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August/September 2005

Fixed Stars: Other Voices in Our Astrology
by Bernadette Brady
Are we practicing astrology - or planetology? When we expand our outlook to include the stars, we can greatly enhance chart interpretation. Examining the charts of four eminent people with the Moon in Aquarius in hard aspect to Pluto, Bernadette Brady uses fixed-star parans to further refine how each person distinctly expresses this combination.

Astrology and Reincarnation
by Steven Forrest
According to this evolutionary astrologer, what survives the trauma of death and rebirth is our "Moon memory," an underlying mood or attitude from the past symbolized by the Moon's South Node. This is the stuff we need to work on in this lifetime - although we may never know the details of the unresolved issues that we carry forward from the past.

Precession-Corrected Transits
by Greg Bogart
If you want to fine-tune your predictions (who wouldn't!), try applying a precessional correction to transits. This author offers a simple formula to account for the precession of planets and angles since birth - and gives stunning examples of events in his life that occurred on the very day a precession-corrected transit became exact.

The Eleventh House
by Dana Gerhardt
The energy of this grab-bag house is quite paradoxical - as befits a house associated with Aquarius, ruled by both Saturn and Uranus: The 11th describes what we have in common and what sets us apart. In this outward-directed house, we are called to balance our individual needs with the demands of the group and to "realize" ourselves in an ever-changing world.

Exploring Medical Astrology
by Rupert J. Sewell
Planetary placements (and aspects) can betray the proverbial Achilles heel in a person's constitution. This article profiles two world-renowned British actors of the last century: Peter Sellers and Laurence Olivier. The birth charts of these two notables reflect the correspondences between lifestyle and a predisposition to certain health problems.

Approaching Jyotish:
A Comparison of Western and Vedic Astrology
by Hank Friedman
For Western astrologers who are interested in Vedic astrology but have been struggling with its complexities, here is a clear, well-organized outline comparing and contrasting the two systems. The author graciously opens the door to the study of Jyotish, so you'll want to keep this article handy for future reference.

Planetary Currents Section


* Mars in Taurus and the Gift of "Grab"
by Shelley L. Ackerman
* A Gathering Storm: China and Japan in Late 2005
by Albert Stephens
* Pluto Gandanta and Kali's Zone of Influence
by Edith Hathaway

Saturn Enters Leo: Opening Our Hearts
by Marcia Starck

Oppositions to the Ascendant
by Donna Cunningham

Newsmaker Chart: Jane Fonda
by Pat Taglilatelo

Climate Change, Social Ferment, and Current Planetary Transits
by Maya del Mar

Forecast Section

Aug/Sept Declination Graph

Where's That Moon?

Aug/Sept Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

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Capricorn Excommunicated
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An Interview with Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum
by Garry Phillipson

Advances in Astrology Software: Solar Fire Deluxe
by Hank Friedman

in the Horoscope: A Lost Key to Prediction
by Nina Holly

Prodigal Nation: The United States and Its Search for Identity
by Terry Lamb


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