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October/November 2005

Uranian Astrology for the Compleat Idiot
by Bruce Scofield
If you've never heard of Uranian astrology or Cosmobiology, this is the place to start! Find out how these types of astrology originated, what makes them different, and what techniques they use. This overview also introduces midpoints, planetary pictures, the 90° dial, moving houses, and the use of special planets and points - all of these can add much more detail to your chart interpretations.

Getting to the Crux of a Chart: Solar Arcs on the 90° Dial
by Maria Kay Simms
This workshop-style article presents an in-depth look at Martha Stewart's birth chart and life events. We can use solar arc directions and the 90° dial with the key configuration (or "crux") of her horoscope to track her career successes and failures, including the recent stock-trading scandal.

Introducing the Transneptunian Planets
by Arlene A. Kramer
A veteran Uranian astrologer describes the qualities of eight points that orbit like planets and have been successfully used in chart work since the 1920s. Check the accompanying ephemeris of the transneptunians for 1925-2020 to see where these planets fall in your own chart.

Transneptunians in Action
by Doug Kellogg
The author lists examples of each transneptunian planet prominent in the horoscopes of well-known people. These illustrations reveal the nature and operating style of these powerful chart factors.

Using the "Astrology of Tomorrow" Today
by Judi Vitale
Is there an easy way to use Uranian astrology? With computer-generated diagrams called "midpoint trees," one can quickly extract information that the client is most interested in, including relationships, health, and life purpose. This author demonstrates midpoint trees with a compelling example chart.

A New Look at the Royal Triangle
by Arlene Marcia Nimark
If we use the tools and techniques of Uranian astrology to compare the charts of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla Parker Bowles, we can gain deeper insights into the intricacies of these relationships.

Planetary Pairs for Uranian Astrology
by Arlene A. Kramer
Here is a list of contemporary interpretations for pairs of astrological chart factors, including planets, transneptunians, and personal points. This resource is drawn from many years of experience and greatly expands our interpretive vocabulary.

What's Your Dasha?
by Linda Johnsen
When we "enter and sign in" at the moment of birth, the position of the Moon in our Vedic chart sets in motion an orderly sequence of planetary periods called dashas that regulate the days of our lives. For people (Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bush) and even nations (the U.S.), the dashas and their subperiods can be illuminating indicators of what's going on - and why.

Planetary Currents Section


Geocosmic Projections for the World Economy: 2008-2011
by Raymond Merriman
This experienced financial astrologer looks ahead to the "Cardinal Climax" toward the end of this decade, when Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto will form a t-square in cardinal signs. "Interesting" times bring extraordinary opportunities!

Newsmaker Chart: Bill Maher
by Pat Taglilatelo

Inner-Planet Aspects to Outer Planets: Squares vs. Trines
by Donna Cunningham

Forecast Section

Where's That Moon?

Oct/Nov Forecast Calendar
by Jeff Jawer

New and Full Moon Reports
by Stephanie Austin

• Libra Solar Eclipse

• Aries Lunar Eclipse

• Scorpio New Moon

• Taurus Full Moon

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Oct/Nov Declination Graph

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Uranian Astrology/Cosmobiology Resource Guide
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Advances in Astrology Software: Regulus 1.6
by Hank Friedman


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