth Chart & Midpoints List in Less Than 5 Minutes is a very useful guide for beginners. An earlier article, Midpoints in Astrology, is an exceptionally clear description of the subject.

Ask Christine Astrology: practice horary, the astrology of questions and answers is also a teaching site. (The author is a student of John Frawley. The current Horary lesson is What does Jupiter in Taurus mean?

Julie Rimmer is the prolific blogger at The Astrology Place. Her site is well designed with nice visuals and with lots of articles divided into basic topics, i.e., signs, planets and aspects, as well as Astrology Research, Astrology and the Movies, Celebrity Astrology, Mundane Astrology and many more. Some newer entries include Amy Winehouse Dead: Club 27 and Venus-Neptune Aspects: The Trouble with Aphrodite

Molly’s Astrology has a succinct forecast for each month. After noting key events for August (i.e., Mercury retrograde, Neptune re-enters Aquarius, Mars ingress into Cancer, etc.), she summarizes the month with “Mark your calendar!” For this month: “The best days to make your mark are August 1, 2, 4, 7, 15-18, 20, 25, 28, 29. Take it easy August 8-10, 22-24.”

Pat Paquette also writes a weekly forecast at RealAstrologers. For the week beginning on August 1, she writes: “Mars is cranky enough in Cancer without the conflicting aspects to Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. I suspect we’re going to see a lot of events in the headlines based on anger, paranoia, and an excessive need to protect loved ones and personal property, although that’s more likely to occur next week and the week after……Next [this] week is tough, so have fun while you can and take time to make some backup plans, to the extent possible.”

Terry Lamb’s newest blog is A Guided Tour of Liminal Space. She has some lovely thoughts about being in a liminal state, which is one “’between the realms’, neither this nor that.” She writes: “When we decide to bring transformative processes into our lives (or life imposes them on us), we are also accepting a transformation of all that we cling to in life — our familiar surroundings, our context. Because Planet Earth is going through a transformative process as humans try to balance their relationship with it, we are all in this transition zone.”

News hounds will enjoy Nancy Sommers’s new blog, Turmoil and Trouble. How’s this for imagery describing the debt crisis and the current Saturn return, square the Sun (in the Sibly chart): “It is as if the US is morbidly obese and has just been told to lose 100 pounds in the next few months or expect a diabetic coma or a stroke.”

And, the ever-loving Michael Lutin brings us an alluring reminder (via Marilyn Monroe) of the Sun and Venus in Leo (coming to superior conjunction on the 17th) in the August 1 Daily Fix.

Pema Chodron is another ever-loving presence. Here’s a short clip of her teaching Tonglen practice, for a “world that is falling apart.”

Ok everyone, onwards and upwards. Here’s to a week that brings us all closer — to ourselves and to one another.

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A Collection of Blogs for Gemini Time

By Mary Plumb | June 6, 2011

In a bow to Gemini, I found a diverse collection of blogs, covering such things as the Maya calendar, Kim Kardashian, the eclipse paths, psychological astrology, and employing fun visuals and excellent graphics. Something for everyone to enjoy, I trust.

Happy eclipse season, everyone.

Art Gianfermo’s blog is called Aquarian Solutions: Providing mystical, occult and social commentary from an astrological perspective. He is currently writing on the 18-day phases of the Mayan calendar, which, by this reckoning, will end on October 28, 2011. “In my efforts to chronicle the swift, momentous changes aligned with the Mayan Universal Underworld and current astrological transits I have been researching the qualities of the rulers Gods/Goddesses of Aztec lore.”

Alison Gunn’s site, Beyond the Stars Astrology: Questioning all things occult, arcane, and interesting, is eclectic.  As her title says, her subjects and her writing are definitely interesting, and visually stunning. She uses graphics, video clips, Tarot cards and more with her fine writing on a range of subjects.
She has a unique series on the 12 houses, (i.e., The 6th house: I live to serve you, masterThe 9th house: Who Knows Where the Road Will Lead Us? Only A Fool Would Say and an archive of Excellent Posts from the Past, including such titles as My petition to include Athena in the planetary pantheonThe Wonder and Beauty of the Astrolabe; and The ‘Fixed’ Sky.

One article, Abandon hope, all ye who enter here, begins with the inquiry, “Why do we need astrology?” She concludes:  “It is the panacea of all those who suffer emotionally. For all of those who have abandoned hope that anything will ever change in their dreary, postmodern existences, astrology… does not have all the answers, no, but it helps people feel better. In this way, yes, of course it resembles religion; don’t think I hadn’t noticed that connection too. Astrology, however, is not the opiate of the masses, Karl. It is something much more interesting.”

Ralfee Finn writes a weekly column for Star IQ, which is also housed at her website, The Aquarium Age: Transformational Astrology.  Of the recent Jupiter ingress into Taurus, she writes: “Life is the greatest garden you will ever plant, and while Jupiter is in Taurus, the potential for gorgeous growth is gigantic.” Her blog is user-friendly and succinct, perfect for a quick check of the week’s energy. She also writes a bit on each sign. For Pisces, for the week of June 1 – 7, Ralfee writes: “Let the light move through the broken pieces and you’ll find the mosaic of your life to be far more beautiful than previously imagined. And then, just for a moment, be glad to be you.”

The Inner Wheel is a site “devoted to intermediate and advanced astrological interpretation.” Dawn Bodrogi has many articles archived on her very well-designed (i.e., easy to navigate) site, as well as information on her private practice. She teaches classes and tutors students with lessons “designed around the student’s own abilities.” Progressions and synastry are her specialties, and her recommended reading list is a useful compendium of (mostly) contemporary classics of modern astrological thought.

Carl Boudreau’s Astrology Blog has an accessible synopsis of this eclipse season. His view is subtle (he writes about Power Shifts and Quantum Shifts) but also worldly (i.e. Economic Prospects), and he has original graphics that get to the essence of the eclipse energies.

Linda Schurman is a well-known astrological cultural commentator. (You may be interested in my review of her book, What Next? A Survival Guide to the 21st Century.) She writes the Soothesayer Internet Newsletter, which features an article on the current eclipses and covers such timely themes as the U.S. debt ceiling and U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Beth Turnage is the prolific blogger at Astrology Explored: An Astrology Media Press Blog.  She writes on celebrities (i.e., Kim Kardashian and William and Kate) and uses Astro*Carto*Graphy maps for current events (the May 22 tornado in Missouri) and to show eclipse paths. Along with tracking current affairs, she has longer pieces with  historical content — The Astrology of Royal Weddings: The Yod–Destiny Plays a Hand is a good example.

Feedback and comments welcome, as always.

Be well, one and all.

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Happy New Moon Week

By Mary Plumb | April 4, 2011

We’re taking off into another week, with the bold impulse of six Aries planets and the invisible grace of Neptune’s very new ingress into Pisces. Here are some blogs on the times — some are light-hearted, some are weighing the serious matters of the day — all are informed by the movements of the planets through the zodiac.

To start, this amazing site has been a Facebook favorite, but some of you may not have seen the Interactive 3D Model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky. Have fun.

The Oxford Astrologer: culture, society, astrology from mythopia has accessible and light-hearted fare on lots of topics. This week’s entry is on yesterday’s Aries New Moon. She has recently written on Elizabeth Taylor, Facebook, and 11 Good Things to Do While the Sun is in Aries (includes “fall in and out of love in a day”).

Kathy Biehl writes on many subjects at Astro-Insight for Personal Empowerment. She has a post on yesterday’s Aries New Moon, and recent entries have included Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Sheen.

At Daykeeper Journal, Boots Hart writes on Neptune in Pisces, New Era, New Age.

At the same site, enjoy Alex Miller’s Black Hole Case Study: The Astrology of the Wisconsin Protests. (You can go back a week and read his LIz Taylor, Black Hole Venus.)

Neptune and Collective Mythologies is Dharmarucci’s evocative new post. He looks at the planet’s discovery chart and the current ingress and suggests that Neptune moving into Pisces “re- creates a feeling relationship that has been forgotten. And when you have knowledge and feeling working as one, then you have a new imaginative relationship, you have a new mythology.” (The article is right below the John Cleese YouTube clip.)

Verena Heinrich is a prolific blogger with a beautifully designed site, Shifting Realities. She incorporates Tarot symbolism and many other graphics, including an aspect calendar for April. Her thoughts on Neptune include: “After his ingress, Neptune will receive a semi-square from the Sun in Aries that happens together with a semi-sextile between Pallas in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn, and stresses personal initiative in order to advance our cause instead of wasting our energy on unimportant things.”

Nancy Sommers is always up-to-date on political matters. Her current entry is Lightning Strikes. Scroll down to read The Course of War, and her March 18 entry for a succinct list of some of the particularly stressful periods of time (i.e., Dates to Watch) through this month.

I missed this when it was first posted, but Erin Sullivan has a marvelous, long article on Egypt 2011 The Breaking of a Complex. A Mundane Astrological Study of the Revolution in Egypt.

Terry Lamb’s forecasts are thorough and multivalent; she describes overall themes and also gets very specific with monthly aspects. Enjoy her current article, Bright New Beginnings: April 2011 Planetary Currents.  

Jessica Murray is another fine astrological and social commentator. Her new blog is Death Metal Flying on the US and Libya.

Frederick Woodruff is a wonderful writer. His thoughtful assessment of the times, Your So-Called Life after the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition, includes “the ‘Where’s my Xanax?’ news.”  He adds:  “Neptune’s transit into Pisces corresponds with a renaissance, a revival in longing and the ways we explore that longing so as to feel connected at the deepest level of our being.”

Onwards! Have a great week, everyone.

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By Mary Plumb | March 14, 2011

9.0 earthquake, tsunami, possible nuclear meltdown, ongoing aftershocks, volcanic activity..

Can it get any worse?

Here we are all together now with shocks in every imaginable way being experienced on great swatches of this earth.

I felt very shaken and even scared for a moment as I fell asleep on Saturday night, after following the news for most of the day. Uranus moved into Aries and the earth’s axis actually did shift.

So far, I have figured out that the best thing I can do is to return to a stable ground within myself as these wildly unpredictable events continue to unfold. (Maybe my language is too mild: A nuclear expert on CNN called this an “unbelievably catastrophic event.”)

So the process in these last few days for me has been to stay informed, deeply look at what is happening, let the waves of feeling move through my mind and body, and find my way back to center with a deeper heart prayer for everyone. (Maybe other water-air types will find that a helpful idea.)

I have mentioned my friend, Norma Nakai Burton, minister of the Unity Church here in Ashland, in other blogs. In the service on Sunday she spoke of interconnection, and the one body that we are all part of. She led a meditation that was so helpful; I want to give you the basics of it.

After a few calming breaths, she gave the image of using our mind’s eye like Google maps. We scanned this whole magnificent earth. Then we dropped down in scale — she was very eloquent in taking us through this part — but the basic idea was to zoom in closer and closer and go all the way to northern Japan and focus prayers there. Any prayer or song or blessing or light that comes from your heart is good, of course. It was a very powerful visualization and I felt more settled. Using the very focused visuals that we all can see now with the internet and the TV and sending prayer quite specifically there, to that specific ground, feels like a useful idea for those of us not immediately impacted by the situation.

The astrology of these events is, naturally, like the events themselves,  great in scope and in some way breathtaking to behold.

Here are some fine blogs on the astrology of the time.

Ed Tamplin has researched earthquakes extensively. In this article, he looks at the chart for the Japan earthquake, the Fukushima reactor, Chernobyl and more. He also links to other of his very thoroughly researched articles, including Earthquakes and Astrology.

Theodore White was one of the astrologers who accurately predicted the earthquake: The Super Moons Of March And April: Large Magnitude Earthquakes and Storms Ahead.

The Japanese Nuclear Explosion by Dharmaruci discusses charts connected to the “nuclear axis” and speculates on Neptune’s April ingress into Pisces (which is accompanied by six planets in Aries).

Mark Lerner’s article at Earth Aquarius News is called Japan 8.9 Quake. He writes: “Major planets in our solar system, aligning with one another and shifting relative to our planetary home base, are the precipitating cause of what we are witnessing now in Japan and which may dramatically affect other places on Earth in the month or so ahead.” (Mark was the astrologer who originally identified the degrees of the “nuclear axis.”)

Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers looks at various natal and progressed charts for Tokyo. He concludes:
“When something this big happens it affects us all, regardless of whether some know it or not. Over time events such as this one will teach us compassion, one-ness, and the clear need to overcome fear in all its forms. As John Donne once wrote in his 17th Meditation:

‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were. Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee….’ ”

Eric Francis has essays on the Sendai quake chart, the explosion at the Fukushima power plant and the chart for the first nuclear explosion (December 2, 1942). He also has a special edition of Planet Waves Podcast: Quake Chart Overview in which he summarizes the key astrological charts, and his interview with Karl Grossman, an environmental journalist with a keen interest in the nuclear industry.

I just found Australian astrologer Paola Emma’s fine site, Living Moon Astrology. Her newest post includes a wide selection of charts and methods (i.e., declination, lunar mansions).  She looks at both the December 2010 and January 4 eclipse charts, along with the 1898 and 1952 horoscopes for Japan. She also links to her many previous posts on mundane topics.

At Stellar Insights, David Crook looks at the 1898 (i.e., ‘Meiji’) chart for Japan, and the Feb. 12, 2011 solar return of that chart in Uranus Shakes Japan. He also includes an article from EarthSky on the March 19 Full Moon.

And, speaking of the upcoming SuperMoon, read Richard Nolle’s updated article SuperMoon: What It Is, What It Means .  (He coined the term in 1979.)

Michael O’Reilly’s The Astrology of Earthquakes (posted in 2010 at Neptune Café) has his essay on the subject, as well as articles by Richard Nolle, David Crook and Celeste Teal.

Michael, in his current NewScope column, notices the asteroids in the Japan horoscope for its formal surrender after WWII, September 2, 1945.

I know there are many other excellent and informative blogs out there. Please do add your suggestions. (Serious astrology on the web is getting much too big for me to track on my own!)

Have a good week everyone. Stay in touch.

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YouTube Astrology

By Mary Plumb | February 21, 2011

In the spirit of the current Mercury, Mars, and Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, let’s take a break and watch some astrology videos. I’ve collected a few, and there are many more on YouTube and around the web. I’d love to see some of your suggestions, too. (There’s always something new. I just heard about BrightCove, it’s apparently like YouTube with a higher quality video. Has anyone used that?)

Not everyone is on Facebook, so some readers may have missed Bruce Scofield’s lucid explanation of astrology, including the recent zodiac confusion. “To explain this whole astrology thing a little further is Bruce Scofield, a professor of geoscience and evolution.”

Kelly Lee Philips recorded Robert Blaschke’s 65-minute talk on Progression Theory at the Blast Conference in 2008.

Recorded at the Blast Conference in 2007, enjoy Robert Hand’s two- hour workshop on Reception from the medieval perspective.

Charles McClelland and Kelly Lee Phipps interview Richard Tarnas at the Baltimore NCGR Conference in 2007. This is an extensive interview – it’s an hour and 15 minutes.

Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrologyhas a collection of short videos on aspects of traditional astrology, including an eight-minute introduction to Horary, the Use of Talismans and the Mansions of the Moon.

Adrian Ross Duncan has a short demo of an astrological consultation here.

Joyce Hopewell has posted a short (approximately two minutes) introduction to the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology, followed by several other videos in which she describes key points in the method. She has other topics as well, such as Jupiter and the Art of Risk Taking.

Watch Steven Forest on The Future of Astrology, the 2007 keynote address from NORWAC.

Kelly Lee Phipps’s Return of the Magi series of interviews with astrologers begins by asking, “How did you get into astrology?”

Here are some of his interviews:

Adam Gainsburg

Glenn Perry

David Cochrane — this one is a full hour.

Gary Caton

Nick Dagan Best (45 minutes)

Lee Lehman on Classical Astrology (one hour, 36 minutes)

For some videos on early practices in astrology, Robert Schmidt has a ten-minute introduction to Hellenistic Astrology here.

Also, go here for Chris Brennan’s “A History of Western Astrology” (ten minutes)

Have fun watching videos everyone, and have a good week.

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Happy Winter Solstice

By Mary Plumb | December 20, 2010

Greetings to everyone as the lunar eclipse and solstice is upon us. There is fine, diverse, and eloquent cyber activity addressing different aspects of this auspicious time. Please enjoy what I came up with for this week’s blog.

Most importantly, all of us at TMA wish everyone a very happy, safe, healthy, and blessed darkest — and brightest — night!

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Solstice12.21.10,  at CosmicSense, has some lovely photographs and some sound advice: “It would be wise to do what you can to avoid emotional exhaustion and over-stimulation of the nervous system (good luck)”

Melanie Reinhart conducts a ‘Twelve Holy Nights’ retreat every year, “a wonderful process of personal and spiritual renewal for lovers of astrology and its symbolism. It begins December 24th, and goes through until January 5th, and can be adapted to your own life circumstances around the festive season.” She shares her material on her website so you can join in from wherever you are.

Here are some highlights from Paul Winter’s annual solstice concert at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City. (There is some free music to download.)

This was a popular link from last year’s solstice blog – A Body Posture to Celebrate and Tune Into Winter Solstice & Capricorn Energies

Nearby, Cosmic Tunes – Lunar Eclipse is a nice compilation of “the science and the symbolism” of this eclipse. “Running into Shadow and Polarity might mean tension, but it doesn’t mean disaster if we cultivate Quality awareness, Detachment, equanimity, and paying attention to our acts, words, & inner states.”

(This site is also coordinating a cyber solstice celebration.)

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse ~ The Light of Spiritual Initiation is Laura Boomer-Trent’s lovely view of this time, accompanied by lively graphics.

This YouTube video has great graphics about the solstice and will broadcast the solstice live from Stonehenge.

John Wadsworth’s Astrology Blog is a video on the eclipse that explains it as Wiccan Winter Solstice Song accompanied by artwork: “Enter the night and you’ll find the light.”

Here is a nice Winter Solstice guitar solo from Simon Touchette of The Tea Party (an Australian group).

And for some of the astrology bloggers on the times:

Robert Wilkerson at Aquarius Papers.

Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington

The Art and Astrology of Maria Kay Simms (scroll down) for the eclipse and the month’s following lunar phases.

Heaven and Earth AstroBlog has a nice article on the solstice which includes the prominent asteroids and chart graphics.

Rob Tillett (from New South Wales) includes current events in his article on this eclipse (and the upcoming solar eclipse in January).

Barbara Hand Clow writes on the 2010 Winter Solstice.

CIA, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, has a written report on the Capricorn Solstice.

And a YouTube video report.

In the excitement about Mr. Assange’s birth time (?), you may have missed Gary Caton’s fine recent TMA blog on the lunar eclipse.

Here’s a piano solo for the solstice.

A Winter Solstice video meditation

NASA’s site with great info: “If you’re planning to dash out for only one quick look — it is December, after all — choose this moment: 03:17 am EST (17 minutes past midnight PST). That’s when the Moon will be in deepest shadow, displaying the most fantastic shades of coppery red.”

Here’s a good overview of the meaning and history of eclipses from Horoscopes Within.

Here’s a great animation of the December lunar eclipse and current sky maps.

An invocation by Anrita Melchizedek from the Pleiadian Light Network.

For those interested in the Maya calendar, Maya Calendar Portal is a good site with contributions from diverse writers, including Carl Johan Calleman and Kenneth Johnson.

And, a Vedic perspective.

And, to end, for now with one more inspiring video on the beautiful synchroncity of this eclipse at the solstice: “Our Earth, our Moon our Sun are inviting us to spend a moment in time together.”

Blessings of the season to you all.

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The Royal Couple

By Mary Plumb | November 22, 2010

I spent lots of time last week researching eclipses for an NCGR talk, so the subject is on my mind. I am currently on a road trip in California, visiting a few friends along the way. I’m just leaving my first stop; this friend’s birthday was July 11, the day of the recent total solar eclipse at 19º Cancer. We had a wonderful long discussion of her experience, thus far, of having a solar eclipse on her birthday. I’m now going to another friend who was born on the day of this year’s annular (i.e., “ring of fire”) solar eclipse at 25º Capricorn on January 16. Hearing their stories is a grand and vivid display of the awesome power of eclipses.

I had looked back at the striking eclipse patterns in the life of Diana, the Princess of Wales, for my talk, so I was not too surprised by William’s engagement announcement. He was born on a solar eclipse on June 21, 1982 at 9:03 pm in London. With the natal Ascendant at 27º28’ Sagittarius, right in line of the upcoming total lunar eclipse at 29º Gemini on December 21.

William’s Sun in the birthchart is 0º06’ Cancer and the Moon at 4º58’ Cancer. Venus is at 25º Taurus, conjunct Diana’s Venus at 24º Taurus.

Diana’s Midheaven is 23º Libra. Using Porphyry house cusps, Venus dignified in Taurus is in the 5th of children and by Whole Sign houses, the Venus is in the 6th. Perhaps this is an echo of the fact that bearing a son was part of her “royal job description”?

In any event, William’s fiancée, Kate Middleton is now wearing the diamond and sapphire ring that belonged to his beloved mother, surely a strong (and appropriately luxurious) statement of her presence.

And, the lovely Kate (born on January 9, 1982)  also is born on an eclipse – a total lunar eclipse with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer. A time for her hasn’t surfaced yet, but the total lunar eclipse on the day she was born was at 19º16’ Capricorn /Cancer. As mentioned above, there was a total solar eclipse at 19º Cancer this past summer.

Many have written about the astrology of this love story; here are some of those links. And here’s to Venus moving forward slowly in Libra and to more sweet love stories unfolding for us all.

Judi Vitale writes happily on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Lovecast.

Marjorie Orr’s Prince William and patient Kate to marry considers that he has been “undergoing massive emotional changes in the past two years” as transiting Pluto has opposed his Sun and Moon (and his Sun/Moon midpoint).

Dharmaruci sees Kate’s ambition in William and Not-So-Innocent Kate. (Her Capricorn Sun is squared by Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Libra.)

Marina at DarkStar looks at the chart for the announcement of their engagement. Jamie, also writing on Darkstar, has articles on Prince William: Occult Prince and Kate Middleton Horoscope.

The keen and warm relationship observer, Elsa, notices the shared Saturn placement of the couple in Libra Seeking Balance: Kate & Wills – a Saturn in Libra Royal Couple

Penny Walters’s Prince William is getting married notes changes in his progressed chart signifying the marriage.

Penny Thornton looks at both of their charts and considers possible times for the upcoming wedding in The Royal Engagement. She writes: “Were they to be consulting me about the wisdom of their decision to marry I would give them an A-rating and open a bottle of Dom P to their brilliant future together.”

Anne Whitaker’s Prince William Great Britain’s Future King looks at the Saros series of his birthday eclipse.

Alex Sumner offers his choice of an elected chart for the couple to marry next year at Sol Ascendans.

And, do go here for a wonderful longish article The Jupiter Cycle of Lady Diana by Nick Kollerstrom. (He includes Charles, Camilla and William’s natal horoscopes and many event charts.)

I look forward to your comments on the royal couple – innocent or jaded – all are welcome here!

Have a good week everyone.

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It’s a New Day

By Mary Plumb | November 8, 2010

Okay, friends — Neptune and Chiron are direct, the Moon and Mars are in Sag, Venus is retrograde back into Libra, and the North Node is conjunct Pluto. I’m looking forward and outward after last week’s very introspective blog. No more whining, as my beloved (Capricorn) sister would (and does) say.

I’ve got a good mix of sites for you to visit.

First of all, in tribute to Vesta who was so pronounced at last week’s New Moon: Bob Marks has a wonderful website with lots of timeless content. Here’s an article with his quite interesting insights on natal Vesta through the houses, signs and aspects. (For the curious, here’s his same treatment for Juno.)

Anne Whitaker, Writing from the twelfth house, wrote very kindly about TMA’s new CD. Since, as far as I can tell, TMA is not known for an overly aggressive marketing strategy, I’ll be pleased to let Anne speak for us.

Ready or not, the elections are over and many of astrology’s political observers have commented:

Nancy Sommers’s of Starlight News looked at Obama’s November last week, finding some good news, i.e., “the Pluto transit quincunx his natal Moon (3 Gemini21), activating the natal square, is now behind him,” as well as plenty of caution: “the Jupiter station (23 Pisces29) sesquiquadrate his natal Neptune (8 Scorpio36) through most of November and the final Neptune crossing of Obama’s South Node (27 Aquarius19) in January 2011.”
In her blog posted on November 7, Minority Leader, Sommers looks at Nancy Pelosi’s (untimed) birth chart. (Her Sun is between 5º – 6º Aries; does she feel Pluto yet?)

Jude Cowell is a keen astrologer and a funny writer. In her blog at Stars Over Washington she wonders about Sarah Palin running for president in 2012. “One thing everyone knows: if she does plan to run, she’s got an awful lot of studyin’ and learnin’ and info-retainin’ to do.” And, she has a fine entry on Neptune’s station at its discovery degree.

Jessica Murray’s articles are always superb. Pretend Politix is an essay on her ever thoughtful MotherSky site. Her subject is Chiron and Neptune, both of which stationed direct on the U.S. Moon last week.

Lynn Hayes writes about Keith Olbermann on her widely read Astrological Musings column at Beliefnet. For a hint: Olbermann, born on January 27, 1959, has an Aquarius Sun opposite Uranus (in Leo) and square Neptune (in Scorpio).

On a different celestial subject, Venus’s heliacal rise was on November 5. David Crook has an elegant description on his Stellar Insights Astrology site, Venus as Morning Star.

I just found Jason Fleming El’s site, Sagittarian Mind: Astrology for the Higher Mind. He captures the essence of Scorpio in Scorpio Mixtape: Power Packed, which includes a soundtrack for Pluto and for Mars.

Although it’s not something I’m proud of, I’ve given up on trying to follow the financial markets. Lucky for us, many astrological observers are staying on top of it. The Forecast for the Week, at Wall Street Weather: Interpreting the Emotional Atmospheric Conditions of the Street and the World, includes analysis of Fed Chairman Bernanke’s decision to start “another round of quantitative easing (QE).” This is a very well-written site with clear astrological correlations and good links to other sources.

John and Susan Townley’s AstroCocktail site is another that is packed with high-quality astrology. Neptuned Out…Outer Planet Leads America Astray describes the current Sibly chart: transiting Neptune conjunct the Moon and the progressed Moon conjunct natal and progressed Neptune. He lists the eight times, beginning in 1791-92 (“The Bill of Rights. Chalk one up for the idealistic manifestation.”), when the progressed Moon was connected to Neptune.
As another sample from this site, here’s a very clear description (with great graphics) of the very intriguing vertex point, The Vertex: Crossroads of Destiny.

And, saving the best for last, in what seems to be a clear tribute to Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, New Reality Transmission is a project that is organizing a global exercise: “On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality.” There’s a splendid slideshow, check it out. Thanks to Tom Lescher for pointing this out in his newsletter. (I love this kind of thing.)

May our destinies all converge in the most auspicious ways.

Have fun, everybody, and have a good week. Thanks for coming by.

P.S. The new Dec/Jan issue of TMA — with a detailed 2011 forecast by Stephanie Austin— is in the mail to subscribers. It’s not too late to subscribe or get a gift subscription for someone you love.

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Good Monday to all

By Mary Plumb | October 11, 2010

Good Sagittarius Moon Monday, one and all.

I’m listing some of the many lively and informative astrological blogs out there. Some of these sites are hugely popular and some are kind of tucked away; some I’ve listed before, and some I’ve just found.

Robert Wilkerson’s New Moon in Libra – What’s Happening October and November 2010, at Aquarius Papers, looks at the month’s aspects in the context of long-term cycles.

For those TMA readers who haven’t discovered the prolific and warm-hearted Elsa Panizzon, she edits AstroDispatch, a popular site that keeps up to date with many astro sites. She also has her own blog,, where she teaches some warm and wise astrology.

Dharmaruci’s AstroTableTalk has an entry called Jung’s Psychological Types and the Astrological Elements. Among his thoughts: “But if you’re going to write a blog, it helps to be an introverted thinking type!”

Marjorie Orr has another big site that is a bit complicated to navigate. Here are some good starting points: This page is a forum with frequent entries and ongoing discussions on mundane astrology and world affairs. (The site is based in the U.K. and has an international scope.) Heavenly Headlines looks at key themes for October and November.

The Astrology Room is another large and busy site, housing the work of four astrologers. Here’s a nice look at Venus Retrograde, by Jane Lyle, as an entry point into the site. (One thing she says: “If you’ve fallen out with someone, this could be the perfect time to kiss and make up. You reassess the friendship or love affair, and you think – I miss that person. Life’s too short.”)

Sasstrology: The Astrology of Sex, Love and Relationships is another very popular site that some of you may not have found yet. There are many writers on the site. Eric Francis’s The Venus-Mars Conjunction in Scorpio and Gender Experimentation is one of the features this month.

Mundane astrologer David Crook’s Stellar Insights has a new article with the ACG maps for the Venus station. He also wrote on the Eco-Disaster in Hungary, where toxic sludge has engulfed several towns. (Check out David’s  lovely slideshow on the lower left of any of his pages.)

Engaged Heart is a beautifully designed site with has a great section, The Art & Science of Astrology Podcast Series. There are 55 interviews with astrologers who spoke at NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference) in May 2009 and 2010. You can hear Darby Costello introduce her thinking on Venus, Adam Gainsburg describing his work with the Venus and Mars synodic cycles, Alan Oken on Astrology and Consciousness, and many more.

Amanda Owen has a nice article on Neptune, When Your Giving Drains Instead of Empowers You. (As my son said to me not long ago, “Mom, ‘no’ is a word.”)

Brightstarlights is a blog on Astrology, Fashion, and Pop Culture. There is an entry on The Brangelina Brood: “The sun sign of 5 out of the 6 children are one of the Sun/Moon/rising signs of their parents!”

Starstruck Astrology is by Michelle Piller. I just found this site, but it looks like she writes everyday on The Daily Planets. Her approach is in the site’s subtitle: “If you are here, you know that a shift in consciousness is circling the globe. People around the world are trying to speak the same language. It’s the language of a spirituality that transcends any one religion or culture – a simultaneous revolution and evolution.”

Mundane astrologer and prolific writer Nancy Sommers’s newest blog, Some Sketchy Election Predictions, is on the congressional races. Since she doesn’t have timed data for most of the people, she writes: “I will go out on a limb and tell you what indications I can glean from the information I do have.” (Once on the site, click on Nancy’s Blog on the left)

An earlier entry, Election Musings, considers the mood of the country and President Obama’s chart. Nancy has many commentators and followers. If you’re interested in politics and haven’t found her work yet, head over there and enjoy her astrological expertise and the comments of many like-minded friends.

And, for some great fun, astrologer Debra Silverman has videos on each of the signs, in which she seems to be channeling the essence of the personality of each sign. Silverman is a therapist as well and has very keen understanding of the zodiacal archetypes. Look to the top of the page where the signs are in a horizontal line – click on any one and enjoy!

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Summertime 2010

By Mary Plumb | August 16, 2010

Greetings one and all to another rousing week of summer 2010. It’s a fine week for the intrepid heavy weights, with Jupiter retrograde exactly opposite Saturn the day this is posted, and the last (in this cycle) square between the ever-loving Saturn and Pluto on the 21st.

Other sky signals happening now include Mercury stationing retrograde, Venus conjunct Mars, and Neptune opposing the Sun — all on the 20th. Uranus has also just moved back into Pisces, and the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd.

I’m just going to offer a few thoughts about Jupiter and Saturn, then link to several astute bloggers on some of the week’s other topics.

My friend sent me a link yesterday to a New Dimensions radio interview, Preparing for Global Change, with a gentleman named Marshall Vian Summers. I thought his ideas were curiously in sync with the current Jupiter-Saturn opposition.

He spoke of the importance of really looking at your situation and noticing what is bothering you. He called this “appropriate discomfort,” which I thought a good image for the opposition. Summers spoke of stability and strength to weather change and the resiliency to absorb crisis. He also has an interesting idea on the “four pillars” that will bring balance into your life; though not exactly parallel, they do resonate with the four angles in the horoscope. (If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview for free until August 18.)

As astrologers we know that the opposition (180º) symbolizes the ability to contain paradox; it offers the gift of maximum objectivity. In this particular planetary pair, we could say it is the maximum tension between feeling remorseful and incomplete and feeling open and generous; between accepting reality as it is apparent right now and recognizing what is blossoming from this very moment.

In the Greek telling of the tale, Zeus (Jupiter) deposed Kronos (Saturn) as ruler and liberated his father’s imprisoned brothers, Poseidon (Neptune) and Hades (Pluto). Zeus escaped the fate of being swallowed and was rewarded with thunder and lightning. Zeus was gifted with the magnificence of thunder and lightning and became the God of the Sky; this story hints at the possibilities in our own Jupiter experience.

This opposition is the culmination of the conjunction of the two planets in May 2000 at 23º Taurus. (If you’re feeling brave, look back to that time and see if you remember how much money you had then.)

Today’s aspect is at 2º27′ Aries/Libra. This is the middle of three opposition aspects in this cycle. It was previously exact on May 22, 2010 at 28º Pisces/Virgo and will be complete on March 28, 2011 at 14º Libra (at the U.S. Sibly 10th-house Saturn return, but that’s another subject).

People born in 1930-1931, 1951-1952, 1969-70 and 1989-1991 have the Jupiter-Saturn opposition in the natal chart. I am living in close quarters now with someone born with the aspect. I have been marveling these past few weeks at how much steadiness this person displays. There is the familiar tendency for emotional pulls — way up and way down, elation and despair, shall we say — but as the opposition has come upon us, I can feel a tremendous resiliency and firm resolve.

He actually said to me last night, “I am learning if I just wait, good news will come.” Saturn, of course, implies waiting, and we can think of Jupiter bringing an expansion or release — a version of thunder and lightning when tension between the two forces is held.

My dear friend, Graca Medeiros, a very gifted Brazilian astrologer, spoke once about the absolute bull’s-eye-on-the-target of the energy lining up precisely at an opposition. I’ll never forget her saying, in her always passionate and melodic voice: “I love the opposition.”

Just in case some of you haven’t discovered Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology, he will always keep you open to the thunder and lightning on the horizon.

Rob Tillett has a thorough article on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. He includes the Fixed Stars that are involved at the station and the Venus-Mars conjunction on the same day.

Astrologer Elizabeth Jones has an uplifting look at Uranus Re-enters Pisces ~ with Gifts in Hand? at her site.

Michael Lutin’s Daily Fix includes, “What an odd week this is going to be,” “The Mel Gibson effect” and a short video straight from Saturn-Pluto.

Boots Hart looks at current aspects in Celestial Edge Play; she calls Jupiter opposition Saturn “a new high in lows and a new low in highs.”

TMA frequent contributor Jessica Murray always has insightful commentary. Her new article, The Law of the Cure, is on WikiLeaks and the War in Afghanistan.

Jupiter-Saturn cycles are tied, of course, to large economic cycles. Three sites to inform you about current money matters are:

Richard Nolle’s AstroPro, Ray Merriman’s Merriman’s Market Analyst, and Arch Crawford’s Crawford Perspectives.

Have a good week, everyone. See you on the other side of Jupiter opposite Saturn and Saturn square Pluto. May all of our resources, visible and invisible, support us in becoming impeccable, flexible, steady, and trusting in all ways.

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