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Lingering over the Virgo New Moon

Yesterday’s New Moon at 17° Virgo carries the usual encouragement of a new beginning, with emphasis on the qualities of its zodiacal sign. And though it is fraught with more than the usual tenderness (Neptune) inherent at the Sun–Moon conjunction, it is also aided by a great wave of support from the invisible depths of all the worlds, to assist us with the work at hand (Jupiter sextile Pluto). The energy of this lunation is accessible for at least the next few weeks, and I decided to linger over its possibilities and track them with a bit more attention. I couldn’t quite find adequate words for this New Moon, but here are some others who did. Enjoy.

Embodied Astrology is written by Renee Sills, the daughter of an astrologer. Her horoscope columns for the New and Full Moons “focus on how astrology manifests in our everyday experiences and through our bodies.” For this New Moon in Virgo, she writes: “The new moon also acts to emphasize a grand trine between Pallas and Mercury (conjunct, also in Virgo), Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn has just recently turned direct, and Uranus continues its retrograde through the early degrees of Taurus. Pallas brings strategy and insight to Mercury’s mental-ness. In Virgo, they both function to stimulate our minds. We seek to categorize and differentiate.“
Renee is a generous contributor to the collective astrological dialogue; she also has links to her guided meditations and podcasts of various themes for the month.

Thoughts from Chani Nicholas’s New Moon in Virgo September 2018 include: “After the drama of Eclipse Season, the new moon in Virgo wants to help us find the remedies to our current conditions. It’s asking us to realign, readjust, and reorganize our energetic output so that our systems can best support us … May this new moon encourage us all to love our flaws a little more and criticize ourselves a little less so that we can redirect that energy towards what is useful, regenerative, and supportive of our long-term growth.”

Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slipper Astrology offers a very clearly written planetary overview for the month — for example, Mars returning to Aquarius and the third and final Jupiter sextile to Pluto — and then translates the month’s astrology with highlights for each of the 12 signs.
Here is her New Moon column and her thoughts on Venus’s Transit of Scorpio and Venus Rx.

Andrew Ifandis writes New Moon in Virgo – 9 September 2018: Gifted Perfection at his website Cosmos of Astrology. He notes: “What is important at this particular new moon is that the opposition to planet Neptune is aided by two Wedge formations and is also part of a Cradle pattern. The Cradle pattern connects with sextile aspects the Sun & Moon to Jupiter, Jupiter in sextile to Pluto and Pluto in sextile to Neptune.”
He also lists “The Gift of this New Moon,” the ways we can make best use of “complicated aspects” in the lunation chart.

Nicole O’Byrne, a Transformation Coach, works with astrology, Tarot, and ritual “to connect her clients back to their magic and cosmic selves.” Here is her New Moon Ritual for Virgo: “Write 10 Manifestations that you want create in this next cycle. Go out under the dark cool night, with a piece of paper and green pen. Bring a green candle and set it on the ground in front of you. Stare into the flame, feeling its warm energy fill your heart with golden light. Feel your body against the ground, feeling supported and loved. Now write 10 Manifestations that you want to happen during this next lunar cycle and make sure to write out ACTION STEPS, on how you could achieve them. When you are finished, read the list out loud, directing it towards the fire. When you are complete, whisper ‘I Will, My Will, Divine Will’ 3 times and then blow out the candle.”

John Townley’s AstroCocktail has kept track of the news and planets for many years. Sadly, his wife of 21 years and fellow astrologer, Susan Townley, passed away earlier this year. His website is treasure hunt of eclectic and interesting links to stories in the news and his unique astrological work. You can download a PDF of his monthly forecast or animated charts for monthly and yearly transits. His September forecast begins: “September is a locomotive — literally, locomotive-pattern skies predominate and the multiplicity of retro planets begin to go direct again, bringing on a more ‘normal’ pattern of expectations. It’s the approaching middle of this year’s roller-coaster ride, from dead-halt to all-systems-go which will again crank up for two months of madness in January and February. It’s going to happen every year this way for another eight years so get used to it.”

Have a good week, everyone.

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