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August/September 2004

Uranus and Pluto in Virgo at Midlife
by Donna Cunningham
According to this frequent TMA contributor, people born during the tumultuous Sixties, with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, comprise a work-oriented generation that seems to have an amazing potential for growing through the trials of midlife in this era of rampant corporate mergers. These people have already faced formidable challenges, but even more await them.

Virgo's Wings and Other Musings on the Mutable Signs
by Lynn Bell
The Pisces fish, the Sagittarius centaur, the Virgo winged maiden, and the Gemini twins - these rich images deepen our insight into the mutable signs they represent. The mutables move between the sustaining force of the fixed signs and the energetic action of the cardinal, adding their vital rhythms to the dance of time.

From the Mundane to the Sublime: The Marriage of Virgo and Pisces
by Glenn Perry
To understand the Virgo-Pisces polarity, from the psychological perspective, is to bridge the divide between the paradoxical qualities of each and the integrated and balanced expression of both - namely, intuitive logic, inspired thought, interest in spiritual matters, and magnificent obsessions.

The Sixth House
by Dana Gerhardt
If the 6th house bores you (or scares you), then you're not using its transformative powers to restore magic to your daily life. Children's ways can shed light on the subtle mysteries of this underappreciated house.

Meaning and Mystery: Virgo and Pisces in the Sabian Symbols
by Lynda Hill
The 360 Sabian symbols, one for each degree of the zodiac, were first "discovered" in the 1920s. This author, who specializes in the Sabian symbols as a divination tool, spotlights the degrees of Virgo and Pisces and gives a tantalizing glimpse of the treasures the symbols offer.

A Vedic Perspective on Virgo and Pisces
by Kenneth Johnson
Now for something completely different ... Look through Jyotish-colored glasses, and find out why Virgo is sexy and Pisces is valiant. To appreciate the Vedic view of these signs, we examine their rulers, Mercury and Jupiter. Ken Johnson blends myth, common sense, and ancient wisdom to paint Virgo and Pisces in new shades for Western astrologers.

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Planet Tracks:

The Race is On! The 2004 Presidential Election Campaigns
by Nina Holly
Bush and Kerry are neck and neck in the polls, so the presidential election looks to be another very close one. Using horary, mundane, and electional (!) astrology, this author analyzes the respective campaigns - and predicts the winner.

Charts of Interest

Jupiter in Libra
by Marcia Starck

Conjunctions vs. Oppositions
by Donna Cunningham

Astro-Newsmaker: Ralph Nader
by Mark McDonough and Pat Taglilatelo

Election Vibrations
by Maya del Mar

by Nicki Michaels

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Where’s That Moon?

Aug/Sept Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

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Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Dennis Flaherty

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