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The Astrology of Time and The Plato Perspective

Martin Lipson takes a long view with the Barbault Cyclic Index. Take heart - we are climbing out of a deep well of "despair and iniquity." Your comments welcomed.
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Seven of Disks, Saturn ruled decan of Taurus

Saturn ruled decan Taurus III, with its disruptive forces, presents a potent training ground for Stoic philosophy. 
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Mata Hari

Michelle Corbesier offers an astrological account of the enigmatic Mata Hari - dancer, wife, mother, spy.
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Six of Disks, Moon ruled decan of Taurus

The second decan of Taurus, guided by the nurturing intuition of the Moon, transcends the self-sufficiency of the first decan and embodies the spirit of reciprocity, where individual prosperity is intricately linked to the well-being of the larger community.
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