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April/May 2004

The Call of the Hungry Soul:
The Moon, Food, Saturn, and Destiny
by Darcy Woodall
The Moon and Saturn are the most contradictory of planetary pairs. In the tension between the opposites of union and separation, people with difficult Moon-Saturn aspects often hunger not so much for food – but for love and acceptance.

Master of Myth:
The Vedic Chart of Joseph Campbell
by Fred Kendal Abong
Hindu astrology gets to the heart of the man who explored the heart of mythology. This article gives a fascinating view of Joseph Campbell’s personality. Especially telling are the close correlations of his dashas to the timing of events in his colorful life.

The Fourth House
by Dana Gerhardt
Appropriate to a house that describes our roots, Dana Gerhardt takes us back to the roots of the 4th house itself – the "midnight hour" of the chart. When we truly connect with our 4th, we are never homeless, no matter where or how we live.

Love and Respect:
Saturnian Themes in the Partner’s Horoscope
by Markus Jehle
Are your partner’s Saturnian grumblings beginning to get under your skin? In his own inimitable tongue-in-cheek style, this author gives us a bit of synastry and elucidates Saturn for our benefit. Beware: This article is not for the fainthearted!

Preparing for an Astrological Session
by Bill Herbst
This veteran astrologer shares the experience and wisdom he has gleaned over the years in his many sessions with clients. Neophyte astrologers and seasoned professionals alike will find valuable suggestions here to hone their astrology practice.

An Interview with Darby Costello
by Garry Phillipson
Darby Costello was first trained in the intuitive arts by tribal witch doctors in South Africa, when she lived and worked in their midst. Here, she discusses many things – the 12th house, which planet rules Pisces, and how to talk to skeptics, to name a few.

Forecast Section

Where’s That Moon?

April/May Forecast Calendar by Jeff Jawer

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps

New and Full Moon Reports by Stephanie Austin

• Libra Full Moon

• Aries Solar Eclipse

• Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

• Taurus New Moon

Jyotish Currents:
Vedic Astrology Forecast by Dennis Flaherty

April/May Declination Graph

Planetary Currents Section

Planet Tracks

The Dawning of a New America
by Robert P. Blaschke
On November 1, 2004 – one day before the U.S. presidential election – America’s progressed Sun changes sign from Aquarius to Pisces. What do the next 30 years promise for the country?

John Forbes Kerry (JFK)
by Mary Plumb
This author examines the chart of the Democratic front-runner from a slightly different astrological perspective.

Earth Medicine: Eclipse Notes
by Marcia Starck

The Traveling Astrologer: The Spring Eclipses
by Maya del Mar

Chart Interpretation: Aspects to the Midheaven
by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Astro-Newsmaker: Diane Keaton
by Mark McDonough

by Nicki Michaels

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Artist’s Showcase
featuring Don Dixon

Letters to the Editor

Cartoon: Mars-In-Dignities
by L. & L. Sullivan


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compiled by Mary Plumb

Astrology News
by Gloria Star

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Humor: Adventures in Saturn Returns
by Wendell C. Perry

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Mercury Direct

Wagner Rectifed: Sleuthing the Birth Time of a Musical Genius
by Anthony Louis

Software Review: Kepler 7.0
by Hank Friedman

by Tim Brown

Seeing Music: A Bold Expression of Uranus in Pisces
by Isabelle Ghaneh


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