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October/November 2004

Sun-Uranus Sirens
by Simone Butler
This self-confessed "siren" writes about several women with the Sun-Uranus conjunction. These freedom-loving souls have lots of sexual magnetism but aren't necessarily interested in holding onto a man for life.

Election Year 2004: The Return of the King?
by Raye Robertson
The movie version of the final book in Tolkien's immortal trilogy was wildly successful during an election year in the United States. Coincidence? And are we electing a president - or crowning a king? Read on.

Tough Love Planets: Malefics in Vedic Astrology
by Linda Johnsen
The word malefic means that the lessons these planets teach us may not be welcome at the outset. Malefic planets don't curse us, but they can strengthen us - after we stop kicking and screaming.

The The Spiritual Side of Saturn
by Wendell C. Perry
Stern old Saturn has such a reputation as the god of material reality that many of us forget about the spiritual riches he offers. This author examines Saturn transits in the lives of four vastly different people.

The Seventh House
by Dana Gerhardt
Lovers and enemies are both described by the 7th house, and regrettably, they are sometimes the same. But our 7th also tells us how we relate to partners of all sorts - and it portrays what they encounter when they get to know us.

Money and Power: Pluto in the Chart of the USA
by Jessica Murray
Pluto in America's 2nd house casts a shadow of obsession upon what we value and how we use our resources. Still, the U.S. can recover from its materialism and learn that not everything of worth is measured in dollars.

Mercury Retro Redux
by Bill Herbst
Fasten your seatbelts for another Mercury Retrograde. This veteran astrologer's practical and refreshingly realistic advice for these backward turns can help to make the ride a bit less bumpy.

Special Horary Astrology Section

The Haunted Horary
by Trish Marie
An innocent query, "Should we purchase this property?" produces a horary chart that points to a haunted house. Christopher Warnock adds his traditional perspective.

The Strange Case of the Quesited Cat
by Kris Lee

A Love Rectangle
by Branka Stamenkovic
Question: What do you get when you have one woman trying to find Mr. Right from among three potential suitors? Answer: one very revealing horary chart!

Planetary Currents Section

Planet Tracks:

Charts of Interest

Election Day Bets
by John Townley
On November 2, most Americans will choose between Bush and Kerry for president. Does it matter who wins? The U.S. Sun progressing into Pisces that very day will lend Piscean confusion, hope, and mystery to this election.

The U.S. Presidential Election: A Vedic View
by Komilla Sutton
Hindu astrology has a reputation for precision in prediction. Analyzing the charts, dashas, and transits of the two major candidates, this well-known Vedic astrologer predicts the winner.

The Fall Eclipses
by Marcia Starck

Transits to Multiple Chart Points
by Donna Cunningham

by Nicki Michaels

Forecast Section

Where’s That Moon?

Oct/Nov Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

• Libra Solar Eclipse

• Taurus Lunar Eclipse

• Scorpio New Moon

• Gemini Full Moon

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps

Jyotish Currents: Vedic Astrology Forecast
by Kenneth Johnson

Oct/Nov Declination Graph

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The Astrology of The Lord of the Rings
by Steven Forrest

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Cartoon: Venus-in-Dignities
by L. & L. Sullivan

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Western Sidereal Astrology: An Interview with Kenneth Bowser
by Colleen Mauro

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