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June/July 2005

The Art of Relating: An Astrological Guide
by Mary Plumb
Navigating the currents of a relationship can be tricky, but astrology has many tools for charting the course. TMA's Mary Plumb gives us a masterful summary of what to examine in the horoscope, using the examples of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Libra the Scales
by Deborah Houlding
Librans have a talent for impartiality - hence, they make perfect judges, referees, and diplomats. They search incessantly for beauty, harmony, and fairness, but they live in the real world where painful everyday conflicts must be endured. Libra is a complex sign, and its natives are fascinating creatures indeed.

The Ascetic and the Sensualist: Vedic Aries and Libra
by Kenneth Johnson
The Eastern take on Aries and Libra is a story that can best be told through the archetypes of Mars and Venus, their ruling planets. In the Vedic view, Mars is a lonely spiritual warrior, whereas Venus embodies love and affection, music and the arts. These two signs have at least this in common: They both tend to plunge headfirst after what they want.

Children of Fire and Air
by Raye Robertson
These children of the Baby Boomers are the Pluto-in-Libra generation. Born into "interesting times," they are now fighting our wars and framing our future. Read on for a fascinating glimpse into their astrological makeup.

Goldilocks Rides the Ram
by Dana Gerhardt
Goldilocks must be an Aries! She wanders into somebody else's house, helps herself to food - and then dashes off when confronted by the legal occupants. This vital zodiac sign reflects the steamroller in all of us.

Introducing House Astrology
by James Coleman
Here is an innovative technique that divides those unruly houses into 30 equal parts and places each planet in a degree equivalent in the house. Try it out and see what new doors of insight it opens for you!

From the Eyes of the Heart, Part Two
by Ken Robinson
In the conclusion of this Shamanic journey into the heart of astrology, we are offered a deeper perspective on the sign of Virgo. The author also demonstrates how he interprets a natal chart and shares his vision of the Age of Aquarius.

Special Astro-Profile

Vincent van Gogh, 1853-2003: Beyond His Colors
by Petra Colmena
A Spanish astrologer presents an astrological sketch of the life and work of this great artist - a tortured soul who struggled with formidable dark demons during his lifetime but still managed to create canvases afire with brilliant colors.

Planetary Currents Section

Summer Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon
by Marcia Starck

Planets in Houses: A Quick-and-Dirty Rectification Tool
by Donna Cunningham

Newsmaker Chart: Pope John Paul II
by Pat Taglilatelo

by Nicki Michaels

Forecast Section

Where's That Moon?

June/July Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

• Gemini New Moon

• Capricorn Full Moon

• Cancer New Moon

• Capricorn Full Moon

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June/July Declination Graph

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