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The giant in the sky…

By Mary Plumb | January 9, 2017

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Now, the blog:

As the days carry us inexorably towards a new phase in the U.S. government, I find a need to keep things in perspective.

And so, here are some thoughts about the current sky with no attention to politics or personality or mundane affairs, but rather, an attempt to tell a story from the sky.

Jupiter is now at 22° Libra and stations retrograde at 23° Libra on February 5. Jupiter is visible in the early morning sky, and if you have a view of the sky, you will see Spica close by as well. (My view of these two spectacular heavenly bodies one very clear morning last week here in Oregon is what uplifted my spirits and inspired this blog.)

Spica, at 23° Libra, is a 1st magnitude star in the constellation of Virgo: specifically, the shaft of wheat in the Virgin’s left hand. The left side is connected to receptivity, and Spica is connected to all that is beautiful.

Along with traveling near Spica for many months, Jupiter is opposite Uranus — exact on December 26, 2016, March 2, and September 27, 2017.

I love the ancient association that the urn of the Water-bearer in the sky (i.e., Aquarius) holds the creative force that hasn’t been seen yet, it is pure potential.

Jupiter is the planet that expands and brings relief from constriction. Named for the supreme deity of the Romans, Jupiter is two and a half times the mass of all the other planets in our solar system put together.

(I will rely on Saturn’s concurrent trine to temper the hyperbole and excess enthusiasm in this blog. (1) )

And for now, let’s ignore Pluto’s potential gloom from the sidelines, reducing him (temporarily) to echoes from a treacherous past. (2)

We can subdue him, relegating his fearsome desire to dominate back to the place inside of us that carries the scars of our accumulated history e.g., the obscurations spoken of in Buddhism, the kleishas described in the Yoga Sutras. (3) For now, let’s consider Pluto merely as the place of old terrors that become empty when we attend to them (as Jupiter and Uranus will no doubt encourage us to do).

I am making Jupiter and Uranus the stars in this blog. The exact opposition has passed once, and Jupiter comes back twice more to magnify directly the place in ourselves that recognizes something about the truth of our own existence, of stealing fire from the gods (as Richard Tarnas has described). (4)

To bring this a bit farther down to earth, think of the house that Jupiter is transiting and which house it rules in your natal chart — Sagittarius, for sure, and Pisces too, if you work with the traditional rulers. Imagine Jupiter emitting a mighty call to be grander, greater, wiser, more thoughtful, and more generous to yourself and others in those spheres of life, as Uranus is showing that our personal map of reality is not at all what it was.

Quantum shift has been connected to Jupiter and Uranus and that language is part of our lexicon. (5) Certainly a shift in the materialistic view of reality toward a view of multiple interconnected realities — recognized by spiritual traditions — is upon us. This understanding of the interconnectedness of our world is often seen as a quantum shift in the collective.

I was interested to read that the “popular expression ‘quantum jump’ is used in common English speech to describe a leap that is big, but to physicists, quantum jumps are tiny, discrete (indivisible), and abrupt.” (6) Perhaps our change in perspective may seem tiny or discrete. Meditation teachers speak of the possibility of sustaining awareness, not just as a momentary inspiration.

Jupiter and Uranus also suggest something quite simple — a moment that is open, natural, untainted, and vast-as-the-sky. So, let’s keep going on our paths of self-awareness and make the first move towards kindness and inclusion.

No more echo chambers, no more fake news. We’re on a different course now wherein intolerance and fear might make way for acceptance and bigheartedness.


(1) Saturn trines Uranus: December 24, 2016, May 17, and November 11, 2017.

(2) Jupiter squares Pluto: November 26, 2016, March 30, and August 4, 2017.

(3) The Yoga Sutras teach that kleishas (a Sanskrit word meaning poison) are states of mind that distort our view of reality.

(4) Prometheus the Awakener by Richard Tarnas, Spring Publications, 1998.

(5) Here’s a TMA blog about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 2010 which began this cycle.

(6) The Art of Quantum Jumping: How to Shift Your Reality in Big, Positive Ways by Cynthia Sue Larson; Conscious Lifestyle Magazine.

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Between eclipses…

By Mary Plumb | November 28, 2016

This week we are midway between two solar eclipses, acutely sensitive points in the fabric of time. Eclipses are used for tracking mundane events, but also can be felt in the innermost self, particularly if aspecting — by conjunction or opposition — the natal Sun, Moon, or Ascendant degree.

The approaching New Moon at 7°42′ Sag (4:18 a.m. PST on Tuesday) is squaring the (past) September 1 North Node solar eclipse at 9° Virgo, and the upcoming South Node solar eclipse on February 26 at 8° Pisces.

Eclipses occur near the lunar nodes, the astronomical points where the Moon’s orbit around the earth intersects with earth’s path around the Sun. I remember Charles Harvey speaking of the word “node” meaning “knot.” Since then I have thought that the nodes tie together the three great realms (and all the symbolisms) of Sun, Moon, and Earth.

I also like the simple imagery of the North Node = Dragon’s Head and South Node = Dragon’s Tail. We sense the new, take in life, energy, experience, nourishment through the mouth, the eyes, the nostrils (all in the head), and eliminate through the tail that which has been digested and assimilated. (1)

I want to return to the Saros cycle which I wrote about earlier this year. (Solar Eclipse: a moment in a longer cycle of time )

The Saros cycle connects eclipses at 18.3-year intervals and were understood by the earliest known astrologers, the Chaldeans.

The solar eclipse on September 1, 2016, at 9° Virgo was part of Saros 19N, about which Bernadette Brady writes: “This Saros Series is about realism, a coming down to earth. The individual will become aware of an old situation and see it for what it is rather than what he or she thought it was. This can be a constructive time for tackling the truth.” (2)

Well, in my personal life something that I had hoped and wished for (augmented, no doubt, by the long Saturn-Neptune square that had its last pass on September 10) absolutely landed with a thud in late September.

In the mundane picture: the transiting node reached 9° Virgo (the eclipse degree) in mid November; the election results brought a new reality requiring many to “see it for what it is rather than what he or she thought it was.”

Just as this week the New Moon is awakening the sensitive degrees of the surrounding eclipses, transiting Mars is also moving into position to directly trigger the themes and events signified by the eclipses.

From December 29 – 31, transiting Mars and Neptune will come together at 9° Pisces, opposite the September eclipse degree and foreshadowing the February eclipse. (Mars-Neptune is naturally hard to quantify: it can signify refinement, altruism and devotion, and hopelessly confused, ineffective, or deceptive actions. Straightforward self-reflection is recommended.)

Then, Mars moves into his home sign Aries on January 27 and will be conjunct Uranus (22° Aries) at the February eclipse. Jupiter, the dispositor of the eclipse (the traditional ruler of Pisces), will be at 22° Libra, exactly opposite the Mars-Uranus conjunction at the eclipse.

Jupiter in Libra holds the beacon for social concerns and justice. All levels and manifestations of rebellion against inequality or repression and fighting for fairness are bound to part of our landscape for a while.

The nodal axis has been in Virgo/Pisces since November 2015. With North Node in Virgo, that house of the horoscope has been the place to sense and bravely follow a vigorous opening in your life. The Pisces South Node house is a realm where you are winding down — the story has gotten old, accompanied perhaps by bittersweet loss or despair, which although cherished, can be blessed and released.

During this eclipse season, where 8° – 9° Virgo/Pisces falls in the natal horoscope is where we are realigning and repositioning ourselves. This week, as the Sun squares the eclipse degrees, we are at a crossroads where we may notice the parallel motifs from the nodal axis. Awareness is the first step, as many teachers say.

See footnote below for Bernadette Brady’s note on the Saros cycle for the upcoming eclipse. Enjoy yourselves!


(1) The North Node, the Dragon’s Head, (aka ascending node) marks the point where the Moon crosses the ecliptic and ascends into the northern celestial latitudes; the South Node, or the descending node, marks the descent from north to south latitudes.

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are known in Vedic astrology as Rahu and Ketu, respectively; their epic story is told in the ancient Indian text, the Mahabharata.

(2) Bernadette Brady, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, Samuel Weiser, 1999, pg. 334.

Brady’s synopsis for the February 26 eclipse (Saros 19S) reads: “This is a family of eclipses that brings with it the elements of the pleasant surprise. Sudden happiness. A joyful event, the lucky break, the lucky win. The events which will be occurring can be believed and can positively change the person’s life.” Ibid, p. 336.

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Emergence, Motivation, and Progress: July 11

By Kelly Surtees | July 11, 2016

Finally the cosmic wheel turns, and forward movement is possible. Our major motion planet, Mars, has not only ended his recent retrograde (June 28, 2016), he’s now moved off his station degree, 23° Scorpio.

If you’ve noticed a lag between increasing internal drive but a lack of external progress, this “in the station” quality of Mars may be the reason. When Mars ended his retrograde at the end of June, he simply turned around so that he was now facing forwards rather than backwards, but he didn’t actually move in any substantial way.

Mars has been parked at 23° Scorpio since June 18, and it’s only now, on July 11, that Mars inches forward into a new degree, 24° Scorpio. This change brings the progress we’ve all been waiting for. It will take Mars a few weeks to pick up the pace, but what Mars offers now is movement, like taking a step in the right direction.

As Mars retraces his steps through Scorpio (until August 2, when Mars enters Sagittarius), opportunities that were missed, delayed, or have been stuck in a holding pattern since February and March may be revisited. Progress might be possible, or you may update a plan with a better strategy. Mars in Scorpio is strategic and sharp and won’t want to waste time on anything that’s no longer suitable or engaging.

By August 22, Mars will have cleared his shadow zone, moving beyond 8° Sagittarius, which is where this retrograde cycle began back in the middle of April. After that, Mars dives into zodiac territory he hasn’t visited for nearly two years, and we can all benefit from fresh energy and enthusiasm. New passions may emerge, and projects that have been simmering on the back burner may become a bigger priority.

In the second half of 2016, Mars moves through the final two thirds of Sagittarius, all of Capricorn and Aquarius, and dives into early Pisces. Contrast this to the first half of 2016, where Mars moved through all of Scorpio and only the first third of Sagittarius. With Mars covering much more ground in the final six months of the year, we can all get moving and make things happen at a faster pace. Expect the cosmic wheels to spin faster from now to the end of the year.

Light, Emergence and Clarity: Venus and Mercury

The middle of July also brings a visual shift with two other planets — Mercury and Venus. Both have been hidden, due to their closeness to the Sun. Starting on July 14 for Venus, and July 15 for Mercury, they each begin to emerge from the Sun’s glow shortly after sunset. Look west on a clear night, and you may spot

By mid-month both Venus and Mercury are settled into Leo and start to appear brighter in the western sky each night. As they move beyond the rays of the Sun, they can better express their influence. Light is held in high regard, and when a planet has light — that is, when a planet can be seen — it can better express its

Mercury and Venus have gained much to share from their time in the darkness. New ideas, connections, and possibilities that emerge mid-month may bring clarity to a clouded issue, or reveal something you had suspected but couldn’t prove.

Venus and Mercury will emerge from the sunbeams in the early degrees of Leo. The sign of the Sun loves brightness, and this may inspire bold declarations or a more confident and expressive quality.

Planets can become just visible once they move 8° – 10° away from the Sun. They become clearer and brighter the further away from the Sun they move. Once a planet is 15° – 17° degrees distant from the Sun, it’s easier to spot and begins to function with more vitality.

This quality of being overshadowed by the Sun’s light and thus hidden may have enhanced  the introspective or retreat tendencies of Mercury and Venus as they moved through Cancer this June and early July. The darkness, combined with the quiet qualities of yin Cancer, may have led to a very reflective few weeks. This means that the sign change of Venus and Mercury into Leo, after which they soon emerge from the sunbeams, is more marked and also represents a light or visibility change.

Moving from water to a fire sign brings energy, as heat is activating. Moving from the darkness into the light brings confidence and encourages expression.

With Mars moving more quickly, and Venus and Mercury becoming visible, life may feel full of potential. Plans and projects are emerging, shifting, or finally happening. May you be inspired and motivated as the light of the planets becomes brighter and their gifts more apparent.

Bio: Kelly is a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer, and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 12 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include Moon Phases, timing techniques like progressions, and incorporating traditional concepts. She can be found lecturing at conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year. Website: Kelly’s Astrology


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The U.S. Election: A Matter of Truth

By Alex Miller | May 30, 2016

Of course, to whatever extent, all elections are about truth, but that’s not the truth I’m talking about here. I am speaking of “Truth” (#249521), the name of a small Main Belt Asteroid, and a key player in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. (1)

Truth has a celestial partner in asteroid “Veritas” (#490, Latin for “truth”) and an antithesis in asteroid “Lie” (#26955), and all three form important patterns in the charts pivotal to the election. 
Politically, the essence of Truth and Veritas can be boiled down to one word: authenticity. Yes, these two (and Lie) can relate literally to whether one is or is not telling the truth, but this is just the surface meaning. A fuller understanding of its symbolism includes Truth as a matter of character, the issue becoming more about whether or not the person is genuine, trustworthy, and credible, as opposed to strictly accurate in each utterance. Do they “read” as true and honest?

Judged in that light, Donald Trump has a huge advantage going into this election. His asteroids Truth and Veritas are phenomenally well placed to promote a sense that he is genuine and authentic. 

For starters, in Trump’s natal horoscope asteroid Truth at 7° Virgo is in the first house conjunct the 29° Leo Ascendant, and within the Gauquelin plus sector. (2) That alone is enough to make someone appear trustworthy, candid, and forthright to others. Perhaps the most frequent quote from supporters is that Trump “tells it like it is” — that’s Truth on the Ascendant: the ability to project honesty, regardless of the veracity of what’s said. But what is especially favorable for Trump’s electoral chances is that this forms part of a cluster of Ascendant points including Mars and asteroid America, at 26° and 27° Leo respectively.

Mars/Ascendant depicts The Donald as assertive, aggressive, and yes, also somewhat bullying, blustering, and braggadocious, but decidedly a leader.  Asteroid America with Mars here allows him to both channel the rage of the American people and appear as their champion and standard-bearer. 

Trump’s internal sense of authenticity bolsters his ability to project that quality, with a dramatic combination of asteroid Veritas at 1° Sagittarius on the 24° Scorpio nadir conjunct asteroid Troemper (the closest match to “Trump”) at 2° Sagittarius. Taken together, this says that in his foundation (nadir), Trump considers himself (Troemper) to be essentially truthful (Veritas), and that inner fortitude further fuels his ability to promote that image successfully.

And yet, deceit is also a central theme of Trump’s angles. Asteroid Lie at 17° Taurus is conjunct the Midheaven and is the highest elevated point in the chart.  Lie/MC suggests that Trump is more than willing to stretch the facts, dissemble, prevaricate, mislead, or downright deceive in establishing his place in the world, his social standing, his reputation, and promoting business interests. Lie is also exactly inconjunct natal Jupiter at 17° Libra, so there is a strong bent toward deception particularly in Jovian matters, including politics. 

Hillary Clinton has all these points in prominence as well, but in less gratifying combinations. True, her natal asteroid Truth at 29° Scorpio closely conjoins natal Jupiter at 0° Sagittarius, a combination which should promote political trustworthiness. And it does for a significant portion of the electorate (as well as many former Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle). But a conjunction with Jupiter is a “wonky” sort of placement, primarily accessible to political junkies and not nearly as obvious as Trump’s Truth/Ascendant, which is more available to the man on the street.

Bolstering these celestial street credentials for honesty is the T-square created by Jupiter/Truth’s square to the exact natal opposition in Clinton’s horoscope between natal asteroids Hillary and Whitehouse, at 5° Virgo and Pisces. This in itself shows a direct path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but the pertinent question is: Has that karma already been fulfilled by her eight years as First Lady or is there more in store? The fly in the ointment on this T-square is the inclusion of natal asteroid America and TransNeptunian Object (TNO) Borasisi, both at 8° Sagittarius. (3) Truth (29° Scorpio) is rather wide of that combination, but these do impact the Hillary/Whitehouse opposition, creating an “overlapping” T-square. With Borasisi’s reputation for spreading propaganda and lies, it’s not a help here, sending a signal that Clinton is less than honest and straightforward with the American people, that she’s hiding something. 

Moreover, this negative interaction is reinforced by the close natal conjunction of asteroids Washingtonia and Lie, at 21° and 22° Virgo. With it, Clinton becomes a virtual emissary of distrust of Washington, in stark contrast to her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, who sports a Washingtonia/Truth conjunction and has the reputation of speaking truth to power and thumbing his nose at the DC establishment.
Natal Veritas makes a mixed statement at best. At 17° Aquarius, Veritas squares Clinton’s natal Venus/Mercury combination at 16° and 21° Scorpio and opposes her string of Mars, Pluto, and Saturn at 13°, 14°, and 21° Leo, making for a very complicated and contradictory T-square. At the heart of this is the awkwardness created by Venus/Mercury in square to Saturn. Clinton ought to be able to communicate with sensitivity and compassion, soothing others with the honeyed word or pleasing expression. But Saturn exactly squares Mercury, making her seem harsh, cold, calculating, and aloof. It’s also the symbol of a penetrating mind, one with a fine grasp of the facts and the ability to craft a response to a problem, but these details are often lost on a complacent electorate more concerned with who’d make a better drinking buddy than a focused leader. 

Veritas doesn’t make the picture any clearer; its square to Venus/Mercury implies that there may be obstacles to Clinton expressing herself truthfully, and the opposition to Saturn suggests there may be a dearth of honesty. The opposition to Pluto conveys a possible motive for her lack of candor  — a strong desire for power and control — while further suggesting that the truth may be “opposed” to attaining these goals, and thus needs to be kept quite firmly under wraps. Mars there indicates that in the struggle for power, the first casualty may be truth.

This is not a particularly encouraging layout, if you’re a Clinton supporter. Making matters worse is what the transit sky will be up to by Election Day. 

At this point we need to take a step back and discuss a relatively new phenomenon in astrological interpretation, and a new term for the astro-lexicon.  This is the concept of an “extended conjunction.” Before the discovery of minor bodies in the Asteroid and Kuiper Belts (way out past Neptune), conjunctions were relatively simple matters. Natal conjunctions were permanent, and the combined energies had a lifetime to blend and resolve their differences. Transit conjunctions were of two types — either fleeting contacts to natal points, which effected change in the native, or equally fleeting meetings of two transit bodies, causing us all to reappraise how these energies mesh in our lives.

But points in the Asteroid and Kuiper Belts often travel at similar rates of speed, meaning that, once in conjunction, they can remain locked together for weeks, months, years, even decades. This is an “extended conjunction” and, unfortunately for Clinton, there’s one forming right now between transit Hillary and transit Lie. 
Yes, as of the very day the Democratic National Convention opens in Philadelphia, ostensibly to nominate Clinton, the candidate with some of the worst “honest and trustworthy” ratings in history, Hillary and Lie will be within five degrees of each other, for almost a year, until mid-July 2017. On Election Day, both points will be exactly conjunct, both about to station retrograde, and both exactly trine the Election Day Sun.
And what about Trump? Unbelievably, asteroids Truth and Veritas are coming together as well, though for mere months (September 2016 through March 2017), and by Election Day they will be exactly conjunct at 21° Gemini, tightly squaring transit Troemper stationary direct at 22° Pisces and conjoined Trump’s natal Sun at 22° Gemini.

Talk about reinforcing existing narratives!

There are many factors that cause voters to choose a candidate, and it’s not known if Clinton’s clear advantage in experience and gravitas can outshine Trump’s bluster and bravado, but the American people’s assessment of the relative genuineness, honesty, and authenticity of the choices they’re offered could be a key element in deciding who wins in November.
If that’s the circumstance, Hillary Clinton is very far out on a very slender limb indeed, with little celestial support for the case that she’s the more trustworthy candidate.

Editor’s notes:

(1) “The Asteroid Belt is often referred to as the “Main Belt” to distinguish it from other groups of asteroids such as the Lagrangians and Centaurs.” From:

(2) The Gauquelin plus sectors are the degrees surrounding the Ascendant and Midheaven that Michael Gauquelin, in his extensive research between 1949 and 1973, found to strengthen a planet’s influence. (For further information, here’s a recent assessment of Gauquelin’s work).

(3) For more on TNO Borasisi:

Bio: Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book and The Urban Wicca, former editor of “The Galactic Calendar,” and past president of The Philadelphia Astrological Society. His pioneering work with Black Holes in astrological interpretation began in 1991, when his progressed Sun unwittingly fell into one. His work with deep space points and asteroids appears monthly at DayKeeper Journal. Alex can be reached for comment or services at

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Some thoughts on the place of astrology in our contemporary world

By Anne Whitaker | May 16, 2016

We live in a vast energy field of constant motion, most of which is invisible to us. The rippling patterns of order and chaos, which is the fundamental dance of creation, govern everything. I have come to see the art of astrology (helped by what I have grasped of what the quantum world has revealed to us) as one that enables us to map those patterns via the constant shifting energies of the planets in their orbits.

Astrologers take a step that, in our reductionist, materialist culture, pulls down all sorts of opprobrium and scorn upon our heads: We attribute meaning to those patterns. Beginning in ancient times until the Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century (which caused a split between form, described by astronomy, and content, described by astrology), the maxim “as above, so below” governed people’s worldview. Prior to the Scientific Revolution, we lived in a cosmos charged with meaning, an “ensouled” cosmos, where form and content reflected and informed each other.
Astrology and prejudice
Some of us still live in that cosmos. Others do not. Where you have such a powerful clash of worldviews, polarisation and prejudice can arise. I think that Victor Olliver, editor of the UK’s respected Astrological Journal, was right regarding his eloquent and well argued response to my doubts and questions about popular astrology in the spring of 2015. At that time, he pointed out that the real enemy of astrology is prejudice. There is the prejudice from outside the astrological community (especially from much of the scientific community) from those who believe that our lives are the product of cosmic chance, and thereby devoid of meaning. And then there is the prejudice from those within the community — those who consider themselves to be “serious” practitioners — toward the populist, mass-market astrology that millions avidly consume across a vast range of media on a daily basis, looking for some glimmer of meaning in life.

What do we do about this? In reflecting on how I might “wrap up” Victor’s and my three-part debate, which generated a great deal of interest across the Web, the word “occult” came strongly to mind.

I pondered it for a few days. According to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, the original meaning of the word is from the Latin “occulere,” i.e. “to hide, conceal.” It also (in a more physical sense) means “to cut off from view by interposing some other body,” as in, for example, the occultation of one planet or heavenly body by another.
Is astrology an “occult” practice?
The word “occult” in recent times has taken on a more sinister connotation, referring often to magical or supernatural practices of a dubious nature. As I reflected on it, I became more interested in the original meaning of the word, which has led me to a conclusion about the status of astrology, especially in our modern world: The true depth of what astrology can reveal about human affairs, both in the collective and the personal sense, will always be inaccessible to the large majority of people. Astrology is an occult subject. As such, its influence and its great value are likely to remain masked, hidden from view, operating powerfully but behind the scenes of everyday life.

For example, in ancient times its practice was held in high esteem by Babylonian and Egyptian rulers, whose astrologer-priests scanned the stars and advised the kings (and sometimes, even, the queens!)  on the fate of their nations. There were no personal horoscopes. The general public was in no way consulted or informed regarding decisions made that affected all their lives. Astrological knowledge, deemed sacred, was deliberately kept hidden from ordinary view.

Paradoxically, in our time, mass-market popular astrology could be seen as fulfilling the function of concealing the real power of astrology quite effectively. Most of the public remain unaware of the depth that exists behind the mask of the Sun Sign columns, although I do agree with Victor that there is a very big difference between the nuggets of truth that a quality Sun Sign column can reveal and the kind of trashy stuff that some popular newspapers, magazines, and internet sites churn out.
A warning ignored
Sun Sign columns are also rather effective in raising the ire and spleen of reductionists who thereby are permanently deflected from benefiting from astrology’s true depth, which at times could have been life-saving as evinced in the powerful example of astrologer Dennis Elwell’s prescient warning in the 1980s.

In 1987, Dennis Elwell, the late well-known U.K. astrologer, wrote to the main shipping companies to warn them that a pattern very similar to that under which the Titanic had sunk was coming in the heavens very soon. He strongly suggested that they review the seaworthiness and safety procedures of all their passenger ships. His warning was duly dismissed. Not long afterwards, the U.K.’s Herald of Free Enterprise ferryboat went down, resulting in the loss of 188 lives.

Popular astrology—a stepping-stone?
It is true, as Victor pointed out in his robust reply to my challenge, that mass-market astrology is the stepping-stone that enables people who are seekers after deeper meaning to step from relative triviality to much greater depth.

However, to understand the profound link that exists between your unique chip of energy and the larger, meaningful cosmos, you will need to seek out a good astrologer to offer you a sensitive and revealing portrait of your moment of birth via your horoscope. Those of us who are in-depth practitioners know that a quality astrology reading with the right astrologer at the right time can be truly life changing.

Only a small percentage of people who read Sun Sign columns take that step into deeper territory. Most do not. Either they are quite happy with the superficiality they find there, or they spin off into active enraged prejudice, and sometimes very public condemnation, of our great art…

As I said to Victor Olliver by way of conclusion to our most instructive debate, pondering on the word “occult” has led me to quite a peaceful place. I can now abandon any prejudice I may have toward my colleagues who are Sun Sign astrologers: they are offering a valuable service in providing a smoke screen. This helps greatly to maintain astrology in its true place as an occult activity, perhaps leavening the ignorance and crassness of our materialist, consumer age  — but from behind the scenes.
Concluding thoughts from academia

I have recently been reading an excellent book by astrologer, teacher, and writer Dr. Bernadette Brady, Chaos, Chaosmos and Astrology. In her book, Brady quotes fellow astrologer and academic Dr. Patrick Curry’s view that the practice of astrology is  “…an instrument of enchantment, a way in which humanity encounters mystery, awe, and wonder….,” and that in order to maintain such a position it is “…necessary for astrology to be marginalised by science…” (1)

I was very happy to encounter this viewpoint put forward by fellow astrologers whose scholarship and viewpoints I respect. Their views have eloquently endorsed my own.

TMA readers, what do you think of this viewpoint? I’d be most interested to hear.
(1) Bernadette Brady, Cosmos, Chaosmos and Astrology, Sophia Centre Press, 2014, p 71.
Bio: Anne Whitaker is a writer, astrologer, and astrology teacher based in Glasgow, Scotland. She holds the Diploma from the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, U.K. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter @annewhitaker, at Astrology Questions and Answers and email:

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Mars shows the way…

By Mary Plumb | April 18, 2016

On Sunday, as I was thinking about this blog (knowing that the day’s Mars station at 8°54′ Sagittarius was my topic), I got a call from a friend. Why, she plaintively asked, am I having so much trouble with men?

There was the immediate pain of the recent breakup of long-term partnership, as well as certain sensitive matters with other men in her life, mostly business connections. Her natal Mars is in Sag and rules the 5th and 10th houses. We talked for a while about Mars’s station and the beginning of his backward movement. After a bit of an excursion into the significations of Mars, she seemed to feel better and then (it seemed to me) began to channel Pluto’s concurrent station (Pluto turns retrograde today, April 18). She said, I am having the experience that my will is not the only thing, there is something much larger going on.

It was a fine moment, especially perhaps for a quite accomplished Leo Sun who is very capable of making things happen.

In this same conversation, she told me about a friend who just had her driver’s license taken away. After going in to renew the license, she was shocked to fail the eye exam and have it taken away on the spot. She’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

I called another friend to check in with her, as I figured she might be having a rough few days. (She is another strongly fire type, with Aries on the Ascendant, and thus quite attuned to Mars.)

This person has been dealing with a long-term health challenge and said she was really struggling. Natal Saturn is at 8° Sag, so the Mars station is stirring up the material connected to the Saturn return. In this case, the anguish is deep as she wrestles with her situation: Why can’t I do what I want? A painful side of Mars (in this case with Saturn) was fully in her awareness. A nod here to remembering the moons of Mars — Phobos (panic/fear) and Deimos (terror/dread) — in case we need help in understanding the sometimes difficult psychological territory that Mars carries.

Most of us will be spared such events as the ” ‘fiery, catastrophic’ failure” of North Korea’s failed missile launch reported on Friday the 15th. The North Korea horoscope (set for noon) has Scorpio rising with the Mars station squaring the Midheaven at 9° Virgo. (1)

Those who rely upon ongoing productivity in worldly matters (or Aries or Scorpio Sun signs, or those signs angular) may find the haltingness of the current Mars difficult. (My friend said: I can’t get anything done!)

We know not to fight, not to push blindly with Mars turning around. Retreat is easier for some of us than others — those with natal Mars retrograde, or many 12th-house planets, or many planets below the horizon. There are lots of astrological markers that might suggest that a retreat into one’s interior life is a natural move.

With retrograde Mars, forward or direct action is thwarted, and yet we have this auspicious celestial invitation toward the inner life.

But, Mars has an edge; it cuts and is sharp, especially in fire. And this station is on the fixed star Antares, the rival to Mars, at 9° Sagittarius. (Transiting Saturn will conjoin Mars in August at 9°52′ Sag, which is too big a story for now, but it does add potency to themes and events experienced at this Mars station.)

Some will experience a particularly sharp moment, as the painful edge for each of us is more distinct now. Mars’s prolonged stay in 8° – 9° Sag is reinforcing any planet or angle being closely aspected by that degree, especially by conjunction, square, or opposition.

Depending on our particular temperament and disposition (and circumstances), the presence of Mars may be more or less painful. And that pain may be a physical injury, or any event that causes us to (temporarily) wince or recoil.

Some may have a piercing insight (Sag) about the nature of their own reality or current life situation in the days around the station that will be developed further and deeper, especially as Mars goes back into the emotional scars and gifts and mysteries of Scorpio on May 27. It’s as if we can bring the precision and striking heat of Mars back into our private lives.

In honor of Mars starting the periodic derailment from his ordinary course, I burned my hand yesterday pouring steaming hot water into a different-than-usual teapot. It’s not a significant burn, but it did hurt and caught my complete attention: Yes, Mars, you can be very hot.

Contemporary interpreters of certain yogic and meditative traditions speak of keeping one’s awareness right with any emotional pain or physical discomfort, as that is where growth and change occurs, right at the edge of intensity, before pain or avoidance overwhelms us. It’s a subtle business for sure, but what else are we going to do when life is showing us that backing up and looking within may be quite revealing.

Those of us with natal Mars retrograde may be coming into our own (once again) during the retrograde cycle. Hey, no time like the present!

I hope everyone has a fruitful, fulfilling, and joyous journey as we turn around and take another look at ourselves.


(1) North Korea Independence, Sept. 10, 1948; noon, Pyongyang, Korea. (39°N01′, 125°E45′). The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004.

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Ahhh!…welcome Pisces..

By Mary Plumb | February 22, 2016

As I woke on Sunday morning — halfway in a dream — my first thought was: What if I lost everything?

I had been researching the (always) fascinating astrology of someone in the news for this blog, but the mood of the early morning stayed with me and I decided to investigate that question from in-between sleep and awake. (1)

It seemed like it might be timely as well — today’s Full Moon is at 3°33′ Virgo; the Sun is with Neptune at 9° Pisces.

Full Moon

The Sun is moving towards Neptune; they meet precisely on February 28 and the Moon will perfect her opposition to Neptune tonight. Neptune’s sphere, presence, essence will color the days this week.

We are also approaching the total solar eclipse on March 8 (PST) at 18°55′ Pisces. The South Node and Chiron are also in Pisces, heightening our experiences of disappearance and loss, or susceptibility to non-ordinary states.

The Sun was in Pisces when I was born; as an astrologer, I have always been able to put a positive spin on Neptune, but I am not naïve about its troublesome side. Sometimes Neptune really does correspond with situations or life events that are difficult to bear. Some events in one’s life really do not work out too well.

What if I lost everything? This rather searing question is acute and personal for me: my natal Sun is at 8° Pisces; transiting Neptune has barely gotten past the Sun (which is pronounced, therefore, in this year’s solar return).

I have had some difficult life events recently, so pondering loss was not completely out of context. I first swept through the current situations in my life — challenging events, no doubt, like everyone else, but the depth of that question still haunted me: What if I lost everything?

I rather carefully walked through a familiar web of emotions (those places wherein it’s easy to get distracted or numb or indulgent — all manner of strategies to avoid just feeling) and did begin to remember the quiet and powerful waves of trust — I think it may be called faith too — that life is, indeed, holding us all in a most mysterious way. Loss is an inevitable part of life.

I also remembered the beauty of the early morning sky; for these past few months, I have stepped out my front door to see Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and sometimes the Moon. Mercury has been there too, but I don’t have a view low enough in the east to see him. That ability, to see the dark sky in its magnificence, uplifts my spirit enormously. (I love the day sky too; we have had gorgeous clouds in Oregon this winter.)

We know there are countless ways to invite a positive experience of Neptune rather than (only) being lost in life’s sorrow.

We have access to intoxicants of all kinds; mind-altering substances and plants (alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, psilocybin, cannabis, etc.) are part of our culture and accompany many into the interior life. These fall under the dominion of Neptune in his Dionysian garb.

We have a natural inner pharmacopoeia that can be cultivated directly through any of thousands of meditation and yoga or breathing techniques taught through the ages. We can also easily be enveloped with music, or surrounded by dance, from every possible genre or historical period, with merely a click.

[In a shout out to Moon in Virgo: let’s not forget the research that connects serotonin and other hormones that regulate emotions and mood to the digestive track — 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced and stored in the gut.] (2)

I have another method in mind too: Next year, as the Sun in Pisces conjoins Neptune in the sky, I will try to end up on a warm beach as some wise travelers are showing the rest of us on our iPhones. (Hello to Kate Plumb at a yoga retreat in Tulum.)

Luck, grace, or support may all be part of our inevitable meeting with this natural state of vulnerability. Dropping through the doorways of loss and disappearance and feeling one’s way onward can bring glimpses from the lands known to the mystics — moments of bliss or surrender — and a renewed appreciation for the delicate ever-present beauty of life.

There have been many eloquent writers on the subject of vulnerability recently. (3) Although it is a long period of time (2011- 2025) with many complexities and variables, astrologers recognize that Neptune in Pisces may describe a time wherein experiences of openness, inseparability, impermanence, and transcendence become very ordinary after all.


(1) Studying the language of the stars — from many frames of reference — is one of the greatest gifts in my life (i.e., at the moment, I’m trying to learn Zodiacal Releasing from spirit and fortune, thanks to Chris Brennan and my sister, Kate), but, for now, I’m putting aside my intellectual and analytic habit to stay with this feeling of being exposed.

(2) New York Times

(3) Vulnerability by David Whyte

Brené Brown The Power of Vulnerability

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Venus in Capricorn and the Earth Sign Connection

By Kelly Surtees | January 25, 2016

Venus will move through Capricorn from January 23 – February 16. Venus has triplicity rulership over earth signs, (in day charts), which shows that Venus has an affinity for earth signs. (1)

This comfort placement of Venus in an earth sign for the next few weeks can help us all find a little more ease or security in the Venusian areas of our lives. Venus rules themes of love, beauty, comfort, and little luxuries, but Venus will also take charge of more specific themes based on your unique chart.

To discover these, note the houses ruled by Taurus and Libra in your birth chart. These houses, and whatever aspects of life they encompass, will also benefit from the stabilising influence of Venus in Capricorn. Venus is responsible for her two signs, even if she isn’t currently in her signs.

Venus in Capricorn provides form and structure to your personal Venus-ruled houses. It also helps when making plans pertaining to relationships and any desire to add sweetness, softness, or other little enhancements to life.

For instance, if you have Taurus or Libra on the Midheaven, or ruling the 10th house, you may experience this grounded Venus-in-Capricorn influence as a sense of renewed focus and motivation, or perhaps better time management at work. If Taurus or Libra is on the cusp of your 2nd house of money (cash flow and income), you may notice improvement in your salary, finances in general, or around any larger or luxury purchases you might make.

Of course, Venus will be in the sign of Capricorn these next few weeks, so your Capricorn house and associated correspondences also have the potential to improve.

Venus in Capricorn can add a sense of relief and ease to the post-Mercury-retrograde in Capricorn period. You might discover the support you need to re-negotiate something that was frustrating you earlier in January. A helpful person may arrive, or a change in circumstances may benefit you more than expected.

Venus in Capricorn is not frivolous; rather, she likes to make the most of what she has. Whether you have a lot or a little, you can make what you do have last, or stretch further than expected. This can be a time of being more thoughtful with how and when you enjoy life, perhaps with more focused appreciation on the special moments or indulgences in your life.

Venus will spend time in all three earth signs in 2016, visiting Taurus from April 29 – 24 and Virgo from August 5 – 29. Make a note of these dates to see how the triplicity strength of Venus in an earth sign may provide ease, support, and stability for you.
(1) (Editor’s notes: Each group of triplicites (i.e., fire, air, earth, water) has its own set of planetary rulers, which is different for a day or night chart. Triplicity is a factor in determining the essential dignity of a planet.
All Venus dates herein are for Pacific Time. Check your local time for specifics for your location; it may vary by a day.)
Bio: Kelly is a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer, and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 12 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include Moon Phases, timing techniques like progressions, and incorporating traditional concepts. She can be found lecturing at conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year. Website: Kelly’s Astrology

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Saturn in Sag: Nothing to Hope About, Nothing to Fear

By Mary Plumb | September 21, 2015

Sagittarius, the last of the fire signs, which are all connected with will, vision, and the future, also carries the imprint of mutability, associated with wisdom and adaptability.

Saturn is thought of as the planet of incarnation. Saturn lets us know that we are in a physical body, subject to gravity, illness, and aging. Lead, the heaviest and most enduring metal, belongs to Saturn; it stores in the bones and its presence is more marked in the bones of the elderly than in the young. (1)

It is also the planet at the edge of the visible (to the naked eye) universe and doorway to higher realms, and the pathway to discipleship, freedom, and self-mastery.

The ancients thought that the soul comes in through Saturn’s sphere from the stars beyond, and when we leave this life it is also through the sphere of Saturn. In broad terms, to which Sagittarius does not object, Saturn represents both the coming into form and the departing into the great beyond.

Saturn’s very recent ingress into Sagittarius brings to mind an image I encountered very early —  the young Sagittarius archetype restlessly shooting arrows all over the place, heedless about where they land (hence, the sign’s well-known tendency toward bluntness). Then came the description of a wiser, more mature expression of the Sagittarius archetype. Now, the archer takes the time to pay attention to his stance and posture — the tilt of the chin is noted with care, the breath and shoulders are relaxed, the feet are securely connected to the earth — so that far star in the archer’s sight is secured and the arrow hastens directly and swiftly to it.

Saturn represents the limit, the terminus, and Sagittarius is ever expanding its reach. It sounds contradictory and there is surely some awkwardness in their meeting — Do I stop? Do I keep going? — but Saturn keeps us on the path to the higher ground of what is possible for each of us. Saturn, who can be relied upon as our loyal guide, sometimes says “no” when a gesture or pathway might take us too far away from our purpose. He is long known as the “Guardian of the Threshold” and the “ring-pass-not.” (2)

A Tibetan lama said in a recent teaching: “There is nothing to hope about and there is nothing to fear.” This speaks to me of the moment, reported by some mystics and poets, when awareness is simply present, without longing, without anxiety. (3)

I once saw Saturn at an outdoor stargazing party at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii. The site is at 14,000 feet (4,200 meters) and it was in the winter — very, very cold and clear. I was taken over, deeply moved by how beautiful Saturn is, how perfectly beautiful.

In that moment I thought that I would never be afraid again. It was like a vow, I was so certain. It was a moment of hubris and naiveté, but in genuine appreciation of Saturn’s exquisite being.

Of course, since then, I have been afraid, but the image in my mind of his stark, lonely beauty is never far away. Saturn is not really some faraway demon whose slow motion at the edge of our line of sight we carefully calculate and be on guard for, but it is a beautiful, perfect yellow-white celestial orb with magnificent rings right in front of me, always.

Saturn is tasked with making us face reality, being in the here and now and bringing us the experiences that we must meet in this life. There are many versions of what this might mean for us, and how change can arise from a deep acceptance of what is before us. There is something in the combination of Saturn in Sag suggesting that as our perspective changes, our view of what is Real changes, too.

Some of the keywords for Saturn — patience, diligence, discipline — are three of the Six Perfections taught in Mahayana Buddhism. There are countless volumes of spoken and written teachings on the meaning of each of these words. They are not mere slogans or jargon (a Sag shadow) but qualities encountered and cultivated as foundational to other teachings on the path to realizing one’s true nature.

Many wisdom traditions have practices and teachings aimed to help address the disparities between our experience of reality and the actual state of things. Saturn in Sagittarius suggests that contemplation and a sober and steady focus on our spiritual practices or religious beliefs may bear fruit in a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.

Faith and doubt accompany the Sagittarius path. Will it last? Am I going in the right direction? Paradoxically, certainty is a spoken requirement in some meditative paths; one must have certainty of the path, or of the outcome. Moving with certainty, during a time when mutable planets are offered, will be an agile path on which experience is gathered, movement in the mind and the body is required, conditions are always changing, and awareness of impermanence prevails. We can no longer be attached to being right, or clinging to self-importance or a fixed sense of ourselves.

Saturn brings purposeful delays, and the insight or inspiration we are seeking may arise when an apparent obstacle is upon us.

With Jupiter in Virgo (joined on September 24th by Mars), and Neptune in Pisces, the mutable mode is pronounced. Mutability brings changing conditions and the gathering of experiences. We seek variety and versatility, we are flexible; the arrow has flown and we may be steadily poised to release another while the first one is still in the air.  Mutable means movement — we are collecting experiences and naturally coalescing threads of meaning from a multitude of images, thoughts, conversations.

Many other people are involved, and we talk to them to find out what they are up to, then bring their input back to forge a diverse, multidimensional fabric of purpose. Traveling in all realms brings clarity to our projects; we move to take in new impressions, to see the grand sights.

The day after the ingress, I stepped into the yoga room and the teacher I expected to see was not there, but rather a teacher whose style is power yoga and strength-building. I was overcome with restlessness — enough strengthening for now; I had to be out side. (Good riddance Scorpio, hello Sagittarius.) I left and went for a ramble in the fresh air and hilly trails around the lake — a visceral response within me to the change in the air.

The Sufis speak about not looking for a fixed answer, but to stay in the question, an instruction that suits the mutable wisdom of these times.

Onward and upward! (Quoted in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis: “Onward and Upward! To Narnia and the North!” Lewis, born November 29, 1898, has Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Sun, and Uranus in Sag.)


(1) Saturn and Lead, by Nick Kollerstrom

(2) Guardian of the Thresehold

“Ring-pass-not: The limit in spiritual, intellectual, or psychological power or consciousness, beyond which an individual is unable to pass until he evokes from within the strength and the vision to carry him forwards and over the circumscribing limits set by that individual’s own karma.”

(3) Thanks to Melanie Reinhart for her inclusion of T.S. Eliot’s words from “Four Quartets” in her recent (wonderful) talk on Saturn in Sagittarius:

“And I said to my soul ‘Be still…
and wait without hope,
for hope would be hope of the wrong thing….”

Nick Kollerstrom opens his article (mentioned above) Saturn and Lead with another quote from T.S. Eliot (in The Waste Land): “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

Bio: Mary Plumb is TMA’s Book and Web Editor. She offers private sessions and tutoring and can be reached at

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August Aspects + Astro Action

By Kelly Surtees | July 27, 2015

August brings the winds of change, as Jupiter, one of the traditional timing planets, changes signs from Leo to Virgo on August 11, 2015. This will lend a new quality to Jupiter’s exuberance, bringing practical realities, details, and topics associated with wellbeing into the forefront.

Jupiter’s change of sign ends a year-long theme, and invites us to shift our focus to new topics and areas of life that can begin to open up now. Chart tip: Check the house in your chart with Virgo on the cusp for your most personal themes. Jupiter will be in Virgo between August 11, 2015 and September 9, 2016.

From an elemental perspective, August brings a shift from fire to earth, as Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun all move from Leo into Virgo. This can be about slowing down, or placing a focus on material matters (like money) and topics concerning the health of the body.

Since I’m in the northern hemisphere now, I’ll greet August under the summer Sun and channel some of this energy into my garden, for a truly grounding and earthy Jupiter-in-Virgo experience. (Not to mention the tidy vibes of Virgo I’ll be drawing on to help tame the weeds!) For more on one of the other earth planets this month, check out the Mercury-in-Virgo section below. 

Mars into Leo: Drying Out

In addition, Mars will finish his journey through Cancer, moving into Leo on August 8, 2015. Since Mars is in detriment in Cancer, its time here has produced a somewhat muted version of Mars.
There is resonance between Mars and the fiery sign of Leo because they share a hot and dry nature. When Mars moves into Leo, this will create a comfortable climate for him, as it places this fire planet  in a fire sign. 

If you have the kind of chart that needs to be energised, Mars in Leo can help. (Check your chart for the Leo-ruled house to discover the specific area of your life that’s about to get fired up.) However, if you have a chart that’s hot already, you may find that things reach a boiling point.

This sign change is quite literally a drying out of Mars, which can bring sharpness, focus, and progress because Mars is no longer bogged down in Cancer’s watery, emotional realm. Cancer has much to offer, but it’s a place where the pure driving force of Mars can become diluted or distracted. As Mars gets back on more comfortable ground, you may notice the pace of progress picking up or start to move forward in a more direct, linear manner.

Stations, Retrogrades, and Turning Around

Saturn will station direct at 28° Scorpio on August 1, ending his last retrograde period in Scorpio. By mid-September, we’ll be done with the Saturn-in-Scorpio cycle for another 30 years, although Saturn will sit at 28° Scorpio for the month of August.

It’s interesting to note that Saturn is moving very slowly this August, at the same time Venus is moving backwards. Two planets in this specific stage of their cycles can bring a sense of treading water, or slower than usual progress (especially for any natal planets aspected by transiting Venus or Saturn), and will certainly affect the natal houses associated with Virgo and Leo (Venus) and Scorpio (Saturn) in your chart.
Jupiter + Saturn: Dreams vs. Reality

Arguably, the featured aspect this month is a square from Jupiter at 28° Leo to Saturn at 28° Scorpio, which occurs between August 2 – 6. It will be triggered and reinforced by Venus, also in Leo (retrograde) from August 3 – 6, and Mercury in Leo on August 6 – 7.

Jupiter square Saturn is an interesting aspect that pits two planetary heavyweights against each other. Applying one of the simplest aspect doctrines here — the idea that the outer planet “does it” to the inner planet  (that is, that the planet furthest from the Sun has an overriding or dominating influence) — suggests that some of Jupiter’s exuberance and natural optimism will be tempered and brought back down to reality by Saturn.

This aspect may feel like dreams being confronted with logistics and practicalities, like when we present a pitch and someone highlights the possible problems or potential pitfalls right away. Saturn is doing this in a big way right now, so expect constructive feedback to show up in a variety of areas. Take time to consider external input, as it might help to make a current plan or project better, even if it delays the timeline you had in mind. Under this aspect, a delay can be a good thing.

With Saturn overriding Jupiter, it may be a good time to scale back or modify your original intentions. Think small, high quality, and lasting rather than big, bold, and all encompassing. Saturn’s mission is to help each of us commit to projects, people, and possibilities that have lasting potential. If you can’t sustain your intentions or goals for the long term, consider adjusting your ambitions.

Mercury in Virgo: Making up for Lost Time

Mercury is on the move and will touch three signs this August — wrapping up his visit to Leo, and whipping through Virgo before finally landing in Libra at the end of the month.

Of these three signs, it’s Mercury in Virgo (August 7 – 27) that brings out the best of Mercury’s eagle-eyed talents. While in Virgo, Mercury will make three aspects to note:
–       Mercury opposite Neptune: August 12 – 13, 8° Virgo/Pisces
–       Mercury trine Pluto: August 15 – 16, 13° Capricorn/Virgo
–       Mercury sextile Saturn: August 26 – 27, 28° Virgo/Scorpio

Mercury opposite Neptune can be problematic because Neptune creates an unclear, foggy vibe that tends to block facts. Details may get lost or your message may drift off into the ethers rather than arrive as intended. On the other hand, Mercury aspecting Neptune is great for creative and spiritual pursuits, as well as getting in touch with your intuition. Take time to notice your energetic or felt response to events, rather than obsessing about efficiency regarding your work and other goals.

Mercury trine Pluto arouses a detailed, intense, and probing energy that will help you dig for hidden details. You might hit upon a core truth or idea. True motivations may be revealed, and it’s definitely a window of time in which speaking from the heart will be important, especially in your most intimate partnerships.

I consider the final aspect that Mercury in Virgo makes to Saturn in Scorpio to be the best Mercury aspect this August. Mercury is all about the deal, and it loves to network and put plans into writing. Mercury in Virgo does this with a greater attention to detail than any other Mercury placement. In the sign of Virgo, Mercury is both in rulership and exalted, and this is considered to be the most functional Mercury.

When you combine Mercury-in-Virgo’s analytical excellence with Saturn’s diligent and thorough approach in leave-no-stone-unturned Scorpio, contracts and commitments can be made and sealed in stone. This is the master analyst at his best, with a focus on logic, reality, and timeliness, and this means that any decisions made or finalised under this aspect have staying power. August is a busy month in which many previously stalled plans will be re-energised. With key planets like Mars and Jupiter on the move, doors will open, especially in direct response to your efforts and actions.

While there is much to be said about the astrological themes this month, I’ve focussed on a couple of key shifts and aspects to arm you with insights about the power days for the month ahead. May you seize every opportunity.

Kelly is a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer, and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 12 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include Moon Phases, timing techniques like progressions, and incorporating traditional concepts. She can be found lecturing at conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year. Website: Kelly’s Astrology

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