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TMA news

Hello everyone,
Mary is getting a well-deserved break from the blog this week. And I want to bring you up to date on some TMA news.

After a lot of hard work by our staff, the new December/January issue of the magazine is done! It has been mailed and shipped, and subscribers around the world will be reading it soon. This issue includes an article on the history of flu pandemics and the astrological outlook for the current flu outbreak. Another article delves into the fresh water crisis developing on our planet, with some interesting chart delineation. There is an interview with Jungian astrologer Alice O. Howell you won’t want to miss. Add to that Dana Gerhardt on Sagittarius, an insightful look at Offstage Leo, and many more astro-morsels, such as an in-depth look at the upcoming U.S. Saturn return.

There is still time to order a subscription at our sale price of $33, good until November 16, for any address in the U.S. or Canada. Gift subscriptions are also $33, which is $6 savings off the regular price. Order here or call (800) 287-4828. You can also order a single copy if you prefer to buy one at a time.

Our Facebook page is worth checking out, especially if you want to participate in discussions on over 20 astrological topics, like the Saturn-Pluto Square, the 12th House, Early Degree Cardinal Planets in Your Chart, and so on. Just search for us on Facebook and click on “Discussions” — then, become a fan of the magazine if you like.

Feel free to let us know what you like most (or like least) about TMA — you can comment below if you like, or send an e-mail to editorial@mountainastrologer with the subject line “Reader Survey.”  What type of articles interest you most? Which writers would you like to see more of?

And look for bits and pieces of the new issue to be posted here in about a week!

Happy Transits,