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Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy announced her interest in Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat in December. Kennedy (November 27, 1957 at 8:15 am in New York, NY) is a Sagittarius Sun and rising sign, with Moon conjunct Chiron in Aquarius. (Birth data rated AA, from the birth certificate.)

Kennedy’s natal Moon at 15°56′ Aquarius and the progressed Moon are both on the Aries point, that sensitive point which takes us into the world or public life (Moon = AP). A Mars Pluto conjunction at 1° Capricorn occurred on December 28, and was a strong pressure and push on the Aries point in all horoscopes. Her progressed Moon entered Capricorn on December 26, just in time for this conjunction, which, as mentioned, triggered not only the natal Moon at 15°56′ Aquarius, but also the progressed Moon, newly landed on this so-called ‘world axis’ and thereby, acutely sensitively placed. The natal Moon on the Aries point promises a life-long emotional connection to the public at large.

A closer look at Kennedy’s chart shows that her Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint is at 16° Scorpio, also on the Aries point (Asc/MC = AP). The Asc/Mc midpoint shows where the personal identity and public image meet; it is a combination of these two primary angles in the horoscope and shows where the personal and public self come together. With the AP here, Kennedy has a very strong thrust towards a public role to help fulfill her destiny. She has been known by the world since she was a small child. Her personal identity has a very public life.

I find this a good demonstration of the stimulation to the Aries point; our roles in the larger world (depending upon the individual natal chart) may have come into some focus recently by the force of Mars and Pluto.

This seems like a rather sudden change in visibility for Caroline Kennedy, having been someone known for guarding her privacy, even though she is one of America’s most famous women. Although she has the natal Sun in the 12th house (with Saturn in the 12th, close to the Ascendant), the ruler Jupiter is at 23° Libra in the 10th house on the brilliant fixed star, Spica.


  1. It sounds like it’s her turn, doesn’t it?

  2. My math gives 5:20pm 11/26/08 NYC as Solar Return putting her natal Asc on 7th thus “changing her position”in ‘her’ world.” Her natal is also a bowl w/Ur rx(Leo 11*37=SoNode in Ret)and her Moon(Aq 15*55 and their midponit 13*46 Sco=Mars. The midpoint for Sa/Ur in SoRet=19Sag=natal Asc. Natal ruler Jupiter in SoRet conj natal Venus AND natal Sa/Ur=13Lib=MC Also see natal Moon & Ur are intercepted in 2/8 house ? means what? The SoRet Moon is Balsamic and V/C. Using the process explained by R Blaschke my math puts it first applying to the Sun in early June ?means? I see that there’s a variance in length of ‘time’ for a particular degree to be the nodal ?means? This is one of my favorite sites. Found it when it was started and enjoy the comments. Hope there will more interest shown as more find it. Thanks for the columns and any answers to my ?? Roberta

  3. Hi Roberta,

    You’re comments are excellent! I will come back and respond later today when I have a chance to do the calculations…

    Thank you for your wonderful participation!

  4. Apparently Caroline Kennedy will NOT stand for senate. Discussion ensues.

  5. Hello Jenni and all,

    Obviously, the first thing I noticed is the Mercury retrograde when she withdrew (on January 22. Apparently, lots of communication around her decisions were confused and not well handled. (She does have natal Mercury in Sag on the Ascendant.) Her Asc/Desc axis is 20°16′ Sag/Gemini, so the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition is squaring that axis.

    On Jan. 22, Saturn was retrograde at 21°20 Virgo, and Uranus at 20°01′ Pisces. Maybe it all was too moving too quickly to feel comfortable to her. I also notice that the press reports on her early interviews talked about how she stammered her words, i.e., repeating “you know” thirty times in one interview (Mercury in Sag?)
    According to The Times UK: “Caroline Kennedy’s quest to enter the US Senate has suffered a self-inflicted blow in a series of interviews in which she can only be described as . . . um . . . excruciatingly, you know, unerudite.”

    She also was repeatedly described as “aloof”, and “cold” – an quick (and superficial) description of Moon in Aquarius. But, these press reports are interesting as they can capture images that make sense to astrologers..

    It’s also interesting, I think, that the “thrust into the public eye” I wrote about in this original post exposed some of these less-than-easy personal traits while the whole world watched..

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