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By Mary Plumb | July 7, 2014

Hello everyone. I’ve got a varied assortment of links for this week’s blog – I’m not sure if there’s a common theme, but all are meant to be informative and enjoyable. Happy reading!

Pam Younghans writes a weekly astrology journal at North Point Astrology. Saturn and Uranus both station within 25 hours of each other on July 20-21. She writes:
“During the two weeks on either side of a planet’s ‘station,’ when the planet is virtually standing still (from Earth’s perspective), we tend to feel that planet’s effects more directly. I often use the analogy of a train station to explain this effect: If we’re standing on the platform and a train is approaching, at first the vibration and the sound are distant. As the train gets closer and also starts slowing, the vibration and sound get stronger. When the train finally comes to a halt, the vibration and sound are at their most intense in our experience. Then, when the train is ready to leave the station, we have a reversal of our experience, with the sound and vibration slowly diminishing.”

Ed Tamplin is very thorough on world events. His weekly horoscope includes the U.S. Solar Return chart. “The USA’s birthday horoscope, for 2014, features a Cancerian Sun opposite Pluto, with the Libran Moon squaring both. Mars, the planet of war, is opposed to revolutionary Uranus. The Mars Uranus opposition, in a challenging square to the U.S. Ascendant, indicates unstable international relations. The unpredictability of Uranus in fiery Aries suggests sudden eruptions or insurgencies and the increased prospect of aerial and cyber warfare.” Ed then discusses the last time Pluto was in hard aspect to the U.S. Sun (October 1977).

Lorna Bevan writes at Daykeeper Journal. In her article July—the Wheel of Fortune Turns, she writes: “During this summer of grace, the harmonious water trine between Saturn and Chiron will form and reform the sacred geometry of a series of Grand Water Trines as Mercury, the Sun, and Venus follow each other through Cancer. Wherever 16 degrees of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio fall in your chart is your Merkaba, your soul vehicle and chariot, your three-sided pyramid of healing, recharging, and ensouling.”

Doug Walker’s site, Historical Astrology, has many substantive articles on Using Astrology to Chart the Ebb and Flow of the Historical Process. A recent addition, The Astrology of Ancient Sumer is informative and easy on the eyes with a fine layout and multiple graphics.

Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington posted a new article called Laid by the Stars: The District of Columbia Boundary Stones. She writes about “the laying of the District of Columbia boundary stones on the land that President George Washington selected (former surveyor as he was).” She also has a post on the U.S. Solar Return chart.

In The Corruption of Tony Blair, Christina Rodenbeck looks at the current business affairs of the former Prime Minister. “Since leaving office in 2007, Tony Blair has become a multi-multi millionaire. Like Satan himself, he has become a fixer, middle-man, adviser to the international .001% — dictators, autocrats and tyrants — from Kazakhstan to Abu Dhabi to Manhattan…..On the day that Blair won the election, Pluto, the dark lord, master of our darkest desires, tempter, transformer, was smack on Blair’s descendant, the angle of partnership, of contracts. If we were going to be entirely metaphysical, which we are, we might surmise that he made a pact with the devil when he crossed the threshold of Number 10.”

Jeremy Neal at Chirotic Journal writes about Rolf Harris, Hadean Times: The Rise and Fall of Rolf. (He was a television personality in Britain during the 1960s and 1970s, convicted in 2014 of twelve charges of indecent assault.) “Many of my generation are reeling somewhat from the news that Rolf Harris, whose cheerful, positive, and uplifting manner is somehow keyed into the DNA of our childhoods, has turned out to be a fake.”
The author includes Orcus and Ixion in his delineation.
“Clues to narcissism can often be gleaned from the placement of Ixion, who delineates the areas and the styles of personal entitlement. Once again, Ixion, like Neptune, is peregrine conjunct Atlantis 1198. This gives a style of narcissism, if one can call it so, that invades the privacy and sexual boundaries of others (+Atlantis, in the 8th house). It operates secretly, covertly, and peregrine: it’s either full on or completely absent.”

Steve Judd has a short video on the Chiron return (age 51). He speaks of a “comprehensive understanding” of interdependence that is possible then, as well as a time when our own self-sabotage becomes very obvious.

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Blogs for a Full Moon week…

By Mary Plumb | May 12, 2014

Astrology, Dharma, Health and Wellness: a metaphysical, health, and spiritual well-being blog is written by dharma student and astrologer, Kirby Moore. The entry, called Bodhisattva Astrology, follows an earlier one on the Cardinal Grand Cross. He writes: “So what I am trying to say… that this heavy aspect configuration of the Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs will either be felt internally by you (especially if you have a personal planet — Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Mars — around 12 degrees of a Cardinal sign); or if you fit the category described above — if the fatalistic astrology books do not make sense to you because your spiritual practice has started to bear fruit, then keep on doing what you know in your vast heart to be right action. Continue sharing your bright soul with the world and bringing presence and skillful compassion wherever you go.” 

The Westologist: Cultural Insight by Pierre Assier is a beautifully designed collection of short blogs and illustrations in such categories as Arts, Ideas, and Symbols. He introduces the site: “Here you will find insights into western cultures. Hopefully the kind that sheds light on the world around us and makes it more enjoyable and meaningful.” A few entries that may be of particular interest include Ancient Gods in Weekday Names, Symbols: The Graces and the Fates, and The Scales of Justice.

Juxtaposition is astrologer Faye Cossar’s entertaining e-zine. It is a mix of astrology and random cultural notes. As per the sign of beginnings in the Aries 2014 edition, The Cosmos “Does Time” she writes about electional astrology. The Pisces 2014 edition, Power is the Drug, is about addiction and power (with some gorgeous shoes). She writes:
“We are all addicts..Most people born between the 1940s and now have what is known as a sextile aspect between Neptune and Pluto in their horoscope. Technically, the two planets have been in a dance where they have been about 60 degrees apart all this time. Sometimes the distance between them is exactly 60 degrees, making it a stronger theme for some. However I basically read this as meaning that this whole generation is ‘addicted (Neptune) to Pluto,’ i.e. anything Scorpio-like.
Addicted to oil and fossil fuels
Addicted to therapy
Addicted to research
Addicted to ravaging the earth to find ‘treasure’ — e.g. fracking
Addicted to cruelty
Addicted to rage
Addicted to sex
Addicted to abuse
Addicted to control.”
She adds a few interesting and eclectic websites for each month and some quotes, e.g., for April: “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.” Lucille Ball 

Richard Dagan is “an unaffiliated monk, a multiple, a medium, an ‘outsider’ who follows an inner path of psychospiritual study, practicing a range of therapeutic arts that include writing, free verse, painting, sculpture, and esoterica — astrology, altered states, and healing energies related to the experience of Self (Paramatma), such as kundalini, Qigong, and Neigong.” A recent entry at Shenjiva: My Journal of Arts is described “As transiting Saturn opposes the stellium — Working through a period of transition: An introspective exploration using geocentric and sidereal radices, working with selected fixed stars and asteroids, aspect patterns and sacred geometry, archetypal influences and associations, Anahata and kundalini.” He has lots of charts displayed, many footnotes and references to others’ work as he writes his ideas in a kind of intricate journal format. Among his many observations is a correlation between the Grand Sextile, aka Star of David aspect, and Anahata, the heart chakra. 

Astrologer Alice Portman’s site is a treasure trove of astrological studies. She has a section of articles on the Vertex, beginning with What is the Vertex? “The Vertex axis is the Electrical Axis of the chart. The Ascendant-Descendant is the Magnetic axis. The MC-IC is the gravity axis.”

In The Vertex Axis in Relationships, she discusses Brad and Angelina and Jennifer’s charts. “Brad’s Vertex is conjunct Angelina’s Venus-Ascendant and his Moon-Venus-antiVertex is conjunct her Descendant. This is called a Vertex-Ascendant swap and indicates an enormously powerful connection between two people. If planets are involved as well, no wonder they couldn’t resist each other….I must make it clear that this connection doesn’t necessarily make for a happy, peaceful relationship; it irresistibly draws the people to each other, but other configurations determine what kind of relationship it will be.”

Some of her other categories are Determining Death from a Horoscope, with a very detailed analysis of Princess Diana that includes her year age harmonics, the daily age harmonic, secondary, tertiary, and solar arc progressions, and the same data for her former husband Prince Charles and her two sons.

Portman also has articles on Diurnal Charts, Your Career in Your Natal Chart and much more.

Deconstructing the Grand Cross: A Present-Centered View by Glenn Perry, Ph.D. offers an interpretation of the unfolding of events in the season’s infamous celestial pattern. “Meanwhile, enormous efforts are being extended to find solutions to conflicts that have exposed fault lines in the structures and foundations of society. All of this makes sense when we consider the nature of the grand cross, which is more like a strait jacket than a frontal assault. The person within the strait jacket may be quite powerful and experiencing tremendous frustration; he is, after all, involuntarily restrained. Yet, it is precisely the function of the strait jacket to protect the person from harming himself or others. This is an apt description both of the grand cross and the world events in question.”

Astrologer Peter James Clark at the Classical Astrology Weblog writes on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from the Hellenistic perspective. “The chart is, at first glance, somewhat unremarkable. An exalted Jupiter in Cancer is Lord of the Ascendant. In Hellenistic astrology, the Ascendant is considered as the bow of a ship, but the metaphor works for aeroplanes…If this looks relatively benign, we need to look closer. Jupiter is the helmsman, but he makes no actual contact or attachment to the Ascendant. He is also out of Sect and in the house of Death…Jupiter’s connection to Fixed Stars included Sirius, meaning searing heat, as well as Canopus, the Celestial Navigator.”

Laurie Farrington at Astrolore writes Weekly Astrology Weather: May 12, 2014 through May 18, 2014. “The Scorpio Full Moon falls on Wednesday, asking that we look back to the Taurus New Moon, which occurred on Wednesday, April 30th. The results of what you started at that time should be clear this week…..This looks to be a powerful week as our values and beliefs deepen to match the changes that we have so recently embraced. Whatever these weeks have transformed in your individual life, this week you will begin to assimilate your new awareness into your own personal value system.”

And, just one more, for those in a celebratory (or decadent) mood Mixstrology: Cocktails for Each Sign of the Zodiac.

Have a good Full Moon week, everyone.

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Check-in from around the web

By Mary Plumb | April 21, 2014

Michael WolfStar’s weekly NewsScope column, Astrology Rising, includes astrologer Susan Miller’s horoscope. “Probably the most influential astrologer in America today is Susan Miller. Her website, Astrology Zone, gets some 20 million page views every month.”

NeptuneCafe’s Front Page has links to The Oxford Astrologer on Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” with husband Chris Martin, and lots of articles on Putin’s Russia.

Louis Acker’s new article is Eclipses of 2014 and 2015: An astrological analysis including 4 total lunar eclipses.
Readers may also enjoy 2014 and beyond. (A shortened version appeared on our blog last week.) The original version includes coverage of Neptune in Pisces and the unusual pattern — from March 2013 to October 2014 — of “a long series of stationary Mercury positions closely conjunct or trine Neptune.”

An observer from outside our field, Amanda Petrusich, writes Is It Time For Us To Take Astrology Seriously? “In an April marked by angry eclipses portending unexpected change, the ancient, long debunked practice of astrology and its preeminent ambassador might be weirdly suited for the 21st century.” She concludes: “But then I’m reminded, again, that inaccuracy, or, at least, a belief in the fluidity of truth, is at the heart of the present-day zeitgeist: Our news is often hasty and unverified, our photos are filtered and retouched, our songs are pitch-corrected, our unscripted television programs are storyboarded into oblivion, and most everyone shrugs it all off. Astrology might not offer the most accurate or verifiable information, but at least it offers information — arguably the only currency that makes sense in 2014.

In that way, astrology seems perfectly positioned to become the defining dogma of our time.”

Julie O’Mahoney’s The Astrology Place makes use of graphics and gifs along with her many short (and beginner friendly) blog posts. A current one is Portals to Hell: Pluto. In case anyone needs reminding, “The goal of a Pluto experience is to cross a threshold into a new resurrected life.”

April Elliott Kent’s Astrology Study: Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets: The Narrative of Change gives her quick, clear ideas. For an eclipse aspecting natal Venus she writes: “If only each of us were endowed with flawless confidence, great relationships, bountiful self-esteem, and oodles of cash! Eclipse aspects to Venus remind us that the world will not always give us the treatment, whether kind or cruel, that we think we deserve.”
She also gives specific degree areas that are sensitive during this April’s eclipses (the Full Moon eclipse is coming on the 29th).

Artist and astrologer Rafael VR tells about a Planetary system on the wrist. This is a $245,000 watch produced by the jewelry company Van Cleef & Arpele and Christiaan van deer Klaauw, a company that manufactures astronomical watches. It took three years to complete and has 396 separate parts. The watch, essentially an astronomical clock, shows the six planets visible to the eye — the Moon is not included — as they move around the Sun in real time. The planets are made from precious stones. It is beautiful. He concludes: “Want one?”

TMA writer Donna Cunningham offers Information on Protecting Yourself From Heartbleed’s Identity Theft Threat.

Onwards everyone! Have a good week (and try to get some sleep).

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Blogs for a New Moon week..

By Mary Plumb | February 24, 2014

SunnyCat Astrology is Zane Maser’s Blog on nature, healing, astrology, and the inner life. In her current blog, she reminds us of the significance of the Year of the Green Horse: “Wood initiates not only the sequence of the Five Elements but also the 60-year circle of the Chinese zodiac. Wood is associated with springtime and the expansion of budding new life. A lush, fecund growth will soon cover the earth as deciduous trees green once again. This fortunate Year of the ‘Green Horse’ — the first one since 1954 — is considered a fruitful one of promise and the attainment of heart-centered goals. Favorable happenings are afoot! The independent spirit of this horse is able, energetic, hardworking, bright, friendly, and warm-hearted…..Some of the astrological signatures for the year corroborate this upsurge of optimistic energy for quick-paced, forward movement, such as the Uranus-in-Aries’ impulse to break free into fresh territory……Plus, we are beyond the midpoint of the momentous Uranus-Pluto squares (7 in total through March 2015), so we are more than halfway up the horse trail on the Mountain of Change — to the point of no looking back but rather upward into greater Light and a leaner body, soul, and spirit.”

Go to Tad Mann’s site to access his art and written works and sign up for his monthly newsletter. Here’s a quote from February’s letter: “This is a time when we all tend to feel the need to be inside, to conserve energies and intimacies, and so letting it out will feel much better than you can even imagine. With Pluto and Venus still in their forceful embrace it might be that you swing from the extremes from overdoing it and being the eternal naive. Being opposite to open and optimistic Cancerian Jupiter and squaring the impulsive Uranus in Aries, creative urges can be spot on now, so move on it and know that the world is ready for whatever it is that you imagine.”

Astrolore: Let the Universe Support Your Growth offers Astrology Weather Report February 24 – March 2, 2014. “This week as the Moon moves through Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces your outlook is apt to be less about those in your immediate surroundings and more about humanity in general. You may seek to become more engaged with humanitarian issues rather than personal issues.”
There is also a day-by-day report on the planetary aspects.

Kenneth Johnson’s article Mind and the Vedic Moon begins: “One of the most abiding sources of confusion I have encountered among students who approach Jyotish from a background in Western astrology is the concept of the Moon as symbolic of ‘the mind.'” His description is concise; he concludes: “In the end, then, the Vedic perception of the Moon is not that different than the Moon as perceived in Western astrology. The concept of manas invites us to envision our moods and feelings, our emotional experience of life, the material stored in our astral bodies, as the authentic ground from which mind and intellect arise — in other words, our essential field of conscious awareness. Happy Moon = quiet emotions, quiet mind. Unhappy Moon = turbulent emotions, troubled mind.
May your conscious awareness be as tranquil as a full moon shining in a lake of calm water.”

Pat Paquette at RealAstrologers includes a scan of current mundane events in her always interesting weekly forecast. From her Weekly Forecast February 24: Jupiter Square Uranus, New Moon in Pisces: “Mars turns retrograde eight hours after the New Moon in Pisces on Friday. Although the chart for this New Moon is dominated by the cardinal T-square, the New Moon is in favorable aspect to Jupiter and Pluto and so might provide a ‘way out’ for some of the tension. That said, I’m hesitant to predict entirely positive outcomes. Not only does Pisces have a dark side, but the Sun and Moon are in conjunction with Chiron. We might think of it as something like a healing crisis.”

Marina at Darkstar Astrology writes on Mars Retrograde 2014. She includes the fixed stars Mars will cross in his backwards, then forward again, motion. “Mars stations retrograde on March 1, 2014. Mars will traverse slowly backwards from 27º to 9º Libra. Like all retrogrades this period gives us a chance to look at things from a right-brain perspective.”

Jessica Murray at MotherSky writes as compellingly as ever in her new blog, No More Free Lunch.”Last month’s Full Moon brought news that sent a chill down the collective spine of the 99%. Net neutrality received its deadliest blow yet when a federal court moved one step closer to allowing corporations to decide which websites get the fast access everybody wants…..The Full Moon was at 26° Cancer/ Capricorn. Transit trackers familiar with the US Sibly chart may recognize these as the placements of America’s Mercury and Pluto. It was one of the most astounding astro-synchronicities I’ve seen in a long time.”

How Have You Grown from Saturn in Scorpio’s Transits? is the current post at Donna Cunningham’s Skywriter. She talks about her own progress during this time (i.e., “Well, it’s been more like hobbling forward than power walking, but I’ve made some important progress.”) and invites comments from us all: “So, Readers, what have you accomplished through hard work during this transit? Maybe now that we’re through the halfway mark of this transit, can you see progress despite the fact that it’s been anything but easy?”

Anthony Louis writes on The Uranus-Pluto Square of April 2014. He includes the Ukrainian national horoscope (August 24, 1991) and the chart for the grand cross on April 21, set for Washington, D.C. “Individuals born with their Sun or personal planets and chart points at 13 degrees of a cardinal sign will be most strongly affected in their personal life. In the tradition of Chaucer and T.S. Elliot, April may be the cruelest month for such individuals. Thus those born with their Sun around 13 degrees of a cardinal sign, that is, those born within a few days of January 4th, April 3rd, July 5th, or October 6th of any year) will feel this transit most acutely as it affects their natal Sun. A study of each individual’s birth chart will be necessary to see what other planets and chart points are affected. If you accept July 4th as the birthday of the United States, then this country is in for a period of major upheaval.”

Barry Goddard at AstroTableTalk has an entry called The Astrologer’s Secret Fire. “The real training for astrology usually takes decades. Learning the system and how to bang the symbols together so that words come out of your mouth is the easy bit. Anyone can go and get a certificate like this, and unfortunately it is generally seen as a qualification to practise the craft, you are a ‘professional’……But astrology is not about that at all. The real qualification is the refashioning of the personality so that it becomes a vessel for the gods. And that is something the gods do to you if you are lucky or unlucky enough, it is not something you can decide. It is for the daimons who were assigned to you at birth.”

And to end with a cozier theme, Adam Elenbaas writes on the importance of the Moon in compatibility in Lunar Love on his Astrology Study site. “At this point in history it seems safe to say that even our best spiritual philosophies, eastern and mystical or western and monotheistic alike, place too great an emphasis on the quest for transcendence. We ask someone about their Sun sign because we’re all interested in each other’s individuality. We’re each very concerned with our personal quest. But if the Sun is by nature more personal and less ‘dependent,’ compared to the Moon, then wouldn’t it be at least equally important to ask about someone’s ‘Moon’ sign when considering a relationship, which is by nature more of a ‘dependent’ situation?”

Have a happy, nourishing, fun, full week, everyone. Let’s enjoy the passage of time together!

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Catch up with astrology on the web….

By Mary Plumb | January 20, 2014

This week our collection of blogs represents lots of points of view and subject matters, as well as discussions of the past (i.e., see Chris Brennan’s), present (e.g., sex scandal in France), and future (e.g., Austin Coppock and Crystal Pomeroy on 2014). Something for every mood, I hope.

Have a good Monday and enjoy the first day of the Sun in Aquarius.
Paul Saunders at Solaris Astrology writes on French President Francois Hollande’s love affair with actress Julie Gayet in France Rocked by Presidential Sex. He considers the horoscopes of all the players — the president, the actress, and his primary partner. “It is very revealing that transiting Jupiter, the planet ruling his permanent partner of the moment (Valerie Trierweiler), is now conjunct Hollande’s South Node, a point of detriment, and as it has moved there she has gone into hospital and is suffering greatly from stress.”
Frederick Woodruff interviews Jessica Murray, Finding a Way Through, at AstroInquiry. Enjoy this conversation between two intellectually robust astrologers.
Austin Coppock has a synopsis of the big themes of the year in The Astrology of 2014. (This is an excerpt from 2014 Astrology Almanac.)
Crystal Pomeroy writes: 2014: The Year of the Spiritual Warrior at DayKeeper Journal. “If the sacred masculine supports heroic progress in 2014, the sacred feminine is the center that insures deep and lasting results. From St. George saving the maiden to the celestial Toltec warrior who defends his mother from attack while still in the womb, warrior myths remind us that the hero’s ultimate goal is to defend the inner life. Whether you prefer mindfulness, meditation, prayer, forgiveness, journaling, or any discipline or combination, this is a year to keep the inward flame burning through daily practice and a commitment that goes beyond the surface.”
As the Sun moves from one Saturn sign (Capricorn) to another (Aquarius), let’s keep listening to the ringed planet. Julie O’Mahoney writes: Saturn: The Big C (by which she means commitment) at The Astrology Place. “With Saturn we need to rise to the challenge, we need our mettle to be tested, and it rules those places we feel less developed, inferior, not good enough. Saturn is the place we compensate for our weaknesses, but some of our greatest talents and capabilities arise from our feelings of inadequacy. It is thought that humans will do anything to avoid pain to preserve a sense of self, but this avoidance results in the creation of psychological defences that are so common with Saturn in the natal chart.”
Enjoy Gary Caton’s current 50-minute talk at his Goddess Astrology Podcast. His subject: Venus Conjunct the Sun in Capricorn.
Teri Parsley Starnes at Starsdance Astrology writes about Time. “What is your relationship to Time as a Mysterious One? Does this question catch you by surprise? Have you never thought of Time as a being with whom you could have relationship? If so, I invite you to entertain that notion. It could shift your whole life. I know it has mine…….Pressure and panic are signals that I am not in alignment with Time. Too focused on the future, I lose my anchor to Present Being. Like a child who feels neglected and who knows she is the center of the world (don’t we all know this?), Present Being warns, ‘If you lose me, you lose everything! Future won’t help you and it won’t help me. Come back to me. I need you.'”

Chris Brennan collected a list of Top 10 Astrologers of All Time. It’s a mini-mini course on astrological history; he explains why he chose these ten (and lists some Honorable Mentions), and gives a snapshot of their respective contributions and place in history.

Jeremy Neal at Chirotic Journal writes The Astrology of Paul Walker’s Demise and the importance of transNeptunian objects Ixion and Orcus. “Studies of Walker’s demise cite varying opinions about the gathering portents implied in his astrology. In my view, none of the analysis has identified the single overwhelming stormy petrel of the piece, which is the Hadean transit of Ixion to Walker’s Sun and Saturn.” (Editor’s note: “stormy petrel” – “a person or thing that foreshadows trouble” The Free Dictionary)
We’re always open to your suggestions for links to help keep us informed about the myriad astrology writers on the web. (I remember when TMA first started collecting astrology websites — 1995, I think. It’s rather a more complex picture nowadays.)

Thank you.
Have a good week everyone, Mary

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Solstice blogs

By Mary Plumb | December 23, 2013

We wish the happiest solstice season to all of TMA’s wonderful readers and friends. Here is a collection of blogs considering (mostly) astrological perspectives on the times.

Alan Oken’s Christmas Message 2013 is a short (four minute) greeting from his home in Bali telling of the esoteric significance of 0° Capricorn.

Venus stationed on the solstice; Jim Sher describes her current cycle in Venus Retrograde 2013-14.

Julija Simas at C*I*A has a thorough description of the Capricorn ingress, including an explanation of precession, links to other blogs, and the AstroCartoGraphy map. “A year ago at this Solstice 2012, the world was excited about the supposed ending of the Mayan Calendar; it was a time to contemplate the dawning of a New World, a new awareness, the coming of a big shift. A year later, and after another couple of Pluto-Uranus squares, we can sense a shift, a change, and a deep change within, yet we also sense so much more ahead. We knew this was all symbolic, we gave it meaning, and we continue to live in hope as we desperately still want our world to change for the better.”

Classical Astrologer Weblog’s entry Winter Solstice 2013 sets the chart for Victoria, British Columbia. “The darkening of the Year and corresponding lightening of the Year are equally valued. Night and Day are equal, as is the spiraling in and spiraling out of human consciousness. It’s the eternal relationship of feminine and masculine, complementary and inseparable.”

Here’s an  eight-minute video that describes the early Pagan festivals, traditions, and rituals around the Winter Solstice. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia to honor the god of agriculture. “They gave coins for prosperity, pastries for happiness and lamps to light one’s journey through life…..In Sumerian history, the god Nimrod was said to bring gifts and put them under the evergreen tree….Kissing under the mistletoe also has Pagan origins….The Druids believed mistletoe fell from heaven and grew onto a tree that sprang from earth. Mistletoe thus represented the joining of heaven and earth and later man to woman.”

Astrology Notes from Nancy has a piece on the meaning of the solstice. “We can overcome the Cold Winter Sun by evoking our highest and most loving instincts and being that person who brings loving kindness and warmth to all of our fellow-men. Be that light, be your best self, be love incarnate — dwell and flourish in the burgeoning light! Blessings to all.”

Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog sets the ingress chart for Brussels (capital of the European Union). Citing Bonatti, “Saturn is the planet with the most essential and accidental dignity and has therefore to be Lord of the Revolution….Jupiter will turn direct, ending Saturn’s reign on 16 March 2014, just five days before the 2014 Aries ingress. Up until then we will have to stay under the rule of Saturn in his role of Lord of the Revolution.”

Nick Dagan Best has a five-minute talk with graphics on his work with the Venus retrograde cycle: Nelson Mandela: Venus Cycles and the Freedom Struggle.

Abella Arthur has an article, Venus Rx Retrograde in Capricorn, wherein she gives the essence of the planet and sign, keywords, hints on how to use the time, and a collection of Venus music videos, including this 1959 clip of Frankie Avalon singing Venus. (The author includes his horoscope. “Frankie Avalon has a full Venus house — Venus aspects all the planets in his chart. Venus is at the apex of a grand trine including Saturn & Mars! He has Venus conjunct Neptune!”)

From a different musical corridor of the Internet, Frederick Woodruff created a
Winter Solstice Compendium
, a collection of sacred music and chants and hymns. (He also links to a solstice interview with astrologer Jessica Murray.)

And, we close with this lovely poem from Wallace Stevens (1879-1955). (The gentleman, born October 2, has a deep feeling for stillness; he had natal Saturn in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra.)

The Snow Man
One must have a mind of winter
To regard the frost and the boughs
Of the pine-trees crusted with snow;

And have been cold a long time
To behold the junipers shagged with ice,
The spruces rough in the distant glitter

Of the January sun; and not to think
Of any misery in the sound of the wind,
In the sound of a few leaves,

Which is the sound of the land
Full of the same wind
That is blowing in the same bare place

For the listener, who listens in the snow,
And, nothing himself, beholds
Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.

May we all appreciate the dark and the quiet of the season.

Have safe, happy, healthy holidays, one and all.

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Blog roundup for a waning Moon week..

By Mary Plumb | November 18, 2013

A note from TMA‘s publisher:
Are you curious about the astrology of 2014?
The 120-page Dec./Jan. issue of The Mountain Astrologer is hot off the press, and it includes two in-depth articles on how we will be affected by the grand cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in 2014. Key charts are examined, starting with the January 1 New Moon, and 12-sign forecasts are included. The Uranus–Pluto square’s strong connection to the July 4, 1776 U.S. chart is also interpreted. This issue of TMA also features articles on Jupiter, Planetary Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, and an installment of Deborah Houlding’s teaching column on Horary Astrology. See the contents here.
To order a subscription (print or digital) or a single (print) copy direct from TMA, go here to order print or order digital.

Today’s blog:
The Full Moon in Scorpio has just passed and the Moon in Gemini  today is moving towards Jupiter in Cancer. They will conjoin on the 21st at the moment the Sun enters Sagittarius (10:48 p.m. ET; 7:48 p.m. PT), a delightful hint of an uplift in the tone of the days.

Here are some blogs of different moods and views and purposes. To get our bearings, I’ll start with a few pages on Sagittarius from Skyscript

Star Lore of the Constellations: Sagittarius the Archer by Deborah Houlding looks at the stars, i.e., Facies and Ascella. And, from an essay on the traits of the sign: “Typically a lover of sport, the real issue for the Sagittarian is the need to react spontaneously and intuitively; to project the energies outwards and upwards. An instinct for acting first and thinking later necessarily brings inconstancy and risk, but the indefatigable Sagittarian is always ‘in there’, playing the game, positioning themselves at the very heart of where the action is.” 

Astrology News Service has an always interesting collection of articles. Some recent additions: Edward Snow’s introduction to asteroids, Is There an Asteroid With Your Name On It? and Armand Diaz’s review of A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files: 54 True Short Stories by Judith Hill and Andrea Gehrz.

Classical astrologer Peter James Clark writes on Scorpio the accursed sign. “Scorpio stares down mortality. It brings reverence to our ancestors and allays many of our fears. Some Hispanic cultures, notably Mexican, have made an art of celebrating the close relationship between life and death. Lanterns and candles are lit to guide the ancestors home. This, it seems to me, is at the heart of Scorpio, yet the sign has been maligned for centuries.”

He also looks at different historical sources for the sign of the fishes in Pisces — A Bridge Between the Worlds. “The crux of the matter is an obvious problem with Traditional astrology. It tends to fall down and fail us when it comes to the spiritual and the emotional.  I have chosen the Sign Pisces to demonstrate what I mean for fairly obvious reasons — a particular spirituality and emotionality are strong in Pisces.”

Pat Paquette at RealAstrologers has a Weekly Forecast November 18: Chiron Direct, Sun Enters Sagittarius:  “The favorable angle between Pluto and Chiron suggests that the breakdowns that have been occurring over the past several weeks — for example, the shutdown of the U.S. government and breakdown in President Obama’s signature healthcare program — could contain the seeds for deep healing. One can always hope.”

There is an amazing resource at Serennu for quick and easy reference.
Minor planet aspectarian 2014: This includes the classical planets, all named Centaurs & TNOs, dwarf planets, commonly used asteroids, galactic points, and Black Moon Lilith.
Minor planet aspects of the Moon 2014: Daily aspects of the Moon to the planets, dwarf planets, named centaurs, named TNOs, commonly used asteroids, Galactic Center, and Great Attractor.
Astrology — Outer Planet Aspect Search 1600 – 2099: Lists all instances of a chosen outer-planet aspect from 1600 – 2099. Searches for aspects between the named Centaurs and TNOs, and Uranian and Galactic points, as well as Saturn to Pluto.

Barry Goddard at AstroTableTalk writes on The Two Faces of Saturn. “But Saturn is key when it comes to taking charge of our lives….At the same time, Saturn can get carried away when he only looks one way, earthwards instead of back out to Uranus and beyond. Saturn has two faces, expressed by the two signs he rules: Capricorn and Aquarius. And Aquarius is now co-ruled by Uranus.”

Robert Phoenix at Astrology for the Now Age has a new post, 
Mercury Goes Direct, Gut Check in the Dark, Summon Your Inner Scorpio, Power Up Your Will. He concludes: “Look, any number of weird and anxiety ridden end time scenarios are swirling and in play, especially as Miley Cyrus continues her ‘World Twerk’ with the contorted tongue of Kali wagging back at you, dripping with madness, so you might as well dig in and let the inner you rip the void of stagnation and inertia. The serpentine energy of Scorpio is on your side. You’re either busy living or busy dying. No time like the present to live your dream in the face of fear, the sum of all end games scenarios. It might be the best survival strategy there is.”

Tracy’s AstroSalon is a good place to check in for short clues on the week ahead. 

We start the week with Chiron’s station direct. The astrologer at Astropost writes The healing you need with Chiron. (“If you are a hypochondriac, skip this post.”)
She also writes on The Chiron progression and return, with examples including the current Chiron return of both the Kennedy assassination and President Obama: “His health care (Chiron) program doesn’t work as it should and his popularity is declining. This happens exactly with progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Chiron. It must be painful to see how the key project of your presidency fails to be supported by the majority.”

And, some new videos from Astrology for the 21t Century.

Venus in 2014(including its retrograde motion)
The same video on YouTube Venus in 2014
“A short animated video showing the movement of Venus during 2014:
A sky-view of the different phase-relationships of Venus in relation
to the Sun
A top-down orbital view of the angular relationships between Venus
and the Sun
A sky-backdrop view of the retrograde motion of Venus
A view of the motion of Venus through the astrological chart-wheel”

Mars in 2014 (including its retrograde motion)
The same video, on YouTube: Mars in 2014
“A short animated video showing the movement of Mars during 2014:
A top-down orbital view of the angular relationships between Mars
and the Sun
A sky-backdrop view of the retrograde motion of Mars
A view of the motion of Mars through the astrological chart-wheel”

Uranus square Pluto in 2014
The same video, on YouTube: Uranus square Pluto in 2014
“A short animated video showing the motion of Uranus and Pluto during
2014, their square aspects, and their angular relationships with the
The view used throughout is the astrological chart-wheel.”

Have a good week everyone, enjoy the flow as the brightness of the Full Moon begins to soften. 

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The Grand Sextile

By Mary Plumb | July 28, 2013

When I walked on Sunday morning, the Moon and Sun were visible in the blue sky; it is always wonderful to see both lights in the sky. I could see their angular relationship, as the Moon was close to her last quarter, exact on Monday.

There is much beautiful symmetrical geometry of the spheres surrounding us these days. I couldn’t pass by this moment without a blog dedicated to the ongoing trines and sextiles. In an ongoing weaving of planets this summer, the trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces has formed a backdrop to the faster-moving planets. We have had a series of grand sextiles since late June when Venus joined Mercury in Cancer, followed by Jupiter and Mars. (1)

The most significant sextile, truly The Grand Sextile, forms precisely on July 29.

I chose the Moon’s sextile to Neptune for the illustration (6:45 am PT). About an hour later the Moon opposes Saturn, then squares the Sun, sextiles Jupiter, trines Venus and Pluto, sextiles Mars, conjuncts the south node, and sextiles Mercury. Go exalted Moon in Taurus!

Grand sextile

We are somewhat out of the direct intensity of Uranus square Pluto (the last square was May 20, the next November 1). If we have the opportunity, there could not be a better day to take a moment to invite and cultivate our version of perfectly potentized water (feelings, fluids, lakes, waves, ponds, pools, showers, libations, fertility, impressions, dreams, ablutions), interlocking and moving in profound agreement and cooperation with an equal equipoise in earth (land, ground, money, food, manifestation, stabilizing).

Although there are challenging aspects forming now as well, with many writers in the links below telling this part of the story, I am focusing on the symmetry of the six-pointed star. (2)

On Monday especially, others might be drawn to align with this geometry. In some yogic traditions, the six-pointed star is associated with the anahata, the heart chakra. This is the 4th chakra, the meeting point and the balance between the lower and higher chakras.

Anahata means “unbeaten” or “unstuck.” A local yogini has spoken about the innermost place in the human heart, “the place that has never been hurt.” It is a place of deepest stillness, way down inside each of us, the place that the mystics and yogis have cultivated for life times.

There is also an association with bees and the heart chakra. The bee’s honeycomb is a hexagon, a six-sided figure that can be viewed as two interlocking triangles, symbolizing union of the masculine and feminine (Shiva and Shakti).

I am on the same wavelength here as Julija Simas from C*I*A; see her fine astrological interpretation and her link to a BBC special on the bees here.

Here are some wonderful astrological interpretations from around the web.

Thank you everyone for reading, and may we find cooperation and ease beyond our wildest imaginations.


(1) I saw something last week that spoke to me of a theme of this summer — a new Italian-designed technology that is made of intricate coils or tubes that carry water, either hot for heat or cold for cooling. They were carefully and intricately placed in a layer of the ceilings of a very big house under construction. It was hugely challenging; no one had ever done it before and an imminent deadline was pressing. It was also complicated by the fact that the new system was added late in the design; the architectural plans were completed but everyone had to adapt and see if it would work. I happened to be there when the craftsmen had the first trial run to see if it worked: Yay! It did, no leaks. I naturally saw this as a beautiful display of water and earth trines: safe new pathways to hold the energy supplied by water, the successful outcome of a creative new technology and a metaphor for what we are experiencing in life these days. I won’t belabor what may seem obvious, but it was a manifestation of pressure, challenge, creativity, and cooperation all moving to a successful result.

(2) I took two trips in my car on Saturday. Both times I caught myself going much too fast — hello Mars opposite Pluto square Uranus — right before I spotted a police car.

Other writers on today’s event:

Roxanna Muise has a terrifically informative article, The Grand Sextile. She includes many details on aspect patterns, history of past grand sextiles, and connections now to the NY Stock Exchange, the U.S. Gemini Rising and Sibly charts, and to Barack Obama. “The Grand Sextile is the ultimate in symmetrical configurations. It is a multidimensional mandala composed of sextiles, trines, oppositions, midpoints, dual elements, and singular sign polarity. The GS is a rare configuration, as you might understand – it is quite a feat for our solar system to manage the orbits so that at least 6 of our planets find themselves exactly 60° apart around the wheel of our zodiac.”

Grand Sextile of July 29, 2013: A Spiraling Vortex of Ascension for the Human Race by Tara Faulkner, PhD, is an inspiring essay on this rare alignment. “When such an auspicious, archetypal symbol locks into position (like the tumblers inside the door of a bank vault falling into place), as happens in the early afternoon of July 29 (EST), it signals the opening of a window of immense opportunity (perhaps the opportunity of a million lifetimes) — a time of greatly accelerated evolutionary potential — for ourselves, our planet, our solar system, and even our galaxy.”

Amy Bird delineates each of the planets comprising the Grand Sextile — July 29, 2013. “Earth and Water signs are feminine (yin) signs and so this Grand Sextile is indicative of a big shift towards the feminine principles of emotional intelligence, harmony, gentleness, kindness, intuition, nurturance, and grace. Indeed, it has been labelled by some as ‘The Saving Grace’!”

Dipali Desai writes about the “gem of opportunity” at Celestial Twinkle: “Star Gateway” or Star of David Aspect on July 29, 2013. “It is a time to get serious about what you need to clear away and what you need to place your focus and attention upon. Use the potentials within this beautiful configuration for your highest good.”

Kathy Nance at Gateway Goddess says, “Get ready to wish on a star — a giant, six-pointed one ringing the Zodiac” in Monday’s Grand Sextile Powers Manifestation Magic.
“The last time we had this exact configuration was February 27, 1945 — near the end of World War II. Millions wishing for peace; and in May and August of that year, they got it.”

Lauren Edmond of Artcharts writes Grand SEXTILE of July 29: the new normal. “A GRAND SEXTILE is an opportunity — golden and perfect — to opt for peace and prosperity for all, or we can just keep doing what we’ve been doing — hoarding power and profit. Are we generous and flowing, or are we convinced that the world is scary and FEAR is the only sane response? Is that the best we can do? Because this is a GOLDEN opportunity to ask and receive. This Grand Sextile can also help you get clear about what you truly desire.”

The Great Sextile Star of David Merkaba of late July 2013, by Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers, has wise words: “All should clearly understand in fairly simple terms some part of the past that must be left behind to open the door to self-renewal. It may involve a certain type of specialized genius or unique self-expression, anchored in the core teaching of learning how to get beyond fear. Imitation expands opportunities, even as we tear ourselves away from the known and familiar, mastering discouragement in the marketplace of life.”

Nadia Gilchrist at Ruby Slipper Astrology does a fine job of breaking down the complexities of The July 29th Grand Sextile. “I posted a picture of the configuration, so you can see what it looks like (another name for this aspect is a Star of David). All Water and Earth. All harmonious aspects, all hooked up together in an unbroken circuit. There’s a couple of wide oppositions in there (Jupiter/Mars opposite Pluto, Moon opposite Saturn), but they’ll be weak. The harmony of the sextiles and trines will drown out any tension.”

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Cancer Solstice/Ingress blogs

By Mary Plumb | June 17, 2013

The Cancer Solstice is on June 20 at 10:04 pm (PDT) – that’s on the 21st at 1:04 am EDT, and 6:04 am GMD.

Tem wrote a brief description of the chart with the astrolocality map in the June/July issue of TMA. Some highlights about the map: “Venus and Mercury-Midheaven lines run through the Koreas; a Pluto-Desc. line runs through London; Mars, Chiron, and Neptune lines all come together in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Louisiana.”

I’ve collected a mix of blogs, including some mundane analyses of the ingress chart, a Vedic perspective, and a Druid’s view of the significance of the day.

Have a good week everyone and enjoy this longest day (in the northern hemisphere).

Jude Cowell’s essay, Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2013 in Political Astrology at Stars Over Washington, considers midpoints in her assessment. (She also shows her handwritten notes on the chart in question — a cool view of a working astrologer’s thought process.) She comments: “Rising is 27°Pisces31′ along with two midpoints: 1) Uranus-NN, denoting radical political groups and reformers; 2) the forceful Mars-Pluto midpoint, which gives dangerous and ruthless tones to the chart and to the hot summer season. Also, Mars-Pluto opposes US progressed Neptune, which adds potentials for disasters related to water, oil, or gas, causing secret harm to others, and use of cunning and deceit — you know: Washington and state politicians behaving badly.”

Kathy Biehl’s blog is called The Summer of Water is Here: Astrology Forecast from June 17-23, 2013. She writes: “Look at the next three months as time in the ocean. Coming to terms with the water is essential. Push it and blowback is likely. Fight it and you’ll exhaust yourself, get water up your nose (remember how that hurts?), and possibly go under. Ride it, swim, surf, float, canoe. Experiment with metaphors; some will fit certain days, others…others. Let the current carry you, and some days going with the flow will also mean full speed ahead.”

Ron Berger, whose site is called Living Skillfully with Vedic Astrology, has a short essay on aspects of the week: Venus Conjunct Mercury, Summer Solstice, Venus enters Cancer, Jupiter Combust. Of the solstice, he writes: “In Vedic Astrology this is called a Sankranti, an Ingress. It’s a Transition, and therefore Unstable, i.e., avoid doing anything really important for three days on either side of the Solstice, from Wednesday through Sunday.”

Peter Stockinger at the Traditional Astrology Weblog writes: Cancer Ingress 2013 for the UK & Europe. Using the ingress chart set for London, he finds that since the planets ruling the Ascendant (Cancer) and 10th (Pisces) are in fall (Moon in Scorpio) and detriment (Jupiter in Gemini), then Venus is the “Lady of the Revolution.” (Venus is exalted in the sign on the 10th cusp (Pisces) and well placed in the first house.)

David Crook at Stellar Insights has a concise appraisal of the solstice chart set for Washington, D.C. In this mundane analysis, Summer 2013 in the U.S., he notes the importance of Betelgeuse at 29° Gemini on the 4th-house cusp and cites recent mundane events where that star was prominent.

Genevieve Vierling, the Blue Light Lady, has an article on Solstice June 20/21st, 2013. Writing on the water emphasis this year, she says: “This takes us on a dive into the unconscious realm as well. All the unseen realms are going to be emphasized this coming year in a very strong way. Water symbolizes secrets and all the hidden subterranean depths of the human psyche. It also symbolizes the subtle dimensions where other entities often hide and, with stealth, feed on those unaware. Oh yes, how many of us are aware that the unseen dimensions are inhabited by not just viruses, bacteria, and mutant cells, but also actual entities? Think about that one for a while! Perhaps we will learn more about the astral realm in the months ahead.”

Benjamin Bernstein at Astroshaman offers June 2013 Astrology Forecast: Visualize Revolutionary Transformation! This is a straightforward presentation with lots of good data — i.e., major aspects for the month, void-of-course Moon times, notes on New and Full Moons and stations. “Creative visualization is supercharged by four Grand Trines featuring Law of Attraction powerhouses Saturn and Neptune. Stir in three T-Squares ignited by the Uranus-Pluto square to get June’s astrological theme: visualize revolutionary transformation!”

Caroline Casey will be having a live event, Summer Solstice Swoosh! in Washington, D.C. on June 22. The recording of Convening the Council of Extreme Mythological Weather will be available as a download for $15. (The live event is not free; please see website for details.)

If you want to understand the broader use of declination and the solstice points in astrology, here are two good articles:

Declination for Beginners by Paul Newman

Declinations & The Antiscia by Bette Denlinger (1996)

David Crawford, who writes The World through a Druid’s Point of View, writes on the meaning of the Summer Solstice: “To get a broader understanding of this High Day, one should look at various aspects of the season: the actual astrological phenomenon, the agrarian activities, and a religious aspect.”

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Monday morning blogs

By Mary Plumb | March 25, 2013

I think it was my windy walk on Sunday afternoon on Ocean Beach in San Francisco that inspired this collection of blogs on diverse topics – a discussion of Karl Marx (from a traditional astrologer), a few views on the current transits, a look at an upcoming eclipse, and some writers that I just found and am happy to share.

Seven Stars Astrology is a traditional astrology site (Ancient Astrology in Practice: Hellenistic through Persian). The author has Twelve Easy Lessons for Absolute Beginners (a work in progress) and a current blog that looks at the horoscope of Karl Marx. “All in all, I found him to be a good-humored, somewhat selfish, impulsive, and irresponsible person, though one with a strong sense of social justice and a keen mind for abstract economic analysis.”

David Tangredi combines astrology, tarot, and numerology in his work at A Fool’s Inclination. His tag line is “journey with more joy.” Today’s entry is Interaction. “Astrology is geometric. Some days, even when you’re not sure what it all means, it sure is pretty.” There is also a recent blog called Caffeinated Prudence. “Mars in Aries is like three cups of coffee when you normally have one. Sitting still is a challenge and patience a chore. With Uranus nearby, it’s like putting power tools in those jittery, impetuous hands. Yes, you can be very productive, but yes, you can also do some damage.”

Cosmic Thinking: Thoughts on the universe has an article In Defence of Chiron. “…….Chiron is somehow critical in bringing us together. Expressing our pain and vulnerability and the aspects of our lives that don’t work somehow tempers the discomfort of solar energy, where everyone is shining. Who likes the individual who seems to have it all, or has no vulnerability? Somehow we identify with vulnerability and imperfection; it brings out our empathy and compassion for others.”

Astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson is one of the speakers who is auto-tuned in this short video, We Are Star Dust, from the Symphony of Science series.

Look up at the night sky
We are part of that
The universe itself
Exists within us

We are star dust
In the highest exalted way
Called by the universe
Reaching out to the universe

Big Sky Astrology is April Elliott Kent’s blog. She has an article on this week’s lunation: Libra Full Moon: Befriending the Enemy.“ With lots of impatient Aries planets on a collision course with Pluto, the potential for animosity and frustration over the next couple of weeks is enormous. It’s the kind of celestial atmosphere that suggests full-scale emotional meltdown. Picture four planets in Aries, like frustrated toddlers, falling down on their fannies, kicking their feet in the air, and screaming until they turn purple.”

Peter Stockinger’s Traditional Astrology Weblog looks ahead to the Lunar Eclipse, 25 April 2013. “Astrologically speaking, the Moon will be in 5°45’ Scorpio, opposing the Sun in 5°45’ Taurus. The eclipsed Moon will be conjunct Saturn and the Sun will be conjunct Mars. Furthermore Mars will be conjunct fixed star Sheratan and the Ascendant will be conjunct fixed star Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Claw of the Scorpion.” He delineates the eclipse chart set for London.

Kimberly Maxwell writes in detail about the current aspects in AstroCast: March 20 – April 3, 2013. “But it is the four planets in Aries that could make the most noise. In the midst of turmoil around the globe, already experiencing an uptick of eruptions since Mars went into Aries, new leaders among the poor and marginalized may arise. On a personal level, we may finally see the changes happening that we’ve been working for, or perhaps resisting. If we don’t consciously make the choice for change, it may be made for us.”

I trust everyone is enjoying the full-hearted and somewhat rambunctious step into spring, and I hope we all have a very good week.

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