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February/March 2001

The Day Mercury Stood Still: Charting the U.S. Election Chaos

by Tem Tarriktar
Here is a look at the bizarre U.S. presidential election through the lens of astrology. Just as the polls were closing that night, retrograde Mercury stopped and changed direction in Libra – a recipe for indecision and recounts. The charts for the key players and important events help to shed light on this crazy election.

An Interview with Bernadette Brady
by Garry Phillipson
Bernadette Brady has been instrumental in widening astrology’s scope by putting the fixed stars back into the astrologer’s sky. In Part One of this interview, she recounts the fascinating history of her inquiry into the astrological meanings and uses of the fixed stars.

Your Second Horoscope: The Ninth-Harmonic Chart
by Linda Johnsen, M.S.
In India, along with the birth chart, astrologers routinely study the navamsha, or ninth-harmonic chart. This chart can reveal which of a person’s predispositions will come to fruition in maturity. Using Bill Clinton’s chart as an example, our Vedic astrology editor discloses some surprising revelations about the opposing forces that govern this man’s unusual life.

Mercury and the Transformational Sixth House
by Philip Brown, M.A.
Author Philip Brown examines the tiny planet Mercury and the "shy, retiring" 6th house through a magnifying glass that reveals not only the subtle talents inherent in Mercury’s trickster nature, but also the potential for transformation shown in the mutable 6th house.

Zodiac Tales - Sagittarius
by Dana Gerhardt
In the tenth installment of her Zodiac Tales, Dana Gerhardt spins another spellbinding yarn, to help her readers understand the centaur, Sagittarius, through metaphor. She uses the story of Jack and the Beanstalk (hint: Jack is the Sag) to convey the essence of the "naïve fool" and to show us why the world needs such foolishness.

The Peripatetic Astrologer: Travels in Japan and Scotland
by Robin Antepara, M.A.
Using Astro*Carto*Graphy, Robin Antepara has written a captivating "astrological travelogue." The author learns to adapt to Japanese culture, thanks to Saturn’s influence. Years later, she travels in Scotland: This time her story involves the spell of Neptune and a ghost sighting. Anyone who has ever felt an unexplained connection to a faraway place should find this a thought-provoking read.

Special Section: Mercury Direct
An Interview with Jonathan Tenney: Astrology and Psychotherapy
by Kate Sholly

Astrology in Conflict Resolution
by Chris and Peter Murphy

Additional Features

Uranus, Alienation, and the Martial Arts
by Lynn Finger
When astrologer and martial arts student Lynn Finger began to study the birth charts of fellow martial artists, she found – alongside the expected Mars and Pluto energies – the unexpected prominence of Uranus. The author uses the story of a master swordsman to reflect the connection between the martial arts and the Uranian challenge of alienation.

Tooth Fairy Tales
by Jan Severson
Author Jan Severson believes in the Tooth Fairy. She also believes it’s a good idea for us astrologers to hang onto our sense of humor. To help us along, she has devised a friendly little matching game. Try your astrological skill. Can you match the Tooth Fairy stories with the charts of the people who lived them?

Astrological Correspondence Course Survey
by Mary Plumb
Mary Plumb has reviewed 36 astrological correspondence courses that span a wide range of topics, philosophies, techniques, and costs. TMA hopes that this survey will provide a valuable resource for students and teachers alike.

The Electric Revolution
by Branka Stamenkovic
The author, an astrologer who lives in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, witnessed the tumultuous days of Milosevic’s final defeat; she gives us an on-the-scene report of events as they were unfolding. Through the closing of the polls, the riots in the streets, and the swearing-in of the new president, she was busy calculating charts. With her, we will bite our nails as we await the birth moment of "the world’s newest democracy."

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