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April/May 2003

Cinema and the Birth of the Aquarian Age
by Ray Grasse
Movies often provide much more than simply entertainment; they can hold up a looking glass that reflects broad cultural trends and reveals the shadows and the shining potential of humanity. Ray Grasse examines a dazzlingly eclectic array of films, old and new, whose themes and techniques mirror the shift of the Great Ages from Pisces to Aquarius.

Do You Dream of Being a Writer?
by Donna Cunningham, MSW
If you've ever wanted to be a published writer but are daunted by the challenges, you're not alone. This prolific author presents keen astrological insights into why you don't write – and how you can. She also offers tips for making the best use of your natal chart and transits to express yourself on paper. Ready, set, write!

An Interview with Robert Hand, Part 1: From Bush to Buddha
by Garry Phillipson
Rob Hand is one of the most accomplished astrologers in the world. In Part 1 of this interview, he touches on a wide range of topics: George W. Bush, the concept of astrological alchemy, magic, medieval astrology, Carl Jung, Neoplatonism, God, and Tibetan Buddhism. (Whew!) He also talks about integrating astrology into our broader lives and using it as a tool for personal enlightenment.

Twelve Ancient Houses: Astrology in the Vedas
by Linda Johnsen
Astrology could be much older than a mere 25 centuries! Our Vedic editor presents the evidence and asks readers to draw their own conclusions. The venerable Rig Veda, an ancient Indian text, describes twelve Vedic deities who each correspond, with amazing accuracy, to a particular house of the zodiac.

The Traveling Astrologer: Dynamic Eclipses of 2002—2003
by Maya del Mar
Welcome back, Maya! In this issue, our popular former columnist discusses the changes that these eclipses will catalyze in the world.

Philip Berrigan: Waging Peace
by Mary Plumb
Now that war drums are beating and peace protests are heating up, it seems fitting to profile the horoscope of this activist who waged a lifelong battle against war and nuclear weapons.

A Global Study of Very Large Earthquakes
by Karen Bolander-Claus, Ph.D.
In this comprehensive study, the author combines her interest in earthquakes, knowledge of astrology, experience with scientific research methods, and a lot of careful effort, to make some intriguing – and sometimes surprising – observations about astrological correlations to major seismic events.

Additional Features

Weather Watch for 2003: Butterflies and Hurricanes
by Ken Paone
This author, whose introduction to astrometeorology appeared in our Aug./Sept. 2000 issue, returns with more astrological weather predictions. This time, his forecasts include both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, from mid March to mid September. Let's see where in the world a butterfly's wings might fan a hurricane's winds.

Moonwatching, Part Ten: More Moon Secrets
by Dana Gerhardt
Dana wraps up the Moonwatching series with some tantalizing examples of how knowing the Moon can illuminate our understanding of aspects, transits, planetary cycles, and progressed charts. The series is ending, but the author's insights may well continue to "infect" us with her love for Luna’s wisdom – and leave us wanting more.

Forecast Section

Where’s That Moon?

Apr/May Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

• Aries New Moon

• Libra Full Moon

• Taurus New Moon

• Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

• Gemini Solar Eclipse

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps

Heliocentric Data & Apr/May Declination Graph

Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Dennis Flaherty

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The Sibly Chart and Masonic Astrology
by Edward Kohout

An Interview with Nick Campion
by Darrelyn Gunzburg


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