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By Mary Plumb | March 31, 2020

Hello friends:

As we share these strange and troubling days of self-isolation, here are a few blogs with specific astrological content addressing the coronavirus.

And — in a bow to Venus’s last few days in Taurus, her sign of rulership — there are also some suggestions for bringing art and beauty into our days at home.

In his post, Coronavirus Pandemic, Jamie Partridge considers two critical events in the timeline of the outbreak. He looks at the date when the first person was diagnosed with Covid-19 (December 1, 2019), and also the time when the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus to be a pandemic (March 11, 2020; 5:16 pm; Geneva, Switzerland). (One note: The March 11 chart has the asteroid Hygeia and fixed star Alcyone conjunct the Midheaven at 2°01’ Gemini.)

The author also looks at eclipses in his analysis. For example, the solar eclipse at 4° Capricorn on December 26, 2019 was conjunct Jupiter and trine to Uranus. “This is a good example of how Jupiter’s abundance can be a negative thing when it amplifies the growth of something nasty. The trine to Uranus has made this pandemic exciting, but also shocking. Still, we can hope that the panic and disruption cease as quickly as it started.”

Alex Miller’s Coronavirus: Astrology of an Outbreak looks at the chart for January 7, 2020, the date when the cause of a new strain of contagious illness was isolated and named by the Chinese government. In his assessment, Miller uses asteroids China, Hubei, and Wuhan (the country, province, and city where the coronavirus was first seen); “Apollo, Asclepius, Panacea, and Chiron as health-related; and Koronis, as closest to ‘corona.’”

He also notes that asteroid Hygeia is stationary at 27° Taurus, “exactly conjoined TNO Sedna. Together, these may be providing the best medical advice we have at this stage for preventing the virus’s spread. Hygeia relates to sanitation and frequent handwashing, carrying and discarding of soiled tissues from sneezes and nose- blowing, etc., is crude but effective defense.”

New York City astrologer Karen Christino has written 1918 Flu vs. COVID-19 , focusing on the difference of her city’s response to the two deadly events. She looks at the “dynamic horoscope” for the New York City horoscope “with Jupiter rising in Libra: it’s well known for its focus on business, publishing, and the arts. The Sun conjoining the 4th house in Capricorn reminds us that many make their homes here, too, and the t-square with Jupiter in Libra and the Midheaven in Cancer creates a lively, active place. Four planets in Sagittarius put the emphasis on communications and the value of its ports and many immigrants. Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception and dispose of all the other planets, making New York a rather large and successful

On the important subject of the arts coming into our living rooms, TMA publisher Kate Sholly found this for us: Beginning on April 2, The National Theater in London will show a new play, free to watch for a week.

The Metropolitan Opera is offering free nightly streams. “The third week of our free Nightly Opera Streams offers a wide range of musical and theatrical flavors — from the infectious comedy of Rossini’s classic Il Barbiere di Sivigliato the epitome of the bel canto style in Bellini’s Norma and the grand drama of Verdi’s monumental Don Carlo.”

Here’s the Week 3 (March 30 – April 5) schedule.

And here is a collection of virtual tours and online exhibits of over  2500 museums and galleries from around the world. Google Arts & Culture curated the collection, which includes the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the Guggenheim in New York City.

Be well everyone, stay safe.

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A Look at Coronavirus with a View From the Stars

By Arielle Guttman | March 11, 2020

According to WHO, the World Health Organization, the first case of a new virus was reported on December 31, 2019, originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan. (1) The epicenter for this disaster was a crowded seafood market where live animals are bought and sold. The hunt is on for the animal that transmits this disease to humans, killing the weak and vulnerable, particularly the elderly. There is speculation that the virus is carried by a snake, a bat, or a pangolin.

Not having an exact time of day, I am presenting the chart set for noon (12:00 p.m.), Wuhan, China, on December 31, 2019.

December 31, 2019
12:00 p.m. AWST
Wuhan, China
30°N36’ 114E17’
Koch houses, True Node


There are three very obvious themes to emerge from this chart:

  1. Asteroid Hygeia opposite Mars along the axis of Algol (red)
  2. Comet Chiron conjunct Black Moon on the World Axis (blue)
  3. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, both in a pretty tight square to Eris (green).

The first configuration that struck me is the health-related asteroid Hygeia facing an opposition from war-like Mars, as both passed through the territory of the Fixed Star Algol at 26° Taurus. Algol contains a deep and rich mythological, psychological, and archetypal symbolism, but its essence reduces down to the potential for creating monsters, both collectively and personally. This star has a reputation of frightening people out of their wits. It stirs up fear, controversy, and in the face of it all, extreme denial. The more this particular shadow is denied, the stronger it becomes.

Algol is located in the constellation Perseus, where this mythological hero is depicted killing the gorgon Medusa by severing her head. The story goes that Perseus took Medusa’s snake-entwined head back to goddess Pallas Athena, who then wore it on her shield. It is said that when men gazed upon Medusa’s head, they were so frightened that they turned to stone. The world’s reaction to the coronavirus is similar in that it is frightening people to the point of turning them to stone — fear makes us feel as if we cannot move, we are immobilized like stone. Algol could be thought of as a monster, and this virus is indeed looking like more of a serious threat with each passing day.

On a collective level, when Algol is activated by a transiting planet or an eclipse, the world receives a projection of something we humans want to immediately turn away from. It’s not easy to look this beast squarely in the eye, no matter how heroic one might be.


In Greek mythology, Hygeia is one of the three daughters of Asklepius, the famous healer. All three daughters carry on his healing work, whereas both sons are warriors as well as healers. The name Hygeia means health; it has the English word hygiene as its descendant. If you break down the Greek, this word also contains the name Gaia — hy-geia, or Mother Earth. In fact, it is quite possible that Hygeia’s lineage as a priestess of the Earth Mother existed long before Asklepius. So, she’s akin to the Earth Mother, but with a special reference to healing and maintaining good health, both for ourselves and for the planet. In a collective sense, Hygeia points to becoming healthy and taking the necessary steps to prevent illness and disease.

In 2019, asteroid Hygeia passed through Taurus for six months. Toward years’ end, while in the last degrees of Taurus, Hygeia entered Algol’s territory, which depicts Medusa, the image of a frightening monster. That passage was immediately followed by the introduction of the coronavirus  (COVID-19). At that time, Mars reached 28° Scorpio, making a direct opposition to the conjunction of transiting Hygeia at 28° Taurus and Algol at 26° Taurus, intensifying the energy even more.

In a sense, Algol is the backdrop, the setting, of this drama. So, when planetary bodies wander through this region of space, they are answering to Algol. Hence, just as Hygeia comes to visit, Mars shows up across the way in the late degrees of Scorpio. While at this late degree of Scorpio in the tropical zodiac, Mars is also in early Scorpio in the sidereal zodiac, so there is no question that Mars is extremely potent in its own sign. (In traditional astrology, Scorpio is Mars’s night sign.)

When envisioning Mars in Scorpio opposing Hygeia, we can begin to formulate the image of an insect bite or sting; an animal clawing or biting; or a kind of angry attack coming from an unconscious, shadowy place. This is indeed what hit the world with the inception of this new, potentially terrifying global virus that began in a seafood market in China on New Year’s Eve. (2)

The Sabian symbols for Mars, at the 28th degree of Scorpio reads:

The King of the Fairies Approaching His Domain: This degree has always made me chuckle, partly because it is highly active over the skies of San Francisco (geodetic MH). But with Mars in Scorpio (biting, attacking, chewing, clawing), it makes one think of something being afoot in the devic kingdom, perhaps a type of prankster/trickster figure. And Mars isn’t exactly trodding gently upon this guy.

Hygeia at the 29th degree of Taurus reads:

Two Cobblers Working Side by Side at a Table, indicating that two heads are better than one. Hygeia’s presence here is to pull the world together in a joint effort to cure this disease. There may be two strains of a vaccine that need to be developed, or two people who are instrumental in delivering what is needed, and/or resources becoming available for research and prevention. In the long run, this is the positive news regarding the virus. The not so positive possibility is a competition between two nations that claim to be the victors in this race. They may see the solution completely differently and fight about it, instead of accepting both possible solutions as ideas worthy of exploration and integration.

Chiron and the Black Moon

Centaur Chiron is another mythological significator of health. In Greek mythology, he is both a gifted healer and the victim of a serious wound that causes him great suffering. At the same time the coronavirus arrived on the world stage, the Black Moon was conjunct Chiron. The Black Moon is considered frightening to many people simply because it can represent something living in and emerging from the shadow. We are often frightened by something we can’t see.

The conclusion I drew from observing these two shadowy and frightful symbols (Algol and Black Moon) directly connected to two of the main healers (Hygeia and Chiron) suggests we have a serious situation on our hands. And because of the shadowy nature of both Algol and Black Moon, the world is being locked into a perpetual state of fear.

The third pronounced signature of fear that took place in early January was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction — a once-in-36-year event. Saturn represents a type of collective fear while Pluto refers to death. When these two planets come together, they can produce a global fear of death. The last Saturn-Pluto opposition in 2001 brought us the 911 attacks, while the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the early 1980s introduced the AIDS virus to the world. Interestingly, the conjunction was then in Libra, the sign of joining or partnering with another. Suddenly people became fearful of intimacy and sexual engagement.

The current conjunction has wrapped Jupiter within its embrace, and this free-spirited travel planet, albeit in Capricorn, seems to have had its wings clipped, as all sorts of international travel have been grounded. Perhaps more importantly, the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction is occurring in Capricorn, a sign representing maturity and the elderly, and they are the most vulnerable population threatened by the virus.

Below is the chart of the virus with the geodetic zodiac. (3) It is startling to note that this conjunction falls on the IC of Wuhan, the angle of the astrological chart that represents the roots, home base, or origin of an entity.

Geodetic (R.A.)
December 31, 2019
12:00 p.m. AWST
Wuhan, China
30°N36’ 114E17’
Koch houses, True Node

Welcome to the new decade of global transmission — both of deadly viruses that attack organic life and the dangerous viruses infecting our cyber networks. This may be one of the darker side effects of the Aquarian Age. This virus jumped outside one busy marketplace and, in the blink of an eye, it traveled around the world. In the first two months of the new decade, thousands of deaths have already been reported. Hopefully, this will pressure the leaders of the world to end their petty quarrels and come together to find a solution to this crisis.

Asteroid Hygeia is now in air sign Gemini, emphasizing the transmission of information which we are seeing both in the virus and the breaking news. The global news network and every type of media outlet is freaked out about this virus. Gemini can be thought of as many birds sitting on a wire, chirping loudly, squawking at one another.

Hygeia in Gemini, a sign governed by Mercury, is prone towards being hyper-nervous and anxious. Hygeia in Gemini suggests one’s mind feeding frenetically on the widespread fear of disease and death, aligned with the media frenzy on the matter.

Hygeia will remain in Gemini until June when there is a Venus Star Point in Gemini, with the North Node there as well. (4)

Venus Star Point Gemini
June 3, 2020
1:43:29 p.m. EDT
Washington, DC
38°N53’ 77W02’
Koch houses, True Node

The lineup in Gemini this spring is emphasizing the air theme of inter-connectedness on a global scale. In the chart for the star point (June 3, 2020), Mars at 14°30’ Pisces is approaching a conjunction with Neptune at 20°51’ and both are in a 4th quarter square from Pisces to Gemini. The Pisces/Gemini squares, being in mutable signs, may contribute to the widespread anxiety in the collective mind, which does not help quell any sense of panic.

But amidst the fear, I believe there are some hopeful signs. On March 9th asteroid Vesta passed over Algol (26° Taurus) in the COVID-19 chart, and on March 15th Vesta visits Hygeia (28° Taurus). Passing over Algol may produce more panic, but Vesta in Taurus can also provide the necessary funding to continue the work of resolving the issue. Universal health care is one of the hot-button political issues in this U.S. election year — a widespread virus outbreak may invigorate that discussion.

On March 30th Venus arrives at Algol’s degree (26° Taurus), and on May 9th Mercury also gets to 26° Taurus. On May 14th Jupiter turns retrograde at 27° Capricorn, trine to Hygeia (28°) and Algol (26°); Jupiter will passing over these degrees two more times through 2020. Jupiter’s role is always to expand and broaden. We can see this is expanded knowledge leading to a cure, or as an expansion of the disease. Both scenarios, of course, are possible.

By mid-May both Mercury the messenger and Sun the healer will have also reached the positions of Algol and Hygeia in Taurus. With all three bodies — the Sun and Mercury by conjunction, Jupiter by trine — coming to aspect Algol and Hygeia, the possibility for understanding the virus and getting it under Capricornian control (as well as new insights about this strain of virus) is likely.

Let’s remember that Algol represents the shield of Athena’s sword. The asteroid Pallas Athena is at 22° Sagittarius in the COVID-19 chart, but by early January she had left the global-related Sagittarius and ingressed into Capricorn. As Pallas climbs the summit of the mountain goat’s terrain we could also see some good news. She will conjoin Saturn in Capricorn on March 19th and Pluto in Capricorn on March 22nd. On March 29th she is sandwiched between the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 24° Capricorn, forming a three-way alliance — this is a date to pay close attention to. And by April she will sextile and trine the COVID-19 positions of Mars (April 15th and Hygeia (April 17th). On May 17 Athena retreats (turns retrograde) at 0°59’ Aquarius, and goes back into Capricorn; she will make two more passes over these degrees in Capricorn through the fall of 2020.

We need Athena’s guiding wisdom, along with a very sturdy shield to protect us at this time.



(2) Editor’s note: The symbols are from The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, 2nd edition (2002), Lynda Hill, White Horse Book, Avalon, Australia.

(3) The Geodetic Zodiac is a system based on the the pairing of the astrological zodiac with the longitudes of the World. The author has written about this many times over the years, in TMA and elsewhere.

(4) The Venus Star Point is the author’s term for the Venus-Sun conjunction. Find out more about her unique work here: Discovering the Star of Venus

Bio: Arielle Guttman began her formal studies in astrology in 1974 in San Diego, CA. She has lived in Santa Fe for many years and spends part of each year in Greece. Arielle’s work primarily focuses on private one-to-one client sessions, group seminars, and writing books on astrological subjects. Conversant in the many fields of astrology, her specialty areas are reflected in the five volumes she has written and published for the astrological community. Since the publication of her fifth book, Venus Star Rising, Arielle has been touring the country to introduce the Venus Star Point® theory, a revolutionary new astrological point that transforms a person’s chart and their perceptions of how they can function most harmoniously in life.
Contact Arielle via email:, or visit her website: SophiaVenus.

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A (Royal) Family Story

By Mary Plumb | January 27, 2020

The Full Moon eclipse on January 10 at 20°00’ Cancer occurred with Uranus — defender of chaos and always keen to agitate — making a direct station. The light of a Full Moon makes matters visible; polarities (bright lights and large shadows) are extreme and emotional reactions are magnified. Uranus adds unnerving or unexpected situations. (1) The eclipsed Moon quickly moved to oppose Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, highlighting again the ubiquitous demonstrations of the Capricorn archetype (e.g. authority figures, power structures, traditional views, elders and wise ones).

A demonstration of these planetary factors is the story unfolding in the British Royal family, aka the House of Windsor. (2) On January 8, two days before the eclipse, Harry and Meghan (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) announced that they are leaving the royal family. According to press reports, the couple made the announcement quickly, or before they had planned to, because they got word that their news was about to be leaked. The Full Moon eclipse and Uranus station may have hastened the announcement, but undoubtedly their desire to have a different life had been building for a while.

For example, the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019 was at 10°41’ Cancer, within one degree of Harry’s Descendant (11°36’) and Meghan’s natal Mars (11°26’). The Lunar Eclipse on July 16, 2019, at 24°00’ Capricorn, was directly on Meghan’s Ascendant/ Descendant axis (24°11’). (3)

All charts Porphyry house and True Node

Harry, Duke of Sussex
September 15, 1984
4:20 p.m. BST
Paddington, England 51N21 0W12

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
4:46 a.m. PDT
Canoga Park, CA
34N01 118W36

The head of the House of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth, whom the tabloids tell us is very close to Harry, has 21°39’ Capricorn rising. Her horoscope is currently besieged by transiting Saturn and Pluto, as well as closely aligned with the most recent Lunar Eclipse at 20°00’ Cancer. (4)

Elizabeth II and transits for January 10, 2020
April 21, 1926; 2:40 a.m.
Mayfair, England
52N30 0W09

The composite chart between Harry and his grandmother has the Sun at 11°34’ Cancer.
Composite chart: Harry and Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s horoscope, progressed to January 10, shows that the Ascendant has just moved onto the Aries point (0°30’ Cancer), with the Moon at 10°31’ Capricorn, linking her acutely now to Harry and Meghan’s natal horoscopes.
Inner wheel: Queen Elizabeth
Outer wheel: progressed to January 10, 2020

For more on the Sussex backstory: The last eclipse of 2019, a Solar Eclipse on December 25, also directly aspected Harry and Meghan’s individual horoscopes. That eclipse was at 4°09’ Capricorn, conjunct Harry’s Jupiter (3°33’) and square Meghan’s 1st-house ruler, the Moon, which is conjunct Saturn and Jupiter (4°53’ – 6°40’ Libra).

The lunar nodes moving through the Cancer/Capricorn axis have had us all sorting through layers of family connections and hierarchies. Our emotional bonds — attachments to and responsibilities for one another — have been in the purifying waters of the dragon’s lair. These motifs are playing out quietly and soulfully for most of us. May we all continue to refine the well of deep nourishment and authentic support that the Cancer/Capricorn archetype promises.


(1) Two people I am close to had big, sudden upsets: one, with the Uranus station on the 6th-house cusp, had emergency life-saving surgery; the other, with the station exactly on the Descendant, was assaulted in a random, hit from behind, aggressive attack. Of course, many other aspects aligned to produce these specific storylines, but Uranus can be quite literal in its sudden upsets.

(2) “The House of Windsor came into being in 1917, when King George V, formerly of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, concerned that his Germanic sounding surname would alienate his British subjects at the height of German xenophobia during World War I, changed the name of his dynasty to the more English-sounding Windsor. Declaring at a meeting of the Privy Council on 17th July, 1917, that ‘all descendants in the male line of Queen Victoria, who are subjects of these realms, other than female descendants who marry or who have married, shall bear the name of Windsor’.”
English Monarchs
(The sunrise chart for July 17, 1917 has the nodal axis at South Node 10°46’ Cancer/North Node 10°46’ Capricorn. The July 2, 2019 Solar eclipse was on this axis.)

(3) AA data: Harry, Duke of Sussex; September 15, 1984; 4:20 p.m. BST; Paddington, England (51N21 0W12)

AA data: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex; 4:46 a.m. PDT; Canoga Park, CA
(34N01 118W36)

Last year (February 2019), I wrote about Meghan and a few events in her life via eclipses (including the pre-natal Solar Eclipse), and the Hellenistic time lord technique of annual profections.

Meghan Markle’s eventful few years

(4) AA data: Elizabeth II; April 21, 1926; 2:40 a.m.; Mayfair, England

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The Grand Irrationality

By Robert Wilkinson | December 30, 2019

The Grand Irrationality is a phenomenon we’ve been living within since 1993. Since then we’ve been in an extraordinarily irrational period which continues to this day, so if you’re wondering why things are so weird, this article may help you understand the larger forces in play.

Septiles, biseptiles, and triseptiles are 7th harmonic aspects which show us points in time when our future destiny is precipitated by critical choices made in the present. They are found by dividing the circle by seven, Saturn’s number, which yields non-rational values. That’s why they indicate irrational points of choice and change, setting forces of destiny in motion.

The septile is an aspect of 51.2°; the biseptile is an aspect of 102.5°; degrees; the triseptile is an aspect of 154° degrees. Each of these has an orb of approximately 2° to either side of the exact value. I have several articles on this aspect series at with associations and glyphs I created over 40 years ago. If you want to know more, come on over and check it out!

Besides showing us points of choice and change in our individual charts, septile series aspects between the outer planets bring phase shifts to the entire world. One such era began around 1993 when Neptune began to make a septile to Pluto. This “fateful” aspect between these two powerhouse transpersonal representatives of Spirit symbolizes the long wave planetary crisis the entire human race has been going through since 1993.

From then to now, at one point or another, everyone on Earth has experienced a nonstop energy of having to choose, at the bottom of our beings, the path to evolution or devolution, progress or regress, love or fear, joy or control. It’s why things have been so weird, irrational, and hard-edged.

The Grand Irrationality V.1 was the period when Neptune was septile Pluto. It began in 1993 and was a global influence until about 2016 -2017, when the two planets moved out of orb. However, while that influence waned, a newer, more dynamic iteration of that non-rational energy came forth as Uranus began its waxing biseptile to Pluto in the summer of 2017. I’ve termed this The Grand Irrationality V.2! As 7th harmonic aspects represent radical “forks in the road of destiny,” we can learn a lot about this long wave evolutionary configuration by seeing what’s set into motion every time a planet makes a conjunction, septile, biseptile, or triseptile to Uranus and/or Pluto.

This newer, shorter phase of The Grand Irrationality is not the configuration as we’ve known it since the 90s, since the Neptune part of the equation has faded as it no longer makes a septile to Pluto and won’t again for many centuries. Because the current Grand Irrationality (V2) involves Uranus, we have been moving through a time of a “never-ending revolution” since Uranus, the Cosmic Awakener, is dancing off and on at its “fork in the road of destiny” with Pluto, the Lord of Transformation!

We first experienced Uranus biseptile Pluto very briefly in August 2017, and it went into nonstop pulses beginning at the end of June 2018 with Uranus again 101.2° from Pluto. (1) This lasted through October when it went out of orb, and returned to full volume between October 2019 and December 2019.

This is the first biseptile in the larger Uranus/Pluto cycle that began at their conjunctions in the mid-1960s. The waxing septile occurred 1989-1991, so this is the next point in that larger “Pulse of Destiny.” The hot zones, measured from the October through December 2019 Uranus biseptile Pluto positions, are around 19°-23° Capricorn, 11°-15° Pisces, 2°- 6° Taurus, 24°-28° Gemini, 15°-19° Leo, 6°-10° Libra, and 27° Scorpio – 1° Sag. If you have anything near these zones, your life has had some abrupt transformational experiences in late October and early November 2018 when Jupiter activated both Uranus and Pluto!

In 2019, this evolutionary configuration acquired structure through Saturn’s transit of late Capricorn, biseptiling Uranus the first time between January and May 2019. This activated the configuration in mass consciousness, triggering major life changes and realignment of responsibilities. As Saturn has transited the Capricorn zones listed above in December 2019 and in early January 2020, it has again brought structures for radical change through its biseptile to Uranus. These will in turn lead to new initiatives in both January and March 2020 when there are a huge number of conjunctions, septiles, and biseptiles created by the transits!

That means the Wisdom forms we’ve been learning this year through early 2020 has brought us to a “fork in the road of our destiny” wherever we have late Capricorn and early Taurus in our charts. What Saturn structured earlier this year is going to be part of the larger shifts in destiny indicated by the transpersonal and transformational energies again in play. Saturn is giving structure to the Plutonic seeds of the zones it occupied the past few years. Each time any inner planet transits the seven active zones noted above, choices, changes, and forks in the road of destiny are set into motion!

As I’ve offered many times during this era of the Grand Irrationality, if things don’t make sense, they don’t have to. The only thing that matters is to know how to focus and not get distracted by the craziness in the atmosphere. Sometimes, when we keep our heads when all around us are losing theirs, we come out on the other side looking and feeling good!

So if you’re wondering why things are so strange at times, this may provide a bit of a road map and weather report helping you plan your future to take advantage of these phase shifts in our greater reality. While Uranus biseptile Pluto brings the hard edge of revolutionary change to things, remember that you are an eternal being having human experiences, and have the power to allow your Higher Self to navigate situations using the understanding and wisdom your inner Saturn possesses to take command of your life and Self-unfoldment.

You can find more about how you can use your Saturn wisdom in conscious ways to steer your destiny to fulfill your purpose for being alive by getting a copy of Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. Written for both astrologers and non-astrologers, even if you don’t know much astrology you will benefit from knowing the power of your inner Saturn to shape your life and destiny in profound ways. As Saturn is ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, it will occupy center stage for the next four years. This is a crucial phase in Cosmic Time to embrace Saturn as our “Spiritual Master and Spiritual Friend” to fulfill our destiny and become spiritual adults, perfectly executing our ability to be part of the corrective force of Nature Herself. (2)

Author’s notes:

(1) Nonstop pulses is a term I use when a configuration is being triggered over time, much like our heart pumps blood in pulses. We have one pulse when a transit activates the configuration, another pulse when another transit triggers the configuration, and so on. In this context, each time any planet transits through any of the seven noted zones, it triggers the larger “pulse” of the nonstop choices and changes being activated. At one point, the choice may have to be made; the next time the configuration is activated, further choices have to be made within the context of that larger cycle. Each step brings us to a fork in the road of destiny, whether in terms of our inner path or outer affairs, whether we know it or not.

(2)The corrective force of Nature Herself is a phrase I’ve used for 40 years to describe how we humans function when our planetary responses have been transmuted from dysfunctional to healthy function. For example, as we perfect our Saturn function, we become the Saturn function in the outer world; not the fear and manipulation which dwell as dysfunctions within individuals, but the discipline and maturity required in each Saturnian situation. When our Jupiter is healthy, we do not play to the extravagance and waste in situations, but rather the larger vision toward a greater understanding. When our Mars is healthy, we do not play to the hostility in situations, but rather bring focus and precision to deal with what must be dealt with, without anger or haste.

Bio: Robert Wilkinson has been a practicing professional astrologer, public speaker, and strategic counselor for 45 years with a global clientele. He is the author of several books, including Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend and A New Look at Mercury Retrograde. He is the Publisher of, the oldest and largest website of its kind, with almost seven thousand articles and about 14 million page views in 16 years. He is currently working on a book on how to find your perfect mate which will be published in 2020.

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Kamala Harris & the Jupiter Ingress

By Mary Plumb | December 9, 2019

United States Senator Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964 at 9:28 p.m. in Oakland, California. I wrote about her natal chart and some transits in her early career in January 2018. (1) Her birth time is rated AA, from the birth certificate obtained by data collector Steve Stuckey.

On January 21, 2019, the senator announced her entry into the field for the Democratic nomination for President in the 2020 election. On December 3, she dropped out of the race. I am going to look at the timing, primarily with consideration based on sect and the profected Lord of the Year (and a bit of modern technique).

Harris was born at night when Venus and Mars are more at home. Saturn and Jupiter are deemed to be more efficacious in a day birth. In Harris’s case, therefore, Jupiter does not have the same capacity to bring its favors, while Saturn will be indicative of more than the usual trying or difficult situations. (2)

On her 54th birthday, October 20, 2018, Harris began a 7th-house profected year (from the Ascendant); this makes Jupiter the Lord of the Year, as it rules her natal 7th. (3) Looking at natal Jupiter first, i.e., the out-of-sect benefic, it is in the 12th house (secret enemies, prisons). As I wrote previously, “Natal Jupiter, traditional ruler of the Pisces MC, is in the 12th house (of prisons) conjunct the fixed star Capulus in the sword of the hero, Perseus. (Capulus is known for masculine strength and penetrating energy.)” Harris began her career as a prosecutor, with the aim (controversial, in some eyes) of reforming the justice system.

She announced her entry into the race on January 21 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), with promising transits. Jupiter and Venus were conjunct in Sagittarius in her 7th house. Fundraising for her campaign shot up immediately after the announcement. (4) Another, more troublesome transit was the conjunction of Mercury (news) with the South Node (loss) at the time of her announcement.

Bi-wheel: Harris, natal and transits for Jan. 21, 2019
Kamala Harris
Oct. 20, 1964
9:28 p.m.
Oakland CA 37N37 122W16
Whole sign houses, tropical

Also at the time of the January announcement, the progressed Midheaven was at 27°05’ Aries, the degree of Harris’s natal Moon. (The Los Angeles Times called her run a “crash-and-burn campaign.”) (5)

Bi-wheel: natal and progressed to Jan. 21, 2019

On April 10, Jupiter, the profected Lord of the Year, stationed retrograde at 24° Sagittarius, conjunct Harris’s natal South Node, with its previously noted theme of loss.

On her 55th birthday, October 20, 2019, Harris entered an 8th-house year, ruled by Saturn, the out-of-sect malefic.

She ended her candidacy on December 3, the day after Jupiter ingressed into Capricorn, the sign of its fall (opposite its exaltation in Cancer). Jupiter rules the natal Pisces MC and marks a change in her strategy. The progressed Moon was now at 1°02’ Taurus, the sign on Harris’s 12th house, perhaps suggesting that she will be working behind the scenes to coalesce her political future.

Bi-wheel: natal and progressed to Dec. 3, 2019

Just this morning, she was part of a large group of Democratic senators who signed a letter “calling on President Donald Trump to fire senior adviser Stephen Miller in light of leaked emails showing the extent of his white nationalist beliefs.” (6)


(1) California Senator Kamala Harris

(2) For newcomers to the concept of sect, in astrological tradition there is a distinction between births during the day (Sun above the horizon in the horoscope) and births at night (Sun below the horizon).

At the simplest level of what is a highly developed concept in Hellenistic tradition, Venus and Mars are in sect (i.e., happier) in night births, whereas whereas Saturn and Jupiter are “happier” in a day birth.

Mars and Saturn, known as the malefics, are seen as planets bringing more difficult circumstances, while Venus and Jupiter are the benefics.

(3) Here are some good articles on profections.

This essay is very informative about the technique and its historical perspective: Astrological Predictive Techniques: 1. Profections Intro

And On Birthdays, Age and the 12 Houses: Simple Profections, Kelly Surtees’s, personal and user-friendly article.

You may be interested in my article on Ava DuVernay for an example of Jupiter in a daytime birth.
“The significance of Jupiter is further supported because DuVernay was born in the daytime; in the doctrine of sect, Jupiter has extra ability to fulfill itself in a horoscope for a day birth.”

(4) “In the first 24 hours after her candidacy announcement, she tied a record set by Bernie Sanders in 2016 for the most donations raised in the day following announcement.”
Wikipedia: Kamala Harris (Viewed page last edited on 8 December 2019.)

(5) “Kamala Harris didn’t do a great many things well in her crash-and-burn campaign for president. But her swift exit from the race was executed perfectly.”
L.A. Times

(6) “Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and a large group of Democratic senators have signed a letter that will be sent to the White House on Monday calling on President Donald Trump to fire senior adviser Stephen Miller in light of leaked emails showing the extent of his white nationalist beliefs.”

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On the Threshold of New Beginnings

By Mary Plumb | November 25, 2019

The New Moon is tomorrow (November 26) at 4° Sagittarius.

At the monthly dark-of-the-Moon period, we might be aware of all that has ended and passed away. The acute feelings in the days before the New Moon are intensified more than usual now, since there are also three planetary cycles in their Balsamic phases — the current monthly dark Moon periods can sometimes feel like the weight of the ages is encroaching upon our fragile internal ecosystems. Saturn–Pluto, Saturn–Jupiter, and Jupiter–Pluto are all in the Balsamic phase of their respective synodic cycles, and their themes and correlations are depleted or exhausted. (1)

Considering the monthly synodic period of the Sun and Moon, the dark of the Moon is of course when we look up and see darkness; we are suspended by faith that a new life, a new vision will indeed come. A quality of these times is the notion of borderlands of consciousness, or shorelines, where the stable land meets the fluid unknown. In biological reference, these liminal spaces — or ill-defined states — are replete with enormous biodiversity and adaptability. (2)

I imagine, in the longer scope of time, that lead, tin, and all invisible matter (associated with Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, respectively) are being recombined with new formulas, capacities, and proportions.

We may temporarily be hitting a few little (or massive) walls of obstruction or delay in our current view of reality, but we are also on the brink of generating (conjunctions) necessary (Saturn), unbounded and joyful (Jupiter), invisible and penetrating (Pluto) skills and insights for a new time.

We may all be goats at moments, lonely and cold on the mountaintop, but the great celebrations of the returning of the Sun are within reach (the solstice occurs on December 21).

Even closer at hand is the Moon–Jupiter conjunction (also an occultation) at 29° Sagittarius on November 28 — Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Wherever we are located, this is an unmistakable call, from the effervescence of life itself, to be of good cheer and celebrate. Jupiter is inclusive, so we are grateful for all of it — for life and death, for breath, for friends and family, for illness and health. A toast to our readers that we will all enjoy some of the genuinely warm, jolly, and exuberant qualities that are part of our moment in time.


(1) Jupiter and Saturn have a 19.8–year synodic cycle. Their last conjunction was on May 28, 2000 at 22°43’ Taurus. As a further note to the current pervasive theme of endings, Jupiter and Saturn meet for 200 years in the same element. They have been conjoining in earth signs since 1802 — the beginning of the Industrial Revolution — and 2000 was the last conjunction in earth signs. The next conjunction, December 20, 2020 at 0°29’ Aquarius begins a 200-year period of conjunctions in air signs.

Jupiter and Pluto have a 12.46–year synodic cycle. Their last conjunction was at 28°23’ Sagittarius in December 2007; the next is April 4, 2020 at 24°53’ Capricorn.

And lastly, Saturn and Pluto have a 35.6–year synodic cycle. Their last conjunction was at 27°35’ Libra on November, 8 1982. The Balsamic phase of these heavy hitters began on September 9, 2008 when Saturn was at 12°35’ Virgo, which is 45° from 27°35’ Libra. They reunite on January 12, 2020 at 22°46’ Capricorn.

(2) “In anthropology, liminality (from the Latin word limen, meaning ‘a threshold’) is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete. During a rite’s liminal stage, participants ‘stand at the threshold’ between their previous way of structuring their identity, time, or community, and a new way, which completing the rite establishes …

“During liminal periods of all kinds, social hierarchies may be reversed or temporarily dissolved, continuity of tradition may become uncertain, and future outcomes once taken for granted may be thrown into doubt. The dissolution of order during liminality creates a fluid, malleable situation that enables new institutions and customs to become established.”
Wikipedia (viewed page last edited on 15 November 2019)

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Ronan Farrow: Exceptional chart, exceptional talent

By Barbara Eaton | November 11, 2019

Ronan Farrow has been in the news again, inspiring us with his talent, courage, and amazing productivity. (1) One look at his natal chart explains much. (2)

Ronan Farrow
Dec. 19, 1987
10:49 a.m. EST
Manhattan, N.Y.
Placidus houses, True node

The ruler of his Aquarius Ascendant is Uranus, which falls in a large stellium in the mid to late degrees of Sagittarius. This stellium trines Jupiter at 19°47’ Aries, inflating and exaggerating all of those Sagittarian influences. The Jupiter–Uranus trine is perhaps the luckiest aspect; I have written about this aspect in relation to Donald Trump’s chart. (3)

In Farrow’s case, the stellium is in Jupiter’s sign, further strengthening the best and perhaps the worst qualities of a Sadge, which could include dilettantism, restlessness, inability to follow through on projects and promises, and a tendency to jump to conclusions — but also a voluminous appetite for experience and, in this case, because of his high intelligence, a need for broad-based intellectual stimulation. This large, well-aspected stellium clearly suggests some significant intellectual talents, and in the 10th house, there is a destiny for notoriety or work in the public sphere. So, why has Farrow not succumbed to the worst of these Sagittarian traits?

First, the stellium includes Saturn, a very sobering influence that curbs some of the worst tendencies of Sagittarius by endowing caution and pragmatism. Uranus in the stellium adds some brilliance, a scientific bent, originality, and perhaps a maverick quality that underscores Farrow’s ability to think outside the box. A prominent Uranus also can correlate with one who rebels against the norms of his culture and authority in general, and this Uranus is in the 10th house, suggesting a strong motivation to question authority. His Mercury gets a boost of both Uranian and Saturnian energies, which he displays with his very articulate and precise speech that is well seasoned with logic and intelligence.

Farrow’s Mars–Pluto conjunction in Scorpio also helps to curb some of the restlessness and scattering of energies that is so common with a strong Sadge nativity. Scorpio is a sign of keen focus and strong courage, and this Mars position gives great determination. Pluto in the mix strengthens this resolve and can make for obsessiveness in pursuit of an objective.

This large of a stellium (five planets and the Midheaven) is quite rare, yet even more extraordinary, we find that the four closely clustered planets are also parallel in declination. (4) And if that weren’t enough to mark this nativity as quite exceptional, three planets are out of bounds, those being Mercury, Uranus, and the Moon. (5)

Recently, posted an article by Mandy Lockley showing charts of many whistleblowers, all of whom have some prominent chart feature on the Galactic Center (26° Sagittarius.)

The chart contains only one square: that of Venus and Jupiter. In most cases, a chart heavy with trines and having only one square or opposition produces a situation where the person tends to be an underachiever. This happens because they have so many blessings and unearned opportunities early in life that they may not develop a spiritual muscle. Often, they find they can get by on their charm and a smile, or they have unrealistic expectations; then, they suffer later in life as a result of their lack of discipline, focus, and realism. It appears that this is not the case with Farrow, and the only theory I can offer as to why he seems to have escaped this fate and made the very best of his natal gifts is the position of his Moon’s nodes.

His nodal axis closely squares his Sagittarius stellium. Some astrologers in the school of Evolutionary Astrology teach that when a planet squares the nodal axis, it is a sign that in the past lifetime there was a “skipped step,” which needs to be mastered in this lifetime. This results in a great need or a karmic destiny to focus on the energies and affairs of that planet’s placement by house and sign. Perhaps this is the force that has motivated Farrow to be so effective in expressing his Sagittarian gifts by exposing powerful authority figures and the dysfunctions of our institutions through his exemplary journalism.

And last but not least, there is an interesting grand trine in fire, if we include Eris–Jupiter in Aries trine the Black Moon–Orcus and his Moon in Sagittarius. (6) Those of you who work with these points may be able to add insight into this configuration; your comments are welcomed.


(1) Farrow is currently on a media tour for his new book, Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators.
See Wikipedia: Ronan Farrow for biographical details.

(2) Ronan Farrow, December 19, 1987; 10:49 a.m. EST; Manhattan, NY, USA (40°N35’, 73°W59’); AA data, AstroDatabank.

(3) See the author’s article on Donald Trump.

(4) The Sun is at 23°S24’ declination, Uranus at 23°S34’, Saturn at 22°S10’, and Mercury at 24°S34’. (Although not part of this stellium, Venus and Neptune are also parallel to one another at 22°S31’ and 22°S16’, respectively.)

(5) Any planet beyond 23°27’ south or north of the equator is considered to be out of bounds. The Moon is at 27°S00’, Mercury at 24°S34’, and Uranus at 23°S34’.

(6) See chart .

Bio: B. A. (Bee) Eaton is a retired educator and holds a Master’s Degree in education and degrees in art and design. She coordinated a large educational research project at Kent State University in Ohio, and worked as a public school teacher. She began her love affair with astrology at the age of 15, and now devotes her time to learning, practicing, and teaching astrology in between short excursions to her garden. You can visit her astrology blog at The Living Sky





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2020 Astrological Calendars

By Mary Plumb | October 31, 2019

As we move towards the turning of the year and all of the unfolding planetary storylines, it seems like a good moment to round up some astrological calendars.

This blog idea was also precipitated by the news that a popular calendar — Jim Maynard’s Celestial Calendars — will not be available for 2020, but hopefully return for 2021. (From the website: “We are hoping to have another publisher lined up to take over the Celestial Calendars for the 2021s.”)

In the mean time, you can download the first four months of 2020 (either Eastern or Pacific time) for free here.


Another long-loved calendar, We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn is in its 39th year of production. “The datebook presents a comprehensive introduction to astrology; to Sun, Moon and Earth cycles; and the seasonal Holy Days.”

A collaborative effort, there are over 250 articles by different astrologers, with art and poetry accompanying the astrological information. The datebooks are available in spiral binding in English or Spanish, paperback binding, and loose-leafed. ($21.95) There is also a wall calendar ($16.95). The datebook is in Pacific Time with all the time zone conversions across the world for easy reference.

We’Moon’s 2020 theme: “Wake Up Call sets out to wake us, sometimes gently, sometimes with alarm, to our peril and our opportunities. This call summons and inspires us for the deepest, most loving rescue work we can imagine. We urgently seek new possibilities for healing Earth and mending humanity. Goddess-sight is here. 2020—Clear Vision.”


Creative Cronies Astrological Moon Calendar & Moon Diary are Southern hemisphere based — produced in New Zealand and in existence for 42 years. The 2020 Moon Calendars feature astrological guidance for the year, Sun sign predictions, monthly forecasts, Moon phases, sign changes, eclipse details, gardening and fishing guides and Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave Spiritual Days and Nights. (NZ $27)

The spiral-bound Moon Diary has similar content along with New Moon maps and interpretations, daily oracles (based on Moon signs and planetary aspects). (NZ $35) Both versions have colorful original artwork. “Our 2020 theme, Weaving New Cosmic Contracts, explores how each Zodiac Sign expresses Self through our physical bodies and links this to where and how our natural inclinations might be most useful in our rapidly changing physical world.”


Long time astrologers Ralph and Lahini De Amicis have a Planetary Calendar Day Planner (for Pacific Time) with much astrological detail. There are New and Full Moon charts, daily forecasts, Sun sign guidance times to the lunations, month (and week) at a glance, planetary and lunar aspects, lunation meditations, ephemeris, information about essential oils, spaces for notes and appointments and more. There is a wall calendar (in three sizes, $18 and $20); the 218-page day planner ($27), and a digital version ($12). See the website for lots of graphics from the products.


Michele Finey of Celestial Insights has an Astrology Calendar that is packed with information. Timed for Australia, it is available as a wall calendar ($25) or as a PDF for download ($12). It includes planetary positions, lunar perigees and Supermoons, monthly analysis of key events (with advice and guidance), global cycles and trends for 2020, equinox and solstice charts (with Chiron, asteroids and Eris), as well as a beginner section and original images of Australia. Designed for beginners as well as professionals, it is both easy to read and detailed. A feature that is different from other calendars: There are no glyphs in the monthly pages, the data is written out — e.g., for July 12: “Chiron SR 09AR26 Mercury SD 05CN29.”


Llewellyn: New World’s of Body, Mind & Spirit Since 1901 has calendars in many related subjects — e.g., magic, tarot, alchemy — but the astrology section has three primary offerings. The 2020 Astrological Calendar (Eastern Time) has monthly artwork and horoscopes, days for planting and fishing, rewarding and difficult days, travel advice, an astrology beginner’s primer and major daily aspects. ($15.99)
The 2020 Daily Planetary Guide ($12.99) is a datebook format with weekly forecasts, daily aspects, ephemerides, retrograde planets, eclipses, and “Opportunity Periods— times when the positive flow of energy is at its peak.” The 2020 Astrological Pocket Planner (4”X 6”) has a daily ephemeris and aspectarian. ($9.99) (According to the website, this product is not yet in stock.)
See the website for details on the 2020 Moon Sign Book and 2020 Sun Sign Book.


Astrid Fallon has created her products for a number of years; she is a very skillful interpretor of the astronomical basis of astrology which informs her products. (She gave a webinar on Declination Matters, OOB and 3D Astrology this past weekend for ISAR.) Astrid produces the Astro Agenda (a diary) and the annual Rainbow Ephemeris. The diary is easy to carry it is 68 pages, bound with staples. It is available in French or English; the cover is in French as that is the only part produced by a professional printer. She does the printing and stabling pages herself! Astrid mails her products internationally; there are no digital editions. Here is a sample page from the ephemeris where you can see her very colorful work which is replete with astrological/astronomical data: daily ephemeris, the Black Moon, declinations, Moon Apogee and Perigee, and much more.

And, here is the 2020 Astro Diary (in English).


A web search uncovered calendars that I have not seen, here are a few that I found.

Phaedra Mitchell of Mystick Physick has a day planner designed for ease of use: “Our Ultimate Astrological Day Planner is the ONLY full size monthly planner that you don’t need to be a professional astrologer to use.” It is available in sidereal (Fagan-Bradley) or tropical zodiacs and is color-coded for “the best days for love, business & good luck through January 2021.” The user can choose a cover design and there is also a downloadable PDF version. ($24.99 – $59.99)
Although the planner on the website is created for Eastern Time, Phaedra will customize in your choice of time zone (for an additional $9.99). In an email she wrote: “… for folks who are interested in that feature I recommend reaching out to me directly and we can make it happen.”
There are other products at Mystick Physick, including a Planetary Observation Journal for noting transits and creating a personal astrological journal.


Magic of I has a 2020 Astrological Planner ($45); a pocket-sized planner ($30) and other products, i.e., stickers, Moon phase poster and journal.The planner looks beautifully produced in black or white “lush silk touch” vegan leather, with an aim of 100% recycled materials for the 256 pages. “We avoid mass printing in China and focus on small, high quality print runs. We print in Europe using highly skilled artisans and an amazing production team who are continually evolving with us.”

The planners are available for the Northern Hemisphere PST (GMT-8) or Southern Hemisphere AEST (GMT+10), and includes lots of astrological features. “The 2020 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos. You do not need to know astrology to own this planner, but it is suitable for beginner to advanced astrologers.”

This is a start, I know there are others out there. Please let us know of any 2020 calendars that you’ve used and I have overlooked. Thank you. Have a good Scorpio New Moon week everyone.

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What fuels Greta?

By Mary Plumb | September 30, 2019

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was born January 3, 2003, right after the Capricorn New Moon. We don’t have a time for her, but the lunation was exact at 9:23 p.m. CET on January 2, so she is definitely a New Moon (not Balsamic) birth. (1) With no known time, this chart is set for sunrise (the Moon traveled from 13° to 27° Capricorn on January 3).

Greta Thunberg
Janary 3, 2003
Sunrise 8:51 am CET
Stockholm, Sweden (59N10 18E03)

Mercury stationed retrograde on January 2 at 28° Capricorn; Mercury is still and steady in the sky and carries the thoughtfulness of its evening star position (i.e., rising after the Sun). In the progressed chart, Mercury will turn direct at 12° Capricorn when Greta is about 20 years old. Mercury returning to the degree of the natal Sun adds more significance to that degree (in the middle decan of Capricorn) — something to explore in a future blog.

Although Greta became aware of climate change when she was eight years old, she started her public activism on August 20, 2018. That year, Sweden had suffered heat waves and wildfires in its hottest summer in at least 262 years; she began her strike alone outside the Swedish parliament, in a call for stronger action on global warming. There was a solar eclipse on August 11, 2018 at 18°34’ Leo — close to her natal Jupiter at 16°40’ Leo, which is trine her natal Pluto at 18°21’ Sagittarius. The next eclipse, also solar, was on January 5, 2019 at 15°31’ Capricorn, the sign of her Sun and Moon.

Greta has Mars square Uranus in fixed signs in the natal chart: Mars at 21° Scorpio and Uranus at 26° Aquarius. In 2018, the year that she began her public life as an activist, transiting Mars in early Aquarius squared Uranus, which had just moved into fixed sign Taurus, three times: May 16, August 1, and September 18.

In October 2018, she spoke at an event organized by Extinction Rebellion and said: “We’re facing an immediate unprecedented crisis that has never been treated as a crisis, and our leaders are all acting like children. We need to wake up and change everything.”

In January 2019, she spoke at the World Economic Forum at Davos: “I want you to act as if the house is on fire — because it is.” And in June 2019, a poll in the U.K. found that Thunberg has “‘pierced the bubble of denial’” of public concern about the environment.

On September 23, 2019, with the Sun at 0° Libra, she addressed the Climate Action Summit at the U.N. headquarters in New York City. (2) A video of her four-minute speech has been viewed many millions of times, and although stunningly inspirational to many, it has sadly opened her to some biting and cruel criticism as well.

Mars is always strong in tropical Scorpio. Mars is also conjunct the stars in the Scales of the constellation of Libra. Zuben Eschamali (18°46’ Scorpio) is the northern Scale; Zuben Elgenubi (15°17’ Scorpio) is the southern Scale. (3) Although these stars are faint, they have a rich history. The Scales of Libra are mythically connected to the goddess Astraea, the last of the gods to stay on Earth. As mankind became more corrupt, she ascended to the heavens and became the constellation Virgo; the scales of justice that she carried became the constellation Libra. Both stars of the scales are connected to social justice and reform, adding layers of meaning to the already powerful Mars in Scorpio. Vivian E. Robson wrote about Zuben Eschamali: “With Mars: High ambitions, success through energy, influential position, forceful writer and speaker.” (4)

The constellation of the royal prince, Perseus, is also notable in Greta’s horoscope. Anne Wright quotes George Noonan in Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology (1990) on her website: “The constellation is indicative of events affecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.” (5)

Capulus (24°12’ Taurus) is a nebula in the sword of Perseus; it is opposite Greta’s natal Mars and Venus positions. Bernadette Brady describes Capulus as “focused, direct, penetrating action.” (6) Algol, the star on the severed head of Medusa that Perseus holds, is the companion star to Capulus. Algol (26°10’ Taurus) has long been seen as a star that carries a fearsome power. Brady encapsulates early sources on Algol by declaring that the star is connected to any “foul, demonic deed that could befall the human race.” (7) Venus and Mars are rising ahead of the Sun in Thunberg’s horoscope, and both are across the zodiac (180°) from Algol. This “demonic deed” is what she passionately recognizes in our world, inspiring such memorable phrases as “I want you to act as if the house is on fire — because it is.” And her concluding remarks from the recent U.N. panel: “We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

Note one star conjunct her Sun at 13° Capricorn: Wega (Vega) at 15°19’ Capricorn, a first magnitude star in the constellation of Lyra, the Harp. This star is connected to the musician Orpheus who grieved for his lost wife, Eurydice. (I’m reminded of Greta’s often-expressed anguish and sorrow: “People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.”) Wega’s association with Orpheus also links it to magical spells and great charisma, and Aleksandar Imsiragic notes that it gives an “outstanding inclination for science.” (8)

One other thing: The Moon was out of bounds in Capricorn on the day Thunberg was born; this suggests emotional self-sufficiency and determinism, a unique awareness of hierarchies and responsibilities, and her unabashed bravery in confronting adults and leaders who “are all acting like children.”


(1) Birth date, biographical material and all quotes from Wikipedia

(2) This is a transcript of her speech and a video of the event (the video cues right to her speech).

(3) Longitude positions for 2000 as noted by Aleksandar Imsiragic, The Pillars of Destiny, astro.lab, 2016.

(4) Constellation of Words: Zubenelshamali

(5) Constellation of Words: Algol

(6) Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1998, p. 193.

(7) Ibid., p. 188.

(8) Imsiragic, The Pillars of Destiny, p. 191.

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By Jeremy Neal | September 16, 2019

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit: This is all we hear about in the U.K. these days. While the social and societal institutions that once made this country a good place to live fall to ruin through neglect and underfunding all around us, nobody wants to talk about anything other than Brexit.

It seems odd to say, but while predicting the future is difficult, predicting the past is not always easy either. As astrologers, we are concerned with understanding patterns, and allowing not so much the fabric but the weave of the fabric we are contemplating to tell its story; this can be tricky to understand, even when events are long past. And when we consider broad entities, such as nations, this is exacerbated by the necessity to look at so-called mundane astrology, which has somewhat different significations than the personal stars we are familiar with.

Nonetheless, the astrology of Brexit has followed a pattern so concise and self-evident that even non-astrologers might grasp it completely.

Although rumblings about the nature of Britain’s relationship with the wider Continent have been audible since the final days of the Second World War, there was no serious desire to examine these bonds outside the very right wing fringes of the British Conservative Party Conservative Party — that is, until, pandering to pressure from that very faction, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to hold an in-or-out referendum. This address, which came to be known as the Bloomberg Speech, took place in central London on January 23, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

(all charts Placidus houses, Mean node
Bloomberg Speech
Jan. 23, 2013
9:00 a.m. GMT
London, England (51N30, 0W10′)

This places Neptune within a one-minute conjunction with the Ascendant. In the mundane chart, Neptune’s influence is over the mass of people. C. C. Zain describes it thus: “The most pronounced influence of Neptune is to exaggerate the hopes and expectations.” (1) Here, Neptune is powerful in his sign (Pisces) and precisely rising. Zain goes on to say, “He is thus the most active factor in promotion schemes, in vast undertakings … and in utopian enterprises … On his adverse side, he is the particular patron of frauds, swindles, confidence men, and all the more subtle methods by which, without violence, people are taken advantage of.” As the progress of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union continues, the myriad benefits pledged by the advocates of the Leave campaign seem to have slowly evaporated in high Neptunian fashion! The early promise of a cash bonanza for public services has, chimera-like, changed into a worrying deficit, shortages of foodstuffs and medicines, the necessity of selling off public services to American corporations, and the gradual devaluation of Britain’s currency.

The institutions of law and legislature have become embroiled in the argument and counterargument such that the foundations of Britain’s centuries-old parliamentary authority are, perhaps fatally, undermined.

These effects may be presaged by Neptune’s square to Jupiter, significator of law and legislature, weakened by its detriment in Gemini and placed in the 3rd house. Also ominous of future woes and calamity is the exact conjunction of Neptune with asteroid Melpomene, muse of tragedy. Without any doubt, the combination of these deceiving, quixotic visions of a better future outside of Europe have unleashed a legacy of woe upon the very fabric of Britain, no matter the eventual outcome.

At a more esoteric level, the muses are the daughters of memory. This is quite literally true as they are the offspring of Mnemosyne (goddess of remembrance) and her consort, Zeus. Wherever any of the muses is configured in the astrology there is a strong connection to memories, which are an individual retrospection. The recollections of a personal past determine the expectations of how the future might unfold, and approaches to that future are selected or rejected accordingly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder precisely because the formative experiences of an individual that constitute their expectations are the remembered preferences and aversions of a subjective past.

The muses model idealism based on accepted past norms. We understand what is beautiful in art because we have seen good art and bad, and while there will always be outliers, a consensus is formed, which is itself part of one’s expectations of all that is right and good. The muses represent then, an attempt to personify the process of understanding what perfection looks like. As a result, one can perhaps appreciate the potential of their power in a mundane chart. For a great many people, especially those who are older, whose past travels further back and has thereby been more radically supplanted by change, the difference between what the perfect society is and the society they find themselves in is fundamentally more jarring.

These are the people who have been most hopelessly seduced by Melpomene’s hinted vision of Brexit. It is a vision of Britain once described by former Prime Minister John Major as: “the country of long shadows on county grounds, warm beer, invincible green suburbs, dog lovers and pools fillers.” (2) The older generation voted overwhelmingly to reclaim this halcyon past, seemingly unconcerned with whether or not it was possible to recapture it.

George Orwell was another who attempted to frame this English utopia which seems to have become a part of the fabric of the Brexit dream. He once described an English civilisation and concluded that it was “somehow bound up with solid breakfasts and gloomy Sundays, smoky towns and winding roads, green fields and red pillar-boxes.” (3)

The Brexit chart is fascinating, then, because of its appealing allusion to a better and more comforting past. But let us now examine the broad strokes of the Brexit Bill, the actual piece of legislation that made the referendum possible in the first place. As stated, its name was spoken aloud on January 23rd for the first time. A private members bill was given its first reading on June 19th, the second reading on July 5th, and on November 30th, Parliament approved the bill, promising to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU by 2017. (4)

Let us now compare the passage of the EU Referendum Bill with transits of Pluto to Britain’s Sun.

United Kingdom
January 1, 1801
12:00 a.m. LMT
London, England (51N30, 0W10′)

2013: Transiting Pluto and the British Sun (10°10’ Capricorn)
(1/3 refers to the first of three exact transits, etc.)

The symmetry, despite its disenchanting consequence, is beautiful. There is a 72-hour variance between Brexit’s proposal and acceptance into law with Pluto’s transit to the U.K. Sun, which, let us not forget, is an event that has not happened within the scope of the U.K.’s most current astrology. (5) In the previous chart for Great Britain, that of the Norman Conquest (Christmas Day 1066), the last transit of Pluto conjunct the British Sun occurred through 1767, as the British colonies in America were agitating for independence. (6) At that time the most significant events relating to British sovereignty centred upon the Townshend Acts, which attempted to impose taxes on various trade goods moving in and out of Boston in the American colonies. (7) Of those goods, perhaps the most prominent was, rather prophetically, tea. American patriots responded to the legislation by arguing that they should not be taxed while they held no sway in the Parliament to which they were subject (“no taxation without representation”). It was this series of legislations which really hardened attitudes against British rule and gave rise to the American War of Independence. After this disastrous American experiment, Britain never again dared to impose direct taxation of any of her colonies, and it really marked the beginning of the end for the British Empire.

Two-and-a-half centuries before, during the Pluto-to-Sun transit of 1520–21, the same question was asked of Henry VIII. Who holds the power: King or Pope? The first pretensions to absolute authority must have stirred early on in young King Henry’s breast, married as he was to his brother’s widow but with a famously roving eye. Within a decade, the battle was joined, and after the Protestant Reformation, the Church of Rome never again held so much authority. Under Pluto, the test of sovereignty is absolute and chooses right every time.

If we take a long view of the prevailing dynamics of British rule at each of these transits, it is therefore possible to glean some of the key foundations of the mundane Pluto-to-Sun transit. The principal question of this transit is, “Who really holds the power?” Since the Sun is representative of leaders — traditionally of Kings and Queens, but latterly of elected Heads of State and sovereign bodies — this transit will always conduct a fierce examination of the underlying principles of power. Pluto has this effect, wherever he narrows his focus, of testing for existential validity. To fail the test leads to annihilation, and the old, indestructible crucible of Hades is once again readied for the formulation of new and stronger alloys.

(1) C. C. Zain, Mundane Astrology: Interpreting Astrological Phenomena for Cities, Nations and Groups, Church of Light, 1935.

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(3) George Orwell, The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius, Searchlight Books, Secker & Warburg, 1941.

(4) European Union (Referendum) Bill 2013–14 (see European Union Referendum)

(5) There are four major charts for the U.K., beginning with the coronation of Edgar the Peaceful in 973 C.E. The most referenced chart is for the foundation of the United Kingdom – the legal union of great Britain and Ireland: January 1, 1801; 00:00 LMT; London, England. Please see Baigent, Campion & Harvey, Mundane Astrology, Hammersmith, London: Aquarian Press, 1984, p. 433.

(6) The Norman Conquest horoscope has the Sun at 9°55’ Capricorn; data: December 25, 1066; 12:00 LMT; London, England (51°N30’, 00°W10’). See Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes, The Wessex Astrologer, Ltd., 1998, p. 337.

On January 9, July 31, and November 10, 1767, transiting Pluto was conjunct the Sun, as shown below.

(7) It is commonly held that there were five Townshend Acts passed by British Parliament: two on June 5, 1726, two on June 29, 1767, and the last on July 26, 1768. Resistance to the Townshend Acts eventually led to the Boston Massacre of 1770.


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