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February/March 2003

2003—2011: Enter the Imaginarium
by Jeanne Mozier
The author captures the essence of Uranus in Pisces with a vivid portrayal of potential realities. She paints a fantastic picture of a world with rising oceans and a rising tide of psychic receptivity. Traditional religions could crumble, addictions will most likely increase, but Spirit may finally conquer fear and the feeling of separateness that engenders it.

Plunging into Uncharted Waters: Uranus with Saturn
by Ernest Corcilius
Saturn will move into Cancer not long after Uranus enters Pisces. Two very different energies trine each other as they leave the realm of air. What will it mean for the world when these titans take to the water?

Uranus through the Houses
by Steven Forrest
This popular author presents a companion piece to the articles about the global effects of Uranus’s upcoming foray into Pisces. He tells each of us what to expect in the coming years – by describing how hell-raising Uranian energy will likely manifest for us, depending on which house this planet transits in our chart. For example, if Uranus is currently invading your 8th house, you can expect to begin integrating formerly disowned parts of yourself.

Uranus in Pisces:The Revolution of the Spirit
by Michele Finey
The title of this article sums up what happens when a revolutionary planet enters a spiritual sign. The author considers the elemental shift from air to water in terms of Jung’s four function types. She also discusses Uranus’s mutual reception with Neptune and touches on past Uranus-in-Pisces events, inventions, and individuals, to shed light on dramatic possible futures.

Uranus and the Age of Revolution
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Does freedom-loving Uranus really rule Aquarius? The author attempts to answer this question by examining key events in the American and French revolutions, which shook up the status quo around the time this incendiary planet was discovered.

Moonwatching, Part Nine: The Balsamic Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
In the second-to-the-last installment of this series, we explore the mysteries of the Dark Moon. Whether natally or by transit, the Balsamic phase goes against the grain of modern Western culture by asking us to slow down and turn inward, to be more than to do. This "down time" is as necessary as it is nourishing.

Additional Features

The Septile and the Seventh-Harmonic Chart
by Edward Gillam
Some people consider seven to be a lucky number, but for many astrologers, aspects based on the division of the circle by 7 are hard to recognize in the chart and harder still to interpret. In the septile and the seventh harmonic, this author finds a resonance with the concept of the shadow, revealed by "images of terror, taboo, and transformation."

How’s Your Health? Reading Your Body in Vedic Astrology
by Bette Timm
Through the story of a friend’s experience with cancer, this Vedic astrologer illustrates just a few of the many possible insights that the ancient science of Jyotish can offer regarding health in the horoscope.

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Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
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