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2021 Rates, Sizes, Deadlines

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(for the Feb/March 2021 issue): 15,000 copies printed, plus 1000 digital-only subscribers. Approximately 90% of our distribution is to the U.S., 5% to Canada/Mexico, and 5% to all other countries. Distribution can vary from issue to issue.


are practitioners and students of astrology on all levels, who tend to read TMA cover to cover; they consider TMA an essential resource, keeping their copies and using them for reference for years. There are no other English-language astrology magazines in print with the editorial quality, depth, and wide newsstand distribution that TMA has.


  • As a display advertiser (Professional Directory ads excluded), you’ll have the option of sending a full-color version of your ad to appear in the digital edition at no extra cost. The ad must be exactly the same as the black-and-white version (except for the added color — and if you have a choice, select RGB color) and must be sent to us at the same time that the black-and-white ad copy is sent.
  • Any URL or e-mail address in your ad will be a live link in the digital version of TMA. One click on your URL gets readers directly to your site!

Quinquennial Publication (5 times per-year)


Issue: Reserve: Copy/
Feb/Mar Sept 15th Oct 15th Nov 20th
Apr/May Dec 15th Jan 15th Feb 20th
June/July Feb 15th March 15th April 20th
Aug/Sept April 15th May 15th June 20th
Oct-Jan June 15th July 15th Aug 20th

Reservations received after the deadline may be placed on a waiting list. Payment received after the deadline date may delay the publication of your ad until the next issue. Ad copy deadlines may be extended upon request.
* Note that the digital issue of the magazine may be posted online up to a full week before the Mailing Date.


Ad Size Black &
Full Page
2/3 Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
1/4 Page
1/6 Page
1/8 Page
Business Card
Prof. Directory


At the time you reserve space, you may choose one of the following Special Placement options for an additional 10% of the ad price (provided that the option is still available):

  • within the first 40 pages of the magazine (our choice of page);
  • OR within a particular article;
  • OR on a right-hand page (our choice of page).

A full page, full-color ad on page 2, 3, or 4 is $1305. Check for availability. See below for full-page ad dimensions (bleeds off all 4 edges are OK; page trim size is 10.77″ by 8.27″ – use 3/8″ additional extension beyond all 4 edges, and allow 3/8″ from any live copy – such as text – to trim edge of page). Other ad sizes on pages 2, 3, or 4 are 10% extra.

The full-color, full page back cover, when available, is $1450, and the page-trim size is 10.77″ by 8.27″ and can optionally bleed off all 4 edges (allow 3/8″ bleed area).
Larger ads will have priority for cover stock placement.


  • 12% for THREE consecutive ads (of the same size), prepaid
  • 20% for SIX consecutive ads (of the same size), prepaid (ask about our “Jupiter package” payment plan)
  • 12% for ads advertising a self-published book, run by the author
  • 12% for ads advertising a dated educational event, such as a conference, seminar, or Webinar
  • 12% for ads run by a nonprofit organization

Discounts may not be combined; the maximum discount on any ad is 20%.
Agency discounts are not available.


When you reserve space, you must indicate the configuration of your ad:
wide (W), tall (T), or square (SQ); see below.

Full page 7.25″w x 9.5″t
2/3 page 4.75″w x 9.5″t
1/2 page (T) 3.5″w x 9.5″t
(W) 7.25″w x 4.75″t
1/3 page (T-1) 2.3″w x 9.5″t
(T-2) 3.5″w x 7.25″t
(W) 7.25″w x 3.5″t
(SQ) 4.75″w x 4.75″t
1/4 page (T) 3.5″w x 4.75″t
1/6 page (T) 2.3″w x 4.75″t
(SQ) 3.5″w x 3.5″t
1/8 page (W) 3.5″w x 2.3″t
Biz Card 3.5″w x 2″t


Checks or Money Orders, payable to: Egregore Inc. DBA The Mountain Astrologer, must be drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds. Mail to: P.O. Box 970, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924. Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover. We also accept PayPal; send funds in U.S. dollars to our PayPal account:

Please contact the Advertising Department for more information or to reserve ad space:
TMA Advertising Manager: Linda Byrd
(530) 802 – 5377


Meeting our specifications is essential for advertising in TMA. If you do not have the services of a professional graphic designer, we can refer you to a designer whose work meets our needs.

TMA accepts ads only in electronic/digital format. Your ad must be built with the exact dimensions of the TMA ad size you have reserved.

Acceptable Digital File Types:
* Print Quality (or Press Quality) PDF files
* Highest quality JPEG or JPG files
* TIFF files with all fonts 100% embedded

For display ads, we do not accept Word files or “native” files from InDesign, Pagemaker, Quark, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, or Pages.

All Black &White ads must be converted to grayscale. Do not leave any black-and-white ads in RGB color space. Full-color ads sent for the printed version of TMA should be submitted using CMYK rather than RGB; only ads for online use should be sent in RGB color.

Resolution: 300 dot-per-inch (dpi) minimum. (Note: 72-dpi or 96-dpi “Web-ready” graphics are NOT acceptable for use as print ads.)

Ads printed on TMA’s groundwood paper (excepting those printed on our coated cover stock) will darken slightly; plan for a dot gain of up to 20%. Avoid thin white type or thin white lines against a dark background.

Note: Digital files that do not conform to the above specifications (due to incorrect size, unembedded fonts, etc.) may incur file-fix charges at the rate of $50 per hour (1/2 hour minimum charge).

Sending your ad: Submit your ad here! Do not e-mail files larger than 15 MB without first contacting the Ad Manager.


The Professional Directory provides affordable advertising space in each issue for professionals in the following astrological categories only:

• Consultants
• Education
• Websites
• Organizations

Directory Ads are $115 per issue
Please contact the Ad Manager to reserve space. We cannot design your ad for you or provide design consultation, but we can refer you to a designer.

Your Professional Directory ad must be exactly 2.25” square, saved as a 300-dpi JPG, PDF, or TIFF file. Our Advertising Manager has final approval of every ad in the Directory to ensure that ads contribute to the overall appearance of this particular section of TMA.

We are no longer accepting any classified ads, until further notice.

We reserve the right to refuse your ad if it is, in our judgment, unsuitable for any reason or if it does not meet our specifications or deadlines. If we do refuse to run the ad, payment will be refunded in full. If you reserve space and then cancel after the ad reservation deadline, we reserve the right to collect from you. Ads may be pulled when payment deadlines are not met. The Mountain Astrologer LLC is not liable for any costs or damages beyond a full refund of your payment for an ad. The advertisers assume all liability for all claims or judgments arising from the publication of their ads. Rates, schedules, and print quantities are subject to change without notice; check our Website for updates.


Egregore Inc. DBA The Mountain Astrologer
(530) 802-5377