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Uranus stations direct: time to look ahead

Uranus just stationed direct, time to look ahead at 2022 forecasts. Enjoy!
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2022 and the Venus Synodic Cycle

Venus turning direct on January 29: we proudly present part three of Nick Dagan Best's masterful delineation of the Venus synodic cycle.
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Lanyadoo, outtakes from the Other Side

Happy Birthday Jessica! Read outtakes from our interview with the dynamic astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo.
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Meet the Mountain!
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Customer Service & Etc.
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Aquarius season: time of the prismatic water- bearer, the radical iconoclast who is here to help, but in an aloof and grumpy way.

As the second of Saturn’s signs, here we emerge from the traditional structures of Capricorn: the way things have always been done…into the domain of the one most qualified to challenge such things.

Aquarius, who’s modern ruler is Uranus, is the anthropologist from another planet, one far more sophisticated than our own. They have come here on a humanitarian mission to improve the lot of humans, but their terms include plenty of space.
Whereas Pisces is the bleeding-heart activist, ready to open a vein for their cause, Aquarius is more in the “Ew, humans!” camp.
They will do their best to carry us into the future in an elevated way, but please just don’t get too close.

We are living in the era of the Saturn Uranus squares (in close range through 2021 and 2022), which happen to be the traditional and modern rulers of Aquarius.
Jupiter already wove his way through Aquarius and now Saturn is taking to task all the ideas Jupiter generated, and in general all things Aquarius such as astrology, technological innovations, and plans for revolution. All are under Saturnian scrutiny to see if they hold water (see what i did there).
How to tune into this season? Let your eccentric and free-spirited self take the wheel, stand up for what you truly believe (who cares if you rock the boat… it needed to be rocked anyway!) and look around you for worthy collaborators.
Words: @paetratauchertastrology

Happy First Full Moon of the Year! 

I’d call this a red-flag astro weather day, 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 as it showcases the most sensitive aspect we pass through each month: Cancer Moon opposite Pluto. 
This is a huge focus on our family ties, as we all face this incredibly strange and challenging era.

There is so much division right now over beliefs of our minds.

It’s time to shift gears into our emotional bodies.
We’re all… everyone one of us
is Mortal,
meaning we only have so much
time here.

The people you incarnated with
as your blood family, and tribe,
they need your love, care, and concern.
This is going to get a lot bumpier, and we need all forms of family.

It’s time to shed constricting beliefs that have you at odds with anyone you consider family.

Make amends and give hugs.
Time is short, we can’t continue to allow these vast chasms between people continue to grow.
We have way more in common with each other than we do differences.

If you had one year to live, how would you do things differently? That’s what kind of Full Moon this is.

Be ready for big emotions today
and embrace the waves.
Emotional purges can come in many forms so my best advice is don’t try to control or direct your or anyone else’s feelings today and be prepared to get wet.
There is added tension with the inconjunct to Mars so one way to deal with the day is to do something really physical to help release some of the tension this Full Moon, leading into the Uranus station is.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: frederickkethiberg

January 16th with @ryanevans_astrology

“This is the Dance which brings the Dead to the living to say, I’m with you every day, you know.”
-Cloud Cult, ‘Dance of the Dead’- Meaning of 8
I spent a moment and realized that it was as if I was connected to every ancestor who lived before me. In that one instant I felt it all. Each arrow in the back, each thirst for water, every joy and scream of pleasure and every heartache with each hurt were present and accessible. It’s as if they all welled up at once and fell into my being, not like a tidal wave but like a slowly growing charge of electricity. Buzzing with feeling, I knew that it was as if all of their eyes were on me. With a plethora of failures and shortcomings triggers and trauma response prior to this moment my confidence trembled as I felt all of their hope, all of their chances for rest and freedom and redemption on me. Can I own the wounds of ten thousand generations? How can I heal these ancient patterns and programs and keep them from ever coming back? How can I rewrite the old lies to become new truths? The Cross of ten thousand generations was, for a moment, crippling. I screamed and wailed. It was too much. Then I realized that I had a choice now, wherever I was. I could have failed just a moment ago or a year or a lifetime or ten thousand generations ago, but awareness of the patterns, consciously owning the choices made, forgiving the humanness of insanity and trauma response, and working deliberately toward rewriting scripts, making impeccably honest choices, helps to heal the generations before us who couldn’t. The work is up. We can be grateful for the opportunities to rewrite ancient patterns. Deep healing only happens with some form of catharsis. Go chant, pray, talk to your ancestors, share your fears, express the grief, appropriately channel your anger… because healing our individual wounds now could literally change the past.
The gardening calendar says to water the plants
The space calendar shows a full moon a-comin.

From @zahrtillery interview with @jessica_lanyadoo:

"As a very 12th-house person, and an astrologer of many years, I’m really passionate about unintended consequences, because any consulting astrologer will tell you that most people come to your office because they’re dealing with the unintended consequences of choices that they made without realizing they made them, or without thinking through those consequences."

Link in bio ✨❤️

Mercury…our planetary god of communication, navigation, and transacting, has slowed down to almost a stop to turn retrograde early Friday morning on the west coast.
Our first M ret of the year helps us start to get the hang of the “Era of Air” which we entered at the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, winter solstice, 2020. 
This Mercury retrograde in Saturn’s ‘day sign’ of Aquarius is here to help us bust a move out of the old world and into the new.
We literally have no other options. Time to learn to fly.
In Aquarius Mercury wants to move at breakneck speed, and this backwards journey he’s about to make, will cover old ground, as he travels back across the same path to where Venus met Pluto and began her retrograde journey, one year past the Great Conjunction. 
The Capriquarius zone is where we have to be aligned with the natural laws of Saturn, the Skeleton of Reality.
This is where we are on the map, and we’re crossing and recrossing this late Cap zone with Pluto, towards Saturn in Aqua. 
These are perilous times and we really need to be solid right now.
 Saturn is our ally, and Mercury is here as Psychopomp to escort
any outdated belief system structures into the underworld.
It’s time for us to take the underground tunnels,
 under the building and really get to know our simplest, sturdiest foundations.
Trim away any excess and commit to what you have and what you’re doing.
As strange as things have been for the last two years, I assure you, they are about to get far stranger. 
We see this mirrored in the sky story
In that Mercury is stationing exactly square to Uranus.
There is no room for anything less than everyone’s best thinking and problem solving skills..
It’s an all hands on deck kind of situation, as we pass through
‘The Long Emergency’.
There are a lot of things we need to repair in our collapsing societies, and we’re going to have to start to do it on the local and regional scale. The bloated zeppelin of modern globalism is crashing like it’s Hindenburg predecessor..
Try using the next 4 weeks as practice for being the most ingenious that you can be with any conundrums that present themselves to you.

🖊: @paetratauchertastrology


Check out full blog to read up on some of the juiciest insight (link in bio) 💕

Till then we leave you with this excerpt:

“You must dig deep into the monstrosity of your body, your animal nature, to decipher what your soma is telling you. Do you need to just sleep for 24 hours? Do it. Are you hungry even after you finished lunch? Go fucking eat something. Do you crave human touch? Then hook up with someone (safely, of course). You are allowed to be free from the expectations others have for your desires; you are allowed to dream of escaping the labyrinth of expectations that your early childhood development, your peer group, society, whatever the hell decided for you.”
- @sasha.ravitch

Image: Léon Bakst


You know that feeling when you place your straw at exactly the right angle… and the last drops of (insert delicious drink of your choosing here) are delivered to your tongue in one continuous and satisfying sip?

That same straw, when moved a millimeter in any direction, creates the ear-wrenching slurping sound of milkshake infamy, which - in my very critical opinion - has the capacity to ruin someone’s (my) day whether they are on the receiving end of the straw or simply on the other end of the ‘sonic insult.’

No matter how we go out about it, the wrong angle of straw implementation will not produce the desired result.

In fact, if we always have the proverbial straw in the proverbial wrong place (or maybe the wrong time?) we may even develop a complex… “It’s me. I know it. I just don’t straw well.”

Our problems are not always a problem of effort. Sometimes, it takes taking a step back and looking at our approach.

Structure, order, (the container, if you will) as they all relate to the Venusian qualities of life - beauty, love, indulgence, abundance, etc. - are up for reflection within this Rx window.

As the Sun joins Venus in Capricorn, perhaps an enhancement of sensation is possible here. Illumination, while it inspires greater clarity, can expose ourselves to ourselves in a way that can be uncomfortable.

If we’re playing with an idea of the way we’ve always done things or the way we’ve always been, in relationship to the Venusian ethos, it might be wise to look at the way we relate to the relationship, rather than the relationship itself.

Reordering something doesn’t always require a period of chaos or anarchy, it may just need a slight repositioning… and then suddenly… we get a healthy dose of the juice we’ve long been dreaming of.

May we all taste life’s sweetness today.

Words: @ross.c0nnor

I wish something great for you today. This day. This moment.

By the standard of the Gregorian calendar, today marks the first day of the year 2022. A ’new’ year.

A new year in a weird, antiquated, and relatively arbitrary system of tracking time.

As many of you know, our current and majority standard for timekeeping was developed within the Catholic Church and named after Pope Gregory XIII. My god.

This system was merely a reformation to the Julian calendar, which proceeded the Roman calendar - a somewhat logical method of measurement that tracked the cyclical movements of the Moon.

Not to say that the Romans devised this method by any means… you lovely astrologers all know that counting the moons was something that humans were doing long before anyone decided to actually keep track.

At one point, December used to be the 10th month - which linguistically, at least, was derived from some degree of logic. However, that logic was abandoned when successive Roman dictators attempted to immortalize themselves within our timekeeping system.

Hence, two 31-day months nonsensically (and narcissistically) jammed into the middle of the calendar.

But let’s just keep calling the 10th month 'October,' shall we? We love to let ride the way we've always done things.

Momentum: a phenomenon I’m starting to realize that pervades the human psyche. An object in motion… yada yada yada.

Meanwhile, in the Hebrew calendar, today is 28 Tevet AM 5782. Neat.

And by the Buddhist calendar, the year is 2566. And Earth’s position, relative to the Sun, is in exactly the same position it was 365.2422 days ago.

I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure the galaxy is moving too, isn’t it? And they tell me that the Universe is also expanding.

I’m aimlessly gesturing toward an existential meaninglessness, which in retrospect seems a little reckless. I do believe in some kind of order - even if that order is entropy.

I wish something great for you today - a day as good as any to (again) start living our lives. May we remember, as we resolve for whatever form of greatness to which we aspire, that nothing in the cosmos is ever quite resolute.

✍️ @ross.c0nnor
🎨 @frankybeans


Well… What do you want me to say? It was a great year and next year is going to be so much better! If you thought 2021 was awesome, wait till 2022! Or how about this one…if 2021 was difficult for you, 2022 is going to be your year! No no no. These kinds of statements never really serve anyone. Therefore, please allow me to offer some astrological observations based on some major astroevents this coming year. First, this is the year of the United States Pluto Return so we who take part in western civilization are undergoing a very deep metamorphosis. We will either rise to the occasion or we will repeat all of our ancient patterns… again. While I can’t tell you which the masses will choose I can say that we do have a choice in the matter. Choose transformation. Two, the south node of the moon, is that which reflects the general tendencies and default programs of conventionality and human behavior in general, is transiting through Scorpio… which basically says that people may be acting with intensity, passion, hard-core attitudes, and maybe a bit of fear-based manipulation thrown in. The way out, the North node of the Moon in Taurus, asks us to keep it cool, do our best to relax, stay in our body, and remain connected to the Earth. Three, Jupiter is in Pisces until May, in Aries mid-May to the end of October, and slips back into Pisces for November and December. Dream. Have hope/faith. Set intentions resonant with what your higher self/ highest vision may have for us. Don’t know? Make it up. So predictions for the year say something to the effect of…. Amidst some serious intensity, faith will see us through and our dreams will propel us forward. Believe it…..(deep breath)... or not.
The gardening calendar says to play.
The space calendar shows Asteroid 171183 Haleakala Closest Approach To Earth (1.810 AU)

Words: @ryanevans_astrology
Image: @danielle_bhavya_winter


While many of us have become accustomed to being able to purchase almost anything at any time from anywhere - the beauty of intuitive insight is that no one can sell you something that, by definition, already belongs to you.

But that certainly won’t stop them from trying, now will it?

Not sure exactly why I feel like taking a shot at our culture's economic ethos today… maybe it’s our proximity to the ‘holy days' of hyper-capitalistic worship.

Perhaps, ‘belonging' is not the apt analog here either - the concept of ownership might also be an inherited mental perversion.

For intuition doesn’t really seem to be owned by anyone in particular. In fact, for myself, the more I try to grasp it, the more it enjoys taunting and eluding me. I have a permanent wrinkle between my eyebrows from trying to mentally effort my way through life.

Admittedly, my natal Mercury in Libra feels a slight disdain for Mercury in Capricorn. It’s a little too slow-moving for my liking - a little too right-wrong polarity for my comfort. And yet, the structural, list-making, 'put color-coded Post-Its on shit,’ part of my brain kinda gets off on the disciplinary energy in the air.

If we’re always pulling intuition out of the ethers, is it an unbalanced form of intuitiveness?

Is insight always a top-down model?

What about when we feel so moved by the Earth below us that we’re willing, if even for a moment, to abandon every last suffocating social construct and bask in the Natural Order of All Things?

Stability too can be a vessel for life’s more powerful and ethereal energies. We certainly want to be grounded when lightning strikes.

And yet, I’m of the belief, that we must be eternally cautious of our ego’s tendencies to ascertain - we love to build identities around what we ‘know.’ Even Einstein, an intellectual icon, wanted to make sure we understood that genius is more a product of imagination than information.

May we remember that someone can teach us the notes, they can teach us the scales, they can even teach us to read the music, but no one can bestow us with the ability to play with feeling.
📝: @ross.c0nnor
🎨: @alexandergorlizki


Today the Sun is on our Galactic Center. Deep wisdom emerges here, as we annually pass through this place on our way to solstice.
But the biggest news of the day is: Venus, in evening star mode, has officially begun her rx journey, escorted by her dark prince Pluto, to the gates of the underworld. During the next six weeks, she will visit one of her star points, and emerge on the other side as the morning star. Over an eight year period, Venus’s very regular retrograde pattern creates a perfect five pointed star, each point being revisited when Venus joins the Sun in an inferior (rx) conjunction. The star points occur in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn (this one).
Relationship karma, obsession, passion, deep sexuality and the marrow of how and who we love all rise to the fore now. This is a time to visit the boneyards of relationships past and honor/release anything still lingering in the attic of your psyche. This is reinforced by maverick healer Chiron stationing direct at the same time.
Each of us will make a vision quest over the next six weeks that will require a descent into empty fertile darkness, to claim what is truly ours, on the path of the soul. 
Love, sex, touch, what you value, your relationship to money, the economy, all of this will be featured on this quest, and I’d hazard to guess on the world’s stage as well. 
What is your love language?
Do you know the love languages of all your primary connections? This time is an opportunity to learn; it’s time to start to speak with each other in this way. We will always go through difficult patches in love, but with this tool we can soothe and reconnect. 
Venus in Capricorn naturally creates a beautiful, alchemical, distillation of the deepest truths of love, and in retrograde mode, within range of Pluto, this will be as deep as it gets. Let her lead you on this labyrinthine passage through the solstice points, to emerge as the refreshed morning star early in the New Year.

Blessed Venus retrograde journey to us all!

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: @sol_calypso


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