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Nebulous Neptune Horoscopes for Rx in Pisces: June 30, 2023

The best crème brûlée requires a blow torch for its finishing touches. Did you go all the way to Madagascar for the vanilla yourself? Steady as she goes, Wilder Napalm — just the right amount for the perfect crisp; a little too much and you’ll incinerate all your precious flavor.

Are you the stem in fertile soil or just another stick in the mud? You don’t have to be a chemist to make plants grow — trust your instincts and eyeball it. You’re craving a sanctuary, not a sterile environment to perform surgery.

Sloughing off the water like duck wings. You’re not flying because you can’t but rather… doesn’t the pond feel so lovely? You can see it all from the surface but braving the depths is what brings the treasure. Go ahead and dive.

You’re running for the sandy nook before the wave crashes. Could you have reached higher ground instead? Oh, baby, baby it’s a wild world… you might need some support. Look for other air bubbles.

Big fish, little pond. Do you remember why you were so far out on a limb in the first place?

Dust off the ink bottle. The words hit harder when the paper is free of impurities. It’s a blank page, it’s a blank page, it’s a blank page… time to get off the mental merry-go-round and ride a real horse. Live a little.

The tidepools are full of little treasures. You have soft hands but they won’t always keep you from falling in. It’s not a red flag day in the usual sense. The forces of nature pulling you under are not nefarious, you just forgot to stay close enough to the shore.

You like it here, don’t you? Say it with some more teeth. Just because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean you won’t go hypothermic. Remember, you have a body. Feel free to spend some time at the bottom of it all, but make sure you come up for air.

It’s not always a problem with authority. You just don’t know which side of the bars you want to be on. It was just a dream, say it thrice. You have the kind of power to set yourself free.

It’s not a bad time to put it all in little boxes. Everything has a place. Order in the court! When all the evidence has been presented, you’ll have all the clarity you’re ever going to get. Send the false prophets to their respective cells… but don’t throw away the key.

Renegade runner with winged feet, have you considered whether or not you’re in a race? Is this a sprint or a marathon? Actually, you can choose. Pack a picnic by the water’s edge. You were always going to win, you just didn’t know you could take the time for sweeter victories.

This ain’t your first rodeo. Only seasoned captains can handle the most violent squalls. What do you do with a drunken sailor? Give him a purpose. The rest of us need you to take us through the eye of the storm. Best keep your wits about you.


Art by Jean-Marie Pirot (Arcabas)  El Sol en el vientre


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