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February/March 2002

One Ring to Rule Them All: J.R.R. Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings

by Paul F. Newman
The horoscopes for Tolkien and the publication of the first book in his trilogy are particularly interesting now that the movie has been released. The astrological symbols faithfully reflect Tolkien’s characters and cosmology.

The Astrology of 2002
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Here is an overview of the astrological hot spots of the next 12 months, with particular attention given to the Saturn—Pluto opposition and the eclipses of May and June 2002.

The New America in 2002
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
By now, we are well-steeped in Saturn—Pluto energies, having witnessed terrorism, war, and increased security. Looking at the U.S. "Sibly chart," this author's chart of choice, what is in store for us in 2002? And what are the sensitive time periods when Plutonian upheaval may show up again?

American Destiny: The U.S. Vedic Chart
by Linda Johnsen
Here is a report on the research done by Vedic astrologer James Kelleher on a new founding chart for the United States. Kelleher's investigation of his rectified Sagittarius-rising horoscope shows how the country changes with each new dasha period and what to expect in upcoming years.

Liz Greene Interview Part 2: The Lens of Astrology
by Nicholas Campion
Liz Greene has directly influenced many of us with dozens of books, lectures, and articles. Now, in Part 2 of this interview, she talks about how she discovered astrology, how she thinks it works, and how our clients are best served – especially given the varying belief systems they each bring to the astrological session.

Planetary Circuits: An Astro-Biological Model of Human Development
by Bruce Scofield
Without having testable models that explain how astrology might work, we open ourselves to skepticism about our field. The author presents a new model of planetary "circuitry," in which a child is imprinted by the energies of particular planets at particular ages, based on the various angular relationships that the planets form in comparison to their birth positions.

Astrologers by Nature
by Dr. Percy Seymour
Many plants and animals follow solar and lunar cycles with their internal biological clocks. We, too, have astronomical clocks and calendars locked up in our bodies. Dr. Seymour's new theory claims that the fluctuation of the Earth's magnetic field, produced by planetary motion, has been internalized over the ages; this gives us information at a subconscious level about the state of the solar system at all times, making all of us natural astrologers.

Student Article
Moonwatching: The Crescent Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
In Part 3 of this 9-part series on Moon phases, the author takes a careful look at how the Crescent phase contributes to the development and growth of our New Moon "seeds." The phase relationship of the Crescent Moon to the Sun offers valuable insights into the nature of the 45° and 60° aspects: Our dreams are tested by the obstacle course of the semi-square, and we are led to learning opportunities by the sextile.

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