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By Mary Plumb | March 5, 2018

Perhaps it was Neptune, the Sun, Chiron, Mercury, and Venus all being in Pisces on Sunday, but I became entranced with YouTube astrologers and didn’t find my way back to my other, planned topic for today’s blog. I hope you find something here that equally captivates you.

Dr. Dorian Greenbaum’s presentation on Philosophy and Fate in Hellenistic Astrology is an erudite and enjoyable way to spend 45 minutes. The talk was given at the Sophia Centre in Bath, U.K. in June 2016.

Aaron Cheak, Ph.D., has a 1-1/2 hour talk that originated at Kepler College, Astrology, Alchemy, and Magic in Hellenistic Antiquity.

Esoteric Astrology is a one-hour video based on an introductory article about the subject by Phillip Lindsay. For those unfamiliar with the term, Esoteric Astrology is based on the work of Alice Bailey. “Esoteric Astrology looks at the natal chart from the angle of the soul and how it utilizes the zodiacal energy to expand consciousness during each incarnation. This is an especially artistically produced video, which offers a very good introduction to the material.

A YouTube channel called Archetypes in the News has a 20-minute presentation: Feb. 19, 2018: Donald Trump and the 13 Russian Indictments. This astrologer (I couldn’t find his name) is politically oriented; his talk echoes an article by Thomas Friedman, “Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now.” (If you want to get right to the astrology, forward to the 8.26 mark.)

Astrology Forecast for March of 2018 is a nearly two-hour video of an episode of the very popular Astrology Podcast, with astrologers Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees, and Austin Coppock. “The forecast for March features a shift of inner planets from Pisces to Aries, Jupiter stationing retrograde in Scorpio, and Mars ingressing into Capricorn where it will eventually meet up with Saturn and Pluto.”

Rick Levine’s Astrology Forecast for March 2018 is 75 minutes. He describes this month’s highlights: “March is a study in impulse versus restraint. The cosmos is saying yes with Venus and Mercury entering spontaneous Aries on March 6, followed by the Sun on the Equinox on March 20. However, there is resistance as the Aries planets square Saturn on March 10, 13 and 29.”

Go here for Sam Geppi’s 25-minute presentation, March 2018 Vedic Astrology Predictions.

Maxine Taylor’s Trumpology Report, March 2018 is a 30-minute astrological forecast for Trump and the U.S. horoscope. (She has many other videos here, covering Trump’s children, Stormy, Melania, Elizabeth Warren, eclipses, etc.)

And my last suggestion for this week is Robert Cosmar’s YouTube channel, The Astrology of Life. He is a very experienced astrologer, speaks with a measured voice, and posts many videos, mostly short (10-15 minutes) and on timely subjects.

Back in May 2017, he posted Is Trump’s son-in-law headed for trouble?” With no birth time known for Jared Kushner, Cosmar looked ahead to transiting Pluto conjunct Kushner’s Sun, exact for all of 2018, and said: “… it’s not going to be a pleasant time for him.”

In a video posted on March 2, 2018, Hope Hicks and the President, Cosmar places her solar planets in Trump’s natal chart. Among his observations: Hicks’s Neptune is closely opposed to Trump’s Mercury – “white lies” anyone?

Here are Cosmar’s thoughts on the Florida School Shooting Event Chart (10 minutes).

To get a feel for Cosmar’s approach, watch this eight-minute video, Healing America’s Wounds: Jupiter in Scorpio. “It is time to face the consequences of our darker nature and admit we fall very short of the purpose of our existence. Pain is a great teacher and sometimes the only teacher before we destroy all that we are and what we have or had.”

I know there are countless others out there uploading quality astrology onto YouTube channels. Readers, please let me know your favorite spots.

Have a good week, everyone.

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A Thanksgiving Feast of Astro-Links from TMA

By Mary Plumb | November 19, 2017

Before we get started, here is a reminder that TMA’s Gift Subscription Sale is running now through December. Go to order and scroll down to see the discounted gift prices, which are $6 off of regular prices.

As an early start to this week’s collection of blog and video links (posted as the Moon in Sag applies to conjunct Mercury), here is an uplifting 15-minute video from Pam Gregory on New Moon in Scorpio (November 18). She speaks to the upcoming Jupiter trine Neptune, in effect through summer 2018.

Christina Rodenbeck, The Oxford Astrologer, addresses a current situation in #metoo: Emotional Insight. She writes: “Jupiter in Scorpio, working smoothly with both Neptune and Pluto, does more than just reveal the turgid secrets of the past. Two heavy-duty, ‘collective’ planets in water create a wave of emotional understanding — and Pluto provides insight. This is how the silence around sexual harassment was broken. Not everyone suddenly ‘gets it’, but a lot of people do. This is about a collective sense of empathy. There has been a collective shift in the idea of what is acceptable behavior.”

Barry Goddard of Astrotabletalk, looks at the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction “from a different angle” than a previous entry. Posted on November 14, Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn: 1518 and 2020 includes this thought: “If we look at the Saturn Pluto conjunctions of 1518 and 2020, they both have the Sun at 21/22 Capricorn. This suggests a connection between the two conjunctions, and that the successful opposition to entrenched establishment – in that case the multinational church – could, in 2020, see the beginning of a successful movement against multinational companies whose only interest, like the church at the time, is themselves.”

Stepping back to the bigger picture, here’s a post from last year by Australian astrologer Paola Emma at Living Moon Astrology: More than ever relevant today: the spiritual function of Neptune in Pisces, 2011 to 2025, striving for unity in a divided world. In a section called “the present era of Neptune in Pisces,” she writes: “Outlasting many other transits that preoccupy astrologers at the present time, this influence gives us real hope that we will be guided toward greater spiritual unity in the next decade and beyond. The fate of the planet, I feel, depends very much on the way we will be able to embrace Neptune in Pisces, avoiding its downside of extreme passivity and escapism.”

The Iran Nuclear Deal by SkyReader Sherry looks at the deal announced in June 2015. “The mundane chart of the Nuclear Deal is contentious to say the least. It has a grand square in cardinal signs which signifies constant friction and obstacles to its effectiveness.” She includes charts for Trump and the Republic of Iran (1979).

And here’s Steven Forrest on Jupiter Enters Scorpio (posted on September 30, 2017). “What will Jupiter in Scorpio mean for you personally? Well, we know you are soon scheduled to “have a long talk with yourself” about what you really need and what you really, truly feel – that’s Scorpio.”

Here is Barbara Goldsmith on Jupiter into Scorpio: Oct 2017 – Nov 2018: Soul Relationships

Chani Nicholas adds layers of detail in her Horoscopes for Jupiter in Scorpio: October 2017 – November 2018.

Away from current events, here are some perennial articles:

Richard Fidler has a series of instructive videos, “….a humble offering to astro-pilgrims.” Here is Part 1, Advanced Astrology…for beginners: a crash course in practical astrology (1 hour 50 minute).

If you have the inclination, here is a video series of hard-to-find material: Astrosophy and How to Read Birth Charts 2015, by Brian Gray, former Director of the Foundation Program in Anthroposophy at Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA. Here is the first lecture (1 hour 50 minutes); lectures 2, 3 and 4 follow.

Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology has many short (under 10 minutes) videos. Here’s a sample:
Magic: From Fear to Joy
Picatrix: Secrets of Ancient Magic
How Do Astrology and Magic Work?
(Warnock discusses “three traditional ways of explaining how astrology and astrological magic work: direct causality, the Unity of the Cosmos and magical/spiritual personalities.”)

Barbara Goldsmith has a very active You Tube channel.

Here she is on Critical Degrees in Astrology: How they affect YOU. (9 minutes).

Erin Sullivan, author of The Astrology of Family Dynamics, has a presentation at the Evolutionary Astrology You Tube channel called Family Dynamics – the 12th House – the Ancestral Lineage (posted in August 2017). In this 1-hour talk, Erin includes current research into epigenetics.

(Readers may also enjoy Erin’s classic lectures on The Planets, The Signs and The Houses – recorded in 1995 and available online since 2015.)

Also at the Evolutionary Astrology channel, Boaz Fyler (a student of Maurice Fernandez) teaches on The Death Chart.

There are many timeless articles at Seven Stars Astrology: Ancient Hellenistic and Persian Astrology in Practice. Readers can start with Twelve Easy Lessons for Absolute Beginners, “a quick and dirty introduction to pre-Medieval ancient astrology.”

Those familiar with the basics might go to the four-part series on Astrology Predictive Techniques. Here is 1: Profections Intro.

(Some readers will go straight to 4: Profections in the Style of Vettius Valens.)

Okay, that should keep us busy for a while.

May all U.S. readers have a good Thanksgiving holiday and everyone, everywhere, have a blessed week in all ways possible.

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Blogs for a new week…

By Mary Plumb | September 25, 2017

Transiting Mars in Virgo was semisquare (45º) Jupiter, opposite Neptune, and sesquiquadrate (135º) Uranus within about 30 hours this weekend. I taught on Saturday, and could not stay still on Sunday. (Mars rules my natal chart.) The sky was heavenly blue, the air was clear — no more smoke — and I am a few miles from a mountain hike where I can see Mt. Shasta and Mt. Ashland, both with fresh snow. Wanderlust took hold — I also have Neptune conjunct Mars natally — and I went for a much longed for airing out.

I came home happy to search for some blogs for you. This is a bit of a mix, with some teaching sites (modern and medieval), some news sites (Trump and the footballers), and a few YouTube classics. Be well, everyone. I hope you all have a chance for some clean fresh air in your days.

Alison Gunn, PhD, has articles teaching many aspects of astrology at her site. Wrestling the Dragon: The Meaning and Purpose of the Lunar Nodes begins with her curiosity about the modern association of “the Nodes with one’s spiritual purpose.” Her well-illustrated essay traces the history of the lunar nodes, from the Babylonian creation myth Ti’amat to Jung. She writes: “There’s a treasure that’s hard to attain waiting for you at the end of your struggle against this dragon; I think this sums up the North/South nodal challenges rather neatly.”

Along with lots of other topics, she has a series on the 12 houses. Here is the last installment, The 12th House: Know Thyself, or Else.

Rhyan Butler’s site, The Medieval Astrology Guide, is a beautiful source for clearly written material on a sometimes difficult to understand subject. He explains different philosophical approaches and techniques for identifying the Guardian Daimon and concludes: “Being aware of this connection between a native’s soul and a planet is tremendously helpful in remedial work, as reinforcing this connection has a calming effect on the soul and increases resolve. It’s not uncommon for people to go through periods in their life where they feel alone and directionless, but the Guardian Daimon is always there in our corner to provide support and guidance when we need it.”

Back in the modern world, Nancy Sommers, at Starlight News Blog: “connecting the dots in world affairs,” writes in September Madness:
“The Inaugural chart, which is essentially the chart of the Trump administration, points to significant trouble for the entire month of October, with transiting Saturn returning to its natal position (23º 37′ Sagittarius) and then square to Mars (24º 22′ Pisces) and semisquare to the Moon (9º 22′ Scorpio). This suggests a very vigorous blocking of his agenda and a potent period of protest against him. Furthermore, transiting Uranus will be square to the Inaugural Midheaven (26º 13′ Capricorn) from October 2 through October 26, and given the concurrence of Saturn transits, suggests unexpected, powerful revelations and events that impact this presidency in a negative way.”

Christina Rodenbeck at The Oxford Astrologer writes about the current newsmakers in U.S sports. “I couldn’t help but note that on the day American footballers staged a peaceful protest across the country, Neptune, the higher octave of Venus (planet of peace), and Mars, the planet of warriors, came into perfect opposition.”

Here are a few treasures from the vaults:

Robert Hand’s two-hour lecture on Reception, recorded by Kelly Phipps at the 2007 Blast Conference in Sedona, Arizona (organized by Moses Siregar).

And, from the 2008 Blast Conference (also recorded by Kelly): Robert Blaschke on Progression Theory. “Robert Blaschke passed from this earth in January 2011, but not without gracing us with his abundant wisdom and technical expertise. Not only was he a Christ-like, gentle soul and all-around great human being, he was truly a master astrologer.”

Go here for Part 1 (two hours) of Richard Tarnas’s lecture, Our Moment in History: World Transits: 2008 – 2020.
“Tarnas’s annual ‘state of the world report’ from the archetypal astrological perspective, the first of two public program lectures given at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, November 12-13, 2011.”

Keep going here:
Part 2: (one hour)
Part 3: (90 minutes)

And here’s an update — a one hour lecture from Mr. Tarnas that was recorded in May 2017: An Archetypal Perspective on Our Precarious Moment in History.

To conclude, here’s a short (5 minute) video of Pema Chodron teaching Tonglen, for a “world that is falling apart.”

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You Tube Astrologers

By Mary Plumb | April 10, 2017

Any collection of You Tube astrology must begin with David Cochrane’s phenomenal collection of tutorial videos.

This is a very broad and diverse selection of astrology. I’ll suggest a few links to get you started.

Beginners are warmly welcomed and encouraged: Here’s a 44-minute Introduction to Astrological Interpretation, Part 1: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Rulerships

Students can keep going here: 20 Free Astrology Lessons: A Complete Course (10 hours). David is a wonderful teacher; this series has been viewed 40,000 times.

He also has 21 tutorial videos in the Astronomy for Astrologers Course, 77 videos on Harmonic, Vibrational and Symmetrical Astrology and many other intermediate and advanced techniques.

Here are another few varied (and randomly selected) topics:

Possible Indications of Mental Illness (31 minutes)

Divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Astrological Analysis (24 minutes)

Whole Sign Houses, Quadrant Houses, and Equal Houses: Three Different Models for Astrology (32 minutes)

Jeffrey Wolf Green’s School of Evolutionary Astrology offers a number of videos, including a long introductory lecture (over 2 hours) from the 1980s, a two-part lecture on the meaning of the Planetary Nodes (1995), and videos from Jeffrey’s last public appearance (2005).

Mark Jones of Pluto School has a 90-minute video presentation, The Power of the Circle, that was recorded at Kepler College in November 2013.
There is also a 52-minute conversation with Steven Forrest.

Check out Samuel Reynolds’s 10-minute clip on The Real Fight for Aries, part of his ongoing (and always inspiring) Zodiac Lounge series.

Astrologer Steve Judd posts lots of 6 – 8 minute videos, sometimes daily. One current video blog Sunday sermon/early mid-April includes the U.S. missile attack in Syria.

He also has weekly and yearly forecasts. Here’s another sample (8 minutes): Global Forecast 2017.

Terence Guardino is a Western & Vedic Astrologer who posts frequent videos. Here’s a 15-minute video: Donald Trump: One Term President

And here’s Tony Howard’s lovely interview with Astrologers Lynn Bell and Adrian Duncan on the Consultation Chart, an often overlooked (and under-appreciated) technique. (38 minutes)

I also found a new free series called The School of Living Astrology with Northwest astrologer Tyler Penor. Tyler has studied astrology for 15 years and his approach is to use astrology for “wisdom, clarity, health and healing.” There are four introductory videos that he filmed outdoors — this is the Northwest, you can see trees and hear a bit of wind rustling. Check out his warm-hearted introduction to see what he’s up to.

Amanda Walsh’s new web venture, Astrology Hub, is a lively and blossoming community. Here is a 30-minute chat (with Q&A) between Amanda and Donna Woodwell: How Will the Great American Eclipse Affect Donald Trump?
(This conversation originated on the Facebook group, The Astrology Eclipse Portal.)

Correlations: The Archetypal Astrology Podcast has a new conversation (3/3/2017) posted on You Tube. Matthew Steltzner, Jessica Garfield-Kabbara, and Delia Shargel discuss Jessica’s article “Re-Visioning Saturn,” from Archai, the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. Matthew writes: “We have a lively discussion about becoming conscious of the patriarchal roots of our Western traditions, including archetypal astrology, and the process of maturing our understanding of the archetype of Saturn using the concept of the ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ Masculine and Feminine.”

(You can also download Jessica Garfield-Kabbara’s article Re-visioning Saturn.)

Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast interviews his “powerhouse guest,” astrologer Austin Coppock. This is a 70-minute interview on Astrology & The Elite.

OK, friends, that’s it for now. Have a good week and enjoy yourselves!

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The Upcoming Solar Eclipse and more: Astrologers Weigh In

By Mary Plumb | February 20, 2017

Greetings, dear readers. Here’s a mix of blogs for this week — mostly non-political (except for a few nostalgic looks at the past president) — and looking at the big sky picture including the solar eclipse, Eris the troublemaker and Saturn in Sag.

Willow’s Web Astrology catches us up with Necessary Discordant Notes as Uranus Makes its Final Conjunction to Eris in Aries. “With the current Eris–Uranus–Mars conjunction in fierce-and-feisty warrior sign Aries, this is no time to hold back. This is no time to stay silent out of habit or fear or a desire to remain socially meek and acceptable. It’s time to get your concerns on the map. It’s time to throw down.”

For anyone longing for another look at President Obama, Christina Rodenbeck, The Oxford Astrologer, has a short piece looking at his horoscope — both back and ahead a bit: Catch You Later, President Obama.

(Here’s her homage to George Michael: Just A Little Broken: RIP George Michael.)

Peter Stockinger at the Traditional Astrology Weblog writes on the Solar Eclipse of 26 February 2017: “Jupiter is the planet ruling this eclipse. At the time of the eclipse, he will be located in Libra. He is retrograde, which adds a certain degree of debilitation. It is also noteworthy that he is conjunct fixed star Spica. Robson knows that when Spica is with Jupiter we may expect: ‘Popular, social success, wealth, ecclesiastical honor and preferment’.”

Chanini Nicholas also considers the Solar Eclipse in Pisces: New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of February 20th: “Occurring on the same day as the rebellious Mars–Uranus conjunction, Sunday’s solar eclipse is a new moon, generally a time of new beginnings, but this moon is a wrap up of what has already occurred. Occurring near the south node and Neptune, Sunday’s eclipse is the last in a series of eclipses in Pisces. This past two years has taught us much about the dangers of being deluded into thinking that someone will come along and save us. The past two years have taught us much about the importance of kindness and what happens when compassion leaves us. The past two years have taught us much about what we need to lose in order to gain a fair and just world.”

Ichrak Dahou at Atlas Astrology writes on Saturn in the Third Decan of Sagittarius: “The third decan of Sagittarius points to elimination in order to increase coherence, division in order to create fruitfully, and focus in order to embody more fully a more transcendent or deeply considered strata of understanding and consciousness.”

A Stunning Scale Model of our Solar System, Drawn in the Desert is a 7-minute video that puts things in perspective. A group of friends “constructed a model by drawing circles in the desert around a 1.5 meter sun and a marble-sized Earth small enough to get lost in filmmaker Wylie Overstreet’s pocket. The result is a stunning work of land art that allows viewers to see the full circle of the Earth with their own eyes.”

Susan Herskowitz, The Uranian Astrologer, hasn’t posted a new video blog for a while, but there are lots of articles and videos in her collection, including The Barack enigma. Beneath the distance and detachment.

(She also profiles Chelsea Clinton, Pope Francis, Taylor Swift, and others.)

If you are new to the subject, go here for Susan’s introductory article: What are the Transneptunian Planets?

Aaron Cheak, PhD, is a scholar of comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism. When you have time for a long essay about Mercury’s inner–outer, Eastern–Western, microcosm–macrocosm implications, settle in for his recounting of a marvelous journey — to New York, Halifax, Los Angeles, Seattle, and beyond:
Curiouser and Mercurioser: Ruminations on a Hermetic Retrograde. “At certain times, Hermes only leads us to clarity when we abandon our preconceived plans. As with the Greek principle of aporia, only when we reach the point of pathlessness can a new way open before us.”

Ok, that’s all for now. Be well, enjoy yourselves and one another as we travel together in Sun-in-Pisces land.

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A new collection of astro-blogs…

By Mary Plumb | September 19, 2016

There’s always a lot to digest post-eclipse, and this week I visited some long-time bloggers to see what they are up to. Some of these I haven’t linked to in awhile; here’s a sample from their excellent (and diligent) work.

Nancy Sommers of Starlight News wrote Heil Donald (posted on September 6) about Trump’s recent immigration speech that “brought to mind the savageness of a Nazi rally scapegoating the Jews.” Further on she writes: “It is hard not to see Trump running into more trouble over the next ten days, with transiting Saturn moving into a sesquiquadrate with his natal Venus (25°44′ Cancer) through September 17.  There is also the transiting Pluto station currently sesquiquadrate his natal Ascendant (29°55′ Leo) and square to his natal Chiron (14°55′ Libra) through October 2, a configuration that not only puts him into the midst of a major power struggle, but also constantly attacks his vulnerable sense of self-worth (2nd-house Chiron), which he skillfully hides within the brazenness of his narcissistic ramblings.”

In the write up for the “harrowing uncertainty” of September, at John Townley’s AstroCocktail he writes: “Underneath still lurks the treacherous T-square of Saturn and Neptune, this time with first the Sun and then retro Mercury, so what seems solid isn’t, and promises are as easily broken as made. In classic “October surprise” fashion, the truth is made clear next month, as this passes, so don’t rush into the first offer you see, as it could be a well-laid mine. But, la de dios no tiene trampas, as they say. Keep a sharp watch on deck, set full sail, lash yourself to the mast, it’s going to be a show…” (Check the current homepage for a visual of what he’s talking about.)
This site also keeps a current archive of News Stories of interest to astrologers from around the globe, monthly — or yearly — sky video animation, and pdf forecast for the month.

Frederick Woodruff at Astro Inquiry has a new view of an always relevant topic: Depression and the Solar Consciousness. “Depression is a critical function of Saturn. We could say depression counterbalances the incessant solar radiation and propulsion of the heart. Without the mitigating function of Saturn, the solar principle could not be experienced as such. This is experienced in a literal way, with the heart’s expansion and then contraction as it propels the circulatory system’s various functions.”

Alex Miller at Daykeeper Journal has an The Veepstakes Winner: Astrological Profile of Mike Pence. (He’s made him interesting!): “Also in the solar mix is asteroid Eurydike at 19° Gemini, which represents a sense of loss, harking back to a past which is now gone beyond hope of recall. This says much about Pence’s conservatism, which seeks to reclaim a golden era that never truly existed, except in perception.”

Ed Tamplin’s Weekly Horoscopes September 2016 includes comments on Hillary’s Neptune Moment: “The obscure gas giant accompanies a cloud of confusion, unknowing, and uncertainty. It came following the September 11th memorial, when a video of an unsteady Clinton being escorted toward her black limo went viral. It also proved something once and for all. Hillary was definitely born around 8:00 a.m. and not 8:00  p.m. Based on 30 pivotal life events, I have always made the time 8:06 a.m. The morning birth time meant that from August 25 to October 7, 2016, Clinton’s secondary progressing Moon would join both her progressed and natal Neptune. During that period she would face increasing rumour, a possible scandal, or a health problem, as Neptune tends toward energy loss and respiratory ailments. Clinton went down with pneumonia.”

The prolific UK astrologer Marjorie Orr has charts and commentary for many current news events, including the death of the chief exorcist for Rome, Father Gabriel Amoth, who was “against yoga because it encouraged Eastern religions; and against Harry Potter, since it gave children an interest in black magic and wizardry.” She also has a chart for the Saturday bombing in NYC. “The explosion came a day after the Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius. At the time of the bombing, transiting Mars was moving through the 8th house, and (forming) an explosive trine to Uranus, as well as having moved to exactly square the Lunar Eclipse degree. The Lunar Eclipse set for NY has Uranus on the IC, so very unsettling.”

Michael Wolfstar has written his weekly NewsScope for years. Topics for the week of September 12 — which will probably be updated by the time you read this, but you’ll have access to this column as well — include Hillary Clinton Overheated: “Looking at her progressions, she currently has a progressed Sun-Mercury conjunction at 11º Capricorn, which is being squared by her progressed Moon at 11º Libra. These three planets are all within 0º03’ of exactly aspecting each other. And they’re all aspecting her natal Neptune. However, Hillary is being propelled forward by her powerful Mars, as she attempts to match Trump’s ability to endlessly insult and criticize.” Other topics are Kim Jong Un Unhinged? and Tom Hanks Stars as “Sully”. (Update: this morning’s NewsScope covers an analysis of Uranus/Pluto, Apple and Edward Snowden.)

Don’t forget to note and honor the Autumn Equinox this week: Thursday, September 22 at 7:22 a.m. PDT. May we all have a moment of beauty and balance beyond measure!

Have a good week, everyone.

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Mars and Saturn – together at last

By Mary Plumb | August 22, 2016

The long coming, often dreaded — or feared — conjunction of Mars and Saturn is upon us this week. (1) Fear is not a requirement, however; in situations that are ripe for consolidation, there is an anticipation to get on with it.

Although longer trends point to our ever greater sensitivity to the needs of the larger group — whether those in our immediate families, our communities, our nation, or all who are in this world at this time — there is a clear moment now for individuality, determination, commitment, and adequate discipline for our personal projects and material lives. Think about what you are trying to accomplish in your life, be it on the level of business, relationship, health, long-term visions, or spiritual goals, and know that the capacity to stabilize our intentions and be willing (and able) to work very hard is pronounced at this time. Concentrate deeply, even for a moment! The god of will force, desire, and wild and untrammeled passion (Mars) is joining with the god of persistence, steadfastness, and steady movement toward fulfilling our tasks in life — our dharma (Saturn) — to help us know what we must do and to access the strength and moral imagination (Sagittarius) for the next chapter in our lives.


(1) Mars is conjunct Saturn at 9° Sagittarius, and also on the very powerful star, Antares, on August 24th.

Here are some videos and blogs to add to the story:

Steve Judd has an accessible video on Mars conjunct Saturn (7 minutes long). “The positive side of Mars comes across when one is assertive and projective; the negative side comes across when one is confrontational and aggressive … Mars and Saturn are uneasy with each other … it’s like the outlaw and the sheriff.”


Lynn Bell writes Coming to Meet: Saturn and Mars. “For some, August is the time to circle back round to a difficult decision. If there was a near confrontation back in March or April, late August may be the moment to come forward again, perhaps wiser and warier than a few months ago.”


Intuitive astrologer Jean Wiley speaks on Quantum Notes for August 22-28th: Mars conjunct Saturn (16 minutes long). She brings in Mercury’s slowing speed as it approaches retrograde (August 31); its conjunction with Jupiter (today); and Saturn square Neptune along with the month’s title event on the 24th. She says, “Everyone is wrestling with ‘not enough.’ ”


Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi has a thoughtful 20-minute video on Mars and Saturn and Depression. “Saturn teaches Mars that you have to be careful about the structure that you destroy which makes Mars better but it doesn’t make Saturn better. Saturn winds up feeling the pain.”


The astronomy site Earth Sky has lots of graphics to accompany Mars and Saturn put on a show. “Mars is about to move in between Saturn and the star Antares. Watch them form a line on our sky on August 23 and 24.”

Nick Anthony Fiorenza’s long, complex, beautifully illustrated article is called Mars and Saturn in Ophiuchus conjoining Antares, Heart of the Scorpion: Mars Retrograde, the New Mars 780-day Synodic Cycle, the New Saturn Cycle, the New Mars-Saturn 2-year cycle. Among his many ideas: “Saturn-Antares teaches us about the limits we have placed upon our own power, and here it tells us the power is within to change our own self-imposed limits. As Mars moves to join Saturn, Saturn wants to control, to fix or put a hex on Mars, which is our creative force. For those less willing to relinquish false illusory ideals and to embrace the power within self rather than giving that power away, the Mars-Saturn-Antares T-square with Neptune and Lunar Nodes can incite extreme behavior to fight and control to a climax, both by authoritarian factions usurping the life force of the unawakened, as well as by those taking a revolutionary stand against authoritarian rule.”

Tony Howard has a piece called Mars and Saturn: Concerted Effort Wins the Race. “If you’re having a Mars-Saturn experience with fear of inadequacy, focus on what you can do and start to vanquish your fears through daily action. Put a practice in place – like journaling – that will help you take stock of your accomplishments, no matter how small.”

OK, that’s it for now, friends. See you on the other side.

(Our blog will be back in two weeks. I hope we all make helpful and loving changes to ourselves and our world with the September 1 solar eclipse at 9° Virgo.)

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A few blogs to attune us to the week upon us

By Mary Plumb | June 13, 2016

As a gesture to the mutable cross now in the sky — with its suggestion to keep moving and touch in, or touch down, only temporarily or lightly before the next thing needs attention — here are some links that capture the moods of these days.(The current mutable planets are: Sun, Venus, Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Sag, Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, and Neptune/South Node in Pisces.)

Laura Boomer-Trent, Agent Dakini at C*I*A, writes on the soon-upon-us Full Moon (June 20): 2nd Full Moon Sagittarius 29°32′ — A Golden Solstice Light: “To make the most of this incredibly influential Solstice Full Moon, turn up the inner light-switch and illuminate a very personal kind of heart-centered Love-Wisdom, which can then hold sway upon all kinds of issues that appertain to flux and flow, be that cash flow, emotional flow, or happily in the universal flow. When the constantly shifting ideas and actions of Gemini move into cautious Cancer, this Solstice Sun’s quest is to be fully informed before entertaining the idea of taking risks in the name of truth and freedom, security or power.”

Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington sets the solstice chart for Washington, D.C. (June 20, 2016; 6:34 p.m. EDT) and brings lots of details into her analysis, e.g., midpoints, fixed stars, the U.S. Venus return, and unaspected Uranus. Here’s a sample from her solstice essay, Summer Solstice 2016: Endings, Partings, and Denials of Guilt: “From the Grand Cross there are, of course, midpoint pictures with potentials for impractical plans, distrust, philosophical discussions, short journeys, and/or fortunate separations. In fact, separation is a theme of this Summer Season 2016, especially with the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of this solstice at the IC, the Foundation of the Matter. The eclipse at 18°55′ Pisces manifested on March 9, 2016 in the 18 South Saros Series, and its separative influence will be felt through the summer as it affects Campaign 2016 and the candidates as well as individuals with 19° Pisces prominent in their natal charts.”

Dorothy Morgan, New Hampshire Astrologer, is personal and very approachable in her writing. In a short essay on the Full Moon she writes: “Full Moons are all about letting go but Sagittarius is one sign that says ‘Yes, I can do it, bring it on.’ Unfortunately, we often end up exhausted by having too many things to do. Sagittarius is known for over-committing, over-doing just about everything. For example, I have never seen a Sagittarius go into a store and not come out with more than they needed. More is always better in their eyes.”

On Divine Harmony’s weekly astrology forecast 6/13 – 6/19, here’s a bit of what she wrote for Monday. “Monday, June 13th at 8:39 a.m. Venus in Gemini quincunxes retrograde Mars in Scorpio, creating tension and friction between the Divine Lovers. Last month Venus opposed retrograde Mars (exact on 5/24) and now they quincunx each other, making for two intense interactions between the relationship-governing planets.”

Kathy Watts at Head’s Up! The Writer’s Astrological Almanac offers a monthly forecast with entries for each day (times are PDT). For the Full Moon on June 20 she writes: “Monday June 20 at 4:02 a.m. we have the Full Moon at 29° Sag. The last degree of any sign is especially strong. Look for a major breakthrough or blast of enlightenment that makes your artistic world bigger. The Moon now goes void-of-course. At 4:55 a.m. the Moon enters Capricorn and is in that sign when, at 7:55 a.m. Mercury opposes Saturn. At 10:11 a.m. Mercury squares Neptune. In the morning you may sometimes feel that the creative magic is close but it keeps slipping away. Stick with it. At 3:34 p.m. the Sun changes signs, bids farewell to Gemini, and moves into the sign of Cancer. Heads Up. The Sun is now a guest in the Moon’s house. It’s also the first day of summer (in the northern hemisphere, anyway). Look at an ingress chart to get a peak at what the next three months may hold.”

If you haven’t seen enough of Mars retrograde, here’s Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog. He reminds us that the April retrograde station occurred with Mars on the fixed star Antares (where Saturn and Mars will both be on August 23). “Antares, or Alpha Scorpius, is also known as the Heart of the Scorpion. This is due to the fact that the fixed star is located in the middle of the constellation Scorpio. Diana Rosenberg, one of the most knowledgeable fixed star astrologers, knew that Antares had strong connections with the great issues of humankind, especially intolerance, racism, and human rights.”

Have a good week everyone and trust in the one heart that holds us all.

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2016 Forecasts

By Mary Plumb | December 28, 2015

All together now — as we cruise/slide/stumble/leap/slither/crawl/drift/drop/tumble right into 2016, here are several astrological bloggers who’ve looked ahead to share their ideas for the days to come.
Although I know there’s all manner of wonder — and trouble — ahead, I am taking heart in the North Node conjunct Jupiter as the calendar turns and I imagine Janus looking forward with a cautious and measured hope and good cheer for all. 
Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog is instructional — you can learn how to start to assess what is important in the range of planetary movement upon us. In 2016: An Astrological Preview, he briefly covers Retrograde motion of the planets; Noteworthy sign ingresses and transits; Solstices, Equinoxes, Super Moons; Solar and lunar eclipses and Solar ingress charts.
Dipali Desai at Celestial Space writes Winter Solstice – December 21, 2015. “This year’s Solstice definitely opens a symbolic doorway. It opens the way to welcoming in transiting Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees shifting into outward expression. This also represents that the ‘Uranus square Pluto’ transit that has been going on for the last two-to-three years will be ‘reactivated,’ … thus, the major themes of ‘wake up, shake up, break-free and liberate’ are also highlighted. It is indeed a time of accelerated transformation and big transitions. Uranus square Pluto will continue to symbolically … push things up for purging until about April 2016.”

Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology considers The Astrology of 2016. “The main astrological influence over 2016 will be Saturn square Neptune, which will get activated by various inner planets, and then, most importantly the lunar nodes. People will be feeling like they need to armour themselves, put up their defences and wall themselves in moated castles. All this despite being told we must dissolve boundaries, hold hands in a circle, and sing Kumbaya.”
Agent 98 – Lorna Bevan, at Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency (C*I*A) calls her piece The Astrology of 2016: A Change of Frequencies.
“2016 is not simply another year in a linear time-line; it is not a passing trend. It will infuse and enmesh itself into consciousness, rather than seem to pass us by. It is an energy threshold, a turn in the story, or as the current astrology describes, an entirely new evolution of both consciousness and world events — at the same time. It marks a permanent shift of frequency as planets on the Mutable Cross of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, encounter the tuning forks of the Galactic Centre, the Great Attractor along with black holes, pulsars, and masers.”

(FYI: also from C*I*A, an Interactive Webinar on Navigating the Transits of 2016 with Margaret Gray, on Sunday, January 3, for a $20 fee.)

Here’s a column that Michael Lutin wrote for artnet news, Michael Lutin’s Astrological Predictions for Art World Success in 2016.
“The world is not ending, no matter what the doomsday people say. Society as we have always known it, however, IS. The key words for 2016: stability in the midst of chaos.”
He has advice for each sign — a snippet of his words for Capricorn: “You’re an ultimate realist, however, so no matter how many risks you take, or how spiritual you are, praying or chanting, your mantra will always be, God bless you, ‘I want the best and I want it cheap!'”
Erin Sullivan’s December 2015 Newsletter has an in-depth look at the main themes of the new year, infused with her deep experience of archetypes and myth. Of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, she writes:
“Their dance is incestuous, if we take it from the origin myths … it is a family affair and it is a brother/father battle that has now taken its action to a global scale. There is something about this time that seems strangely familiar as if it has happened before, which it has – even if millennia ago – mythically, sociologically and politically!”
And, a bit more from her very rich observations: “Jupiter opposite Neptune brings an inflated sense of ‘holiness’ and godliness, and it being t-boned by Saturn suggests ultimately that we are in a war of the Titan Saturn with the Olympians Jupiter and Neptune. So, we are watching massive inflation of aggression, weirdness, alarm and another pathology of Jupiter/Neptune: the ‘holy wars’ coupled with astoundingly ridiculous — and worrying — parodies of ‘authority’ …  If we can see beyond the veil and into our psyche and watching the world, the anima mundi — and the cycles of Neptune and Saturn ­— it is apparent we are in a muddle on planet Earth.”

And, for a different approach, Sally Kirkman writes very practically on The Three Biggest Opportunities in 2016 for Each Sign. For Capricorn:
“1) Saturn turns your attention away from chasing after ambition or status toward finding a path that’s fulfilling on an inner level.
2) Love offers you a road to temptation, and if you’re ready for a passion-filled year ahead, this is one option.
3) Your attitude towards money and possessions shifts, and what you value highly in life is starting to change.”
For a farther look, U.K. astrologer Jessica Adams finds something very interesting to look forward to in Christmas 2016 Astrology Predictions:
“The most unusual line-up in years takes place at Christmas 2016, twelve months away, as I write this in Christmas 2015. If your personal horoscope has any factors at 20 degrees, you will be profoundly affected, as Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all link up in the heavens.
Uranus is opposite Jupiter, which is rare. What is even more remarkable, though, is that Uranus is also trine Saturn, and Saturn is sextile Jupiter. What does it mean? Massive opportunities. Extreme change. Tremendous life lessons. And all at the same time!”

If you like to listen as well as read, here’s Chris Brennan’s podcast, Astrology Forecast for 2016. Chris, Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock discuss some of the major transits and alignments for the year ahead.
(Here’s a YouTube video of the podcast.)

All of us at TMA wish all of our dear readers a joyful, healthy, and fun-filled 2016. Stay in touch, so happy to be on the road with you!

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Astro-web tour

By Mary Plumb | October 5, 2015

It’s been awhile since I collected others’ blogs and I think I found a good mix: some historical and political reports, a few great resources for research, some comforting words about loss, and a few comments about the near-term, that is, this week’s aspects. I hope you enjoy reading whatever draws you in this mix (and have time for it!).  
The prolific writer and political observer Jude Cowell of Stars Over Washington writes October 13, 2015: The First Democratic Primary Debate. She first considers the horoscope of the “ringmaster of the evening,” moderator Anderson Cooper. If you are new to Jude’s writing, she is a well-versed astrologer and includes Sabians, midpoints, eclipse degrees, and much more in her analysis.

Doug Kellogg’s site, 500 Year Party: An astrological study of history and politics, has many substantive articles, accompanied by the beautiful and colorful chart graphics of his design.(Doug is a long-time astrologer and software programmer.) In the new post, linked above, Doug discusses the generations as defined by outer-planet markers.

Another entry, A Brief Look at 2016, focuses on the upcoming transit of Saturn over the U.S. Sibly Ascendant in Sagittarius, referring back to previous cycles of Saturn transiting conjunct the U.S. Ascendant — 1986, Reagan’s second term; 1957, the Cold War, etc. This transit will be accompanied by Neptune square the Sibly Ascendant. The Neptune square “is part of a bigger complex that will come into play in the following years. This Neptune square starts in the early spring of 2016, and by late spring we have Saturn on the Ascendant and Neptune square the Ascendant.”

AstroFix: the blog of an astrology addict, is an active spot that displays a mix of modalities well suited for the digital format — there are snapshots of aspects, lots of graphics and gifs, a lively comment section. Here’s a sample: Pluto/Ascendant aspects: Mesmerizing. Magnetic. Intense. Captivating. Entrancing. You don’t reach out to people, you wait for people to be drawn to you. You’re an enigma and people are fascinated by you. You don’t engage, you hypnotize. Opening doors to secret places with just a look. Gaining access to mysterious places by looks and manner alone. Making people believe you are powerful. You intimidate people. Making people believe you do in fact know secrets. Curl of concealment. No one says hi to you first.”
Jessica Shepherd at Moonkissd wrote a nice piece about Pluto, How to Burn, inspired by the rampage of loss in the California fires which triggered her memory of grievous loss earlier in her life. “It takes a very long time to come to terms with this loss, far longer than you believe you’ll be able to tolerate. You no longer have friends. Some were too fearful that what was happening to you could happen to them. Others moved on with their own lives…. … You’ve lost everything. You spend a lot of time crying, lost and in denial. The day you begin to accept your new reality is as sad and terrifying as it is liberating. You realize you still have a heart, at least, beating wildly for air, and maybe that is enough…….Yes, you will feel destroyed again. But you cannot be destroyed. You are eternal. When you forget this, go outside and stand in your garden. Feel the air on your skin. Let your puppy lick your face. Allow life to show you its generosity… in giving so much more than it takes away. Trust the beating of your wild heart as you do the rising Sun. Live from inside. Here.”
Patricia L. Walsh, Agent 999 at C*I*A, writes on Saturn in Sagittarius. She concludes: “The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded seconds after launch (1986). Barring explosions, you may simply be torn between the urge for wider fields to romp in, while needing to handle responsibilities that limit your freedom. Focus is heightened, and there may be an urge to rush to the finish line as the goal is so clearly in sight, but that yellow brick road may have some misplaced bricks, causing bruised toes and stumbles. Slow down….and remember Dorothy’s biggest lesson, You already have everything you need…take time to notice what’s right in front of you ….. and keep your eyes on the road……….”
Philip M. Graves is a British astrological historian who has created a remarkable resource at his website, Astrolearn. There are various branches of his ambitious project, including “the establishment of a thorough online bibliography of printed astrological literature based upon direct access to and examination of the holdings of an archive of astrological literature.” Graves has collected astrological literature since 1995; he now has over 6,000 volumes of books and pamphlets, and over 9,000 individual issues of hundreds of periodicals.
In one section, there are succinct and detailed articles on 17 topics which he wrote between 2002- 2004 when he was an active and informed participant on several Internet forums. Topics herein include Introduction to Prenatal Eclipses and Introduction to Celestial Bodies.
There is also an assemblage of shorter articles, written for blogs or FB between 2006-2013.

Perhaps the main treasure of his work is the series of five DVDs archiving rare astrological literature. The DVDs are organized into five historical periods, beginning with From Lilly to Partridge: English Renaissance Astrology Texts, 1598 – 1723, and ending with Itinerant to Eternity: the Alan Leo Legacy, Volume Two — “Modern Astrology,” 1913 – 1938. The DVDs contain very high-quality, full-color scans from the original printings of books and journals that Graves has collected, “informed by an acquired wealth of specialised knowledge of the early modern history of western astrology, and driven by a passion to preserve and disseminate to today’s historians and astrologers its literary legacy.” The DVDs are extremely reasonably priced (approximately £45 or $70) with shipping and tax depending on the country. (Graves resides in Sweden.)

Astrolearn is an ongoing project “being run on a shoestring private budget,” and Graves invites others to be involved in his laudable work. He’s looking for new additions to his collection and is open to support from astrological organizations and individuals. His web site is unlike any other, so do go and see what he’s up to.  
The Astrology Dictionary, a growing site written by Chris Brennan, is “designed to be a comprehensive online glossary and encyclopedia for people who need to look up the meaning of an astrological term or concept.” Along with definitions, there is relevant historical information and diagrams. Defined terms include those used in modern (e.g., outer planets) and traditional approaches (e.g., katarche), all very handy for those momentary memory lapses.
Suzi Dronzek at starcana has a short guide to the week’s aspects — When Perfection Matters. “Being on the same page as another may be a bit more challenging with an uncomfortable Sun/Pluto square on Tuesday, October 6. While we may ‘talk a great talk’ because of a Mercury/Saturn sextile; making good on our word could be an issue with the Mars/Neptune opposition on Tuesday night.”
From Astrology by Lauren: Astrologer, Astro-Blogger, incessantly seeking, from the far side of somewhere: Lauren writes an entry called Damage Control, on the general week’s aspects, followed by specific delineations for each of the twelve signs. “Although Mercury is swift and ephemeral, Saturn is slow and deliberate. So this is great weather for working on long-term projects that require deliberate focus and concentration: editing, reviewing, studying, researching. Mercury/Saturn is also very good for creating plans, or some sort of road map, and organizing the next few months as well as our calendars.”

Onwards everyone. Have a good week and stay connected.

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