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June/July 2002

The Case of the Disappearing 6th House

by Steven Forrest
The 6th house makes a fantastic comeback from oblivion! Steven Forrest drops clues to guide us, step by step, to his totally believable conclusion about what the 6th house really encompasses. We wouldn’t dream of ruining the suspense by telling you how the story ends, but if you have planets in the 6th, you’ll want to read this article.

Virgo, Sexuality, and the Sacred Prostitute
by Catherine Auman
This author’s search for a more meaningful definition of Virgo sexuality has led her to explore the archetype of the sacred prostitute. Those with a Judeo-Christian background may have trouble appreciating the concept of sexuality "in the service of the divine." Yet, acknowledging this archetype, revered in older traditions, could deepen the interpretation of Virgo, wherever it appears in the chart.

Active Imagination
by Robin Antepara
In this article, subtitled "The Intersection of Astrology and Archetypal Psychology," Robin Antepara describes the Jungian technique of Active Imagination and how we can use it to access our shadow selves and the planetary energies, clamoring for attention, which have been previously blocked by difficult factors in the natal chart.

The Lilith Archetype: A Feminist Mythology
by Kate O’Donnell
The Lilith of ancient myth — uppity, independent, and ultimately outcast — bears an amazing resemblance to some of the modern movers and shakers in the cause of feminism. Australian astrologer Kate O’Donnell examines Black Moon Lilith and Asteroid Lilith in the natal charts of four prominent 20th-century feminists, whose lives reflect the strengths and the wounds of Lilith in all her many faces.

Moonwatching: The Gibbous Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
In the fifth installment of this series, we take a look at the Gibbous Moon and its relevant aspects, the sesquiquadrate and the quincunx. The Gibbous phase often presents us with seemingly impossible situations that we eventually manage to resolve by summoning untapped reserves of ingenuity and tenacity.

Dressing Vedic Remedies in Western Garb
by Penny A. Farrow
Vedic astrology offers prescriptions that enable people to actively balance the often conflicting energies in their charts. Yet, these remedial measures from ancient scriptures can be hard for Westerners to grasp — much less do — given the cultural gap we are faced with. Fortunately, help is near at hand. Read on.

Additional Features

Shining Light on a Dark Issue
by Morning Star
By courageously revealing a painful experience, this author underscores the importance of establishing and maintaining proper boundaries in astrological counseling. She also gives valuable tips for both the professional astrologer and the client to consider before, during, and after a consultation.

A Man Discovers His Moon by Greg Bogart
In this article, the writer tells us about an especially transformative Saturn transit to his natal Moon — a roller-coaster ride that taught him to express his feelings openly and to have compassion for himself and others.

Saturn: A Heavy Burden or a Solid Base?
by Harriet Witt
This author shows us how to walk the Saturn Walk, an exercise that helps us to harness our Saturnian energy and to dwell in harmony with it, during the inevitable stresses that Saturn transits bring.

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