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By Mary Plumb | July 19, 2010

Here we go, another week in the eventful summer of 2010. I was roused by the symbolism of the earthquake in Washington on Friday morning, (1) and kind of disappointed when Mr. Obama said he didn’t feel it. (2) The President was within hours of a Mars return (i.e., his natal Mars at 22º35’ Virgo), so maybe this is just a display of an understated Mars in Virgo.

Earthquake in Washington, DC

Theodore White’s Global Astrology has a long, easy-to-read entry giving a synopsis of many of the key events keeping us alert in these interesting times, e.g., UFO’s in China, the real estate market, and climate change. He also includes mention of an increase in “a new social etiquette ahead” as Saturn enters Libra.

Willow’s Web Astrology writes on Post-Eclipse Emotional Backdrop Transformations and What the Crab Can No Longer Deny. She ends her provocative post:  “Accepting this mess is not easy – especially for those who have worked their entire lives to try to head this off. We didn’t. We couldn’t. And now we have to remember Plan B. We have to remember why we agreed to be here for this, what our end of the deal is. And complete it.”

Astro-Talk has a nice entry on Saturn’s ingress into Libra, Virgo to Libra: “Perfecting Me to Deal With We.” She asks a timeless and clear question from the cusp between these two signs: “If we can’t take care of ourselves, be healthy, and manage our energy and time, how can we possibly have healthy and happy relationships?”

Chiron’s ingress into Pisces coincided with the Deepwater explosion and ongoing disaster in the ocean. This week, Chiron retrogrades back into Aquarius until February 2011. Jeremy Neal has a thoughtful article on the essence of the archetype, Beware the Wild Centaur. He writes: “Chiron of course could not have become so universally respected as an astrologer, healer, and mentor if he had not first recognised his animal nature and then honoured and assimilated it consciously. If you understand that such a process is possible, then you are on your way to a Chirotic shift in consciousness.”

The prolific writer and excellent astrologer Robert Wilkinson offers a list of links to many articles he has written in the past few years about this summer’s aspects: Astrology in July, August, and September 2010 – Articles of Current and Future Importance.

Carole Devine writes about Alcoholism and Mel Gibson on her blog this week. Although others have commented on his natal Moon at 0º Libra — on quite spectacular display now — Carole demonstrates a lot of other astrological techniques (i.e., transits, solar arc, and secondary progressions). Among many interesting findings:
“Secondary progressed Mars is at the midpoint between natal Saturn and Mercury, all 29 degrees. Mars will be exactly there in less than two months, but it is so close, he can feel it now. The Combination of Stellar Influences says of this, ‘Incompatibility, unrest, the desire to quarrel. The tendency to treat others badly, separations caused by disputes and arguments, the tendency to bring about a separation by force, a change through force of circumstances.’ “
(Gibson’s natal Mercury-Saturn midpoint is 29º14’ Sagittarius; his secondary progressed Mars is at 29º05’ Sag.)

Frederick Woodruff’s The Gulf Holocaust: An Alchemical Sublimatio begins an eloquent exploration of the oil disaster with an illustration from a 16th-century alchemist. He addresses the question, “What stage within alchemy’s many elaborate processes is this one?” with elegance, grace, and a hope of ultimate redemption.


(1) July 16, 2010; 5:04 a.m.; Rockville, MD 38N54, 77W09.

(2) AP News

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Astrology Blogs

By Mary Plumb | May 31, 2010

TMA sends all good wishes for a safe and happy week to everyone.

Mundane astrologer Theodore White offers a survey of world events since Uranus enters Aries. Among his observations – two volcanoes, aid flotillas trying to get to Gaza, violence in the streets in Jamaica, and the mosque attack in Pakistan.

White’s earlier blog, Astrology Guide for 2010 , is a fine overview. I’ve linked to it before, but it deserves a second look.

Astrologer Robert Phoenix looks at the horoscope for BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Nancy Sommers’s Starlight News Blog has another of her finely-tuned assessments of the President’s horoscope. It’s titled “Pressure on the President” and includes such points as Obama’s current solar arc Saturn quincunx to the natal Sun and progressed Mercury square natal Saturn.

Pat Paquette’s blog is Uranus in Aries: Acting to Change the World. She writes, “Uranus in Aries now asks, ‘so what are you going to do about it?’ ”

Archie Dunlop makes a connection between Uranus in Aries (ruling the head) and the mounting evidence suggesting that cell phone use is not entirely benign.

If world events are getting you down, Esoteric Uranus looks at the metaphysics of the tilted planet as described by Alice Bailey.

Boots Hart has a long article called Uranus in Aries: Never the Same Old Thing which looks at the asteroids and fixed stars in the discovery chart, as well as its previous transits in the sign. (Remember the California Gold Rush, anyone?)

In Uranus in Aries: Radical Reinvention Barry Perlman offers thoughts on how we can “courageously hit the newly-shifted ground running, with fights for both survival and self-satisfaction burning hot in our bellies, and do whatever it takes to reinvent ourselves, making up the rules to this never-before-played game as we go along.”

It’s not too late in the season to get your hands in the earth: Here’s a nice site for Gardening by the Moon tips and an introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic gardening (and why the sidereal Moon sign is recommended). Both sites offer calendars for sale, along with lots of good free information.

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Reports from Around the Astrology Blogs

By Mary Plumb | April 19, 2010

So much happens in a week . . . It’s time again for a collection of astro-bloggers covering life from lots of angles: Sunday’s Mercury retrograde, Chiron’s ingress into Pisces, the volcanic ash in Europe, the summer’s aspects, speculations on the afterlife, and more.

Donna Cunningham’s Enough with the Mercury Retrograde Hysteria! is funny and makes some subtle points about the different qualities of Mercury’s retrograde period. (This Mercury retrograde is accompanied by a square to Mars in Leo.)

Nancy Sommers looks at global events in Mercury Languishes on her political site, Nancy’s Starlight News Blog: Connecting the Dots in World Affairs.

Chiron in Pisces – Water Over Rocks, by Mandi Lockley, offers a gentle view of today’s ingress. The author writes, “like Chiron we can eventually learn how to use the knowledge we learn from carrying our own pain to help others to carry their own.”

John and Susan Townley’s site, AstroCocktail, has lots of articles, including Waterloo??!!, a synopsis of the current planetary patterns. April, he writes is “the wide-open field with plenty of running room, a full gallop in any direction into a final fray that, whichever choice you make, is just a part of the bigger picture reflected across the entire landscape — personal, political, economical, and even spiritual.”

AstroCocktail has a great service in providing links to astrologically relevant stories in the media. I found this NPR story there:  a musical animation where you can “listen to the proportional relative tones of the planets, the music of the spheres.”

U.K. astrologer Dharmaruci’s new blog is Gaia, the End of the World, and Jung. He speculates on climate change and looks at the astrological signatures for James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis, and the horoscope of Carl Jung. Jung felt that his experience working with old people “had shown him that the Unconscious behaves as though life is going to continue.”

Ali Mostofi Bracknell has a short look at the upcoming UK 2010 Election Horoscope on his Astrology of Current Affairs blog.

Lara Owen continues her work on the Saturn-Uranus oppositions with a look at the last two (of five) oppositions, i.e., on April 26 and July 26. “Look for the underlying goodness and relief in letting go rather than in dramatizing and clinging. Trust the life force and the forward movement of your life.”

In her blog, Writing from the Twelfth House, Anne Whitaker (author of the recent Jupiter Meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Stargazing) reports on changed travel plans due to the volcanic ash: The summer of disruption starts here: Jupiter and Uranus team up!

Astrological transits blog has a collection of easy-to-read articles summarizing economic and global trends with key upcoming dates to watch for and lists of historical events connected to transits in the past. In a good summary of the approach herein, the anonymous blogger writes: “What we need is a big change of thinking!”

In case we’ve forgotten to laugh, celebrate National Humor Month at Random Funny Astrology Bits, complete with Twitter updates. My favorite (along with the touchy Cancer Moon sulking because it was eclipsed): If I told you I have Venus-square-Neptune, would you still respect me?)

On the subject of wisdom and laughter, Michael Lutin is in a class of his own. (I was delightedly reminded of this recently at the NCGR Conference in Boston.)

Enjoy, everyone, and have a good week!

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Current (and Useful) Astrology Blogs

By Mary Plumb | March 29, 2010

I don’t mean to pick on the Catholic Church, but I can’t help but notice that the Pope seems to be in big trouble. Born on April 16, 1927, Pope Benedict XVI has natal Uranus at 0°51′ Aries, square the nodal axis. (The North Node is at 0°09′ Cancer, directly on the infamous — and currently very “hot” — Aries Point.) This places Uranus “at the bending,” that critical place where a planet squares the nodal axis. The native’s ability to integrate the planet becomes a key theme in keeping the life on track. (Please go here for an explanation of planets “at the bending” from my previous article.)
(Midpoint watchers may also be interested to see that Pope Benedict has the natal Mars/Uranus midpoint at 15°09’ Taurus, also on the Aries Point.)

The Astrology of Location and Pope Benedict XVI’s Destiny at Vatican City, written by Scott Wolfram before the Pope’s current troubles, looks at the Pope’s A*C*G and local space connections to Vatican City.

Although I suggested the explosiveness of the immediate situation with the Uranus/Aries Point emphasis, Glastonbury astrologer Dharmaruci takes a longer, more nuanced view in his article, Popegate 2010-2015. (He includes the Pope’s natal chart and solar return for 2014.)

Another big story is the Health Care Reform Bill, covered by Jamie Funk in his blog, Astrology of the U.S.A. Health Care Reform Bill. The author includes fixed stars, Lilith, and asteroids in his article. (This blog has been up for nearly a week, so there are some interesting comments along with Funk’s assessment and great graphics.)

Over at the Political Astrology Blog, Patrick Watson takes a more streamlined approach in President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill Into Law.Watson emphasizes the many dignified planets in the signing chart. He also reconsiders a previous prediction that he made regarding passage of the Bill.

There is an extensive, ongoing astrologer’s paradise happening at 2010 International Astrology Day Blogathon. This is a big collection of articles addressing The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto. Within its pages are various blogs organized under key themes, i.e., Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future; Look After Saturn and Saturn Will Look After You, and Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps. This is a fine collective effort. (Each section is co-coordinated by a different astrologer —TMA favorite Donna Cunningham has brought together 17 (so far!) articles on Pluto.)

On a more immediate note, here’s a gentle look at today’s Full Moon at 9°17’ Libra.

Have a good week, everyone!

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Aquarius New Moon

By Mary Plumb | February 15, 2010

The New Moon in Aquarius was on Saturday, February 13 at 6:51 pm PST. I’ve considered some of the key themes of this lunation and am linking to some other writers, each with a distinct focus.

First of all, in honor of the stellium of Aquarius planets, particularly Chiron and Neptune conjunct the Sun and Moon, here’s author Lynne McTaggart’s website, The Intention Experiment, where you can “Join the Largest Mind Over Matter Experiment in History.”

This page has podcasts with “her interviews with some of the world’s most renowned frontier scientists” (i.e., Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake).

These ideas are pertinent now as cutting edge thinkers, scientists of consciousness, and mystics find they might really be talking about the same thing. It’s a display of Aquarius on center stage and at its best.

A look at the headlines, however, can usually be gruesome. Mars has just opposed Mercury in the sky as he’s still close to the earth and heading backwards in the zodiac. It’s easy to see Mars in the news — both the tragic high speed accident before the Olympics opened and the U.S. launching a major offensive in Afghanistan, (in which twelve civilians were killed by an off-course rocket on the second day), are obvious displays of the violence and trouble Mars can bring.

Astrologer Richard Nolle has a thorough understanding of mundane events and planets’ cycles.  Check out his 2010 World Forecast Highlights; it’s all relevant, of course, but I’m especially pointing now to his work on Mars.

This article is long; if you don’t have time for the whole thing just yet, do scroll down about half way to the chart for the Sun-Mars opposition of January 29, 2010 and the moving graphic just below on the Synodic Cycle of Mars.

Of course, we give great thanks for the current Venus and Jupiter conjunction, exact on the 16th at 7° Pisces. (The last time the two benefics came together in this sign was in April 1998.)

Barry Perlman writes about “one of astrology’s loveliest, luckiest, most inspiring and magically advantageous aspects” in his article, Intentions to Receive with Venus/Jupiter in Pisces.

Tom Lescher has a nice take on Jupiter in Pisces in his Forecast for February/March 2010 at his New Paradigm Astrology site.

One more subtle point with this lunation is the Black Moon Lilith. Both Black Moon Liliths (i.e., Mean and True) are now in Aquarius, very close to the New Moon. BML has also been traveling opposite retrograde Mars.

In case this is unfamiliar to you, here’s a chart of the New Moon.

You’ll see a glyph at 16°25’ Aquarius (this is the True Lilith; the Mean is now at 15°05’ Aquarius).

Marina Funk has a fine article, Black Moon Lilith Rising, where she demonstrates Lilith in the 1st house or Ascendant of some famous people’s charts.

Tellingly, she divides her models into The Mystics, The Mesmerizing Artistes, and The Blackest of the Black.

Marina elaborates on Kelley Hunter’s proposal that the longitude between the Mean and True positions can be considered the Black Moon “corridor.”

Luckily perhaps, Black Moon Lilith is not everyone’s cup of tea (she requires a stronger libation than that), nor does everyone have her prominently in the horoscope. If you’re curious, do check out Kelley Hunter’s seminal article, The Dark Goddess Lilith(TMA, April/May 1999) as well.

Have a good week everyone, and all you Metal Tigers, may it be your best year yet!

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It’s Been a Long Week

By Mary Plumb | January 25, 2010

To paraphrase one non-astrological blogger I read a few days ago, it’s been a long week.

Saturn is moving very slowly now, having crept up to 4°39’ Libra on Wednesday, where it turned retrograde, and is squaring Pluto again at 4° Capricorn, exact on January 31.

Saturn is lead, the heaviest, most stable, and most inert metal. The houses in our personal natal chart with Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusps are the areas where we acquire strength slowly and deliberately. A relentless and scorchingly honest look at the matters of those houses, along with a steadfast determination to keep the farthest and most precious goals in mind, may be clues to keep us on course and responding with integrity to the demands at hand.

And for lightheartedness, let us thank the air signs. Today the Moon in Gemini trines the Sun-Venus in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra. The Moon will also sextile Mars and square Uranus before tomorrow night’s trine to Neptune, the last aspect before changing signs. I hope this suggests that you will have time to enjoy these diverse commentators on current events!

Sky and Telescope magazine has a great column, This Week’s Sky at a Glance. Go there for a map of the sky this week where you can easily see the upcoming Mars-Moon conjunction. If your skies are clear, it will be a beautiful night.

Alan Oken has a fine article on Haiti, including the country’s Independence Day chart and the chart for the moment of the earthquake.

Claudia Dikinis writes about the earthquake in relationship to the solar eclipse at 25° Capricorn on January 15. She notes, among other succinct observations, the staggering symbolism of the Presidential palace in ruins.

David Crook includes the Saros cycle of the lunar eclipse that preceded the earthquake (i.e., on December 31), and the fixed star Algol, “the most malignant of stars,” was on the Ascendant in Port-au-Prince at that eclipse.

Moses Siregar is a generous astrology teacher. He has an article on Saturn in Libra, Haiti, and Mars in Capricorn on his website. (The Haitian independence chart has Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra.)

Maggie Kerr has a thorough article on Saturn in Libra, including mundane and personal considerations. She looks at Saturn’s place in the transiting cardinal cross as well as suggestions for Saturn’s transit in Libra for each of the signs. (Remember to read your rising sign if you know it.)

For a more personal view, here’s a gentle look at Saturn in dignity in Venus’s sign, Libra.

Jupiter moved into tropical Pisces on January 17. Jeff Jawer beautifully captures that quality in his blog, The Wisdom of Sadness.

If you can’t get enough of Saturn, fortify yourself with Scott Whitters’ wonderful article Melancholy: The Saturnine Temperament on Deb Houlding’s site.
“With the melancholic temperament, there is an understanding of time, of preservation, and of the importance of the internal processes, not just the external displays.”

All the very best to one and all.

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Happy Winter Solstice

By Mary Plumb | December 20, 2009

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21 at 12:47 p.m. EST (9:47 a.m. PST), as we honor the longest night of the year. If your skies are clear tonight, look up to appreciate Jupiter, just left of the Moon. Venus is close to the Sun and invisible now, but she’s in the sky too, offering a gracious sextile to the exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction perfecting right before the solstice.

The Winter Solstice

True to the season, I’ve been feeling a bit quiet and contemplative, so for this week’s blog I’ve found some of the many fine links about the season to share with you all.

Before we move on, let me say that all of us at TMA send very warmest wishes to each of you for a blessed and happy Solstice time.

Ancient Origins has a site that’s both easy to navigate and nice to look at. A good starting point for all solstice matters, including an explanation of the science of the solstice, solstice architectures, and its celebration in many cultures.

Go here for a straightforward description of the astronomy of the solstice. If you have trouble visualizing the big picture of the change of the seasons, there’s a good graphic and links to other pertinent pages, including Solstice Traditions and Customs.

Nick Owens, part of the very creative team at the C.I.A. (Cosmic Intelligence Agency), has an article on the Solstice chart.

The chart shown above is set for the U.S. capital. The Capricorn Ingress for Ottawa, Ontario describes the chart for the country that is hosting the 21st Winter Olympic games, beginning on February 12, 2010.

In her long article at AstroFlash!, Barbara Hand Clow writes: “The Winter Solstice is the time to be brutally honest and evaluate whether our ideas enhance others or whether they may actually be detrimental.” Although this article covers the past year’s cycle, it’s pertinent now as well. To read more specifically on the solstice, scroll down to the Sagittarius New Moon section (December 16, 2009).

Refresh your impressions of Capricorn with Dane Rudhyar’s article reprinted from his 1943 book, The Pulse of Life. Khaldea is Michael Meyer’s host site for The Rudhyar Archival Project.

Read a lovely poemTowards the Winter Solstice, by Timothy Steele. The last verse reads:

Some wonder if the star of Bethlehem
Occurred when Jupiter and Saturn crossed;
It’s comforting to look up from this roof
And feel that, while all changes, nothing’s lost,
To recollect that in antiquity
The winter solstice fell in Capricorn
And that, in the Orion Nebula,
From swirling gas, new stars are being born.

“Toward the Winter Solstice” from Toward the Winter Solstice (Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, 2006.)
The site has links to many other Christmas and winter poems.

All you yogins and yoginis out there, here’s a simple yoga series: A Body Posture to Celebrate and Tune into Winter Solstice and Capricorn Energies. (They advise printing it out first so you can follow easily.)

Here’s a nice description of the solstice based on the Theosophical Society. (The page is busy, but the ideas are clear.) “The solstices and equinoxes mark the four corners of the esoteric year, each associated with particular psychospiritual events in the initiation cycle. The winter solstice is associated with the birth of the inner Christ or Buddha; the summer solstice with the great renunciation of personal progress made by those of the hierarchy of compassion.”

The Christmas Spirit is a page of illustrations; the Winter Solstice Gods and Santa Claus are all remembered. It’s fun (and quick to see it all).

Jayj Jacobs classic article, The Horoscope of Jesus. The first line: “Jesus was not born on Christmas Day, and no Biblical scholar or historian will contend that he was.”

You may be drawn to a Profound Winter Solstice Rebirth Ceremony, which ends thusly: “Continue on your quest for unconditional love; it’s what you’re here for and it’s within your reach.”

Here’s a nicely-expressed astrological (and Buddhist) view of the times written by Laura Boomer-Trent at her blog, Zodiac Heaven – Dharma Stars.

On another subject, Kaye Shinker writes on Economic Forecasting for the quarter, based on the Solstice chart .

Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers – Global Astrology is always good. Here’s his take on the Solstice chart.

Jude Cowell, an astrologer who watches politics and includes fixed stars in her work, has a blog on the Solstice chart.

And, to celebrate the YouTube way, enjoy the bagpipes and a bonfire at a Solstice party in Britain.

Or, join a quiet three-minute pagan ceremony for the Solstice from Australia.

Watch a Winter Solstice slideshow with music by Windham Hill artist Tim Story.

And, in closing for now, here is a cheerful tribute to the day. (The music is Carol of the Bells.) Happy Winter Solstice.

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Some of the Current Best Astrology Blogs

By Mary Plumb | October 5, 2009

This is a good job! It finally rained here in southern Oregon and I spent a long cozy afternoon looking around at astrology blogs. There are lots of wonderful writers and creative astrologers out there and I’ve collected just a few places on a range of subjects.

Funk Astrology Blog (Cutting Edge Astrology for Uranian Times) has a quick snapshot (including fixed stars) of today’s unusual grouping of planets called 24 Degrees Anything? Intense Transit Alert for Sunday/Monday.

TMA readers are familiar with Jessica Murray, and her October Skywatch column is as thoughtful as ever. She writes on The Color of Money (which, in the U.S., is “even hotter than death and sex” right now).

Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers site has a new article on this month’s triggering of the ongoing Neptune septile Pluto, which he has coined “the Grand Irrationality.” Wilkinson writes: “Septile series aspects are associated with non-rational conditions and experiences, when our own or others’ obsessive or compulsive attitudes and behaviors often lead to very strange responses. When the septile series aspects are at work, things don’t make sense, and we feel propelled by circumstances out of our control.” The Grand Irrationality at Work, October 2009 – Major Choices, Changes, and Shifts is the place to go “if things seem a bit unhinged during the first half of October, or you’re confronting things that make little or no sense.”

Raging Universe has an entry titled A Closer Look With Thee. This looks back at the 2009 inaugural chart: “Saturn is in opposition to Venus-Uranus in Pisces in the 11th house, and if you use this as the significator of Congress, you can see the chaotic potential with the legislative body opposing the executive Saturn and dissolving what it does.”

Many of us read the long New York Times article on September 16 about the imminent publication of Carl Jung’s “Red Book.” The book is his private journal beginning in 1914 and was kept under lock and key until it was removed from a vault in late 2007. In her two part article, Carl Jung’s “Red Book”: The Astrology Behind the Publication of Jung’s Most Personal Work, Amy Herring discusses the book’s publication date (October 7, 2009), Jung’s natal chart, and the progressions and transits for when he started writing in 1914.

The_Betty: Astrological Analysis of Politics and Current Events – Feature Series: The Rise of Obama is a long series that employs many astrological techniques, including Arabic Parts, the vertex, and an ongoing investigation of the July 21 eclipse. She is generous in her writing, which is aimed “to have fun, fill in gaps, validate assumptions, and spur new inquiries.”

Astrologer Jude Cowell is based in Washington, D.C. and is always interesting. Her blog, Stars Over Washington, had its original focus on “our Founding Fathers as Freemasons, the White Lodge we call the ‘White House’, and the Masonic Temple that is the Capitol Building.” Her newest entry (she updates frequently), Iran-Contra Videos + Solar Eclipse of constitutional crisis 2011, looks ahead to the eclipse in June of that year.

Astrologer Julie Demboski is another prolific blogger with a range of astrological techniques in her repertoire. She demonstrates (i.e., teaches) a lot of astrology in a friendly, personal voice. Her current blog, Weekend Forecast: The Impulsive Spark, is on the past weekend’s transits; scroll down to link to her article from last fall on the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Zane Stein has an article called 32 Years on Matrix Blog. Renowned as an early Chiron-watcher, Stein herein writes on the Chiron recurrence return, which occurs this month. This year, 32 years after Chiron’s discovery in 1977, marks the Sun-Venus recurrence along with a Venus-Mars recurrence. “The depth of Chiron’s importance to us is going to be revealed in no uncertain terms as a result of this recurrence return. If we thought we were getting a handle on Chiron’s meaning before now, we will come to realize that we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg (or the halo of the comet, if you’d prefer), and we are going to learn about Chiron whether we want to or not.”

Thanks to all these fine writers and thinkers for all of your efforts.

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Blogs on Michael Jackson

By Mary Plumb | June 29, 2009

Good Monday to one and all. This entry is a short list of some early blogs on Michael Jackson. I’ll add my thoughts in the next few days. May he rest in peace.

A few preliminary comments: He was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. There’s no confirmed birth time for him, but the Sun is in Virgo is conjunct Pluto, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are in Leo,  and Mars is in Taurus. The pre-natal solar eclipse (PNSE) degree is 28°34′ Aries. This is 14 South in the Saros Series, about which Bernadette Brady writes: “This eclipse family will tend to bring success.”

Matthew Currie uses the sidereal zodiac and techniques from the late Richard Houck’s The Astrology of Death, a rather infamous (that is, known for its accuracy) book in considering Mr. Jackson’s death.

Eric Francis looks at the time of death chart and says, “The story is not as simple as we are being told.”

Nick Dagan Best has a long, serious article about Mr Jackson’s life and death at his celebrity blog.

More to come. Your comments are welcome. May Michael Jackson rest in peace.

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Jupiter waits for the Sun

By Mary Plumb | June 15, 2009

Today the Sun is still in Gemini, the last quarter Moon is in Pisces, and Jupiter is stationary retrograde at 27° Aquarius. This weekend my mind was all over the place about writing this blog. I settled on a toast to the Sun in Gemini – as it not only gathers information, but also applies to trine the one and only Jupiter in Aquarius (this perfects on Wednesday). I decided to collect a few astrology blogs on different subjects for you all to enjoy.

San Francisco astrologer Jessica Murray has a riveting blog, Boom, that looks at the state of California chart. (Hint: transiting Saturn is conjunct the Sun.) California is “epitomizing the country’s outsized economic problems,” and “Schwarzenegger is presiding over a financial meltdown of Armageddon-like proportions.”

Dharmaruci, writing from Glastonbury, U.K., has a great entry, Zeitgiest Update, which has an international scope. He looks, in part, at the Saturn Uranus oppositions, the stellium in Aquarius, the Pluto into Capricorn ingress chart (and how western economies are responding) and why he is “economically optimistic.”

Jude Cowell’s Stars Over Washington looks at transits to Iran’s national horoscope. One specific point she notes: transiting Uranus is now at the nation’s Mars/Mercury midpoint. The chart for the Islamic Republic (April 1, 1979) also has Jupiter at 29° Cancer, the degree of the July 22 total solar eclipse.

On a more personal note, Robert Wilkinson’s very active site has an article on the ongoing Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune connection and the impact on each of the signs. He also writes about Sonia Sotomayor in relationship to longer planetary cycles, including minor aspect.

I hope you have fun enjoying these writer’s ideas from far and wide.

On the day of its station (in Saturn’s sign), I’d like to acknowledge Jupiter in one of its finest roles: promoting breadth of view and tolerance for each and every one of the diverse manifestations possible in this best of all possible worlds. I think as
Jupiter pauses, I am wanting to capture all of its best possibilities and draw that into the heart of all the very important matters of the day. (Dear readers, please excuse the hyperbole; stationary Jupiter made me do it.)

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