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December 1999 /January 2000

Millennium Forum: Astrology of the Year 2000

by Stephanie Austin, Maya del Mar, Ray Grasse, Dale O’Brien, and Ray Merriman
With all the hype about the new millennium, what does astrology have to say about the upcoming year? There will definitely be some powerful alignments in the year 2000. A mysterious Pluto-Chiron conjunction will jump-start the new year, followed by a seven-planet "pile-up" in Taurus and a new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May. Peek into the future with our five forum astrologers as they preview some cosmic coming attractions.

Why Astrology Works by Brad Kochunas
Scientists may declare that astrology does not work according to scientific methods of validation, but astrologers and their clients know that astrology does work. Author Brad Kochunas suggests how and why.

The Centaur Connection: Expanding Chiron's Territory by Candy Hillenbrand
Most astrologers view Chiron as a symbol for the archetypal "wounded healer" and interpret Chiron in the birth chart as a place of wounding. But does this archetype fit everyone? The author didn't think so. She dug deeper for a more essential and universal meaning, drawing on the work of contemporary philosopher, Ken Wilber, among others. Lucky for us, she has turned up some fascinating food for thought. Enjoy the feast.

How to Read a Birth Chart, Part Three: Vocation, Work, and Money by Bruce Scofield
This lively series of "how to" articles continues, this time with an installment on how to read the chart when exploring questions about career and money. The author explains the subtle differences between vocation, profession, and career.

The Facets of Fate: The Rationale Underlying the Hellenistic System of Houses by Robert Schmidt
House systems continue to be a richly controversial area of astrology. By looking back at the ancient Greek interpretations of houses in the horoscope as various and logically-ordered expressions of fate, and by describing how these views have changed throughout history, Robert Schmidt challenges readers to reexamine the house meanings commonly in use today. This article incorporates some of the most recent discoveries of Project Hindsight.

Inside the Mind of a Criminal by Luis Lesur
Subtitled "An Exercise in Forensic Astrology," this article outlines yet another astrological application: the criminal profile. Luis Lesur, an astrologer who works with the Mexican police, gives us a horrifying and tragic glimpse into the "heart of darkness" in the horoscope of one of Mexico's most notorious kidnappers. Expect to be surprised.

Special Perspectives: John Kennedy, Jr.
The Wounded Grail King and the Death of JFK, Jr. by Philip Brown
Reaction to the loss of John Kennedy, Jr. in a plane crash resonated throughout the U.S. to a surprising degree, considering the mostly private nature of this man's life. Yet celebrities, even one as reluctant as he, are the myth-makers of modern times. Philip Brown explores the myths behind the man, and the astrology behind the myths that his life mirrored for the American public.

Astrology and Reincarnation: The Cycles of Our Lives by Linda Johnsen
Using the Vedic chart of John Kennedy, Jr. as a springboard, Linda Johnsen offers fascinating insights into the strong connection that belief in reincarnation has with the astrology of India.

Also In This Issue

TMA's Product Reviews by Mary Plumb
In the spirit of the holiday season, TMA has assembled and briefly reviewed over 20 unique products that serve as visual and/or artistic aids for learning and enjoying astrology.

"Planetary Currents" Forecast Section

Dec/Jan Forecast Calendar by Courtney R. Conrad

Helio Data: Where's That Moon?

NewsScope by Michael Wolfstar

New and Full Moon Reports by Mary Plumb
* Sagittarius New Moon
* Cancer Full Moon
* Capricorn New Moon
* Leo Full Moon Eclipse

The Capricorn Solstice Chart

Daily Sunspot Record

Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Dennis Flaherty

Millennium Watch: The Emerging Millennial Economy by David Solté

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