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In Between the Golden Horns of the Bull

Darkness slowly sneaks over the Earth. (1)
It slithers on the ground,
Like a primal creature that comes back to life.

It causes flowers to close,
Birds to stop singing,
Animals to hide,
Humans to worry.

As the Moon covers the Sun,
The Cosmic Wind changes its flavour.
The Earth’s power grid starts pulsating. (2)

It modulates, waves and shifts,
Like the mesenteric nerves that cover the Earth’s bowels,
Receiving and filtering information from all over the galaxy,
Opening passages when needed, closing others for defence.

Hidden magnetic ley lines emerge,
As if called by a Spirit,
They only listen.

They swell like pregnant females,
Full of promise and hope.

They are the natural temples of the Hidden Inner Earth,
The holders of the Earth’s fertility.

Volcanoes hum with incitement,
Goading sacred fire from their bellies.

From a distant horizon,
Straddling darkness and light,
A knight appears, (3)
Riding with determination,
A mighty warhorse,
Who fears none.

His right hand is raised towards the sky.
In his palm, he holds a snake,
That moves slowly around his wrist.

He is the Knight from Al-Dabaran,
Promising the defeat of enemies,
Removal of obstacles.

Chaos follows closely,
And much strength he has,
Wielded with just as much conflict.

Diverging forces and wills,
Clash at his feet.
Brutality can ensue.

With every hoof that plunges into the Earth,
Creepy dark figures flee,
Cities destroyed.
Wells poisoned,
Mines demolished.

Victory will come,
But only if herculean efforts are applied,
And base instincts governed.

Unfettered by the vibrating Earth,
The Web of Creation starts glistening,
The Queen of Divine Grace is honoured by the Lord of Divine Provenance,
Surrounded by all that could be,
But has not become. (4)

They swirl in celestial fractals,
Their delicate moves send waves,
Of Harmony and Blessings.
To all that ever was,
And ever will be.

Healing droplets start falling,
On lands ravaged by war.
Curing wounds,
Restoring Faith.
Blessing the dead,
And the unborn.

A warrior monk comes into assistance,
To make, defend,
Hold space,
For the Eternal Waters
To be. (5)

The Lord of Chaos presides nearby the Occultation.
He is the ambassador of Entropy,
The mad shuffler of the Goddess’ Cards. (6)

Between the golden horns of the Bull,
He inserts quantum magnetic pulses,
That call from a distant past and a time-lined future,
Unexpected Deeds of Creation.

The Dark Lord pulls invisible strings,
Just as The Queen of Divine Grace stops her dance. (7)

What is it being drawn into existence?
And what is passing over the veil?

Adjustments need to be made.
New ideas will come.
But at what price? (8)

Some things need to be surrendered,
Back into the fractal Web of Creation. (9)
With love, they will be welcomed,
And cleansed. (10)

Life by its very nature,
What man crudely manipulates. (11)

Purged from disorder,
Dissonance can be conciliated. (12)

Footnotes: The astrology behind the scenes:
1. Partial North Node Taurus Solar Eclipse April 30, 2022 at 10º 28’ Taurus at 21:28 UTC
2. Taurus Solar Eclipses are very magnetic in nature and tend to “swell” the Earth. For more information on the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses please click here.
3. The Lunar Mansion where the eclipse is taking place is the 4th Mansion, called Al-Dabaran.
4. Venus and Jupiter meeting in Pisces just as the eclipse is ongoing. For more about the Pisces energy click here.
5. Moon in Taurus sextiles Mars in Pisces.
6. Moon meets Uranus in Taurus
7. Venus in Pisces sextiles retrograde Pluto in Capricorn
8. Moon in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius whilst Saturn is within 2º from the bendings (that is, square the nodes).
9. Moon in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces.
10. Moon in Taurus sextiles Jupiter in Pisces.
11. Moon in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn.
12. Moon in Taurus sextiles Venus in Pisces.

Hilaria (Hilary) Spiteri is a pharmacist and holistic health practitioner. When she least expected it, she fell in love with the stars, hesitantly followed but never looked back. She was born on the island of Malta, a crucible of many European and Semitic cultures. She now lives where Rome, Italy, meets the Mediterranean Sea. Hilary is a traditional and medical astrologer trying all her best to bridge the modern artificial schism between science, medicine, astrology, spirituality, and healing. She nurtures a personal dream to bring back medical astrology to the academic world and the general medical and pharmaceutical practice. In the meantime, when not reading a book, chart or talking to a client, you can find her walking near the sea or in the countryside.  Or, if you prefer, on her website

Image by k-e-k-u-l-é from Pixabay

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