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The Aspect of the Year?

Much has been written on the upcoming Saturn Uranus opposition, exact on November 4. This is the first in a series of five exact oppositions that will last until July 2010. The previous opposition between these planets – representing the old and the new, the status quo and the visionary – was between April 1965 and January 1967 when there was also a series of five exact aspects. One very striking thing about tomorrow’s aspect is that it is angular in Washington, D.C. Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven and Uranus at the IC. This is a very graphic picture of the importance of this aspect for the US – as if we needed another clue to the fractious, groundbreaking, nature of this US election.

The symbolism of this planetary pair is being echoed in lots of ways: I heard a woman in an interview about the economy saying, “It’s as if you’re afraid to breath, and you know you have to breath.”

So, here’s to many deep, easy breaths as we find our collective and creative way to the other side of the opposition..


  1. Thank you for this chart…it is Nov 10th and I can breathe now! This is an incredible map of election day!

  2. Hi Jan,

    Yes, it is an amazing chart…I agree..

    And, yes to all deep breaths full of hope for a new time..

  3. I am breathing a lot during this Scorpio lunar cycle. I am relieved by the results of the election but I am not done ‘breathing’ especially since Pluto will make its big move into Cap and a few hours later Uranus will turn direct. That is a lot of activity to have in a balsamic phase.
    Plus tomorrow’s full moon has that square with Neptune and Mars conjunct sun (oppose moon). Take a deep breath!

  4. It seems to me that having Saturn in the 9th is about changing some of the underlying principles of operation as a nation and as a people. Saturn as the grand teacher will be forcing everyone to take a close look at many diverse factors.

    Uranus has the lovely foresight to look ahead. This indeed will shift the world as everyone knows it; particularly with Pluto slowly moving forward with lava-like intensity. Look at what it did to we hippy aka baby boomer generation. It will be very interesting to see what communication or 3rd house matters will transpire from all this!

  5. Hi Sherrie,

    Thanks for the great insights…

    I was also thinking of the 4th/10th axis, as the opposition is obviously affected both since it’s so mundane astrology, the 10th represents those in power (herein, Saturn) and the 4th is the people, or the party not in power, in the chart, Uranus. So, the status quo was disrupted by the great urgency for change felt by the opposition party. Of course, the new party soon becomes the establishment, so this is an interesting dynamic (and chart) to watch as we progress!


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