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April/May 2002

The Sliding Zodiac Problem
by Ray Grasse
Subtitled "Examining the Relationships between Sidereal and Tropical Astrology," this article opens the floor for a discussion of these two different zodiacs. Hold on to your hats – and your tempers! Astrologers can become quite heated in defense of their chosen zodiac. But perhaps it’s not a case of either/or. Maybe we can choose ... both. Ray Grasse suggests that the dueling zodiacs might be more compatible than meets the eye and that both have much insight to offer the inquiring mind.

The Great Zodiac Debate
by Bruce Scofield
The controversy between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs shows no sign of being resolved anytime soon. Bruce Scofield gives his take on this complex issue and offers the opinions of a few great astrologers from the past.

The Great Conjunctions and the World Trade Center Attacks
by Robert Hand
Could the events of September 11, 2001 have been foreseen in the stars? Yes and no, according to Robert Hand. Medieval Persian and Arabic astrologers used the seasonal ingress charts preceding certain planetary conjunctions to make long-range predictions. The relevant charts do indeed reflect the terrorist attacks – but also other possibilities, all within an historical context that is ever unfolding.

Family Astrology: Cosmic Chromosomes?
by Liza K. Hall
Family astrological signatures can be subtle but are often found among the "Big Three" (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant). Author Liza Hall points out the patterns in the British Royal Family and discusses the "odd one out" – a family member who doesn’t share the prevailing signature. This article should greatly interest anyone with access to his or her family’s birth data!

Planets of Kings: Success and Prosperity in the Vedic Chart
by Linda Johnsen
Will you be rich and famous someday? TMA’s Vedic Astrology editor tells you how to find out for yourself in your birth chart. Hindu astrologers look for certain unique combinations of planets called yogas to determine whether fame and prosperity are in the offing. A Raja Yoga is an especially powerful configuration that presages "living like a king" in this lifetime.

Forecasting Global Political and Economic Cycles
by Rudy Bes
This author has developed a method of long-term forecasting that correlates economic and political activity with the positions and aspects of the five outermost planets, Jupiter through Pluto. Bes applies this method to an analysis of the 20th century and gives us a glimpse ahead to the next 100 years.

Additional Features

The Legacy of Dane Rudhyar
by Candy Hillenbrand
Dane Rudhyar was a Renaissance man who some consider to be the greatest astrologer of the 20th century. He brought a spiritual, interdisciplinary approach to astrology and, as with so many great thinkers, was way ahead of his time. His legacy is a vast storehouse of astrological wisdom for generations to come.

The Magic of J.K. Rowling
by Neal Meredith
Readers will hardly be surprised to discover that J. K. Rowling – author of the hugely successful Harry Potter series – is a Leo with a strong Mercury influence. Her chart reveals a keen imagination, tenacious creativity, and a decided gift for storytelling. Here is a horoscope that truly lives up to its potential.

Moonwatching: The First Quarter
by Dana Gerhardt
Part 4 of this series brings us to the crisis of the First Quarter, when the waxing Moon squares the Sun. Like any aspect, however, the square is not a static point of conflict but rather a step in the dance of time. Watching the Moon helps us to understand the dynamics of aspects. As we meet the challenge of the First Quarter square, we reap the harmonious harvest of the trine.

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Where’s That Moon?

April/May Forecast Calendar
by Ricky Corcilius

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New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin
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Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Dennis Flaherty

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