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October/November 2002

Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and the Birth of Rock ’n’ Roll

by Bruce Scofield
If you dig rock ‘n’ roll music, you’ll love this article! Bruce Scofield delineates the birth of this immortal musical genre that has been much maligned but also much loved. The development of this disruptive art form (and jazz) was paralleled by a series of Saturn—Neptune aspects sometimes joined by bad boy Uranus.

The Mystical Chart: Sainthood or Insanity?
by Lois M. Rodden
"Mystical" charts are those of religious figures, psychics, mediums – and schizophrenics. Which astrological factors appear more often in these charts than in others? Lois Rodden uses the considerable resources of AstroDatabank to research this fascinating subject. You’ll meet some amazing characters!

Creativity and the Shadow: Wilde, Strauss, and Salomé
by Evan Bortnick
Two monumentally creative geniuses of the last century, although they never met, were both inspired by the dark, biblical character of Salomé (the subject of Wilde’s play and Strauss’s opera). This article explores the horoscopes of both men, with emphasis on the feminine chart components embodied by Salomé.

"The Matrix" as a Birth Process
by Jeffrey Kishner
The film, The Matrix, is well known for its special effects – but there may be more to it. This author posits that elements of the film mirror the stages of birth and the outer planets associated with each. After reading this, you may want to see the movie again.

Harmonics: Secret Lives of the Natal Chart
by Frédérique Boele
Harmonics can be used to uncover great treasures that the natal chart may not reveal. This Dutch astrologer’s thoroughly lucid explanation of the technique also offers many useful insights about trines, squares, and so-called minor aspects – plus enlightening peeks into the harmonic charts of some remarkable people.

Astrology in the Renaissance
by Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Modern Western astrologers can trace many principles and techniques back to the medieval inheritance and classical revival that converged during the Renaissance. This author offers a masterful summary of the Greco-Roman and Arabic influences that combined in the 16th—17th centuries to produce an astrology acclaimed as "Queen of the Sciences."

Moonwatching, Part Seven: The Disseminating Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
Any lunar phase might seem anticlimactic after the Full Moon – that’s a tough act to follow! But trust Dana Gerhardt to come up with a fresh look at the ebbing Moon and its concurrent waning aspects, the sesquiquadrate and the trine. Deepen your experience of the Moon’s changes, and read all about what it really means to be a Disseminator.

The Pre-Natal Epoch
by Darrelyn Gunzburg
The ancient concept of the Pre-Natal Epoch (the chart for the moment of conception) is carefully explained in this scholarly, yet eminently readable, account by a well-respected Australian astrologer. The PNE is intimately connected to the birth chart "as yin is to yang," and it can provide valuable insights about a person that are not necessarily apparent in the natal horoscope. Gunzburg uses two comprehensive examples to elucidate her points: U.S. President George W. Bush and Australian wunderkind swim champion Ian Thorpe. By closely analyzing each man’s Pre-Natal Epoch and natal chart, the author shows us the driving forces that truly motivate these individuals.

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