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One Hell of a Ride: Chronicles of a Beleaguered Eclipsed Moon in Scorpio

Hilary Spiteri returns to our blog with a tale from the Scorpio Moon ~ on May 16, there is a total Lunar Eclipse. Enjoy.
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Why Fixed Stars?

A very lucid introduction by Chloe Margherita to fixed stars in astrology with input from Plato, James Hillman and Bernadette Brady.
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Top Five Astro Events for May

Read Michael O'Reilly's Top Five Astro Events for May which includes Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th.
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Meet the Mountain!
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Customer Service & Etc.
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Today might feel like a heavy day. I don’t say that to add to the heaviness or to bring anybody down. If you’re out there feeling like a feather on cloud nine, by all means… please, proceed.

I find that one of the powers in understanding and studying astrology is often alleviation in some form of: “Oh… that’s right! There are cosmic forces, larger than the personal ‘drama’ of my life, that are contributing to the way I feel.”

And also: “I’m not alone!”

Today’s transits grapple with the relationship between self and other - primarily, selfishness.

I would argue that the reason selfishness can be destructive is because of how it impacts those around us. Otherwise, selfishness might actually be a good strategy to get what we need in life.

And we always have to make a little space for the distinction between Self-fulness vs. the classic ego-trip of selfishness. We’re mostly working with the latter here.

The wounded healer conjoins with Venus in detrimental Aries. I wouldn’t exactly call this a bundle of joy. The temptation to disconnect, to overemphasize our own needs, and to go internal runs hot these days. The words that come to mind are: sharp and unyielding.

Sun & Saturn in their hard-right angle to one another adds an extra squeeze to the situation. It’s probably more like a sleeper-hold than a bear hug.

I find the lessons of Chiron and Saturn to be quite similar. There’s a kindred nature in needing to pass through what is most difficult and painful in order to evolve.

We often suffer because we’re trying to run a program that no longer serves the version of reality we’re inhabiting, like “how do I use my Bluetooth speaker to play the mp3 stored on this floppy disk?” We’re just a little behind the times is all - no need to be hard on ourselves.

Below are my personal mantras for the day. Please, feel free to share your own. It never hurts to have a little fun when things are feeling heavier than usual.

When humiliation hurts it's because I'm holding on.

Selfishness is just a form of scarcity.

If I'm in for a little punishment, might as well put on my vinyl chaps and call it a party.

✏️: Ross O’Brien

The eclipse is taking place in the 19th Lunar Mansion called Al-Shaulah, The Sting.
The Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius and receives successive aspects from Mars, Saturn, Neptune, the Sun and Pluto.... She may feel like she is being harassed from all sides whilst being eclipsed!
Read Hilary Spiteri's tale on the blog (link in bio) about the total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th.

May 10th
With @ryanevans_astrology
I’m probably going to upset somebody by saying this. I probably upset a lot of people by saying things! That’s OK, I have a good reason. Mercury goes retrograde today until June 3rd, and it’s probably the most ‘potent’ Retrograde of the year. I know, I know. There is always a sigh followed by an often-unexpressed angst. We experience these Mercury Retrograde periods three times per year. Yes, sometimes there will be actual events which make us consider the benefits of this, but, in actuality, the computer can crash, or the car can have troubles anytime. We don’t need a Mercury Retrograde to have things break. On the contrary, if a Mercury Retrograde period is good for anything it is to remind us to repair those things which may be in need of maintenance, attention, or a little help. Therefore, I am actually excited about this Mercury Retrograde period. I am going to use this Mercury Retrograde to take care of some business that is long past due. I’m going to clean up some messes and organize some stuff. I’m going to finish my taxes. I’m going to work on editing my book. I’ve got drawers to clean out and a garage that needs organizing. I have shrubs which are years overdue in their pruning. I’ve got a greenhouse full of stuff needing to be taken care of. If time were to move forward in its normal way, I would feel swamped, rushed, and incredibly burdened. That’s why Mercury Retrogrades exist; to help Ryan take care of his crap! And, I reckon, I’m not the only one. So today, take stock of your life and, rather than starting something big, perhaps it is best to finish up everything we have already begun. We get our files in order and catalog our proverbial warehouse. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? No, Mercury is not going to break your toaster unless it’s just playing around and wants to keep you on your toes! Love Mercury Retrograde. It wants to see us succeed by helping clear the burdens of the past and to take care of the piling minutia which could distract us from our future. Listen to what it has to say by looking behind for clarity.
Image: @kelletteworks


Today’s transit illuminates stagnancy and injects it with the possibility of a paradigm shift. We can think of this as a grand gesture, but it might serve us just as well to notice all the little lightning strikes of insight around us.

All change begins with an idea - or a feeling.

When we are attuned to body and mind, disturbances in the field become more noticeable. Like a surfer waiting to catch a wave, timing is crucial. One paddle too late and we’re getting pummeled in the break.

Uranus is the astrological defibrillator. If your heart is stopped, a heavy dose of electricity can be the only thing to bring you back to life. However, to a healthy body, that same dose of electrical current could be lethal.

Fret not - the day’s not going to kill us.

If we need a shift, we need only take notice of where this cosmic wave arises. With clarity and intention, we can paddle hard in the direction of change and let the astrological assist give us the momentum we need.

The right amount of juice gives us a jumpstart, too much just blows a fuse. Stay grounded - our bodies can be a source of stability that we take with us anywhere.

Words: Ross O’Brien


Our love nature ignites into dazzling flames as Venus enters Aries.
Love becomes infused with the hunt, our animal selves activated in a way that brings us in touch with the erotic primal charge of life. Venus answering to Mars reverses the polarities and rather than waiting receptively to connect we extend in the direction of our desires.
Let this enhance all your social connections, whatever their nature and bring this heat into your ability to gather resources to yourself.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: Juli


On Beltane eve, we reach the New Moon eclipse in Taurus at 10°, conjunct Uranus, all answering to the exalted Venus in Pisces, shimmering away with Jupiter and Neptune. This eclipsing New Moon brings unexpected blessings around love, which could take any form ranging from platonic to carnal. Use your five senses as a guide and tune into the verdant, sensual, fertile blessings of this extra potent gateway. Today is a day to reflect on your life and the magic that continues to support you despite the inevitable highs and lows. This is a fertile time where the invisible realms are extra impressionable. What do you need to shed in order to allow the new to enter?
Call in what you want!

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: @soffronia

Mercury makes a quiet trine to Pluto at 28° of Taurus/Capricorn. Truth is felt down into the marrow of our bones. There lies the knowledge of the life death life cycle we live within. Life emerges from the fertile swamp and extends and grows through its natural seasons. The natural conclusion of death allows the life force to move through the food chain, nourishing many.
Taurus on its own doesn’t understand that anything ends, as its instructions are to hold the form. Pluto teaches Taurus how to embrace the necessity of transformation and change, producing another form of wealth. The input of Venus and her crew in Pisces brings in the transcendental knowledge of god in a personal way. This is a very fertile and wisdom imparting transit, most of which can be grokked from spending a day in the garden.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: @acid__memories


There’s a lot of lavishness brewing in today’s celestial bath: compassion, empathy, dreaminess, devotion, romance, spiritual awakening, and (pro)creation.

The fecundity of water and earth conjures an image of lush soil, seedlings, and the potential for abundance.

The tarot of every transit always has its reversal.

I’m not one for either/or but rather both/and - when we are dealing with any energy composition, it can serve us to look at its polarities. The scales can tip in either direction and how we choose to interact with the energy, and our relationship to it can play a large factor in how it impacts us.

With Neptune, we must always be wary of deceptiveness/delusion.

The deliciousness of desire can be intoxicating and if we lose our discerning faculties, we may find ourselves drawn to people or situations that are vapid at best.

The conjunction with Venus adds an element of overindulgence that can take the nectar and turn it into a kind of poison. It’s a delicate balance because if we’re overly discerning, we run the risk of intellectualizing the pleasure and joy out of an experience.

Some poignant questions for navigating today’s cosmic play are:

What is the difference between devotion and martyrdom? How can we give ourselves to cause in a way that doesn’t diminish our self-respect? When does service regress into exploitation?

Trust and respect are key. Even in heightened states of ecstasy, we are wise to have a safe word - something that tethers to the more grounded aspects of ourselves and the day-to-day reality we inhabit. When the conditions are ripe, the possibilities are infinite.

Words: Ross O’Brien
Art: Richard Lindner

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A recent blog with Adam Sommer (@kosmognosis)

Check it out!

"Like all things, bitcoin has a chart. There are many outstanding features in the bitcoin chart that elucidate the themes already mentioned. The Aquarian North Node next to Mercury tells an epic story of how this technology empowers the people, giving them access to sound money, rather than government-issued fiat. The co-rulers of the Aquarius North Node (Saturn and Uranus) are opposed to one another in the chart (Virgo and Pisces; 2nd and 8th houses) which comments sharply on the tension between the old financial system and the nascent one."


To be exposed to information that exists beyond the bounds of the mainstream can be an isolating experience.

And god forbid that knowledge comes from somewhere other than a socially acceptable and ‘reputable source.’

At what point in history, did our intuition become second-rate information to scientific fact?

I’m not arguing that our intuition is always correct. I could list about a million incidents of me confusing my intuitive sense for subconscious anxieties, fears, and/or desires. We can all get it muddled.

But if we are generally disposed to look outside of ourselves for what is true, then what becomes of our relationship to our inner world?

Many of you may already know that the word Easter supposedly comes from the name of the Germanic goddess of spring and dawn, Eostre.

A Christian holiday bearing the name of a pre-Christian pagan goddess? What fun!

The implications of this purportedly true detail rattle the foundations of our relationship to religion, the natural world, the masculine/feminine polarity, etc.

And while we’re safe to explore these ideas here in our little Wyrd Instagram bubble, if we were to take some of this information out into the larger world or to our family’s ritual rabbit-egg hunt, a lot of people would either not care, be offended, or think we’d micro-dosed the jellybeans.

Whether they’re true or untrue, today’s transit reminds us that there is purpose and power in trying on ideas like funny hats. If we’re too rigid in our thinking, even small bits of novel information have the potential to crumble us.

Our intuition may sometimes be dead wrong, but when we take the time to feel the world, we get an opportunity to refine what feels authentic for us. Perhaps, this is the closest to ‘truth’ we’ll ever get.

Stay Wyrd, my friends.

Words: Ross O’Brien
Image: @sylvischaffrath


The growing Moon shines brightly as Mars leaves the cold rationality of Aquarius, and cannon balls into the splashy, sweet, silliness of Pisces.

Mars has a hard time defending itself here but it does a good job of finding a great deal of magic in the self, world, and other people. 

As Mars is in charge of the Aries Sun, and there is an exaltation of larks in Pisces right now, this planetary shift helps to unite the energies we are living under.

The work is to be in touch with our innocence, while not falling prey to nefarious influences who want to take advantage of us.

So put on your rose-colored glasses and take the wheel; the destination is to be fully present in the now.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: loving sabotage


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