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December 2003 /January 2004

The Solar Dance
by Jessica C. Billings
Wondering how to read your solar return chart? This author suggests that you first understand your solar hero’s journey. She provides an extensive checklist (describing what to look for) and a worksheet. Try it out at your very next solar return!

Bert and Joni: King and Queen of Acoustic Guitar
by Barbara Ferrara
Joni Mitchell and Bert Jansch – two amazing innovators on the guitar – were born four days apart in 1943. This article describes the remarkable musical talent reflected in their natal charts and hones in on what makes the contributions of these two songwriters so similar and yet so unique.

Aspects from the Past
by William Henry
Out of astrology’s vast toolbox comes another method for timing events: The point of the last conjunction between two planets becomes a sensitive degree that can be "activated" by transits and aspects to the natal chart. The author’s examples include Charles Lindbergh, Sylvia Plath, and champion racehorse Secretariat.

The Astrology of a Corporate Scandal
by Kate Plumb
This astrologer investigates the Wall Street scandal involving a conglomerate named Tyco International. From 2000 to the present, Tyco has taken a rollercoaster ride, ending in a fall from grace. Kate sets out to find out why, using the varied tools of her chosen profession.

The Second House
by Dana Gerhardt
This succedent house points to much more than just your money mysteries; it holds the key to your survival and your power in the world.

Trading Places: Planetary Mutual Exchange
by Linda Johnsen
Our Vedic editor covers the fascinating terrain of Parivartana Yogas (mutual exchanges). She describes the various forms of this yoga – involving good houses, mildly difficult houses, and troublesome houses – and gives examples of each.

Clouds of War: Neptune, the U.S., and Iraq
by Philip Brown
Dreamy Neptune may not be the "smoking gun" you’d connect to war in the Middle East, but its "smoke and mirrors" have definitely played a part in this conflict. The composite charts of the U.S., Iraq, and the Middle East Mandate shed light on Neptune’s dark role.

Planetary Currents Section

Planet Tracks:

Footprints of Mars
by Mary Plumb
The close approach of Mars to the Earth in the summer of 2003 left its unmistakable mark on our world, burned into the headlines around that time. Here is just a brief sampling of Mars in the news (it’s easier to take in small doses).

The USA and Neptune
by Jessica Murray
Just how Neptunian are we in this country? Very! Still, there’s hope that the spiritual side of Neptune might someday overshadow its less savory aspects.

The Traveling Astrologer: Retrograde Mercury through 2004
by Maya del Mar

Earth Medicine: Pluto in the Third Decan of Sagittarius
by Marcia Starck

Chart Interpretation: Transiting Quincunxes
by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Astro-Newsmaker: Johnny Cash
by Mark McDonough

Astro-Coach: Your Questions Answered
by Nicki Michaels

Forecast Section

Where’s That Moon?

Dec/Jan Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

• Gemini Full Moon

• Capricorn New Moon

• Cancer Full Moon

•Aquarius New Moon

Heliocentric Data & Dec/Jan Declination Graph

Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Dennis Flaherty

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Artist’s Showcase
featuring Susan Madsen

Astrology News
by Gloria Star

Astro-Website Reviews
by Mary Plumb

Cartoon by Paul F. Newman

Poem: Mandala
by Terri Scott


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