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Do You Have IGS? (Irritable Gods Syndrome)

By The Mountain Astrologer | April 24, 2017

The same astrological research team that discovered the relatively unknown but widespread condition known as SLDS (Severe Libra Deficiency Syndrome) (1) has finished its research into IGS,(2) and discovered that a full 95% of the population are afflicted by Irritable Gods Syndrome. It turns out that political leaders, economic trends, and social conditions have been unfairly blamed for the difficulties and stress most of us experience, including unrequited love, chronic health issues, “developmental” despair, and fated encounters with used car salespeople. All along it was just cranky planetary gods.

An IGS attack can occur at anytime, so it is good to be near an ephemeris.

The classic symptoms are:

  • A persistent experience of difficult astrological transits, as if the planets were “out to get you” — if you have IGS, they are out to get you!
  • Every time you check the transits, the Moon seems to be square or opposed to an outer planet.
  • When Saturn changes direction, it always seems to do so on an important point in your chart, such as on your Sun or Ascendant.
  • Your progressed chart has been stuck in the cosmic muck for much too long now.
  • You suspect you have a retrograde Moon in your natal chart (at least that’s what your partner claims).
  • When you finally meet someone you are attracted to, and compare your natal charts, their Mars and Saturn are opposing your Sun, Moon, or Venus — it is as if the gods are taunting you.

IGS is nothing new, really. Almost all mythological stories feature one or more gods continually messing with each other and relentlessly messing with humans. I seem to recall something about one poor soul having to push a boulder up a hill. Hmmm…

Is there a cure for IGS? Although NoPlutoMoTrine, Retnograde, and a few other drugs have been suggested, and although Vedic astrologers have developed a large encyclopedia of remedial measures, the only certain cure for a severe case of IGS is reincarnation. But maybe in a different solar system.(3)


(1) SLDS is otherwise known as “being an Aries” or having Mars in a fire sign on the Ascendant. Notable people with SLDS include many presidents.

(2) “Research” in this case means 25 minutes with an ephemeris and some strong coffee, while talking to a few test subjects at the local donut shop.

(3) Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make trades with other solar systems (like sports teams do) and swap Saturn or Neptune for something new under the Sun? (We know, be careful what you ask for.)

© 2017 The Mountain Astrologer

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TMA blog news

By Mary Plumb | November 24, 2014

Good Monday everyone,

I forgot to tell you last week that TMA‘s blog is moving to an every-other-week format. We’ll have a new blog next Monday. In the meantime, here are some recent entries you may have missed:

Have you seen the Sun at midnight?

Travel well, Alice Howell

Astrological podcasts

Let’s spread the warmth, the spiritedness and generosity of the Sun in Sag in mutual reception with Jupiter in Leo as far and wide as we can! Have a wonderful, love-filled and joyful Thanksgiving, everyone.

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End of summer holiday

By Mary Plumb | September 1, 2014

Greetings to all,

In the US today is Labor Day which became a federal holiday in 1894 in honor of the American work force. The Moon is void-of-course for another few hours, and Mercury enters Libra (crossing the Aries Point) late tonight – tomorrow will be a whole new day. For now, we are resting the blog (and the bloggers) and I speak for the TMA staff in wishing everyone a very good holiday. With Sun in Virgo, may we take a break from unnecessary labor, and thoroughly enjoy the tasks that need to be done! See you next week.

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A big week…a quiet blog

By Mary Plumb | July 21, 2014

We are taking a break this week from TMA’s blog.

No new article, just all good wishes for us all to welcome change where it’s most resisted and blossom into deeper joy – with Saturn and Uranus stations, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on Thursday, Mars’ ingress into Scorpio on Friday and New Moon in Leo on Saturday. What could be better?

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TMA announcement and early June blogs..

By Mary Plumb | June 2, 2014

I am pleased to be writing an educational products article for publication in TMA. If you produce an astrological DVD or CD, or an astrological course or webinar series that people can take from their homes, send the information to me:

Please describe your product briefly and provide your name/address/phone and web site URL. I look forward to seeing your product and considering it for inclusion in the article, which will appear in the Oct/Nov issue of TMA. Please contact me in the next week or two. With Mercury about to go retrograde, I want to have plenty of time to thoroughly appreciate your materials! Thank you.

And, here are some timely written and spoken blogs for this first week in June. Have a good week, everyone.

Evolutionary astrologer Rose Marcus at AstroLink has a June Overview, along with specifics for each sign. She is particularly keen on the significance of Ceres’ direct station in Libra on June 1 (having been retrograde since February 27). “No doubt you have been working your way through a significant relationship issue, whether that’s with another or yourself. Perhaps the karmic implication or recall has not been lost on you. Ceres is a regenerative influence that is quite similar to Pluto. She requires a journey to the dark side in order to be reborn into the light. Ceres confronts and resurrects in order to reclaim. This Ceres transit is one of the reasons that you may have felt so triggered or done-in by experiences that might otherwise have gone by with less notice, less reaction; that you might have taken in better stride.”

Andrew Smith’s entry, Mercury Retrogrades from Cancer into Gemini, at C*I*A, gives a clear description of the mechanics of the planet’s cycle and explains “what is actually taking place in consciousness during a retrograde period, so that you can understand what process is invoked during a Mercury Retrograde cycle.”

Michele Finey has another article at C*I*A, June 2014 Solstice and Lunation Reports. About the chart for the Cancer Ingress, she writes: “Uranus, Moon and South Node together suggest the potential for wild over-reactions that hark back to some past experience. Since this is a Solstice chart, the effects are likely to reverberate for several months…..We might expect some primal reactions to erupt from the unconscious. Other people might overreact to what we are saying or doing. Equally, we may find that we suddenly become angered, emotional, or behave in unpredictable ways when a painful memory resurfaces.”

David Cammegh, (Divine Order, not New World Order), has links to videos (about 15 minutes) for each sign. He’s upbeat and philosophically-minded and does a nice job of delineating June’s transits for each solar sign.

Here’s Carl Boudreau’s 29-minute video on The Astrology of June 2014 – Relationship Skakeups. He shows lots of charts and quite detailed analysis. “We will all be more respectful of boundaries and expectations and we will expect others to do the same. This radical attitude shift, multiplied 7 billion times, will bring wave upon wave of change.”

Tracy Atkinson is a Vedic astrologer, thus her entry on Jupiter speaks to that planet’s move into (sidereal) Cancer on June 18. “As you may remember from some of my past blogs, Jupiter is named Brihaspati and is the teacher or guru to the gods. In the mythology of Jupiter he instructed and protected the gods, and taught them how to get their share of the soma or divine nectar by using mantras to drive away their enemies, the demons or asuras. From this, we can see that mantra is one of the prime tools for conquering our personal demons and creating a state of peace.”

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Good Monday

By Mary Plumb | May 19, 2014

We’re taking a break from a blog this week. In honor of the Sun’s last day in Taurus and giving us all a chance to enjoy the lushness of the day.

Kate and Tem are getting ready for NORWAC and I am enjoying the company of Kate Petty who is in Ashland to be our guest speaker tonight at SONCGR (Southern Oregon chapter of NCGR) – informally known as Astrology in Ashland. Here’s the event: Astrology in Ashland

Please come if you’re nearby!

Have fun everyone near and far..

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Time out for the blog…

By Mary Plumb | March 3, 2014

Dear friends,

Several streams converged in the past few days and manifesting a blog did not make it to the surface!

I hope that’s not a disappointment (I know you have lots of other things to read).

And, the April/May issue of TMAThe Music Issue – is out now. Check out the contents here.

Have a good Mardi Gras and we’ll see you soon.


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Summer (blog) vacation

By Mary Plumb | August 18, 2013

Hello loyal friends and newcomers to TMA,

We’re taking a summer rest this week but will be back next week with renewed cheer!

Best to you all…

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TMA Summer Reruns

By Mary Plumb | August 4, 2013

We’re taking a break from new work this this week, but here are some recent blogs that are still of interest.

The 79-year Cycles of Mercury and Mars in the USA Horoscope by Gary Caton

The Me Nobody Knows: Edward Snowden’s Mercury by Eric Francis

Pluto unannounced by Mary Plumb

The Eurozone Crisis 2013: Theory and Method in Mundane Astrology by Nicholas Campion

Ask an astrologer a question… by Anne Whitaker

Have a good week everyone and Happy New Moon in Leo.

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A pancake tale

By Tem Tarriktar | April 29, 2013

Here are two quick announcements from TMA:

1) All Mountain Astrologer print subscriptions – new orders as well as renewals – are on sale at $3 off the prices that are listed on our online order form, through June 30 – gifts excluded. To order, go here. Your subscription helps to pay for this blog. And remember, free digital access comes with any print subscription (digital-only subscriptions are also available). We have just posted the new June/July issue online for TMA subscribers.

2) TMA now has back issues on CD! Each CD contains 12 issues (each issue is one pdf file), covering two years. The years covered are 2007-2008 and 2009-2010. Both CDs, taken together, include about 360 articles. The price is $24 for each CD; foreign postage a bit extra. Ordering info is here. (The articles included in these CDs can be found by using our online article index. This product is not available as a direct download.)

A note about today’s blog from Mary: Enough with upheaval and world events for a moment. I could not resist Tem’s gracious offer of this classic cooking story for today’s blog. It’s a rare glimpse into a moment of non-magazine-related-time – in 2008, no less – for Kate and Tem. Enjoy it!

A pancake tale

It was Saturday, January 19, 2008 at about 3 pm PST. Although it was sunny and mild weather, and Kate and I each had better, more socially responsible things on our to-do lists, we found ourselves obsessed with computer Boggle (a word game). Just one more game. Just one more game. Just one more. Finally we gave in to the impulse to make pancakes, vegan pancakes in particular (since neither one of us eats eggs any more) a plan we had been discussing for a few days now. We got some Internet recipes that used butternut squash and hazelnut milk and plunged right in. We had to modify the recipe a bit so it was a bit of an experiment. But we forged ahead.

It was looking good when we mixed the dry and wet ingredients and discovered that the gloppatude was just about right. Glop, glop. OK, then, now we’re cookin’ — with a cast iron (Mars) skillet. Since we were cooking together and having fun cooking together (slightly, ahem, a RARE occurrence in the fire sign environment we have here), I ran over to the computer to run a chart (of course) to see what universal pattern, if any, was bringing these unexpected pancakes into being. This was my first mistake. For while I was doing that I left a Sagittarian (Kate) alone to pour the batter in the skillet.

At the moment I cast the chart, Moon was exactly conjunct Mars at 24+ Gemini, opposite Venus at 24 Sagittarius in the 6th house, with Cancer rising. That explains the enthusiasm, the Boggle, and the bold domestic experimentation from two Mars-in-Pisces natives. I looked up the Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Gemini to find some sort of cosmic pat on the back for being in tune with cosmic forces, and here is what I found: A GARDENER TRIMMING LARGE PALM TREES. (Don’t tell James Randi!)

I returned to the kitchen to find Kate looking a bit perplexed with four large and very thick pancakes a’grillin’ — all mooshed together, with no room to spread out or to be flattened into the proper thickness. Uh oh. Trouble in paradise. We decided that this batch was beginning to resemble some kind of mutant gooey meatloaf and probably next to hopeless, and got to work with Plan B — thinning the batter and pulling out a new teflon-coated skillet. Meanwhile, I was trying to find some way to blame Mars for this unfortunate turn of events. Moon had been exactly opposite Venus when we started making the batter (and it was definitely sweet enough, but too gooey inside). The second batch, the thinner ones, came out a bit better, but still not the right texture. They all looked a bit too much like burgers. Ironic for vegan pancakes, eh?

Moon-Mars was exact in Gemini, and squaring my natal Mars. I guess the Gemini energy explains why I am writing about this incident right now with slightly burnt (Mars), yet somehow gooey (Moon), pancakes in my belly. That and of course wanting to share important astro-pancake research with our readers – and hey, the Moon is void-of-course now so what else can I get done, anyway, right?

The moral of the story, according to Kate, is that with Jupiter now in Capricorn, we shouldda stuck closer to the recipe. And with the Gemini-Sag opposition, we got distracted and too experimental for this batch of pancakes to have a decent texture, even though they tasted OK.

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