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August/September 2001

Mental Chemistry in the Birth Chart

by Bob Makransky
Dr. Marc Edmund Jones developed an astrological technique that uses the natal Moon and Mercury to determine how people perceive and process information. Author Bob Makransky explains this formula for "mental chemistry" and gives provocative illustrations from the charts of some of America’s most colorful historical figures.

A Crisis of Power: Saturn and Pluto Face Off
by Robert Hand
Every 35 years, the powerhouse planets Saturn and Pluto oppose each other. This year and the next, they’re at it again! In this corner, Pluto, the force of fundamental transformation, vs. Saturn, representing physical laws and limitations. Astrologer extraordinaire Rob Hand draws from a wealth of historical and astrological perspectives to speculate on the possibilities of this challenging combination.

The Aging of the Pluto-in-Leo Generation
by Brian Clark
Author Brian Clark examines the changing attitudes and priorities of the generation of eternally youthful (but now middle-aged) adults, including Baby Boomers, with Pluto in Leo. The planetary cycles that come around when we are in our fifties shed light on how we cope with the inevitable aging process and – better than coping – how we can uncover our true essence, as we increasingly come to terms with our own mortality.

Julia Roberts: The Twenty-Million-Dollar Woman
by Jane Ferrell
By now, pictures of this "Pretty Woman" are familiar to most people in the world. This article presents another side of the picture: a closer look at actress Julia Roberts through the lens of her Western and Vedic charts. Understanding the similarities and differences between these two horoscopes offers insight into the private underpinnings of her very public life.

The Varieties of Astrological Thinking
by Bruce Scofield
TMA contributor Bruce Scofield treats us to a guided tour of a "museum" devoted exclusively to the many-faceted celestial art. His brief descriptions of each of the museum exhibits provide tantalizing hints of astrology’s worldwide scope and complexity.

Additional Features

EnneAstrology, Part II
by Andrea Meek Winchester
In Part Two of a series exploring the relationship between astrology and the ancient personality typing system known as the Enneagram, Andrea Winchester discusses "The Head-Centered Triad" (Types Five, Six, and Seven).

The Man from the Kremna Prophecy
by Branka Stamenkovic
Readers may remember this Yugoslavian author’s exciting, blow-by-blow astrological account of the overthrow of Milosevic and the birth of a new democracy. In this article, she examines the chart of Milosevic’s successor, Vojislav Kostunica – a man whose ascent to power was foretold in the 19th century.

Reflections on Lilith
by Lianella Livaldi Laun
This article relates the myth of Adam’s first wife – a liberated woman way before her time – and Black Moon Lilith, an astrological factor named after her. The author gives us examples of how the principle of Lilith is embodied in the lives of women who find the strength to live in accordance with their true nature.

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