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Donald Trump Begins His Re-election Rallies

By Mary Plumb | July 1, 2020

From what I can see, President Trump hasn’t looked too happy lately. Prior to last week’s event in Tulsa, reports said that he had been eager to get back to live rallies and was excited about the first campaign event of the season. His political team had raised expectations by saying that a million people had requested tickets! The event in Tulsa, on Saturday, June 20th, with Neptune standing still in the sky (going retrograde on the 22nd), was a massive disappointment. Not only was the arena only one-third full, but the news also broke of a prank instigated on TikTok that tricked the campaign into counting requests for thousands of tickets which were ordered, although the purchaser never intended to show up. (A CNN opinion piece was titled: Trump’s Tulsa rally was a flop) (1) Event Planning 101: Avoid Neptune stations unless a prayer or devotional vigil intended to support restoration of the oceans’ health?

Photos of an exhausted-looking Trump returning to the White House went viral, and its not hard to project disillusionment, i.e., Neptune, onto his posture.

TMA Associate Editor Ray Grasse wrote a detailed and widely read blog on the President’s transits last year: Donald Trump and the Saturn–Pluto Conjunction. He wrote about the psychological implications of the President’s natal Venus–Saturn conjunction in Cancer (with its focus on family matters) and noted times in the upcoming year when transits would be significant.

Donald Trump
June 14, 1946
10:54 a.m. EDT
Jamaica, NY (40N41 73W48)
Placidus houses, True node

Some of the “trigger dates” Ray points out:

“On February 6, 2020, transiting Saturn opposes his natal Venus for the first of three times. Again, there may be a growing sense of social isolation and feelings of rejection, but it could also involve the spotlight being cast on his finances and real estate holdings, as well as those of his family members.
On February 13, Pluto opposes Trump’s natal Saturn precisely, activating his chart in a major way.
This same energy comes to a boil during the next station of Pluto, which goes retrograde on April 25 at 24º59’ Capricorn, very closely opposing Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn.
On July 12, Pluto again opposes Trump’s natal Saturn exactly.
On September 6, Saturn opposes Trump’s Venus for the second time.
Then, on September 29, Saturn stations direct at 25º20’ Capricorn, activating his natal Saturn–Venus by opposition.
Several days later, on October 4, Pluto stations direct at 22º29’ Capricorn, opposing his natal Saturn–Venus and prying open more previously buried secrets about his finances or personal life.”

One family matter that is arising now: Mary L. Trump, the president’s niece (who is a clinical psychologist) has written a book about her family, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. She is the 55-year-old daughter of Fred Trump Jr., brother of Donald and Robert, who died when Mary was 16. In 2000, she was part of a legal dispute over the will of her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr. Simon & Schuster is scheduled to publish her book on July 28; the company’s description of the book “suggests it will draw heavily on her studies of family dysfunction, with Mary using her clinical background to dissect ‘a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse,’ including ‘the strange and harmful relationship between’ her late father and Donald Trump.” (2) Yikes! Painful family history, indeed.

Last week, on June 26, a New York surrogate’s court judge rejected an effort by Robert Trump to halt publication of Mary Trump’s book. The next day the family petitioned a second court to block publication; on June 30, a New York judge blocked publication, and on July 1 a judge lifted the restraining order that was blockage the book. For now, publication is scheduled to proceed. (75,000 copies have already been printed and the book was the fourth bestselling book on Amazon today.) (3) On June 30 transiting Mercury retrograde was conjunct the Sun at 9º Cancer; the President’s natal Mercury is 8º51’ Cancer suggesting how deeply personal this particular legal issue must be to him. Mercury retrograde will pass his natal Mercury on July 2, before going direct on July 12 at 5º Cancer. Stories from the family lineage are being re-visited or re-examined. Whether there is further public exposure remains to be seen. Transiting Mars (8º Aries) will square natal Mercury on July 13, right as Mercury goes direct; in the short term, the President’s fighting (and protective) instinct will remain strong.

This blog is a sketch of the President’s current transits. Do go back to Ray’s June 2019 blog for a more thorough picture, including this prescient observation: “To one extent or another, the horoscope of a national leader becomes that of the entire country he or she represents. Does this mean that Trump’s financial difficulties under these transits point to something ominous about the economic fortunes of the United States during this time? Much as I’d like to believe otherwise, I think it’s a reasonable possibility, and I will be watching the U.S. economy closely around the time of these transits.”

Thank you, Ray, for your camaraderie and your thoughts that inspired this blog.


(1) CNN

(2) Washington Post

(3) CNN

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Navigating Transitional Times: The 3rd Quarter Sibly Progressed Lunar Cycle

By Raye Robertson | June 24, 2020

The U.S. Sibly chart began a progressed lunar cycle (the 8th since the country’s founding) in October 1994 with a New Moon at 19°50’ Aquarius. This cycle will end on March 25, 2024 when a new cycle begins at 19°27’ Pisces.  The 3rd quarter of the current cycle began on March 2, 2017. The transits, eclipses and outer planetary cycles during this time period—not to mention our daily news—all concur that this current timeframe is significant. Timing is everything, of course: daily events gain significance during the final years of a progressed 3rd quarter because they signal unfinished business to complete and outworn realities to purge, so that the way will be open for new developments.

Tracking significant planetary dynamics within a national progressed cycle allows us to analyze history and current events from a more nuanced perspective. This progressed 3rd quarter (P3Q) has provided an underlying theme that transits and key planetary cycles have since worked to manifest and shape.

We’ll revisit the 2017 P3Q cycle chart to discern how it has supported the several crises we’ve been experiencing, with special focus on: 1) the ongoing pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans and ravaged state economies; and 2) the outpouring of protest over police brutality against Black individuals that seems significantly different this time for its diversity, its resonance and its longevity. Both instances feel fittingly Neptunian, considering where this cycle phase launched. The collective has been literally overtaken by contagion, expressed through health, through dollars flowing in fits and starts through the economy just to keep us afloat, and through public sentiment. Both crises have attracted floods of outrage and attempts to deflect blame and misinformation, but they’ve also stirred deep compassion, grief, dedication and sacrifice.

From where I’m sitting, the nation seems to have developed a feeling for collective action and gratitude that has been lying dormant; there are even signs that we may be reconsidering some deeply-held values and norms and questioning others. In regards to the protests, can I dare say that we’re turning a corner in terms of civic spirit and a desire to improve life for everyone in this nation? It would be premature to celebrate, but there is hope.

We are now about mid-way through this Sibly P3Q cycle—is there a light at the end of this distressing tunnel, after all?

What goes around…

The nation’s progressed lunar cycle (roughly 30 years) reflects the evolution of the U.S. from its revolutionary roots, and with its predictable stages it reveals the always amazing ways in which history repeats and builds upon itself.

Because the Sun in a national chart represents the nation-at-large and the executive (president, prime minister, monarch, etc.), and the Moon represents the people, the relationship between these two luminaries speaks to the evolution of our so-called social contract. Since the Sibly chart features a forward-thinking, rebellious but collective-minded Aquarius Moon, and a growth-and-security oriented Cancer Sun, it’s no surprise that Americans have had a love/hate relationship with government from the get-go.  Even more interesting is how that relationship has evolved over 240 years of history—it’s all there, if we dig deep enough. For now, however, let’s look at today’s picture:

1994 Sibly progressed lunar cycle phases

Progressed New Moon: 10/13/1994  19°50’ Aquarius

Progressed 1st Quarter: 6/10/2001    26°36 Aquarius – 26°36 Taurus

Progressed 2nd Quarter: 12/25/2008   4°10’ Pisces – 4°10 Virgo

Progressed 3rd Quarter: 3/2/2017   12°24 Pisces – 12°24 Sagittarius

Progressed New Moon: 3/25/2024    19°27’ Pisces

Since this cycle’s 1994 launch, our role and stature in the world have both taken a beating. The U.S. economy has shed millions of well-paid jobs and replaced many of those with a no-benefits “gig” economy that only deepens wealth inequality and grass roots instability. We’ve been through one Wall Street-related major recession, recovered, and sunk into another, pandemic-related one. Our public sector (infrastructures, schools and cities) has suffered from lack of investment, and climate change is now an observable, increasingly costly reality.

Adding to the overwhelm are our toxic, unresolved and perpetual Middle Eastern wars, especially driven by the rise of terrorism in the second half of the 1982 Saturn-Pluto cycle. (1) Today, this “war against terror” feels like it’s been one long delusional Faustian trap.

Perhaps at the root of all the above is the overwhelming flood of corporate money which was gradually unleashed on our political system during this 1994 progressed cycle which culminated in the Supreme Court’s January 21, 2010 Citizens United decision. Looking at the transits for that day, Uranus and Neptune were still in mutual reception and Jupiter had just ingressed Pisces, sextile Capricorn Pluto. (2) Corporations were lounging in the “fabled catbird seat.”

No wonder we’ve seen deep public anger throughout the past two election cycles: calls for fundamental, systemic change to address extreme wealth inequality and police brutality are sounding, loud and clear. Fortunately, the 2020-2024 remainder of this 3rd quarter could support our positive evolution, but not without honestly confronting uncomfortable realities. Unfortunately, it would also be possible to take a major step backwards.

Let’s review the beginning of the progressed 3rd quarter phase, and what this chart can tell us about today’s tough challenges. We’ll examine a tri-wheel that shows the 3rd quarter chart (middle ring) and the transits for that day (outer ring) set around the U.S. (Sibly) chart (inner ring).

Chart from Kepler and Cosmic Patterns software, Equal houses



T-square: Progressed Moon (12°24’ Sagittarius, middle) conjoins Sibly Ascendant and opposes Descendant (12°21’ Sagittarius-Gemini, inner) 12°21’ and Uranus/Mars midpoint, 15° Gemini; progressed Sun (12°23 Pisces) squares this opposition from the Sibly 4th cusp and conjoins transiting Neptune (11°44’ Pisces, outer).

Nations develop “itchy trigger fingers” with intense configurations like this; the U.S. executive (progressed Sun) could be inclined to use force to assert dominance and authority, but in Sagittarius, the people (progressed Moon) will be animated and demanding. Note also, this 1994 progressed lunation cycle began at the same degree as the Sibly radix Moon (27° Aquarius), so the focus is on the people, for better or worse. Hard aspects to the Sibly horizon can signal civil unrest, even tragedy (i.e., Saturn-Pluto transits on September 11, 2001). Jupiter rules the Sibly chart from sensitive Cancer, which disposes our Moon: if we’re not feeling optimistic and secure, things can easily go sideways.

Such incidents could be galvanizing, but this progressed quarter’s mutability suggests Neptunian divisiveness and turmoil (progressed Sun = transit Neptune). Growing internal unrest and a grass roots (4th house) prone to illusions and epidemic disease (Pisces) has made COVID-19 a “perfect storm” challenge. The progressed Sun in the 4th square to 6th house Sibly Uranus (Pisces-Gemini) reflects divisions between the grass roots and military/public servants—in other words, the police reform issues we’re now dealing with.

Transiting Jupiter retrograde (Rx) (22° Libra) conjoins progressed Mars Rx  (18° Libra) which conjoins Sibly Saturn (14° Libra), squares progressed Jupiter Rx (15° Cancer) and trines Sibly Mars/Uranus midpoint (15° Gemini).

Mars conjunct Saturn in cardinal signs denotes aggressive, controlling impulses, which are pumped up by transiting Jupiter squaring both transit (18°) and radix Sibly (27°) Pluto in Capricorn, promising economic fall-out and corporate concerns. Progressed Mars Rx stimulates Congress (Sibly Saturn) to act, but action may fall short. This all confirmed the need to re-engineer the role of law enforcement in society during this cycle phase. Mars has been retrograde by progression since 2006, and the role of law enforcement has too often defaulted into intolerant, toxic behavior, rather than the “protect and serve” motto of police departments across the country. Saturn rules the law-making function; placed in Libra it suggests that the U.S. is supposed to have “checks and balances” within the system. Progressed Mars trine to Sibly Mars/Uranus (15° Gemini) hints that that government attempts to assert dominance could backfire.

T-square: Transiting Uranus (22° Aries) conjoins progressed Venus (27° Aries);  both square Sibly Mercury (24° Cancer) opposite Sibly Pluto (27° Capricorn), while sextiling Sibly Moon (27°Aquarius).

Adding to the intensity,  Mars disposes progressed Venus in Aries, which squares Sibly Mercury, ruler of the 7th house of open enemies and the 10th house of reputation —  this speaks to the U.S. military’s involvement in the world. Progressed Venus squares Sibly Pluto, ruling the Scorpio 12th suggesting a more behind-the-scenes dimension to government activities—especially in regards to negotiations, resources and finances.

Legislation to radically reduce prison populations (12th house) and to reform the corporate prison industry also fits here. Unfortunately, Neptune’s 12th house association with pandemics is also on display. (Earlier, in 2016-17, the world faced a Zika virus threat.)  We’re seeing that pandemics can have horrid economic repercussions, too: progressed Venus’s role in “take-no-prisoners” Aries, square the Sibly Pluto-Mercury opposition (Wall Street and corporate sidekicks) was significant. The progressed Venus sextile to Sibly Moon suggested the public would find ways to thrive and participate during this time, despite the strained economic times.

Progressed Mercury (20° Aquarius) conjoins Sibly Moon (27° Aquarius), trines Sibly Mars (21° Gemini) and is inconjunct Sibly Neptune (22° Virgo).

Mercury rules the Virgo Ascendant of this 3rd quarter chart, rendering the Aquarius placement more potent. Mercury rules media and we can expect a frustrating lack of transparency (progressed Mercury inconjunct Sibly Neptune) when it comes to military or health (Virgo) matters and to actions taken in our name on the world stage (Mercury also rules the Sibly 10th). And so, it has happened — the government’s response to COVID-19 has been muddled and frustratingly divisive. We’ve withdrawn support for the Paris Accord and WHO, and are pulling out of key arms control treaties among other shocking moves.  Transiting Mars (27° Aries) is conjunct transiting Uranus (27° Aries) and both are sextile radix Mars adding a further potential for volatility. Unfortunately, this only adds to the urgency for police reform.

Comes around…

If we mapped the key planetary cycles since 1994 we would see that the big dramatic events in our history have happened during significant cycle moments. For instance, the 9/11 attacks happened during the progressed first quarter, a phase when challenges are introduced that will continue to develop over an extended period. The 2008 recession coincided with the culminating second quarter opposition phase, transitioning us into the waning half of this progressed cycle. We’ve been struggling with its fall-out in our politics and society ever since the 2008 recession.

So how will we complete this cycle between now and 2024? Hopefully by working to resolve deeply karmic issues like racism. Hopefully by fortifying our systems for managing collective crises, and by focusing on and privileging facts over hype. None of this will be easy with a new Pisces progressed cycle looming in 2024, but we’ve been given a cosmic window for getting it right.


(1) Saturn and Pluto were conjunct at 27°35’ Libra in November 1982. The second half of the cycle began with the opposition in August 2001 and ended with the next conjunction in January 2020.

(2) Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces were in mutual reception, i.e., in each others’ sign,  between 2003 – 2011.

Bio: Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and former educator. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Several of her articles on these topics have been featured in TMA and other publications over the years. Her blog can be found at



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Annular Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer: Our emotions lead us further on the path to our potential

By Margarita Strashilova | June 17, 2020

Eclipses bring a sense of urgency for something to be initiated or released. They ask us to move faster than normal to evolve to the next level, like taking five steps instead of one. Solar eclipses are often connected to initiating things that we’ve been postponing because life has thrown too much at us. For those of us who get the message, an eclipse can act like a quantum jump ahead on the path.

The next solar eclipse is on June 21st at 0° Cancer – the degree of initiation. An eclipse at zero degrees of the cardinal signs shows that it will have great power in our lives. To decode what this eclipse will bring to us, let’s begin with the topics that Cancer holds — our emotions, needs, family, nourishment, motherhood, home environment and homeland. All these things have a connection to the soft, vulnerable part of the human being that needs security and protection.

At this time, we have an urgent need to experience our softer sides. This can be through connecting to our individual needs, but also in responding to our loved ones, family members, and people dear to our heart. 2020 has been a very transformative year. January 10th’s lunar eclipse, also in Cancer, brought an event that will shape the entire year, turning us “back to home.” And we did, literally. The pandemic, the catalyst event for this transformative year, has called us to retreat, isolate, pause and address our needs and emotions. We were called to release toxic emotions connected to our needs, our vulnerabilities, and our families.

Now, with the upcoming solar eclipse in Cancer, we have the opportunity to uncover pure, authentic emotions from our deepest core, where our inner child lies. Can we access these? This eclipse will radiate an urgency to connect with our primary emotions and needs so that we can further release our potential into the world. Living our life through a wounded sense of security makes for an empty life, perhaps getting lost in situations that are not serving us or indulging in pleasures that leave us wanting more and more. Without being in touch with our emotional nature, we are left at the mercy of whatever happens to us in life, even as we strive toward achievement.

Solar eclipse energy is great for manifesting, and now this will be through Cancer themes — a new home, better communication with family and friends, professions connected to caring for and nurturing others, and motherhood and taking care of our children. These desires will manifest in our life to give us the essential feeling that they represent — a connection to our emotional core. Some of us are already in touch with our needs and emotions, which will make manifesting what we need easier. Those who feel lost and burdened by life can set a simple and powerful intention “to get back home” to their own inner sanctuary, where their needs wait to be addressed and their inner child waits to be noticed.

This eclipse will be close to the North Node in Gemini. I love this conjunction! With the North Node in Gemini, we are called to see different perspectives, to accept all people for who they are, to be curious about those at a different level than our own. Overall, the energy of Gemini is about accessibility. We need to have a healed emotional core to let others’ perspectives into our world, to see the duality of the world and the advantages of that duality. Only those who have the emotional intelligence to care for their own needs can see the world through another’s experiences and accept their point of view. If our needs are not met, we are unable to work with the dualities in life; they scare the child in us that is frightened or feeling alone and neglected.

The conjunction of the Cancer eclipse with the North Node in Gemini also signals that there may be some new beginnings in our local environment. On a deeper level, we have the opportunity to be open to the people in our environment, and to nurture and take care of them. They can also offer us something in return that will benefit our goals and projects. Is this linked to the coronavirus, whereby communities can come together with the sensitivity to take care of each other? I have a feeling that we’re on a path of getting closer to our inner core, and with this we can get closer to the people around us.

Bio: Margarita Strashilova publishes astrological articles on her Facebook page @MargaritaAstroecstatic which are appreciated by many on a daily basis. Her mission, through her articles and private astrological counseling, is to help as many people as possible to get to know themselves better through astrology. In the future Margarita plans to develop courses and seminars on astrology topics. Her other interests include energy practices, psychology, spiritual and personal development. She can be messaged through her Facebook page or emailed:

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George Floyd & Our Social Unrest

By Basil Fearrington | June 10, 2020

It has obviously been a ghastly time in the world for the past six months, especially in the United States where the pandemic has taken over 100,000 lives. These difficult months were exacerbated by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is sad to say, as an American of African descent, that George’s killing was business as usual in the Black community. I grew up in West Philadelphia. The police used to come to the playground where we played basketball and train rookies by putting us against a wall, patting us down, etc. — completely illegally, I came to find out. I cannot count the number of times I was pulled over while driving for no reason, and with no reason given. These kinds of actions have been going on since the inception of the country. I am hoping that the strong, turbulent reaction to Floyd’s murder will mark a major turning point in the racial divide that has come to partially define America.

While it would be easy to try to define this social unrest through astrology (after the fact, as usual), the cause — racial prejudice — has been a part of the foundation of America from the beginning. Perhaps both the pandemic and the social unrest are events that are preparing the world for the social, humanitarian changes that we astrologers assume will be a part of Pluto’s upcoming transit through Aquarius.

I had the privilege of teaching astrology in South Africa for the late Noel Tyl, so my frame of reference for the social and human rights concerns of minorities has a little more perspective than most. I spent a lot of time with Black Africans who were raised in Apartheid, none of whom were my students, but people I met socially. When you are a minority, George Floyd-types of events are nothing new. That’s terrible to say, but that’s how it is. There is a LOT of work to be done.

Even in the astrology world, I’ve been fortunate to be invited to speak at UAC a couple of times over the years. I’ve been published in this magazine and others many times, have had a book published, and enjoy a fair-sized clientele, including international students. That said, you’d have to admit that the minority presence in astrology isn’t what it could be. As astrologers, we should be checking all racial and political opinions at the door; nothing should get in the way of helping a client. It is unfortunate that there are some I’ve seen who do not check their negativity at the door. I’ve had minority clients whose first experience with an astrologer ended with them being called a “Libtard” and worse. We are better than that! No clients should ever walk away feeling worse about life than they did when they called us or walked through our door.

There’s not much to say about all of this through astrology. Prior to 2020, no one in the astrology world predicted deep potentials for a pandemic and tremendous social unrest in America this year. Although we do not have a data-proven horoscope of the United States, our consciousness resonates with July 4th, 1776. Any horoscope for that date has transiting Saturn conjoining Pluto in 2020. The most difficult contact in astrology is the transit or solar arc of Pluto to Saturn. Saturn transits to Pluto aren’t quite equal in their potential to suggest an extremely challenging time, but with both aspects, whether natal or mundane, we would expect severe challenges and losses. Some have talked about the presence of transiting Eris and other factors, but only after these problems were already a reality. To be impressive to a largely non-believing public, consistent prediction of events before they happen is needed, as opposed to astrological ambulance- chasing.

I have high hopes that the Floyd incident will be the turning point in race relations, but it is a cautious hope because I remember thinking similarly after the Trayvon Martin incident and nothing changed. Whatever the case may be, as astrologers, we need to be among those who set an example for all that is right and correct, and not be a reflection of the things in society that need to be eradicated.

Bio: Basil Fearrington is the author of The New Way to Learn Astrology, published by Llewelyn Publications. Born and raised in Philadelphia (now living in Delaware), he has been a professional astrologer since 1980, and has spoken at UAC and many other seminars and conferences. Basil manages his late mentor’s site at, teaches the Masters Degree Certification Course, and maintains a full load of clients. He has also taught astrology in South Africa. He is also a professional musician who released his first CD in 2019. He has played with, and/or recorded for, a long list of Grammy-caliber artists that include Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Roberta Flack, and Mary J. Blige. Basil’s astrology blog is at (New Ways Astrology). He can also be contacted at 460 Sweetman Drive, Bear, Delaware 19701.

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Physical to Digital

By Kate Plumb | June 3, 2020

The other morning I heard a broadcaster on CNBC (the stock market channel) say the phrase “physical to digital.” This struck a chord with me because that phrase summarizes one of the major transitions we are now living through. The commentator was talking about a retail “bricks and mortar” company that has become an online store in order to stay in business. Its physical location is now a place in the air, in a cloud somewhere, unseen. Of course, this trend predates the COVID-19 virus, but the pandemic will greatly accelerate it.

Even for strictly brick and mortar businesses, an online presence seems essential now, not only for company visibility and sales, but as a way for customers to find information about products/services and procedures for pre-ordering, payment, and pickup.

An online presence demands complicated expertise, reflected in the growth of the technology sector companies that work behind the scenes. Behind the face of the website, there are layers of technology employed that allow one click to result in merchandise appearing on your doorstep.

It strikes me that we can no longer see all that goes on in our daily lives because so much of it has become digital. Exaggerated by the lockdown, we don’t go to a store to see, feel, and weigh something; instead we look at a picture on a magic screen and click to order it. Money has even become primarily digital — we do not see it or hold it.

When did this trend begin? We might say in January 1980 with the introduction of the first personal computer (Commodore). Or perhaps it began farther back, with the advent of radar and Wi-Fi during World War II. In any event, we are moving full steam ahead into a digital age.

Why are we moving from physical to digital reality at such an accelerated pace? Astrologers would assign it to the December 2020 conjunction of the two major cultural-trend planets, Jupiter and Saturn, as they begin a new 200-year journey in the air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra). As different ideas and belief systems take hold in the collective, a new beginning in our political, scientific, economic, social, and religious lives will commence.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have been seen as omens by astrologers, priests, and wise men dating back to 2000 BC Babylonia, when natural phenomena, including unusual planetary activity, were seen as messages from the Gods.

In 1802, as the Industrial Revolution was gaining momentum, there began a 200-year era of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in earth signs. When these planets conjoin in earth, we would expect to see the creation of substantial wealth, extensive use of natural resources, and an emphasis on the production of material goods, as was true of this period.

When this conjunction occurs in air signs, as it will in December, we might expect rapid social progress, significant intellectual and technological development, and unfamiliar concepts to enter human consciousness. The air element is about changes in communications, ideas, and social relationships that affect how we treat our fellow humans, in contrast to the accumulation of physical objects and the use/misuse of natural resources that were maximized during the earth cycle.

At this moment, we are developing our ability to communicate with each other without being physically present and how to purchase necessities without leaving our homes. Air is invisible, and some unseen forces in its realm are operating out of sight — as if by magic — to accomplish these tasks. Rather than exerting physical force, we find ourselves using great mental energy to figure out how to operate within the reality of our current, complex situation.

There is also evidence of the elemental shift in the pandemic itself, as it is spread through the air. We can trace the beginning of the present cycle to 1980 when the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in the air sign of Libra first appeared before returning, in May 2000, for the last of the earth conjunctions (in Taurus). As mentioned above, the first personal computer appeared in 1982, along with the dawn of the internet and cyber space, and the AIDS virus, which was first declared a pandemic by the CDC on June 5, 1981.

The last series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in air signs was during the High Middle Ages (1186 — 1405). I see a parallel from then to our current digital and social-distancing age. At that time countless monks in their separate monasteries, hundreds of miles apart, were translating and embellishing the beautiful scriptural and ancient texts that had recently come into Europe with the Arabian conquest of Spain. The monks transcribing, codifying, and spreading the ideas contained in those ancient Greek and Latin texts led directly to the Rennaisance.

Perhaps our current forced retreats to our own private “monasteries” — alone, yet together — will produce a social and cultural movement as significant as the Renaissance. The emergence of Zoom and the fabulous success of an all-digital NORWAC conference are examples of the change from being together physically to a powerful new virtual experience of community.

On a far more difficult note: The Black Death, which killed 75-100 million people (1397 – 1351), was also part of that earlier age. Although Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in air signs bring the circulation of new ideas and the enhancement of invisible connections, sadly, they can also bring disastrous plagues.

© 2018 Kate Plumb – all rights reserved

Bio: Kate Plumb, “cycles scientist,” is a certified NCGR counseling astrologer who teaches monthly at Joshua’s Place in Southampton and sees clients in her home office. She is also certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy. Website: Kate can be reached at or (631) 725-9133.

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Stars on the Basketball Court

By Mary Plumb | May 27, 2020

As a reflection of the current Gemini planets (including Mercury and Venus out-of-bounds), last week I did something completely uncharacteristic. I am not a sports fan, yet I watched the entire ESPN series The Last Dance and have become fascinated with Michael Jordan. (1)

(Basketball fans, please lower your expectations that I might have any insights into the game; this is truly a “beginners mind” entry, as I barely understand the game and am making a few astrological observations that spoke to what I saw in The Last Dance.)

What most others know — and I just discovered — is what a riveting performer Michael Jordan is: dexterous, intense, competitive, charismatic. The Sagittarius Moon is trine natal Mars retrograde in Leo, which certainly describes a powerful athleticism, but Fixed Stars add another profound layer.

Michael Jordan (1)
February 17, 1963
1:40 p.m. EST
Brooklyn, N.Y (40N38 73W56)
Porphyry, True node

Jordan was born with 13°05’ Cancer on the Ascendant, the degree of the star Sirius in the constellation Canis Major. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky (after the Sun) and connected to greatness and brilliance.

Bernadette Brady refers to earlier sources on this star. “Ptolemy states that Sirius is like Jupiter with a touch of Mars. Robson mentions fame and honor, as well as faithfulness and guardians. Ebertin agrees with Robson and adds that a person influenced by Sirius is in danger of pushing things forward too fast. Rigor agrees with Ebertin and adds that such a person loves power.” (3)

Aleksander Imsiragic writes that Sirius “must be related to a ‘super power’ and that which controls those who are already powerful.” (4)

The Moon, Jordan’s Ascendant ruler, is at 10°00’ Sagittarius, which is on the star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion. Antares is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia who augur success. Ptolemy connects Antares to Mars and Jupiter, and Brady has famously connected Antares to obsession and going to extremes, “intentionally or unintentionally.”(5) Imsiragic writes: “General Influence of the star: Fearlessness and readiness for action.” (6)

I will note just one midpoint: the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is 28° Scorpio, exactly square the Sun at 28° Aquarius (in midpoint nomenclature: SA/PL=SU). Ebertin writes: “Physical toil and over-exertion, sparing no pains in one’s work.” (7) And Munkasey describes SA/PL=SU: ”Dominating others through strong will and determination to be better through competent application; leadership based upon effectiveness of plans and thoroughness of preparation.” (8)

Jordan was also born on the day Neptune stationed retrograde at 15° Scorpio, which speaks to his charisma and celebrity, and no doubt many other qualities. (In episode 10, one of his longtime coaches says: “Michael is a mystic.”)

There must be many astrologers who’ve written on Michael Jordan; with an accurate birth time and such a well-documented story, it would be a valuable biographical study. The Wikipedia entry on Jordan mentions a few instances of early life trauma (echoes of SA/PL=SU?). Other fragments of his personal life covered in the series include his closeness to his family and the deep personal impact of his father’s death.

I’m not sure I’ve become a basketball fan — events marked by Gemini don’t necessarily stick — but I have gained some vivid impressions, especially of Sirius and Antares, from this adventure into parts heretofore unknown. For me, this has been a satisfying outcome to Gemini’s curiosity and diversity.

I curiously welcome any readers’ feedback.


(1) “The 10-part documentary series provided an in-depth look at the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty through the lens of the final championship season in 1997-98. The Bulls allowed an NBA Entertainment crew to follow the team around for that entire season, and some of that never-before-seen footage is featured in the documentary.”

(2) Michael Jordan, February 17, 1963; 1:40 p.m. EST; Brooklyn, N.Y., AA data

(3) Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1998, p. 83.

(4) Aleksandar Imsiragic, Pillars of Destiny: Fixed Stars in Astrology, Belgrade: Astro.Lab, 2016, p. 77.

(5) Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p. 288.

(6) Imsiragic, Pillars of Destiny: Fixed Stars in Astrology, p. 171.

(7) Reinhold Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences, Germany: Ebertin-Verlag, 1972, p. 189.

(8) Michael Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, San Diego, CA: ACS Publications, 1991, p. 297.

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New Moon at 2°04’ Gemini: Releasing the Messenger Inside Us

By Margarita Strashilova | May 20, 2020

When we stay present and aware, New Moons allow us to set intentions that can powerfully shift our reality. The New Moon at 2°04’ Gemini on May 22, 2020 invites us to communicate in a better way and to improve our social skills. We can set intentions linked to the way we use our minds, including how we communicate and write, how we present and sell our ideas, how we teach others, and how we interact with our local environment.

In this information era, we are constantly exposed to an overwhelming flow of facts and data. The New Moon in Gemini can help us navigate this extraordinary information flow and use the energy to our benefit by inviting us to listen to all sides of the story. Since we communicate in the world through the exchange of ideas, if we shy away from communication, it may mean that we are avoiding seeing or experiencing the duality inherent in life. Having a one-sided perspective may indicate a deeply rooted fear or belief that keeps us from seeing that there is white and black in everything. True communication can’t happen with a one-sided perspective. If, for instance, we are not confident in communicating openly, now is the time to set an intention to be flexible enough to see different perspectives, which will then allow us to feel connected to others. At this Gemini New Moon, let’s set the intention to recognize the duality in life, which may, in turn, allow us to communicate more effectively in our unique environments and life situations.

We may also initiate all kinds of activities linked to communication: writing; developing courses and teaching materials; presenting our ideas; learning to promote ourselves and our talents by focusing on approaches to marketing and sales; connecting with people online; and participating actively in our local environment. At this New Moon, if we employ such qualities as flexibility, wit, and curiosity, we can dissect the larger picture of what we want to accomplish into smaller bites that we can act on one by one.

This New Moon is also colored by Venus’s retrograde in Gemini, as well as the recent ingress of the North Node into Gemini and South Node into Sagittarius. With the North Node in Gemini, we are asked to become comfortable expressing the energy of Gemini — especially communication skills, as mentioned above. Venus retrograde in Gemini tells us that in order to have good connections and relationships with others, we need to learn the art of open communication. Speaking openly is challenging for many of us, as it can evoke traumas and wounds linked to past situations when communicating led to limitations of some kind, or even punishment.

The closest major aspect to this lunation is a trine from Saturn in Aquarius to the Moon in Gemini. This suggests that if we desire positive change and evolution within our societies, we need to be open and unafraid to share our ideas and to seek other opinions. This trine aspect invites us to make new friendships and social connections, wherein our visions and passions can be supported when we are receptive to another’s point of view.

Saturn also reminds us to be responsible for our social connections by supporting and nurturing friends and social ties after they come into our lives. Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac, is famous for being flaky and non-committal in its communications, but Saturn in Aquarius orients us to the fact that if we want to create our personal vision, we need to be a reliable friend and partner. Keep in mind that this retrograde Venus may confront or unmask anyone who lies, cheats, or hides from themselves in partnerships.

This New Moon is a great opportunity for us to work with the highest manifestations of the sign of Gemini — the messenger who develops the social skills to spread high-quality communications to every corner of the world, enriching us all through knowledge and connectivity. Let’s use our ability to speak, write, learn, and share — without fear or limitation — in a way that will truly benefit us all.

Bio: Margarita Strashilova publishes astrological articles on her Facebook page (@MargaritaAstroecstatic) which are appreciated by many on a daily basis. Her mission, through her articles and private astrological counseling, is to help as many people as possible to get to know themselves better through astrology. In the future Margarita plans to develop courses and seminars on astrology topics. Her other interests include energy practices, psychology, spiritual and personal development. She can be messaged through her Facebook page or emailed:

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Looking at Venus from a few different angles

By Mary Plumb | April 28, 2020

Venus is spending a very long time in Gemini this year — from April 4 until August 7 — an exceptionally long passage through one area of the sky, and one area in our birth charts. The extended time in Gemini is due to her upcoming retrograde. Moving slowly now, Venus will go retrograde at 21°50’ Gemini on May 12. She will get back to 5°20’ Gemini on June 24 and then turn direct. Venus retrogrades occur in five areas of the sky, creating a five-pointed star or rose pattern in her eight-year journey with the Sun and the earth. (1)

(Rose graphic from Melanie Reinhart)

Before going farther, take a 5-minute respite and watch this animation (complete with music): Earth Venus Tango round the Sun. (Just hit the play arrow if it doesn’t start right away.)

Within the retrograde period, a pivotal event occurs on June 3 when Venus retrograde will be conjunct the Sun at 13°35’ Gemini. This is known as Venus Cazimi — in the heart of the Sun. The term Cazimi has been recognized since the late Medieval tradition as a place of enhanced planetary strength — the planets are fused together and act in consort. In William Lilly’s time (the 17th Century), a Cazimi planet was seen as a trusted advisor to the king (Sun), and was taken into his deepest confidence and inner circle. Using Lilly’s imagery, the king is kindly disposed toward whatever planet comes into his inner circle and he wishes to support that planet’s significations.

This image can be a metaphor for a more subtle understanding of Venus Cazimi. The Sun is the life giving principle, long understood in astrological tradition for its capacity to burn or purify whatever comes too close. Since Venus can be seen as an emanation of what we most deeply desire, at Cazimi we can carry out a ritual,  design an offering, or invoke a prayer to purify or support our natal Venus placement. All matters connected to love, attraction, beauty, desire, art, and relationships can be symbolically placed into the purifying field of the Sun. We all have an inner king, the solar logos of our awareness, used here to enhance what it is we truly and deeply desire as we go forward.

After all, Venus is essentially cohesive and magnetic. Love — from amorous to universal — keeps us in relationship to all that is holding the world together.

There is another unique quality to Venus now: from April 1 to June 1 she is traveling out-of-bounds (OOB). An OOB planet, either natal or transit, has a declination greater than 23°27’ (north or south), where it is outside the boundary of the ecliptic — the path of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Planets beyond the control or reins of the Sun can manifest in extreme ways. In this case, rules are broken in the areas of Venus’s significations; for instance, shocking, wild behavior within relationships or the arising of unrestrained or unusual artistry, to give just a few examples.

OOB planets represent something exceptional, and the greater the declination, the more extraordinary the influence. In this OOB cycle, Venus reaches maximum declination (27N49) on May 3 before heading back to return to the path of the Sun on June 1 (23N27).

At 27N49, this is the most extreme declination that Venus reaches in the years I looked at — April 2015 to December 2025. In these 10 years, Venus goes OOB 14 times, but her current position is the most extreme.

She is on her own. Venus at extreme northern declination makes our shared isolation even more poignant (or lonely), but perhaps some of us will catch a glimpse of an artistic or creative impulse previously out of reach.

Artists Rene Magritte and William Blake (also a poet) have natal Venus OOB, and both are lauded as exceptional visionaries. (2) Blake famously said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

William Blake, Ancient of Days (1794)

Magritte’s surrealistic paintings alter our perceptions of reality. Surrealism seems to be making a big comeback in our deserted public spaces and masked identities.

Rene Magritte, The Lovers II (1928)

Here’s another wonderful animation, Pythagorean Beauty: Orbits in Solar System. It shows the orbits of the Sun, Earth, and Venus, and you can place each body at the center to see the geometry from each perspective.

Three Different Orbits


(1) For an extensive description of the Venus synodic cycle and the rose pattern she forms, as viewed from above the Earth, see Nick Kollerstrom’s article Venus, the Rose and the Heart.

What is also notable about the current cycle is that eight years ago, on June 5, 2012, the previous Sun–Venus conjunction at 15° 44’ Gemini was also an occultation. This exceedingly rare astronomical event — a transit of Venus — won’t happen again until December 11, 2117. Although the Sun–Venus conjunctions occur close to the same degrees every eight years, the occultation 2012 transit adds an extra potency to these degrees (13°–17° Gemini).

If this is an unfamiliar concept, you may enjoy reading about about the Venus Transit. As a start, this article explains the astronomy of the rare phenomena: Wikipedia.
And, here is Margaret Grey’s article, Psychological Astrology and June 2012 Venus transit.

(2) Singers born with Venus OOB include Cher, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Maria Callas, Miley Cyrus, Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Wynonna Judd.


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Co-Creating Our Future

By Alexandra Karacostas | April 22, 2020

Across the world, people know that times are changing, that we’re moving into uncharted territories. This is an evolutionary moment for humankind, as we undergo a metamorphosis on the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels.

Astrologers have looked ahead to the winter of 2020, when the Saturn–Pluto conjunction, Jupiter, and a cast of other planets and asteroids would create a stellium in Capricorn. There’s been a voice in our ears whispering of the times of change to come since the last Uranus–Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the mid 1960s, but since 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn, the volume has steadily increased. Although hindsight is always 20-20, some astrologers, particularly from the financial sector, were able to predict this coronavirus pandemic.  (1)

The current jolting shift in collective consciousness has been simmering for decades, if not centuries. Since the 1800’s, Jupiter–Saturn conjunctions in the earth element have remained constant (with the exception of 1980, when it was in Libra), supporting the Industrial Revolution and its accompanying exploitation of natural resources. The Technological Revolution began in the 1990’s with the Uranus–Neptune conjunction. As we approach the Jupiter–Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020, attention will gradually swing from material to social concerns. The necessity to learn to live equitably on a planet with an ever-increasing human population, while using new forms of energy and technology to support our lives, are among the more obvious changes we can anticipate. The arrival of the Covid-19 crisis makes it obvious that we’ve come to the boiling point, but at the same time it connects us all across the globe in ways we could never have imagined, both materially and spiritually.

The Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter conjunctions in late Capricorn are all in their Balsamic phases, that is, in the very last chapter of their respective cycles. This involves a powerful and mandatory process of letting go of constructs and systems that are no longer viable. In the Balsamic phase there is urgency to plant new seeds for future generations. Uranus in Taurus invites us to fertilize and nurture the old soil before it fails completely. Despite the feeling that we have little to no control in this overwhelming situation, the good news is that we have more capacity to design the future than we think, as long as we don’t let fear reign.

The times empower us to orient our vision toward the future, inviting us to collectively determine our destiny. What can we do to inspire and fuel the rebirth of humankind? How can we synch up with the organic cycles of nature? It will likely take until 2024, when Pluto fully enters Aquarius, to see the full scope of what needs restoration as we experience the first intimations of a “new world” taking shape.

Capricorn is associated with governments, large corporations, institutions, economics, infrastructure, conservatism, authority, tradition, and austerity. Since Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn in 2008, humanity has been seeing the results of what the prevailing culture has denied. We might recognize that what is being exposed now is the unconscious side of our history, culture, and heritage. Pluto has a way of shedding light on unconscious material, and slowly but surely percolating it up to the surface. We get glimpses of what we fear, and confront the nature of our compulsions and the ways we are disempowered, personally and collectively. The constructs we have relied on for safety are no longer working or holding us together. The U.S. Pluto return, exact in 2022, comes at the perfect time.

Saturn invites us to reassess, review, discard, and restructure. Currently dancing with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, which carries the theme of justice, and the pandemic is illuminating injustice across the social spectrum. Saturn also reminds us to get back to basics and to simplify. What do we want our lives to look like? Now is the time to set our new course. With the patience and right effort that Father Time demands, we can imagine and create a new way of life.

The last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn happened in 1518, with Uranus in Taurus, just as today. That period was also a turning point in human evolution, signaled by the Reformation and expansion into “the new world.” In this current transit period, we inhabit a world facing environmental destruction. How do we unite our sensibilities, and our hearts and minds, to nurture and restore our precious planet?

Jupiter exaggerates whatever it touches, so now, in Capricorn, the sign of its fall, things are looking rather dire. Jupiter can also increase a sense of hope for the future; it is up to us to embrace the spirit of optimism. Jupiter is also magnifying all things Plutonian. There are three Jupiter–Pluto conjunctions in 2020 — April 4; June 30, and the last on November 12. These time periods may amplify the extremes of Pluto, as we simultaneously face death and the hope of rebirth.

With Neptune in Pisces until 2026, we are confronting the disturbing reality of toxins on our planet. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, where everything accumulates — we might imagine a collective landfill. It is important that we recognize the opportunity to take constructive action now if we want to continue harvesting fresh food and drinking clean water. Can we reclaim the landfill and create unified sacred space? Now more than ever we have the opportunity to connect with the divine universe, and unconditional love and acceptance. What are we willing to sacrifice?

Since March 2019, Uranus has been in Taurus and this is a game changer. The truth comes out about the material world, including agriculture, money, our bodies, and natural resources. To our surprise, the coronavirus has shown us how rapidly our planet can recover, given even a short reprieve from humanity’s assaults. Most of us living today have never seen earth’s true beauty, absent from human impact, air pollution, and noise. Fortunately, the gods are conspiring to help us!

Mars retrograde this fall (September 9 – November 13) deserves some special attention. This period looks like a wild ride, as it includes the U.S. presidential election, which has consequences for the entire world. Retrograde Mars and his difficult and often mean-spirited sister, Eris, will conjoin in Aries while opposing the Sun in Libra, and squaring Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and the asteroid Pallas Athena in Capricorn. The dates that may be particularly potent are between October 13-19, 2020; the New Moon at 23°53’ Libra on October 16 also falls within this window. It looks like a combative gathering of discord, conflict, and rebellion. Between October 13 and November 3, Mercury, retrograde in Scorpio and Libra, joins the bash. It seems that often we grow the most when conditions are extremely painful.

Oner Doser, a renowned Turkish astrologer, has researched pandemics, and his article on the subject can be read in the June/Solstice issue of Career Astrologer, published by OPA, Organization of Professional Astrology. It is fascinating that out of seven pandemics throughout the centuries, six have had the lunar nodes on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and five have had Jupiter–Pluto conjunctions. The Covid-19 pandemic has both. The Jupiter–Pluto conjunctions magnify the themes of the times, and both increase and expansion occur for better and for worse. According to medical astrology, the Gemini-Sagittarius axis corresponds to respiratory diseases. We saw this nodal axis activated during the Spanish flu, the Asian flu, SARS, Hanta, Zika, MERS, and now Covid-19. (Mr. Doser has also observed that these events are often accompanied by decreased solar activity.)

Although we may witness a downward turn of infections in May when Mars conjoins Neptune in Pisces, it is likely that there will be another wave and increase of toxins/poisons this summer that is supported by the second Jupiter–Pluto conjunction in late June. It doesn’t appear that this pandemic will be over soon, as there will likely be a third and final wave late this year before we find a vaccine or cure.

For the next 200 years or so we will experience the Jupiter–Saturn conjunctions in air signs (except one in water, in 2159). The chart of Jupiter and Saturn’s synodic cycle in Aquarius on December 21, 2020, has an exact Pluto–Mars square to Eris at 23° Capricorn and Aries, respectively, with Uranus in Taurus square to Jupiter–Saturn in Aquarius. Change is easy for us all to foresee; global reorganization has already begun.

We are all co-creators in this Universe, so let’s make conscious and informed choices now and going into the future. In a time of physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation, our infinite wisdom is available to be tapped and applied. The objective is a more wholesome and integrated way of life, within and without, for all people. In this powerful time of co-creating our future, let’s remember that we are the authors of our own lives — for ourselves personally and for the world we are creating as a global family.


(1) Astrologer Christeen Skinner gave a talk at the Alexandria iBase Project in early 2020 regarding a potential upcoming virus in which she referred to Theodore White’s paper “The Grand Minimum:  ‘A Major Global Era Begins’ Pandemic on Earth as a New Bright Comet Approaches.”  Also, in her book, Navigating the Financial Universe (2019) , Ms. Skinner wrote of the correlation of Pluto aspects with Chiron at the outbreak of disease — e.g., Bubonic plague, Black Death, Spanish flu, Aids and Ebola. She mentioned the quintile aspect between Pluto and Chiron in February 2020 as a potential marker of a pandemic.

Bio: Alexandra Karacostas is a professional astrologer based in northern California. An avid student of astrology since 1975, she has been practicing professionally since 1984, helping people successfully navigate their lives. Alexandra teaches and lectures nationally and abroad and serves an international clientele.

Alexandra serves on the board of directors of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) since 2007, as President between 2010-2014 and vice-president until 2018. She is on the OPA faculty and serves as a certified Peer Group and Consulting Skills facilitator. Alexandra has written for various publications, was a columnist for The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and has contributed chapters for OPA’s books, The Professional Astrologer and the new Essential Astrology coming out soon. Alexandra also leads small, specialized tours in her beloved Greece. She can be reached at:



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Looking out and staying in: weekly blog suggestions

By Mary Plumb | March 31, 2020

Hello friends:

As we share these strange and troubling days of self-isolation, here are a few blogs with specific astrological content addressing the coronavirus.

And — in a bow to Venus’s last few days in Taurus, her sign of rulership — there are also some suggestions for bringing art and beauty into our days at home.

In his post, Coronavirus Pandemic, Jamie Partridge considers two critical events in the timeline of the outbreak. He looks at the date when the first person was diagnosed with Covid-19 (December 1, 2019), and also the time when the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus to be a pandemic (March 11, 2020; 5:16 pm; Geneva, Switzerland). (One note: The March 11 chart has the asteroid Hygeia and fixed star Alcyone conjunct the Midheaven at 2°01’ Gemini.)

The author also looks at eclipses in his analysis. For example, the solar eclipse at 4° Capricorn on December 26, 2019 was conjunct Jupiter and trine to Uranus. “This is a good example of how Jupiter’s abundance can be a negative thing when it amplifies the growth of something nasty. The trine to Uranus has made this pandemic exciting, but also shocking. Still, we can hope that the panic and disruption cease as quickly as it started.”

Alex Miller’s Coronavirus: Astrology of an Outbreak looks at the chart for January 7, 2020, the date when the cause of a new strain of contagious illness was isolated and named by the Chinese government. In his assessment, Miller uses asteroids China, Hubei, and Wuhan (the country, province, and city where the coronavirus was first seen); “Apollo, Asclepius, Panacea, and Chiron as health-related; and Koronis, as closest to ‘corona.’”

He also notes that asteroid Hygeia is stationary at 27° Taurus, “exactly conjoined TNO Sedna. Together, these may be providing the best medical advice we have at this stage for preventing the virus’s spread. Hygeia relates to sanitation and frequent handwashing, carrying and discarding of soiled tissues from sneezes and nose- blowing, etc., is crude but effective defense.”

New York City astrologer Karen Christino has written 1918 Flu vs. COVID-19 , focusing on the difference of her city’s response to the two deadly events. She looks at the “dynamic horoscope” for the New York City horoscope “with Jupiter rising in Libra: it’s well known for its focus on business, publishing, and the arts. The Sun conjoining the 4th house in Capricorn reminds us that many make their homes here, too, and the t-square with Jupiter in Libra and the Midheaven in Cancer creates a lively, active place. Four planets in Sagittarius put the emphasis on communications and the value of its ports and many immigrants. Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception and dispose of all the other planets, making New York a rather large and successful

On the important subject of the arts coming into our living rooms, TMA publisher Kate Sholly found this for us: Beginning on April 2, The National Theater in London will show a new play, free to watch for a week.

The Metropolitan Opera is offering free nightly streams. “The third week of our free Nightly Opera Streams offers a wide range of musical and theatrical flavors — from the infectious comedy of Rossini’s classic Il Barbiere di Sivigliato the epitome of the bel canto style in Bellini’s Norma and the grand drama of Verdi’s monumental Don Carlo.”

Here’s the Week 3 (March 30 – April 5) schedule.

And here is a collection of virtual tours and online exhibits of over  2500 museums and galleries from around the world. Google Arts & Culture curated the collection, which includes the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the Guggenheim in New York City.

Be well everyone, stay safe.

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