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February/March 2005

Modern Perspectives from Ancient Symbolism: Cancer the Crab
by Deborah Houlding
It's never too late to go back to the basics! This experienced astrologer is graciously working with TMA to adapt her Sun-sign profiles for our pages. We start with the sign of Cancer - its personality traits, essential dignities, and traditional rulerships, as demonstrated by compelling modern examples.

Hard Aspects between Venus and Uranus
by Robin Antepara
According to this author, hard aspects between Venus and Uranus can indicate the capacity for "selfless love" and partnerships that reflect great disparity in age, education, or cultural background. Examples include Princess Di and Katharine Hepburn, who were both involved in star-crossed relationships.

A Tale of Two Doctors: Part 2 Interview with Liz Greene
by Darrelyn Gunzburg
The doyenne of psychological astrology talks about growing up in a European household in the States, the benefits of studying the history of astrology and amassing "bits of paper" (diplomas), writing books as a learning experience, living in Oxford, and teaching at Bath Spa University College

The Ninth House
by Dana Gerhardt
The 9th house is a happy house! It rules exotic faraway places and adventures of the mind (higher learning and spiritual nourishment). Here is where we set out on a grand quest for Truth and the meaning of our existence.

Neptune: Where More than Two Worlds Touch
by Jodie Forrest
The Neptunian reality says that we are all one. Not everybody knows this, though. Jodie Forrest teaches us how to protect ourselves from those who don't see this truth - and she does this by spellbinding us with stories.

Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology
by Gary Gomes
One of the richest offerings in the treasure chest of Vedic astrology is the variety of remedial measures for planetary affliction. This article gives just a sampling of what we can do to make the best of our natal chart.

Saturn and the Shadow
by Donna Lee
Any part of ourselves - whether unacceptable or even desirable - that we disown is banished to Shadow Land. Understanding our Saturn placement helps us to reclaim the Shadow and reunite all of our qualities into a whole Self.

Planetary Currents Section


The American Mars
by Dharmaruci
In the U.S. Sibly chart, the God of War in Gemini is being spotlighted both by progression and by the transit of Pluto, revealing the "dark twin" of U.S. military involvement and pointing to a re-assessment of its place in the world. Major upheaval lies ahead, but the author finds some cause for optimism.

Newsmaker Chart: Tiger Woods
by Pat Taglilatelo

Venus-Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius
by Marcia Starck

When Transits Echo Natal Aspects
by Donna Cunningham

The Future of the United States
by Maya del Mar

by Nicki Michaels

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Where's That Moon?

Feb/MarForecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

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New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

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What the Zodiac Signs Bring to a Potluck
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The Stonewall Chart: An Astrological View of Gay Spirit
by Joe Perez

Software Review: Astracadabra and Digital Time Capsule 2D
by Hank Friedman


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