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Outer Planet Resonance

Michael O'Reilly writes on the concurrent outer planet cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the US horoscope, including "the epic Uranus Return of 2027-2028."
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On Faith, Liminality, and Rulership: Outtakes from Sasha Ravitch’s Interview with J.M. Hamade on the Sun of Knowledge

Outtakes and extra gems from Sasha Ravitz's fascinating interview with J.M. Hamade on the recently translated Sun on Knowledge. (The entire interview is in TMA's Cancer Sol 2022 issue.)
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Astro Assistance

Moon Zlotnick offers astrological advice to a questioner curious about her grandson's career potential.
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Look what’s out in the wild 🎉 ...

Words: @paetratauchertastrology

Venus in the sign of the Sun shimmers with delight at the prospect of romance, spiked with just the right dose of drama… it is simply a fabulous place for Venus to shine.

She is boosted here with a ‘trine by sign’ to Jupiter making it all even more extravagant.

Pleasure is found in fine art, fashion, and luxury while the heart fills up like a helium balloon, with delight over the play of love, lovers, and loving.

As Venus is taking her cues from the Sun we must factor in the twice annual square he is making to unruly Uranus today.
This has already been a jolting week news-wise and there is likely more to come. Expect the unexpected as they say, and in the meantime get your Venus in Leo on and find all the ways you can, to have a good time.


Words: Ross O’Brien

“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

Please excuse my unfortunate and somewhat cringeworthy cultural reference. Perhaps, somebody said it better before OneRepublic but I can’t escape how well this sentiment captures the essence of today’s transit.

Also, the song happens to be called “Counting Stars” so something oddly auspicious is clearly at work here.

I’m careful not to implant a more nefarious seed than necessary in this energetic signature but it’s hard to ignore the potential pitfalls of this intense transit. With Scorpio, it’s almost always intense in one way or another.

Venus in Cancer is susceptible to its need for security. Vulnerability can be an asset when it is wielded with discernment. It’s about knowing what situations are safe enough to come out of our shell.

The liability of vulnerability is when we expose ourselves to someone or a situation that is more self-interested than not. I think we could make an argument that most, if not all exploitation is an exhibition of some form of narcissism.

Keep your eyes peeled for red flags. Perhaps, intuition over impulse can remove any potential blinders.

As Pluto in Capricorn continues to exorcise society from its possession by antiquated systems of power and governance, the evolutionary waters have reached their boiling point. (Are we being bathed or cooked?)

The libertine taboos long sequestered in grandma’s china cabinet are ready to be set free. Oh, the catharsis of feeling fragile porcelain shatter!

On one hand, it’s all quite thrilling.

On the other, we may find a need to demonstrate some measure that not all systems that lack structure are as “sexy” as they seem on the surface.

Keep your wits about you!


Words: @paetratauchertastrology

Today features two very different aspects: Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces Rx at 25°, and Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius Rx at 22°.
Fresh out of its part of the Great Uranian Conjunction, earthy and stubborn Mars is pumped up and looking for a fight. He potentially finds it with Saturn, who throws up an icy block to his efforts.
Fixed squares are a special kind of tense and this one plays out in our bodies (Mars) and our social contracts w authority (Saturn). This involves themes of bodily autonomy, something that has certainly been up for the collective. The mutual application creates an extra focus and intensity.

Offsetting this contractive crisis vibe is the rather beautiful trine between Venus and Neptune in water signs. On her way to oppose Pluto tomorrow, Venus takes a deep dip into the dreamy realm of Neptune and fills her cup to the brim with magic & compassion.
Today’s square could cause some indigestion but today’s trine is a soothing balm.


With @paetratauchertastrology

Today our intrepid, plucky communicator Mercury enters his own sign of Virgo where he has both rulership and exaltation.
He is delighted to be home and as a result all things navigational improve as does our overall ability to translate intelligence into words.
This is the first planet to enter Virgo this year, bringing us into the folds of health and healing as touchstones. It’s time to assess the todo list and dig in with gusto, as Virgo has superpowers untouched by any other sign to be able to refine and distill life into better conditions. Use it!


By Michael O’Reilly

The month starts with a bang: Mars square Saturn (while conjunct Uranus) on August 1st.

Welcome to the deep diving pool of free Astro study and reading - link in our bio 💦🐟

Mercury Square Uranus; Jupiter Rx in Aries; New Moon in Leo

With Ross O’Brien

Edgy is not always an effective marketing strategy.

When we say we want to be edgy, I think what we often mean is that we want to be perceived as edgy.

Being edgy can be uncomfortable and isolating, whereas being perceived as edgy can come across as ‘cool.’

What’s cool is often only deemed so when it reaches a critical mass. Until then, we’re just investing energy in going our own direction.

Is success defined by social acceptance? Authenticity can certainly come at the expense of inclusion or understanding.

Perhaps, if we push through we will reach some place where the essence of who we are gets to fully blossom, uninhibited by the persuasion or judgments of others.

What if brilliance gets it wrong more often than it gets it right?

What if creative genius mostly goes unrecognized?

The outlier energy of the Mercury-Uranus square means we may think, say or do things that are disruptive and provocative.

Jupiter Rx in Aries may have us reflecting on some intrinsic and at times pathological need for autonomy.

The New Moon in Leo may have us planting seeds for future boldness.

Ironically, the contemplation of our sovereignty always seems to come back to our relationships.

Emerging from the tense square with Mars, Mercury in Leo now makes an actively healing trine with Chiron in Aries at 16°.
Heartfelt communication is a way to access and heal early childhood wounds around the right to exist.
Speaking from the center of self feels good and charts a course of reclaiming old scar tissue into newfound suppleness that allows mobility which can be directed into creativity.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Art: Bob Pepper

Mercury in Leo makes a fixed square to Mars in Taurus today at 14°, creating tension around generosity to self or generosity to others.
Mercury wants to create, connect, play, enjoy and encounter life in a fiery way, while Mars in Taurus… in the waiting room of the massively intense Uranus North Node conjunction is needing to be quite internal and to be giving only to self.
Squares are a crisis energy that require skill and patience to work together, as both sides need expression, and both sides of this square are stubborn Im not wanting to yield.
Take the tension and use it to move something that feels stuck in your life. Is there a conversation that needs to be had that, once done, could count as self care thanks to moving stagnant energy?
Start there.
Also maybe do something strenuous and physical and then retreat from the world and do some spa style care, with a focus on cooling and soothing.
The Taurus conjunction is coming in hot, but you don’t have to.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology

Venus in Cancer square Jupiter in Aries exact: July 24, 2022, 10:12 PM PDT

Is it possible to accurately quantify our inner resources?

This inquiry feels a little too analytical for today’s transit. It is more indicative of the Jupiter in Aries axis - the urge for philosophical expansion.

The sensitivity of Venus in Cancer suggests that when we soften the edges of intellectuality, we may find a desire to connect to and understand the layers of our emotional body.

This is fertile ground for the cultivation of empathy.

These energies may feel at odds today (there’s no sharper angle than 90 degrees): self-care vs. self-growth. Are they mutually exclusive?

Perhaps, a more apt access point would be: are inner resources an antidote to overindulgence of external stimuli?

When we feel a sense of fullness, we often have an increased capacity to apply agency and discretion to the kinds of experiences, sustenance, and relationships that are additive to our lives.

It might be this space that allows us to effectively discern want from need.

Venus in Cancer is inclined toward material forms of security - the elements on the periodic table of comfort. Jupiter in Aries can give us the drive and even the resources for alchemical fulfillment.

A manicure or a massage can be more than just a superficial, physical treatment. It’s really about our nervous systems.

How do we use moderation as an excuse to deprive ourselves? What is the sweet spot just before nourishment becomes gluttony?

Sometimes, it is the means we use to try and satisfy our cravings for stability that end up depleting us.

Words: Ross O’Brien
Art: Lana Sokoloff

Mercury in Leo makes a rambunctious trine to Jupiter in Aries yesterday, helping us really kick off the Leo season in earnest. Add in the Gemini Moon and you have a whole lot of excitement and flirtation and hedonism on tap. Drink up!

Words: @paetratauchertastrology

Sending out a warm welcome to Leo Season! We emerge from the emotional, amniotic womb of Cancer into the robust, heart centered creativity of Leo. Here we encounter the fully developed egoic structure based on the first set of elements (Aries-fire, Taurus-earth, Gemini-air, Cancer-water). With Leo we are little Gods, ready to create and perpetuate the spark of life through love, art, children, and play.
Let yourself be filled up with the radiant rays of the Sun, straight spine, full heart, generous spirit.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Art: @idalissner


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