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By Mary Plumb | August 18, 2021

It’s always educational, fun and a welcome distraction from whatever is on my mind to check in with what some other astrologers are thinking about. Here are a few diverse astrological observers; those included here are familiar and well-loved to longtime TMA blog readers. Please enjoy, and take it easy out there. We are all walking together through the times we were born for. Thanks for being here with us.

Julie Demboski writes on Andrew Cuomo in Eris in Action. She writes: “We have a birth date and place but no time for Cuomo (6 December 1957, Queens New York, USA). I drew a noon chart, as this gives us a clear idea of what his Moon situation is — in this case, showing that no matter when he was born, the Moon was in Gemini; this also shows us he was born not long before a Full Moon that will form early hours EST of the following day. No time unfortunately means we have no angles and no Houses, but we can see plenty just from relationships between bodies….

And what’s transiting Eris doing right now? She’s conjoined his Sedna in Aries, and opposed, only one minute past exact, his natal Jupiter in Libra. aha! Here Eris’s presence may reveal by disturbing the ether, by shaking things up, by seeking justice, as she forces what Cuomo ‘knows but doesn’t know’, his ‘blind spot’ material, out into the open, this only reinforcing the awareness that he really does know what he did was wrong — but that he also allowed himself to continue with this behavior by pretending it wasn’t.”

April Elliot Kent at Big Sky Astrology calls the week (from August 16 – 22, 2021) Tending the Fire. For August 19, she notes: “As the Sun opposes Jupiter this week (Aug. 19, 5:28 pm PDT), it’s on the Sabian symbol 28 Leo, Little birds on the limb of a large tree. Picture them there, so happy, so exuberant! Now see the Sabian symbol for Jupiter at 28 Aquarius: A tree felled and sawed.
Ruh roh!
Look, this is still a pretty nice aspect. Just don’t go too far out on a limb – and have a backup plan in place, just in case your tree gets cut down!”

Barry Goddard at Astrotabletalk considers the birth chart for Boris Johnson (June 19, 1964; 2 pm EDT; NY NY), How Long Will Boris Last? “Chaotic is one word for it, open and creative is another. That is why he could get Brexit done when diligent Theresa May couldn’t. I think BJ works intuitively: he can see something can be done, and leaves the detail to others. Diligent, conscientious people are notoriously judging of open, creative people. Think accountants vs bohemians. That is why Gove and Cummings, two of his closest colleagues, have at different times declared Johnson unfit for office. In a sense they are right, but they are also missing something, and that is part of what makes him electable. He is not a robot.”

Agent 87 Laura Boomer-Trent at C*I*A* writes on the upcoming Full Moon. Blue Moon Aquarius 29 – 22nd August @12:02 UT: “Because events and situations surrounding unusual celestial turns, such as the Seasonal & Zodiac Blue Full Moon is uniquely extraordinary, more so when the Full Moon is in quirky and spacy, humanitarian Aquarius, the friendly techno-beeping sign that likes science and stats, and spaghetti TV dinners. Take note: surrounding oneself with kindred spirits will now nurture your soul. We are living through exceptional times; friends and support groups are an important part of healing trauma and fear. Indeed, the ripples of January 2020’s hard-hitting, once-in-a-lifetime, Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction (and the current Saturn-Uranus Square) plus all the situations which have since arisen could continue to be felt for several years to come. And although Blue Moons are not as rare as triple conjunction karma, our next Blue Moon is August 2023; the next major triple conjunction isn’t for another thirty-plus years!.”

Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington writes December 2021 Solar Eclipse and Biden’s Jupiter Rx: “As you know, planet Jupiter can play multiple roles in a mundane horoscope such as financier, banker, corporatist, politician, broadcaster, and/or reverend or guru. In that spirit, let’s spotcheck the natal exalted in Cancer Jupiter (Rx) of Joe Biden by using the December 4, 2021 Solar Eclipse Horoscope as a transit chart.

You’ll find the 5 (New) South Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2021 on the List of 2021 Solar and Lunar Eclipses and as you see below in the 5 New South Eclipse Horoscope, transit Pluto @25Cap07 opposes for the third and final time President Joe Biden’s natal Jupiter Rx @25Can08 (in his natal 8th house). Obviously, powerful forces oppose his financial and political goals, and the power struggle continues. This difficult opposition was noted in a previous post as, ‘Pluto opposite natal Jupiter (3x): January 29, 2021, August 4, 2021, December 4, 2021: Difficult legal and financial battles, power issues, avoid gurus including religious ones.”

Today’s entry (August 18th, 2021) by Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slipper Astrology has the title that best sums up my day: You Can’t Fix This: “Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo (12 deg); Mercury and Mars inconjunct Chiron Rx in Aries (12 deg)
Mercury/Mars unites words with actions in the sign of details. This is precise, targeted energy- identify the flaw then act on the fix. Say you’re going to improve/upgrade/cleanse and then do it. It’s highly effective.
But the inconjuncts to Chiron Rx (in Mars-ruled Aries) add a note of caution. If you push too hard you’ll get hurt or you’ll hurt someone else. The wound you see cannot be fixed- it’s going to keep on hurting, no matter what you do and say. Or, your efforts and suggestions will rub someone the wrong way.”
(Image by

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For listening: astrology podcasts

By Mary Plumb | May 20, 2021

graphic by Jesse Draxler

In this collection of astrology podcasts I focus on those I haven’t mentioned before. There are so many gems out there — your suggestions are very welcomed! Please enjoy many happy hours of listening — I mention some for students at all levels, and a few for those of you who just really enjoy astrological wisdom to help you get through the week.

Oraculos Astrology is the site for Mychal A. Bryan’s “astro-mystical media.” He offers trainings via the Oraculos School of Astrology, where “we believe Astrology and Divination create tangible touchstones of real and practical magic within the lives of people.” Mychal’s inquisitive, lighthearted and creative mind makes him a wonderful host on his podcast where he has free classes, Astro RoundTable Talks and interviews with astrologers.

Recent episodes include Astrology Masterclass: Why Saturn is the only Ruler of Aquarius in Traditional Astrology: “Since the discovery of Uranus in 1781, the topic of which planet rules Aquarius has been a great source of controversy within the astrological community. In this Q and A, I give a general overview of the concept of rulership, the Thema Mundi, and ultimately how our Astrology is based on harmonies that exist within Nature; harmonies that – if understood – stand to bring us all greater light and clarity within our practice of Astrology, both Traditional and Modern.”  And, under the modern astrology subhead, Mychal interviews Henry Seltzer on Introducing Eris – The Tenth Planet.

In researching for this blog, I have listened to a few of Sabrina Monarch’s The Magic of the Spheres Podcast and am touched by her interview skills — she is a sensitive listener to her guests who come from a range of astrological approaches and skills. An evolutionary astrologer, Sabrina’s work is “about astrology, depth psychology, healing, magic, wellness, business, sexuality and spiritual lifestyle.”
Recent episodes include The Fixed Stars with Oscar Moises Diaz; Séance Death and Death Positivity with The Eckharts (séance hosts); The Planetary Nodes and Sustained Inner-light with Mark Jones. Her current podcast is Chiron and the Original Wound of Rejection with Maya of Darker Materials, where “Sabrina interviews astrologer Maya of Darker Materials about Chiron in Aries and the original chronic wound of rejection.”

An experienced astrologer and Tarot reader, S.J. Anderson’s podcast delivers his weekly astrological forecasts — with a Tarot card for each. In his calming voice, S.J. captures the planetary themes of the week; he brings in techniques from traditional (e.g., planetary bounds) and modern astrology. The episodes are about 20 minutes each.

Tony Howard hosts the Astrology Universitypodcast, with frequently updated forecasts and guest interviews. A recent episode was this interview with long-time astrologer Brian Clark who discusses his book Soul, Symbol and Imagination: The Artistry of Astrology. “We share inspiring quotes from the book and along the way talk about house system arguments, how technique can only take you so far, and validating versus proving astrology.”

I’ve enjoyed listening to Kirah Tabourn of The Strology Show, “conversations with astrologers and mystics from all over the world.” The conversations are at least an hour, and casual, self-revealing and very educational for a range of listeners, beginners to pros. We are learning together on her podcast, it’s fun and smart. A comment from one listener: “No more crusty dusty old while dude astrologers.” No offense to my respected age-peers, but couldn’t have said it better myself. Recent topics: The Lots with Jake Green and Mo Olufemi, Asteroids with Michael J. Morris, Locational Astrology with Charm Torres and Alyssia Osorio.

The StarLady-Soul-Reader is Kim Marie’s podcast. Kim is the Director Evolutionary Astrology Network and she posts weekly forecasts to “utilize the current planetary transits and the natural principles of Evolutionary Astrology….. to nourish your Soul and rekindle your Spirit while guiding you through your week.” Episode are about 20 minutes each. For a sample, the Taurus New Moon episode “offers clear choices based upon the evolving values we have been working on throughout the year. The Taurus mantra reflects this back to us: ‘I create self-reliance with every metamorphosis.’…. Quiet your mind and stay calm because Mercury in Gemini from May 29th to June 22nd from 25*-16* Gemini will certainly keep the pot of doing-ness on slow boil. Consider an unplugging event of some kind, deep breathing exercises or just make more time for walks in nature.”

Astrologically Speaking with Sheri (Horn) has in-depth interviews with long-practiced astrologers. Recent events include a 56-minute conversation with mundane astrologer (and former TMA columnist) Bruce Scofield on The Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021.

Erin Sullivan is the author of many highly influential and groundbreaking astrology books; among them — Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul (1991), Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape (1992) and The Astrology of Family Dynamics (2001). In this episode, she discusses Saturn’s Journey through the chart along with Uranus’s transit through Taurus.

Kathy Biehl hosts astroinsight’s podcast which offers “a light-hearted, practical weekly astro-forecast.” Episodes are only six or so minutes, “short and sassy.” Kathy has a “homing thought of the week, song of the week and image of the week.” She synopsizes her Astro-Insights for May 17-23, 2021: “We’re in the pause that perplexes. Nothing much you can do about it…except use it to reinvent yourself, commit to people and projects that point to your future, and share, share, share. Nothing much. Riiiiight.” (She also has extended weekly and moon forecasts EmpowermentUnlimited)

Everyday Astrology forecasts the current planetary conditions in a bi-weekly podcast hosted by holistic Astrologer Hillory Skott. Episodes are about 30-minutes. Her tagline: “We are all connected to the cosmos whether we realize it or not. If we tune into the flow of the Universe it makes our journey on this earth plain magical, productive and deeply fulfilling. Dreams really do come true!”

I haven’t time yet to listen to BloodMoonMilk Astrology podcast (“An astrology podcast for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation”), but I am intrigued. It features music, and has been around for awhile — there are 58 episodes — the current one is on The New Moon in Taurus. It has several 5 star ratings; one listener’s comment: “Really interesting content! I’m new to astrology and this is a great podcast for people who are getting into it. Super informative and great for binging. Thanks for helping me get through my work day!”

With Saturn’s current station retrograde (the 23rd) — maybe there will be time to stop for awhile and listen to some of these podcasts. Have a good week, everyone, and please do add to this far-from-complete list.

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First pass: Saturn square Uranus

By Mary Plumb | February 24, 2021

As we all know, the first of three exact Saturn-Uranus squares was on February 17th, the last is December 23rd. These planetary archetypes are in a necessary and destined clash with one another throughout the year, defining the outlines for the astrological story of 2021.

The study of their cycles, with their mundane and personal implications, is continuing to be elegantly covered by many writers. I link to some of those below.

For now, I’ve been thinking more subjectively about Saturn as the force of habit and familiarity wherein what we are comfortable with offers a sense of security. Uranus is the impulse towards something completely new, to what we have not experienced before.

Tibetan and Indian Buddhist masters speak of the “wheel of cyclic existence” wherein we remain entangled in ever-recurring cycles in the realms of samsara (essentially, the realms of suffering). We can titrate (and simplify) this intricate cosmological idea into a modern psychological framework with the notion of “conditioned existence.”

Yesterday, my toaster oven showed me something. For context: the current Aquarius planets are in my 4th house and I have had a series of problems on the home front. Mercury’s retrograde brought an excess of the usual communications breakdowns — the landline needed tweaking; the Mac keyboard started sticking (fixed with the temporary hack of blowing hard on the upside-down-keyboard and pounding the truculent keys); I lost (and found) important legal documents, etc. As befits the air element, I have also had a new urgency to circulate (i.e., air) stuff in the garage, and both the dryer vent and the heating vent have needed to be serviced.

Therefore, the immediate and obvious backdrop for me of the Saturn-Uranus square has been my dwelling. I have, in fact, taken (usually humorously) to wondering what might go wrong in the house today.

Last evening, my reliable old (Saturn) toaster oven would not heat. In a nod to my total dependence on morning toast, within a few seconds, among the other countless streams of thought, I imagined which local store I could immediately go to to replace it. And, in the next half-second, I remembered the electric switch (is it called a circuit breaker?) on the wall. I flipped the switch and voilà, the toaster works.

I saw how quickly, how immediately, mental habits overtake me. Buddhist teacher Khyentse Norbu has spoken of the “ring of fire” in conditioned existence, how quickly the mind moves around and around in habitual patterns, we are entangled without even realizing it. When we begin to notice those patterns, we begin to break patterns and have a bit of respite (even for a nano-second) from the entanglement of our habitual thoughts and patterns.

I’m thinking about the electric switch that woke up my toaster as a metaphor for Uranus’s ability to re-charge, re-set and enliven where things have come stuck. And how quickly the mind goes from open to closed, or from openness to rigor, and back again, and back again. There is something about the quickly, intensely unsettling nature of the time that may be a gift.

I see a parallel here (and a possible remediation) to the ongoing internal experience of anxiety that many are experiencing — this perpetual feeling of our culture, our livelihoods, our known reality,  our sense of safety — being on thin ice. A not-so-subtle reckoning concurrent with the Saturn-Uranus square is the huge increase in mental health conditions, anxiety disorders and substance issues arising globally.

Not to be glib, or to discount the urgent societal needs of our time, but, maybe there is something about flipping the switch for an immediate moment of relief and spaciousness, and a needed re-set?

Here are some astrological writers and thinkers on this pressing theme of our time.

Saturn square Uranus 2021 – the Clash of the Titan is from The Soul Medic. “The clash of these 2 titans can produce extreme tension and crisis in our society and impact our lives as individuals either directly or indirectly. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. They don’t rush like Cardinal signs do (to quickly move to the next exciting thing, if their efforts don’t pay off immediately), nor adapt to circumstances like mutable signs do. They DO the work, no matter how long it takes. The changes the Saturn-Uranus square will bring will be long-lasting and will impact our society – and us, individuals in a profound way.”

This essay ends with a link to a one-hour You Tube meditation, Find Your Life Purpose with the Saturn Frequency (147.85 Hz).

Insight Astrology is “a free-form anarchist collective made up of people just like you rebels, activists, visionaries, eccentrics, the kinky and the queer. It’s a place to embrace your unique blueprint and use it consciously to live a more empowered life.”

Here is a quote from Saturn square Uranus: old structures succumb to a new vision: “Rebellion against authority is the key theme of Saturn square Uranus and we can see its influence already in the recent riots in the Netherlands against COVID-19 curfews, protest against new abortion laws in Poland, ongoing resistance in Hong Kong against Chinese government crackdowns, as well as recent protests in Nairobi, Manila, Cape Town and Guadalajara, among others.”

Saturn square Uranus: 2021- 2022, by Wendy Guy at Evolving Door Astrology has a handy graphic table which includes the retrogrades of the two planets with their partile squares. She writes: “The Saturn-Uranus square is a long-term process of working with these opposing needs and desires to establish a workable balance. It may take some creative problem-solving to ensure that one side doesn’t get what it wants at the expense of the other.

Ideally, what is called for is a sophisticated peace that requires a negotiated solution that brings together the best of both dynamics. However, with both planets having such different agendas and values, it may feel more like you’re trying to force together the same poles of two magnets. They don’t cooperate easily—and sometimes not willingly—and yet combining these conflicting energies can generate a powerful incentive to become more than what we are.”

Brian Clark’s essay, The Saturn Uranus Cycle: in consideration of its 2021 series of waning squares, includes his evocative telling of the mythology of the conjunction: “Both Uranus (Ouranus) and Saturn (Cronus) are sons of Gaia. Parthenogenically Gaia gives birth to Uranus, who then mates with her to father the twelve Titans, the youngest being Saturn. In this complex and primal family system, Saturn is both the brother and the son of his father. The original Oedipal triangle enmeshes Saturn and Uranus in the triangular web with Gaia, the great mother Earth.”

Further he writes: “Both the old and new rulers of Aquarius are at right angles, evoking an image that these two landlords need to rewrite the lease on their Aquarian homeplace in order to assure democratic and egalitarian rights.”

A downloadable pdf, Brian’s article covers the start of the current cycle (in 1988 with the  Saturn-Uranus conjunction in late Sagittarius) with tables showing the dates and zodiacal degrees in its 44-year cycle, and a succinct table with key themes for easy reference.

Be well, stay safe and have a good week, everyone.

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Some perspectives on the current skies….

By Mary Plumb | January 19, 2021

Hello star-gazer friends, one and all. Here’s an eclectic mix of resources to add perspective to the various upheavals and possibilities upon us. Enjoy!

Journeys in the astral light by David Coleman has a generous article, The Astrology of 2021. The information is presented in two parts — the first part discusses the overall trends of the planets (i.e., Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris) and the second part looks in great detail at each month.

In one synopsis of The overall territory, he writes: “However although 2021 will undoubtedly be dominated by the squares between Saturn and Uranus, the underlying tension of a double Pluto square Eris will erupt in the later part of the year. We could say then that in the first part of the year it is the Fixed/Stable signs that produce most of the tension while in the latter part of the year both Fixed/Stable signs and Cardinal/Active signs are generating challenges for everyone. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – the Reactive/Mutable signs – are relatively quiet.”

There is a graphic ephemeris for the year — he explains how to decipher it — and lots of mandala graphics woven into the text.

Wendy Guy, writer at Evolving Door Astrology has a detailed consideration of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 2020.

She writes: “On one hand, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction brings a ray of hope. For starters, Jupiter is no longer in Capricorn (yay!) where it was in detriment (difficult to express its natural energy). Jupiter, normally upbeat, optimistic and confident, while in Capricorn tends to be more sober, cautious and skeptical. We’ve been experiencing Jupiter this way since December 2019 and astrologically it has contributed to a very uphill struggle through 2020….Jupiter is now in Aquarius, and while it has little dignity there, Jupiter will likely find it easier to channel its buoyant nature toward the collective, and focus on the future rather than the heavy present.”

There is a graphic of the cycles of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions from 1782 – 2219, making the change from Earth to Air easy to see. She ends the essay: “We are all right sometimes, we are all wrong sometimes. We are all flawed, mistaken or misguided at times. And we are all inspired, brilliant and transcendent at times. We need to find a way back to a vision of shared humanity despite our differences – this is the ideal in Aquarius. This new Jupiter-Saturn cycle can help us find that again—or find it anew—even as we recognize that we have witnessed some of the best and the worst in each other and maybe even ourselves.”

Astrologos has a YouTube channel with lectures by founder Bernadette Brady. Subjects include a one-hour video on Researching the Astrology of Flu Pandemic, and Astrology, a cosmological or creative creature, a lecture by Bernadette to the students of the MA of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Bath in June 2016. This lecture “explores the possible ontological roots of astrology and looks at astrology having more of a link to chaos then to the perfect world of cosmos.”

For a different perspective of the year, Michael Neutrino uses Human Design and the Gene Keys in a 17-minute video, Are We Seeing the End of Tribal Consciousness?

“As a humanity, we are in the midst of a great evolutionary process. As we lead up to the great Solar Plexus Mutation in 2027 we are becoming more and more pressurized to leave our old ancestral consciousness behind. On the world stage we are seeing that power struggle play out now. The 2021 New Year’s Chart says that we will be in the channel of revolution which is the pressure to get our survival needs met.”

“Real astrology for real people” is a weekly podcast with astrologer/author April Elliott Kent and co-host and producer Jen Braun. The current 25-minute entry is Mars, Uranus, and Revisiting the US Pluto Return.

“April and Jen take an astrological look at the events of January 6 here in the U.S., including Pluto inching ever closer to its 2022 return in the U.S. chart. And as Inauguration Day approaches, we give some side-eye to the unpredictable combination of Mars and Uranus, and a Taurus First Quarter Moon overflowing with tension. In other news, Sun enters Aquarius and joins up with Saturn; plus Mars and Jupiter face off (again). Plus: honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.” There are time stamps, links for further information and a written transcript of the blog — a multi-faceted enterprise which I was happy to find.

Key Astrology Cycles for 2021 is a 70-minute video with archetypal astrologer and transformational coach Sheila Belanger.

She also offers weekly Astrology Alchemy Podcasts via her website. The podcasts seem to be mostly about 20-minutes (I didn’t have time to linger, but will be back.) For the Week of January 18, 2021: “We Must Be Done with Cruelty,” she discusses “the dynamic cycles this week of:
1) Jupiter square Uranus: expand old beliefs about security and connection
2) Mars conjunct Uranus: activate your sacred warrior/ess
3) Mars squares Jupiter: address and redefine freedom vs. security
4) Sun conjunct Saturn: align with your mature adult and practical side”

Ghost of a Podcast is a twice weekly astrology and advice podcast, by Jessica Lanyadoo. Again (a nod to Mars-Uranus) I didn’t have time to listen, but, here’s her description: “Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with more than 20 years experience. She offers guidance twice weekly that’s practical, inspiring, and that helps you help yourself. Lanyadoo answers listeners’ questions, teaches astrology, and drops a horoscope every Sunday, including best practices for your week ahead. Lanyadoo delivers tools for living your very best life, one step at a time.”

Another one I’d like to come back to is Amelia Quint’s Bad Astrologers. “Bad Astrologers is a biweekly podcast from Amelia Quint that will give you a useful, unexpected look at the cultural, spiritual, literary, mythological world of the heavens.” She’s in season three and a current (January 13) pod is Ep. 3: Reimagining astrology for 2021. It’s 45-minutes with timestamps. Here’s her description:
“How can we use astrology to bring more empathy, accountability, and hope to our communities in 2021? In this episode, Amelia dives deep into how we can move from a place of crisis to progress using the stars, exploring self-care for oracles, astrology’s Saturn transit, and strategies for success in the new era of air.”

In the Holes to Heavens podcast Adam Sommer interviews astrologers and healers — a current podcast (posted on December 29) is Enchanting Fortuna with Amanda Simon: …a different look into healing and divination.

He’s also a music lover and cryptocurrency enthusiast — listen to his playlists and follow his writing which includes a blog On the Great Conjunction. Adam closes his essay with this uplifting thought: “We are the music of the spheres. Musica Universalis. Singing and dancing, humming and vibrating, whistling that eternal song to the end of time. Don’t be afraid. Just change your language. Tell better stories. Listen to better music. And try not to listen to fear flinging ‘star tooters’ about this being the end. This is only another beginning.”

Have a great week everyone.

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Let’s look ahead a bit: the Great Conjunction

By Mary Plumb | November 5, 2020

It seems a good moment to remember that we are at the very end of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and soon to be infused with a breath of air from a different realm. Lofty, moveable, and light are qualities brought with the air element, and we know that, after 200 years in earth, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions move into air next month. (Not a moment too soon.)

Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 17 (he dipped into the sign for three months this spring), and Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is on the 21st at 1°29’ Aquarius.

Watching the Sun, Moon and Planets is a wonderful website written by astronomer Jeffrey L. Hunt. Here’s his report on the November 7 sky. “Brilliant Morning Star Venus shines from the eastern sky during morning twilight.  Mercury joins Venus as a morning planet.  The speedy planet is to the lower left of the star Spica that is below Venus.  The morning bright gibbous moon forms a long line with Procyon and Sirius.  In the evening sky, bright Mars shines from the east while Jupiter and Saturn are in the south-southwest.”

He posts nearly everyday with graphics showing the night skies. Here is one of his essays on the December 21 conjunction. “The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs on December 21, 2020.  Jupiter passes Saturn in the southwestern evening sky.  This is the closest conjunction of the two planets since 1623.  Jupiter – Saturn conjunctions occur every 19.6 years.”

He also writes on the 2020, November 2: Jupiter-Saturn Heliocentric Conjunction, i.e., as viewed from outside our solar system that occurred on November 2nd  1°48′ Aquarius.

Peter Stockinger’s writes Welcome to the Information Age: The Great Conjunction of 2020 and its Future Implications on the Traditional Astrology Weblog. “This Great Conjunction is taking place in the first decanate of the fixed Air sign Aquarius, wherein Saturn, the greater malefic is domicile ruler. We can see that in the chart cast for London, Jupiter and Saturn are tightly conjunct the Descendant (and therefore also opposing the Ascendant). This angularity strongly indicates that the conjunction will be particularly potent for the United Kingdom.

In the long run the old, highly organised and well structured, but conservative and pragmatic forces symbolised by Saturn are likely to be replaced with new ideas based on humanitarian principles. In other words the old, established political, financial, and most likely also social structures all of us have grown up with and have learnt to accept them to be taken for granted are likely to be replaced. This will not happen over night and also not without a lot of resistance though, as the prominence and strength of Saturn in the Great Conjunction charts testifies.”

Aquarius planets seem to ask us to remember the visible sky; here is another astronomy site, which gets specific about the rare closeness of the two planets at this conjunction. “Most of the time, when Jupiter overtakes Saturn, they usually are separated by more than a degree. But come December 21, they will be separated by just about one-tenth of a degree or 6.1 arc minutes……The ‘Great Conjunction’ on December 21, 2020 will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Jupiter and Saturn together through a telescope. The last time these two planets appeared so close was on July 16, 1623, when they were only 5 arc minutes apart.”

Jupiter conjunct Saturn: December 21, 2020, published in July 2020, looks at the economic conditions brought by the pandemic. “Governments are navigating their nation’s Covid-19 pandemic and economic recovery. They’re providing financial stimulus and easing lockdown measures. They have to spend (Jupiter) to contain the economic fallout (Saturn) but they just can’t keep spending…….Scientists are striving to find a vaccine; health care workers are trying to save lives; and business is trying to open up and employ people. Economic recovery won’t happen till people get back to work and start spending. Business has to get to work creating jobs……Public health and economic problems are chiefly political matters. They’re solved by politicians who make decisions as they see fit. And in 2020 some are prepared to sacrifice the public’s health on the altar of economy activity.

Jupiter conjunction Saturn brought economic crisis and financial readjustment on a global scale and humanity is relying on Jupiter’s banks to prevent a pandemic of Saturn’s poverty. It’s relying on Jupiter’s optimism and financial help and Saturn’s caution and careful planning to navigate a successful economic recovery.

But when Jupiter’s hope and optimism is defiled by Saturn’s fear and pessimism his over-optimism and irrational hope can make big mistakes.

When Jupiter’s irrational exuberance moves too fast lockdown restrictions are eased too soon and the coronavirus can come surging back; and when Saturn’s irrational caution moves too slow lockdown restrictions are eased too late and the economic hardship is exacerbated and prolonged.”

Greg Bogart’s Jupiter Saturn astrology explains the astrological meaning of their cycle. “The twenty year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn defines the story of our efforts to pursue constructive long-term projects, to build our life structures and enterprises. Jupiter-Saturn as a pair represents a positive, focused attitude, the attempt to define and focus our ambitions, whatever we seek to achieve. They signify our search for success in all of our activities. The major phases of their cycle correspond to turning points in our efforts to actualize our ambitions.

At the time of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions we start to see new directions for our ambitions. We begin to formulate new goals for social activity and achievement. If the transiting conjunction (or other major phases of the cycle) falls in a powerful place in our natal chart, we may see specific accomplishments occurring at that time. The conjunction is the beginning of a formative process that will continue to unfold over the next twenty years.”

He looks back to the conjunctions in 1980-81 (Libra) and 2000 (Taurus), and has thoughts on the conjunction for each of the 12 houses of the birth chart.

Grey Crawford’s The 2020 Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (published on in October 2019) captures the mood of these days. “Jupiter and Saturn will form their next conjunction on December 21 of 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius, and so most of 2020 will take place during the end of their cycle. There will be an atmosphere of anticipation building during the year of being on the precipice of a new era, while simultaneously old issues will resurface in need of resolution.” Further, he writes: “Vitally, not only will Jupiter and Saturn be uniting in Aquarius, they will also be forming a catalytic square aspect with Uranus in Taurus. At this pivotal moment in our journey, the lightning bolts of Jupiter and Uranus will not only bring down old societal structures but will also impel us to release old personal dreams and drama we have been attached to.”

Also at this site, Narayana Montufar writes, November Forecast: Embracing Yet Another Deep Transformation. Her thoughts for today, November 6 include: “This Mercury-Saturn square perfects on Friday, November 6, the same day that the moon in Cancer will square Mercury itself, besides forming three oppositions to the Capricorn planets. It goes without saying that this day will not be easy, so it’s key to keep our schedules light and not book any important meetings. And since communications will be challenging, if possible, it might just be better to take the day off and focus on rest and self-care.’

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is an interesting essay by Mike Zizis. “Conjunctions represent the concept of instinct. The sign in which the conjunction occurs reveals the nature of that instinct. Aquarius the water-bearer pours new life onto the parched earth thru innovation, a detached kindness, a flowering of care for the group, and often ingenious individuality.”

He looks back to the previous conjunction in Aquarius, which was in January 1405. “Constantine Palaiologus was the last of 12 emperors named Constantine in the 1,123-year existence of The Eastern Roman Empire. This was a strictly Christian and thoroughly theocratic medieval empire. Do these times resemble our own?”

“Constantine was born with this conjunction embedded in his birth chart. Jupiter conjunct Saturn also represents the death or end of the old king {Saturn}, and the reign of the new king {Jupiter}. These two planets in Aquarius symbolize a flowering of culture, science, and vision.”

I imagine lots of local astronomy groups will have events and, if any reader are in Kenosha, WI, here’s a live event:

“The extra-close Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020 won’t be matched again until the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of March 15, 2080. At their closest, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 0.1 degrees apart. That’s just 1/5 of a full moon diameter.

Reserve your tickets today for this spectacular show. The planets are low in the sky so we have to get an earlier start to this rare great conjunction. Tickets are limited so reserve early.

This event is weather-dependent and will be canceled by e-mail 24 hours before the scheduled start time in the event of a cloud cover forecast greater than 30%.” ($12)

Have a great week, everyone. May we all enjoy being under the stars together.

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Balance point: updates on the Libra Equinox

By Mary Plumb | September 21, 2020

The Sun moves into Libra on September 22 at 6:30 a.m. PDT (9:30 a.m. EDT; 2:30 p.m. GMT).

The equinox is one of the two sacred days in the year when the celestial equator is in perfect alignment with the Sun and all the influences upon our planet are at an equilibrium.

May we all have a quiet moment to listen for, or sense, the equipoise of this day and move on, more able to utilize composure and balance as it is most needed in the days ahead.

Here are some thoughts and inspirations on the astrology of the time – both the Virgo New Moon and the equinox.

Esoteric Healing is a YouTube channel where Sky offers this 37-minute talk which graciously speaks to The Last Moments of this RARE Astrology Transit: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.
(Although Jupiter went direct on September 13, the long implications of the transit are addressed.) “Let’s look back and hold space for ourselves as we spiritually move through one of the most pressurized times in human history. We still have a ways to go.”

Although we are a few days past the New Moon in Virgo (September 17), Becca Tarnas gives the aspect highlights for each day until the next New Moon: Transits for the Virgo-Libra Lunation. “The dominant alignment through the entire month is Mars retrograde in a square to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium, which will be highlighted at hard angles by both Mercury and the Sun as the weeks progress. There is no denying the times are difficult and filled with uncertainty, and finding grace and equilibrium in the midst of the turmoil and heaviness can be challenging. Libra is a Venus-ruled sign, and if we find ourselves struggling or down-hearted, it can be important to remember our connections with loved ones and community.”

Classical Astrologer P. James Clark delineates the chart for the Autumnal Equinox 2020.“The Moon is in the 20th Lunar Mansion is with Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion and Watcher of the West. This reminds us that the stellar constellation is in fact Scorpio. She is in the Term of Jupiter and the Decan of Luna. This powerful presence on the Ascendant sets the tone for the chart as calculated for Greenwich. The fallen Jupiter is the Lord if the Ascendant in the Decan of Mars but the Term of Venus. It is a demanding chart and one that brings the call for justice and balance in an otherwise very hostile field. This Mansion is intense, but not without promise.”
(His written work is enhanced with beautiful illustrations.)

C*I*A Transmission — Libra Equinox panel: the next 3 months. Julija Simas of C*I*A hosts a panel on the astrology of the months ahead. This 2 hr. 15 min video features Laura Boomer-Trent on the physical/spiritual aspects of the Sun at this time. Liz Hathway looks at the charts of the U.S. presidential elections. Christos Archos considers the psychological landscape for the EU and humanity in general. Then the whole team looks at the Equinox Chart and the next three months, including lunations, eclipses and more.

Christina Rodenbeck at Oxford Astrologer has a short and elegant post: Astrology of Now: Poised. “…… this is the moment to look back at 2020 so far, pause, and weigh a few things in the scales. What have you gained and what have you lost? What is worth preserving and what is spoiled? How have you fared in this strange year? How heavy is your soul weighed against the feather of truth?”

Jude Cowell writes Stars Over Washington. One of her current articles (accompanied with her handwritten and extremely detailed chart) is DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2020. She begins: “Well, here it is, the DC Horoscope of Autumn Equinox 2020, timed by the moment the Sun reaches 00 Libra 00:00 on Tuesday September 22nd at 9:30:31 am EDT with Scorpio rising in DC. Chart-ruler Mars (co-ruler Pluto) makes two applying aspects in the chart, a square to Saturn (1A36), then a square to co-ruler Pluto (4A27) and of course, a Rx chart-ruler ups the chances of delays and difficulties, temporary though they may be.”

Have a great week everyone.

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Astrological Voices on YouTube

By Mary Plumb | July 8, 2020

Since many of us are spending so much time at home, I thought it was time to catch up on YouTube astrologers. I spent more time rambling around than I realized (the Moon was void), but when my local Ascendant moved into Scorpio, I noticed how much time had passed and focused on creating this list. (Some of you may already know, but there are more YouTubers out there than you can imagine. Some are funny or sourced by a particularly expressive personality, and have lots of subscribers. Do a search someday when you want to see what’s going on with astrology in the depths of your screen.)

For now, I’m sticking with a short list that I hope will offer some versions of astrology you’ll enjoy.

Acyuta-bhava Dasa and his wife Ashley (an herbalist with natal Mars in Aries) team up for a 38-minute talk, Plant Medicine for Mars in Aries, discussing herbs to help support us during this long transit of Mars in Aries. Dandelion, nettles, coffee substitutes, and more, this is a lovely and useful presentation.

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub, has developed a wonderful community. There are different levels of membership and training and lots of free interviews. Rick Levine is a frequent guest. Here is the link to the July Forecast (1 hour 17 min).

And here is a 57-minute talk with Christopher Renstrom on Mars in Aries/Uranus in Taurus.

Among the topics they discuss: “How Saturn is the voice of the oppressed and Mars reflects authority and why both sides of this conflicting energy will need to lean into change and compromise. What to expect when Mars moves into retrograde and how to harness this energy by embracing the opportunity for constructive change. The slow-burning change of Uranus in Taurus and how this energy is revealing itself in our world today.”

I just found Stormie Grace’s channel and I love it. She’s relaxed and fun and has an easy and informative way of talking about astrology. Here’s an example of her weekly horoscope, July 6, 2020 Mercury Direct (10 minutes).

She also has a great selection of interviews, talking to lots of young astrologers as well as the oldsters. While I was scouting around, there was a wonderful live talk going on: Astrology of China with Christopher Restroom and Gary Caton.

Here’s TMA writer Elizabeth Grace on Hemispheres in the chart. It’s a teaching video and has lots of chart examples. (1 hour 22 min).

A few more from Stormie’s channel: Samuel Reynolds: Your Moon in Changing Times (1 hour 22 min).

Astrologer Alejo Lopez (from Majorca), All About Eclipses (53 minutes).

Here is the whole list (30 videos) of the interviews: Eat & Greets 2020 Collaborations.

I’ve linked to Ablas Roland Legrand’s channel before, but was happy to remember him again as he is definitely a valuable resource. (He was an especially cool drink of water after my above-noted YouTube wandering.)

On June 15 he posted The long transit of Mars in Aries, much tension and retention in view. It’s a bit over an hour and he begins with a look at the chart for Mars’s exact ingress. His approach is a careful analysis of chart factors and he points to the various chart factors along the way. This video covers the transits of each Sun-sign period as long as Mars is in Aries — that is, through the Capricorn ingress. He includes Lilith which points to “what is darker, what is incomprehensible,” in his analysis.

Patrick Arundell has a channel I had not seen. Here’s a 25-minute talk titled Ghislaine Maxwell: Personal Horoscope. There is no known time, but he explains the reasoning behind several suggested times. (If you don’t keep up with celebrity gossip, Maxwell is the British socialite recently arrested by the FBI. Her natal Saturn is at 28°56” Capricorn. She had been a fugitive from the law and, on July 2, as soon as transiting Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn, she was arrested.)

I hope you found some new channels here for your next dive into astrology. As I don’t travel in the same digital circles as some of you, I love getting your suggestions, too. I always like to see as far and wide as I can.

Have a good week, everyone.

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A New Breeze: Hello Gemini Planets

By Mary Plumb | May 13, 2020

Mercury, Venus, and the North Node are already in Gemini, and the Sun and Moon will come along for the New Moon on May 22. With appreciation for the sign’s inherent curiosity and bringer of diverse ideas, here are some blogs on various themes, points of view and timelines. Please enjoy reading.

ZenRen, astrologer and Reiki Practitioner, writes on current planetary themes illustrated with artwork, her own and others. The entry on New Moon in Gemini May 22, 2020 includes this welcome and cheerful thought: “There’s a lot happening on this new moon, starting with a conjunction between Venus Retrograde and Mercury in Gemini in the wee hours of the morning. This influence is so positive and pleasant. Small happy surprises are likely.”

In Mercury Retrograde – Summer 2020 — with a drawing by Raoul Dufy — she writes: “In The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz writes that ‘nothing in life is personal.’ This is important for the crab to remember, beholden as she is to the tides of her innermost being, jostled by the moon. These tides are not inherently uncontrollable — they are the chitta and vritti of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and their unruliness inspired the entire practice of yoga and meditation!”

Roland Legrand founded ABLAS, A Better Life School of Astrology, in Australia in 1982. His videos are quite thorough and touch on mundane and personal topics. This link is to a 25-minute presentation, The New Moon of May 22, 2020: Movement and Communication. Regarding May’s Jupiter and Saturn retrogrades, he says: “Be aware, the retrograde is always hiding something.”

Political astrologer Jude Cowell has been writing Stars Over Washington since 2005. In the entry for May 10, July/December 2020: Pluto opposes Trump natal Saturn, the author looks at the president’s transits and also considers the chart for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction set for Washington D.C. She juggles lots of charts and includes her handwritten notes, a visual display of how she integrates different data points. One succinct observation: “So 2020’s Pluto opposition to the authority, authenticity, maturity, and sense of reality (Saturn) of Trump includes his management (Saturn) of current crisis conditions which are cosmically imprinted upon current and future events by the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto — January 12, 2020 at 23° Capricorn — conjunct Trump’s natal Vertex of fate encounters and opposing his cold Saturn in the watery, subjective, tribal sign of Cancer.”

John Townley of AstroCocktail writes a regular What’s Happening: Astrology and the News column. The current blog begins: “May is for mourning — not just for the pandemic dead and dying but for the foolish decisions (or lack of any) made during the all-planets-forward winter and spring. During this roller coaster period, when the planets have the pedal to the metal, hasty actions abound, little thought is given. Then, as all the planets go retrograde in the following six months, life is tied in knots with redesigning and regretting earlier obliviousness.”

The Oxford Astrologer writes on New York, The City with Jupiter Rising. Using the January 1, 1898 chart (for the Greater New York, when the five boroughs were united), she writes: “New York City is taking a battering. The virus appears to be stomping through the five boroughs like a horrible hungry ghost, killing people, emptying streets, destroying livelihoods. And yet, at the same time, New York’s famous resilience, resistance, sense of humor, and sheer vitality persist.” And further: “The epochal triple conjunction — Saturn-Pluto-Ceres — in January was at 23° Capricorn, next to New York’s North Node, its destiny point, the direction it goes. The North Node sucks things in. Maybe some of the swirling darkness of that conjunction was inhaled then and got stuck in the city’s lungs (ruled by Mercury).”

For readers interested in history, Doug Walker has a wonderful compendium of articles at Historical Astrology: Using astrology to chart the ebb and flow of history.  On the introductory page, Walker writes: “While the focus of this site centers on the astrology of American history, it also covers U.K. astrology, and people and places in Europe and around the world. Included are historical horoscopes, synodic planetary cycles, and mundane planetary definitions. As historic astrology is our focus, we do offer a brief history of astrology in various places. For these astrology histories, see the sections on Sumerian astrology, Babylonian, Greek, and Roman astrology. Plus, there is a section on very ancient Egyptian astrology.” These are thorough, well written articles on a very easy-to-read (i.e., well-designed) web site.
As an example of his range of topics, here’s a link to The astrology of Eris, which begins, “The astrology of Eris has been acting as a powerful, silent, invisible player in the story of man.”

Editor Edward Snow of The Astrology News Service (ANS) always has wonderful articles. ANS is a collaborative effort of the major astrological organizations to “proactively improve astrology’s image by educating the public about astrology’s believability and value to society.”
Here is a link to Snow’s article detailing an astrological prediction of the pandemic: French Astrologer Andre Barbault reports pandemics occur when outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto orbit in close proximity

And, for the intrepid: How Bad Will it Get? by Mitchell Scott Lewis, who predicted the 2008 global economic crash. In his analysis, he writes: “I have never strayed from my belief that this longest bull market in our history was a stock bubble that would burst and bring down the economy of the U.S. and the world. My timing was the following: In 2020 we would see the markets become very volatile with wild point swings of 1,000 points a day up and down. That would be followed by a powerful recession that will last at least until 2022 … I did not know that a pandemic would be the trigger that would set this off. I wasn’t looking for it, but I did know that for whatever reason, we were about to see a total collapse and recession.”

And here’s another view of the upcoming New Moon, from Jamie Partridge at Astrology King: New Moon May 22, 2020 – Recovery and Rebuilding. “The May 22 New Moon gains a strongly positive influence from Saturn. But Mercury and Venus square Neptune is just as strong. With fixed star Alcyone, this signals a turning point in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic … While the risk of infection may still be high, we should be over the worst by now. The New Moon trine Saturn suggests that recovery will be slow but steady. Some restrictions and hardship will remain, but progress can now be made. Saturn will keep you realistic and wary of the dangers posed by Alcyone and Neptune.”

Okay, I think that’s enough for now — I hope these links offer worthwhile and engaging thoughts for your week.

Have a good week everyone.

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Astrology Podcast Update

By Mary Plumb | February 24, 2020

I thought it time to refresh my podcast scouting and surveying once again. Some in this collection may be quite familiar to TMA readers, but nowadays people are coming to astrology from so many angles and adjacent fields that I’m including podcasts with different points of view and levels of familiarity with our great art. All are welcome here! Have fun and enjoy listening to your favorites, and, hopefully, find a voice that’s new to you.

(Most of these podcasts are available from other platforms and pod-catchers along with the one mentioned.)

TMA columnist Nina Gryphon has produced ten episodes of her Magical Elections Podcast. She explores the intersection of astrology and magic and offers one Magical Election for each month. The elections include consideration of the pertinent Fixed Stars and Lunar Mansions, along with more general planetary conditions.

Astrology Bytes features Theresa Reed in very short, bite-sized beginners’ lessons that are geared for fun and easy learning. Recent examples include The Imum Coeli or Nadir (5 minutes), and The Descendant (4 minutes), explained with simple instructions and no complicated jargon. She also records longer episodes (30 – 45 minutes) with other astrologers on specific topics. Guest teachers include Sarah Faith Gottesdiener on Lunar Types, and Queer Cosmos with Colin Bedell. Theresa Reed offers a similar format on The Tarot Bytes podcast. Find her on all platforms, such as

This Week in Astrology with Benjamin Bernstein includes the day-by-day aspects, Sabian symbols, and other features. Episodes are about 15 minutes long, and he is both practical and spiritual in orientation. Here’s the current episode: Feb 23–Mar 1, 2020: Pisces New Moon (#522).

Adam Sommer records solo shows and also interviews guests on his podcast, Holes to Heaven. He muses on astrology, psyche, myth, and other such topics, with musical interludes. “If you enjoy astrology or magic or medicine, this is your show. If you enjoy the cosmos and all the mysterious ways it manifests in our lives, you have found the place.” Recent episodes have included A Show for Ketu: “Wyrd” Stories; Imaginal Realms with Becca Tarnas; Cosmic Geometry with Adam Tetlow, and Astrological Mavericks with Michael Bartlett. Find Adam’s podcast through his website Holes to Heaven.

Gary Caton has produced his Hermetic Astrology Podcast for more than a decade. Gary wrote a book on Mercury’s unique travels around the zodiac — Hermetica Triptycha: Mercury Elemental Year — and is especially lucid on the inner-planet cycles and visibility in the sky. Here’s his YouTube video on Mercury Rx Loop in Pisces, happening now (1 hour, 20 minutes).
You can find Gary’s podcast at his website Dream Astrologer.

Living Astrology is Janet Hickox’s 60-minute weekly podcast, combining astrology with Human Design, the Gene Keys, and other metaphysical topics. She has other online platforms, including live, weekday morning transit reports on her Living Astrology Facebook page. Janet’s most recent podcast is titled Monday, Monday: Astrology for the Week Ahead.

The Astrology Podcast is the prolific endeavor of Chris Brennan and various guests. He teams up with Austin Coppock and Kelly Surtees for detailed monthly (and annual) forecasts. Leisa Schaim is another frequent co-teacher; they recently recorded a two-hour episode, Relationship Placements in the Birth Chart, at the Denver Astrology Group. Other recent episodes include Chris’s interviews with Demetra George, Asteroids in Astrology; with Kenneth Miller, Yavanajataka: Greek Astrology in Sanskrit?; and with Christopher Warnock, The Picatrix: A Grimoire of Astrological Magic. Chris covers topics in great depth, informed by his interest in the history and philosophical underpinnings of astrology.

Check the website for the complete list (243 episodes thus far) and for easy access to each episode. (The list also includes time and topic markers — very useful, as these episodes are often quite long.)

Access Astrology features Heather Roan Robbins, Mark Wolz, and Anne Ortelee discussing transits for the week ahead, reference to current events, practical advice for our personal lives and “how to navigate the shoals and make the most of the moment.” The talks are about 30 minutes each, and they take calls during the live recording on Blog Talk Radio.

Renee Sills releases podcasts at Embodied Astrology on the New and Full Moons and at the beginning of each zodiac sign. She is a second-generation astrologer, a Somatic Movement Educator, and (as she says on her website) a Leo Sun/Ascendant and Taurus Moon. She also has a very soothing voice. Recent episodes include Inner Alignment — Somatic Movement Practice; Emotional Release; and Waking Up in the Dream — Astrology for Pisces Season.

Amanda Pua Walsh hosts The Astrology Hub Podcast: Practical Guidance for Living Your Life on Purpose. Amanda offers weekly forecasts and interviews. Recent topics include an Interview with Colin Bedell: Shame Triggers and Rephrasing our Astrology in the Modern Age; and The Vibration of Love, an interview with David Cochrane, creator of Vibrational Astrology. Amanda is the CEO of The Astrology Hub, “a platform for the tools that Astrology offers to be shared with the world.”

In a podcast-adjacent topic, see Author and popular astrologer Chani Nicholas, who has been commissioned by Spotify to create monthly astrology playlists. Have any TMA readers listened?

As is the case with all things nowadays, there are more podcasts (and everything else) out there. Please consider this collection a start, one to be continued.

Have a good week, everyone, as we are now firmly entered into the Year of the Rat (aka Mouse, as some say).

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Blogs for the New Year

By Mary Plumb | January 13, 2020

Pam Gregory brings a spiritual perspective to her much loved YouTube channel where she posts regularly. She discusses the long term implications of the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 10th January 2020 in a 25-minute video.

And, here is her 20-minute description of the New Moon in Aquarius 24th January 2020, which includes noting that the lunar nodes are changing signs this year and the strong cardinal energy of 2020.

Melanie Reinhart has recently focused her pioneering astrological work on Chariklo, the largest of the Centaur objects, and the one with the most stable orbit. Melanie has taught and written extensively on the “potent  inner processes” she finds with the Centaurs. Chariklo is Chiron’s mythological wife and is currently traveling in Capricorn with the Saturn–Pluto conjunction! For those drawn to “inner processes,” Melanie adds a potent layer to the themes of our times. Here is a free 15-minute introduction to her talk, Chariklo and the Saturn–Pluto Conjunction in 2020 at Astrology University.

Terence Guardino’s 29-minute talk, Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer * Jan 10th 2020 * Amazing Predictions! covers the meaning of the eclipse in each of the 12 houses of the natal chart.

Acyuta-bhava Das, formerly known as Adam Elenbaas, hosted and assembled “an all-star astrology panel talk on Saturn’s upcoming conjunction with the planet Pluto.” There was a large turnout and all “the proceeds we raised went directly to the fire relief efforts in Australia.” The participants in this nearly three-hour event were Gray Crawford, Acyuta-bhava Das, Rebecca Gordon, Jason Holley, Sabrina Monarch, Samuel Reynolds, Leisa Schaim, Becca Tarnas, and Patrick Watson. (There are timestamps for the astrologers, and for the questions discussed, in the comments section.) Thank you to all who participated in this generous offering to our southern neighbors.

Charlie Obert has a 30-minute video called 2020 Grand Conjunction and Beyond. He discusses the change from Earth to Air in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction series (including historical and cultural events), as well as practical advice on Surviving 2020 and Beyond.

Charlie’s site, Student of Astrology includes his very thoughtful essay, My Worldview. He concludes with these words: “This website, and my work with astrology and philosophy, is an ongoing attempt to include as many different schools and techniques of astrology – not to figure out which one is true, but to examine each for their characteristic strengths and limitations. I think that using multiple schools gives us multiple descriptions, multiple viewpoints, that will enrich our understanding of the multi-level complexity of the cosmos we inhabit.”

Lynn Bell’s article, Cutting down the Overgrowth, Saturn Conjunct Pluto was written in April for the 2020 edition of the Wellbeing Astrology Guide in Australia. Lynn posted it on Facebook on January 9.

The ghosts of past Saturn Pluto cycles have been rising. For now, the crisis with Iran seems to have calmed. There is…

Posted by Lynn Bell on Thursday, January 9, 2020

Austin Coppock, “Teacher of Astrology and Esotericism,” writes on Jupiter in Capricorn – Of Dark Wings and Magic Rings. “Jupiter faces a heroic trial in Capricorn, as do all planets in their Fall. The planet of big vision, divine favor, and good cheer is tested mightily by the hard realities conjured by Capricorn. If Jupiter brings us visions, then Capricorn challenges us to prove them, to bring earth, stone, and sweat into accord with inspiration.”

Molly McCord has a 10-minute teaching video, Part 1: January 10, 2020 Cancer Lunar Eclipse: Soul Transformations, Soul Growth. If you haven’t seen her work, Molly shows the chart and points out the planetary glyphs as she describes the eclipse, attended to by the Saturn–Pluto conjunction and Uranus’s station. “Consider this a triple-whammy of energies as we begin the new year, new decade, and a new era in our world.” Molly completes her interpretation in a 12-minute video, Part 2: January 10, 2020 Cancer Lunar Eclipse: Connecting With Source During Epic Changes. (She brings Jeff Bezos, born on January 12, 1964 into the picture.)

Kelley Hunter writes on 2020 Vision Lunar Eclipse. Looking at the horoscope of the eclipse she writes: “I don’t usually show charts, but this one speaks for itself, as a work of astral art.” She delineates the planets positions at the eclipse,  including Chiron’s mythic wife, Chariklo, at 24° Capricorn. Kelley concludes: “Amidst the chaos around us, we can each stand tall, let go of old ways of being that no longer ‘fit’ who we are becoming. We engage our creativity and imagination. A beautiful and brave new world lies ahead. We take this journey together letting Earth and Cosmos support well-being, mutual support and joy of life.”

Happy New Year one and all!

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