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under the mutable fire of the archer launches us forward into hope for what is to come, for what we cannot yet see.
Even as we head into the darkest time of the year in the north, it is balanced with the greatest time of light in the south. As so it goes here on Earth.

At the same time, this is definitely
a New Moon to be used to finish-up old business, as we approach the solstice points. The magnetic embrace of Venus and Pluto connects us into serious matters of the heart, while an inconjunct from Uranus amplifies the edgy feeling the collective is sharing, in the face of so much unknown.

It’s time to love as hard as you can, and lean into the wild, futuristic-optimism that this Jupiter in Aqua ruled eclipsing lunation is giving us as the prescription for now.

As we wrap up the Gemini/Sagittarius cycle of the transiting nodes of the Moon, where have you grown in knowledge, and what needs to be let go from the past 1.5 years?
What kind of stories have you been using as your operating system, that are no longer serving you?

Please leave these at the eclipse door. 

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Words: gebrauchsgraphik

The winner of our first ever archival giveaway is @jenileedowling 🐝

Congrats and happy reading!
We are overjoyed at how many people entered ✨
Thank you all for the support and continued co-creation of the TMA lineage. Without you, we are nothing. 🙏

In other news, we are very close to having the blog section of our new website updated and we can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned 🌀

The poetry of cycles:

This week we celebrated the Mountain Astrologer magazine’s 34th birthday and we have something really exciting to announce— our new website!

To share some history with you here is a story from our dear Media Editor Mary Plumb who has been part of the magic since the early days!

When I got to Ashland, Tem said, “how would you like to learn about the internet? I want to make a website.” In those days, I was known as TMAMary in the aol forums. (He loved my Aquarian planets and ties to TMA chart + we were such good pals.)

I’m leaving Ashland now. I came in time for nascent website (was an easy adapter) and leave with this exquisite and lively newly birthed iteration. tmawebsite 2.0

To read more about Tem’s story about TMA check out the December/January 2017-2018

Hold tight for our blog to return anew this coming Wednesday 🐝

Image: @svya_toy_istoch_nik

Which means someone is getting a gift!
Is it you?

The EXCLUSIVE complete catalog
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• Tag 3 friends that love astrology in the comment section.
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WINNER announcement on December 1st 2021! 🍃


The Sun moves into Sagittarius today! 
All hail the optimistic archer who shoots his arrows up and out of the Scorpio swamp towards the brilliant light of the Sun.
The Gemini Moon trines Jupiter in the day, giving us a chance for big belly laughs, before moving into sensitive Cancer in the evening.
This is the Jimi Hendrix combo!

So dashing and so heartfelt.
Take it on and feel both wildly hopeful and deeply connected to your family, chosen and blood.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: @piotrwlochyn

In Taurus

“The axis of this eclipsing Full Moon is ruled by Mars and Venus. Mars is very strong in his Scorpio domicile and Venus is preparing to make her retrograde passage.

Stay connected to your body, keep it strong and fine-tuned to feel good, derive pleasure, and to connect with others in appropriate ways.”

On our blog with @paetratauchertastrology
Image: @_paredsinarte


Rebellious high voltage is the mood today as Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus Taurus, and t-squares into Saturn in Aqua.
This is an aspect that has been one of the “conductors” over the last year, and now that it’s activated by Mars, we get a fresh wave. 

Just note how much protesting is taking place across the globe for a temperature read of the influence. 

We are in luck though, as Venus in Capricorn is as a grounding guide through this tough passage.

Find a way to blow off steam,
to fine tune your personal activism, and finally, to spend some time with your bare feet in the soil.

Think lightning-rod.
This is a classic accident aspect so don’t take any risks today or for the rest of the week. Lay low.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: ‘Painted Bodies by forty-five artist’, Roberto Edwards 1991


*Cracks knuckles*

*Rolls neck*

*Takes a shot of diesel fuel*

Welcome to today. Just another day in the cosmic schematic, forever teetering on the edge of divine order and chaos.

‘Just another day’ is a way of approaching the grandeur of the celestial buffet of transits presented before us, around us… both inside and outside of us. And perhaps apathy would be a useful coping mechanism as the macrocosmic forces hold our hands to the fire:

A third passing of a Mercury and Mars conjunction— this time in Scorpio— both square the ominous and omnipresent, Saturn in Aquarius. And all of this only being a part of the equation.

However, though it may be the unspoken champion of emotional ‘dealing’ from… almost every generation prior to ours… apathy has proven to just kick the ancestral can of suffering down the road.

And so we are propositioned: how do we untie the collective knots (Saturn in Aquarius) of lifetimes, through the exploration of our own psychosomatic bodies (broadly speaking)?

I was deeply moved by this photo from @imdad_barbhuyan when I came across it this morning. And while I won’t pretend to do its beauty justice— its mood serves as my inspiration for navigating the many astral hands at play.

Our hands, beyond the faculties of our senses, are often our first and most relied upon means of interacting with the world. After our voice, we invoke the world with our hands. The two together form the diad of spell-casting— when we can’t use our words, we communicate with our gestures.

When applied appropriately, pressure can be soothing. It communicates affection and love. Too much and it can suffocate the recipient, in more ways than one. Firmness can create protection, even when it isn’t soft.

As the passion of the day flows fluidly on Martian flames, may we wrap the heat around the tips of our fingers and find neglected places (the many ‘bodies’ around us) to touch and breathe forth life through inspiration. And may we remember: we may see many reds not of roses, but perhaps there are more responses available to us than simply fight or flight.

Words: @ross.c0nnor

We want to say a big thank you for sticking by us as we rebrand and become anew with a changing face and more refined wisdom dancing in our pages.

We are honored and elated to reveal the very first quarterly edition of The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

‘Capricorn Sol’

Be ready for a feast of the senses as you submerge yourself in the pages of this wonderfully wyrd and astrologically delicious, Capricorn Solstice issue. Our beautiful new layout (and very soon to be launched website) comes to you from the talented hands of Art Director and Designer, Kalyja Rain. We expect these copies are already in your hands, and if not, they are days away from arriving! Until then, you can also find the digital edition online!

Thank you to our entire team of editors, contributors, and magic-makers for pouring your heart and souls into this issue.

And to our readers for going to distance with us— through and through. We love our wyrd arts and culture community and hope you do too!


Is there anything as, ‘too deep?’

Those of us with some intimacy issues can champion vulnerability as the golden pathway back into healthy relationships. And yet, others can over-pour, give after there’s nothing left, and kick the bottom rung out of their own hierarchy of needs.

Scorpio doesn’t exactly scream vulnerability which is actually kind of ironic when you think about the archetypal depth of the signature. I often feel frustrated by this contradiction inside myself. I feel exposed— often overexposed— as a result of my own self-obsessive, psychological excavation and yet I’m not always rushing out to openly share my findings (known as feelings)… except to strangers on Instagram, apparently.

What good is unearthing an artifact, one that could possibly help give broader context to the collective psyche, if we just re-bury it or place it in our pocket for safekeeping?

While digging is often associated with the discovery of treasure— perhaps, explaining a mythopoetic obsession with the gold rush, pirate’s tales, and heist movies— at what point does plumbing the depths become inherently destabilizing? We’ve certainly come to know the latent and lasting ecological effects of mining.

Look, something feels like it’s brewing here— even smoldering… like a kind of volcanic river. And as we brace for rapid actualization— a potential earth-shattering eruption (Uranus in Taurus energy)— we may have to consider breathing some life into our underbelly to help support our process of transformation.

Are there parts of ourselves that we have yet to embrace that actually hold the key to unlocking our fuller potential? Per usual, I’m all questions and no answers.

Oh yeah… New moon blah blah blah… new beginnings. Light some incense, you’ll be fine.

Words: @ross.c0nnor
Image: Raga Desakar

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