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December 2004 /January 2005

Astrology and the Human Genome
by Philip Brown
Biogenetic discoveries are revolutionizing how we think of ourselves - and our astrology. What is the meaning of birth in the birth chart? Just whom does the chart reveal? Philip Brown explores the astrological correspondences to this pioneering science and raises many thoughtful questions to ponder.

The Long and Short of the Mayan Calendar
by Bruce Scofield
Much has been written about the "End Date" of the Mayan Calendar: December 21, 2012; it could signal the "end of days" or a breakthrough into higher consciousness. This author, an expert in Mesoamerican astrology, sets the record straight by clearly defining the Mayan Long Count and demythologizing its significance.

Jimi Hendrix: Life Experienced
by Harry Farmer
This '60s rock icon is best remembered for his crazy stage show and sizzling electric guitar riffs. But Jimi Hendrix had a special tie with astrology - he believed in the interconnectedness of humans with planets and stars. This belief contributed to music that still lives on long after his meteoric rise and tragic death.

The Eighth House
by Dana Gerhardt
You can almost hear sinister music playing when you enter the 8th house; perhaps that's why many of us are uncomfortable here. Who wants to look sex, death, and taxes in the face? After a transit in this house of forces beyond our control, we're never quite the same.

Your Good Karma: Benefics in Vedic Astrology
by Linda Johnsen
With a sigh of relief, we focus our attention on the "good guys" of astrology: Jupiter and Venus (and sometimes the Sun, Moon, and Mercury). The Vedic legends and personifications of the benefics enrich our understanding of these planets that we definitely want on our side.

When Good Planets Go Bad: Venus and Jupiter as Functional Malefics in Vedic Astrology
by Stephen Byrnes
The title says it all: The good guys can turn into bad guys. In the Systems Approach to Vedic astrology, certain rising signs cast Venus and Jupiter as villains whenever they rule difficult houses. But don't despair; there are remedial measures for those "functional malefics."

Planetary Currents Section


Iran's Progressed Solar Eclipse
by Robert P. Blaschke
While attention is focused on the U.S.-led war in Iraq, its neighbor, Iran, continues to sponsor terrorism and develop nuclear weapons. Will the real WMD-makers please stand up?

Russia: A Painful Transition
by Adrian Ross Duncan
The U.S. and Russia share some haunting similarities, first as opponents in the Cold War and now as uneasy allies in the War on Terror. The increased terrorist violence in Russia points to more troubled times ahead.

A First Glance at 2005
by Marcia Starck

Newsmaker Chart: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
by Mark McDonough

Spotting Themes in a Birth Chart
by Donna Cunningham

Neptune and the United States
by Maya del Mak

by Nicki Michaels

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by Trish Marie


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