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Blogs for a new week…

Transiting Mars in Virgo was semisquare (45º) Jupiter, opposite Neptune, and sesquiquadrate (135º) Uranus within about 30 hours this weekend. I taught on Saturday, and could not stay still on Sunday. (Mars rules my natal chart.) The sky was heavenly blue, the air was clear — no more smoke — and I am a few miles from a mountain hike where I can see Mt. Shasta and Mt. Ashland, both with fresh snow. Wanderlust took hold — I also have Neptune conjunct Mars natally — and I went for a much longed for airing out.

I came home happy to search for some blogs for you. This is a bit of a mix, with some teaching sites (modern and medieval), some news sites (Trump and the footballers), and a few YouTube classics. Be well, everyone. I hope you all have a chance for some clean fresh air in your days.

Alison Gunn, PhD, has articles teaching many aspects of astrology at her site. Wrestling the Dragon: The Meaning and Purpose of the Lunar Nodes begins with her curiosity about the modern association of “the Nodes with one’s spiritual purpose.” Her well-illustrated essay traces the history of the lunar nodes, from the Babylonian creation myth Ti’amat to Jung. She writes: “There’s a treasure that’s hard to attain waiting for you at the end of your struggle against this dragon; I think this sums up the North/South nodal challenges rather neatly.”

Along with lots of other topics, she has a series on the 12 houses. Here is the last installment, The 12th House: Know Thyself, or Else.

Rhyan Butler’s site, The Medieval Astrology Guide, is a beautiful source for clearly written material on a sometimes difficult to understand subject. He explains different philosophical approaches and techniques for identifying the Guardian Daimon and concludes: “Being aware of this connection between a native’s soul and a planet is tremendously helpful in remedial work, as reinforcing this connection has a calming effect on the soul and increases resolve. It’s not uncommon for people to go through periods in their life where they feel alone and directionless, but the Guardian Daimon is always there in our corner to provide support and guidance when we need it.”

Back in the modern world, Nancy Sommers, at Starlight News Blog: “connecting the dots in world affairs,” writes in September Madness:
“The Inaugural chart, which is essentially the chart of the Trump administration, points to significant trouble for the entire month of October, with transiting Saturn returning to its natal position (23º 37′ Sagittarius) and then square to Mars (24º 22′ Pisces) and semisquare to the Moon (9º 22′ Scorpio). This suggests a very vigorous blocking of his agenda and a potent period of protest against him. Furthermore, transiting Uranus will be square to the Inaugural Midheaven (26º 13′ Capricorn) from October 2 through October 26, and given the concurrence of Saturn transits, suggests unexpected, powerful revelations and events that impact this presidency in a negative way.”

Christina Rodenbeck at The Oxford Astrologer writes about the current newsmakers in U.S sports. “I couldn’t help but note that on the day American footballers staged a peaceful protest across the country, Neptune, the higher octave of Venus (planet of peace), and Mars, the planet of warriors, came into perfect opposition.”

Here are a few treasures from the vaults:

Robert Hand’s two-hour lecture on Reception, recorded by Kelly Phipps at the 2007 Blast Conference in Sedona, Arizona (organized by Moses Siregar).

And, from the 2008 Blast Conference (also recorded by Kelly): Robert Blaschke on Progression Theory. “Robert Blaschke passed from this earth in January 2011, but not without gracing us with his abundant wisdom and technical expertise. Not only was he a Christ-like, gentle soul and all-around great human being, he was truly a master astrologer.”

Go here for Part 1 (two hours) of Richard Tarnas’s lecture, Our Moment in History: World Transits: 2008 – 2020.
“Tarnas’s annual ‘state of the world report’ from the archetypal astrological perspective, the first of two public program lectures given at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, November 12-13, 2011.”

Keep going here:
Part 2: (one hour)
Part 3: (90 minutes)

And here’s an update — a one hour lecture from Mr. Tarnas that was recorded in May 2017: An Archetypal Perspective on Our Precarious Moment in History.

To conclude, here’s a short (5 minute) video of Pema Chodron teaching Tonglen, for a “world that is falling apart.”


  1. I will listen to the Tarnas report but I sure wish someone trustworthy (i.e not someone who assured us Hillary Clinton would definitely win) would share a sense of whether we need to be worried about a nuclear war. The football stories of protest are wonderful, but they are also a distraction from the terrible conditions in Puerto Rico for our fellow citizens; the escalating war of words from Drumpf to NK and back; and the continuing Republican war on health care. Is there ANY HOPE?

  2. Is there any hope? As soft, un-worked hands twitch on a rusty, glow in the dark trigger.
    Is there any hope the voice of the world is not a prerecorded edited re-broadcast.
    Is there any hope our thoughts are more than vapours.

    There is hope, and it can be seen. Fields upon fields of hope seeds shining in the dark sky, from each age Neolithic to plastic.

    As tiny syphon holes in beach sand we see the astral reflection of our very slow growth. Yet we grow. True, in the shadow of power, even terror and tears, we reach for our simple tools and shape the earth we can touch moistened with the tears of the friend.

  3. Neptune has been sitting on my natal Mars for the last few months and I have been itching and twitching and covered in hives. Classic illness hard to define so I was interested to read that Mary has a natal Mars/Neptune conjunction. As an Aries native I consider it ‘rage’ as I am having a difficult family time just now.

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