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How long will we date?

After a string of short-term, problematic relationships in recent years, the querent, dating someone new, was worried old patterns and outcomes might repeat. She contacted me, anxiously asking how long she and the new gentleman were likely to date.

July 5, 2022
9:52 a.m. AEST
Sydney, Australia (33°S52’, 151°E13’)
Regiomontanus houses

Significators and analysis
Virgo rises, therefore, Mercury signifies the querent. Fast, under the Sun’s beams, and in its own sign, Gemini, Mercury describes the querent as young, self-focused, outspoken, curious about her new relationship, and, at times, uncertain, inconstant, and overly rational about it.

Mercury offers striking testimonies which are worth breaking down. First, it is about to lose essential dignity as it ingresses into Cancer, implying imminent change that entails discomfort or loss, especially since Mercury is under the beams. Then, as it changes signs, Mercury sextiles Mars, which is simultaneously ingressing into Taurus, and ruling the 8th house — where it is placed — suggesting that money-related themes may emerge between the two parties. Mars, notably weaker in Taurus (its detriment) and in the 8th house, indicates stress around the partner’s finances. A sextile is typically a “friendly” aspect, but Mercury’s contact with a debilitated 8th-house malefic, in a sign of its weakness, is never good.

Third, Mercury trines the 7th-house cusp and applies to a received square with Jupiter (ruling and placed in the 7th house of “the partner”), showing that, despite problematic aspects, the couple is likely to date for a period. Finally, Mercury undergoes combustion as it applies to the Sun, its most negative testimony, indicating adverse experiences themed on absence, invisibility, and fading out or distance (emotional or physical). Clearly, Mercury’s state does not bode well for a lasting relationship.

Worrisome indications are also presented by the Moon, the general cosignificator of the querent and the situation asked about. Strong by angularity in the 1st house, the Moon rules both the 11th house (hopes) and the 12th (fears), uniting these emotional themes in fearful hopes and possible self-undoing tendencies. Although the Moon’s placement in Virgo describes the querent as critical or caring in a more pragmatic than emotional manner (we see later how that is relevant), its next aspect is an opposition to Neptune in the 7th house, heightening the prospects of false hope, deception, confusion, or the emotional manipulation that the Moon’s corulership of the 11th and 12th houses portrays.

A potential positive is the chart’s angular benefics (Venus and Jupiter). Venus, the natural significator of love and relationships, dominates the Midheaven; however, it doesn’t make any aspects or rule appropriately relevant houses to lend support, which suggests inactivity or “nothingness” to come. When Venus finally connects to a planet, it is to Saturn, which is retrograde and placed in the radical 6th house, or the derived 12th house for the partner — not a good omen. Placed in the most visible part of the chart, the stamp of Venus will be abundantly noticeable in time and — being in Gemini — implies negotiation and communication that is cerebral and analytical in nature. The houses ruled by Venus — the 2nd and 9th, or the derived 8th and 3rd for the partner — should play a key role here too. To sum up, there are no major positives coming from Venus. The other angular benefic, Jupiter in Aries (the quesited), is slowing down in speed, signalling an incapacity to act and stagnation on the partner’s end.

The horary suggests the two parties will date up to a point, beyond which setbacks and disruptions will prevent progress. It appears the connection, under tough circumstances, will begin to fade and be difficult to maintain.

I anticipated that these themes would become most apparent in 8 to 10 weeks, based on: Mercury’s approaching combustion, and it being about 8° from a square to Jupiter, the Moon applying within 9° of an opposition to Neptune, and Venus 10° from mutually applying to Saturn, which is retrograde and poorly placed. Collectively, these points indicate the querent will experience increasing disappointment, isolation, and disillusionment as the relationship develops.

Further development
The querent confirmed that her partner was having business and financial issues (Mars ruling the 8th house and ingressing into Taurus), which became especially apparent from late July onwards — three weeks after the question was asked. During August, she agreed to allow him to move in with her, and she also began to support him financially (care through material means and potential self-sabotage).

From mid-September, her partner became entangled in an overdue court case (Venus ruling the 9th house of legal matters and conjunct the Midheaven). The querent had been unaware of this, and she later discovered the partner was released on bail approximately three years before this (deception). The court sentenced him to prison in mid-October with no confirmed release date (Mercury’s combustion led to distance and fade-out). It is interesting how aptly the Moon (ruling the 12th house of imprisonment), applying to the opposition of Neptune in the 7th house, described the core issues and gave the querent a dose of critical reality (Virgo) in a duplicitous relationship. A love affair curtailed by imprisonment is also presented by the applying aspect of Venus to Saturn (her partner’s derived 12th house ruler, placed within his 12th house).

As of last December, the querent and her partner remained in irregular contact. There is no release date available from the court yet, continuing the themes of absence, confusion, and loss.

Tanuj J. Narula is a practicing Astrologer, Psychic, and Medium, based in Sydney, Australia. He has been interested in astrology for over ten years. He holds the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary and is currently completing the STA’s Advanced Level Horary Diploma.


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