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April/May 2005

Finding Your Planetary Type: Measuring the Strength of the Planets in a Chart
by Donna Cunningham
When you say someone is "just my type," what do you mean? According to this experienced astrologer, the strongest planets in your chart give important clues about what makes you tick. Use her helpful scorecard to find out what type you are.

Harmonizing Saturn and Uranus: Knowledge for the Age of Aquarius
by Bill Streett
Saturn and Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius, so it is vital to integrate their seemingly contradictory archetypes as we enter the Age of Aquarius. Bill Streett believes that a multidisciplinary approach deepens our understanding of these planets. He examines their historic alignments and some key innovations in music, physics, and metaphysics.

The Riches of Symbolism: An Interview with Jeff Jawer
by Janette deProsse
There's a great deal of gold in the symbols astrologers use. This well-known astrologer and long-time TMA forecaster talks about his chosen field: existing on the fringes of society, astrology as a tool for self-knowledge, whether astrologers learn from their own charts, and why he loves his work.

The Tenth House
by Dana Gerhardt
The 10th house represents our status and shows how others see us, rightly or wrongly. Here, we face the outside world and grow to claim our own authority in our careers and contributions to society.

Looking Ahead in 2005: Forecasts for the 12 Signs
by Tem Tarriktar
If Taurus is your Sun sign or Ascendant, then you can look forward to more sensory pleasures when Venus is in your sign from mid April into May. Tem Tarriktar describes what the year 2005 has in store for each of us. Read on!

Ancient Skies: Astrology in the Indus Valley
by Linda Johnsen
Our Vedic editor explores the history of this age-old science on the Indian subcontinent. The early Hindus used many of the same signs of the zodiac that we use today - and they divided the sky into twelve parts.

From the Eyes of the Heart , Part One
by Ken Robinson
This article offers a shamanic look into a deeper dimension of astrology. If we shift our astrological focus from the head to the heart, the symbols can reveal the masks distorting our vision and attune us to the song of our unique being.

Planetary Currents Section


Tsunami Charts

Charting the Tsunami
by Bernhard Bergbauer

Uranus in Pisces and the 2004 Tsunami
by Ray Grasse

Mars and Saturn Cross the Ecliptic
by Christopher Kevill

Newsmaker Chart: Maya Angelou
by Pat Taglilatelo

The April Eclipses
by Marcia Starck

U.S. Progressed Mars Stations Retrograde
by Maya del Mar

by Nicki Michaels

Forecast Section

Where's That Moon?

Apr/May Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

• Aries Solar Eclipse

• Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

• Taurus New Moon

• Sagittarius Full Moon

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps

Apr/May Declination Graph

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Artist's Showcase
featuring Daniel B. Holeman

Publisher's Letter and Announcements

Letters to the Editor

Book Reviews
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Astrology News
by Gloria Star

TMA Professional Directory

Classified Ads

by Tim Brown

Mercury Direct 

An Interview with Alphee Lavoie
by Hank Friedman

The Astrological "I"
Putting the Self Back in Astrology
by April Elliott Kent


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