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Top Five Astro Events for July

Michael O'Reilly takes us through July's top astro-events featuring the second US Pluto Return and Uranus conjunct the Moon's North Node.
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Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere 2022

We assembled a few links in honor of the summer solstice. Enjoy this turning day on the wheel of the year, wherever you are!
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The Drama of America and Russia: An Archetypal Perspective

Ray Grasse on the archetypes behind the often fraught dynamics between Russia and the US.
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Meet the Mountain!
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Customer Service & Etc.
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SATURN (ŚANI) RX SIDEREAL IN AQUARIUS: 06/05/2022 – 07/12/2022

Part 1 of a 4 week Vedic series with @elliothocker 🪐

My teacher once said: “Saturn wants you to experience the reactions of your actions right now, so you don’t have to endure them later.”
All planets are teachers. Each planet has skills to bid us. The house is the classroom – the area of life the planet presents its lesson. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon designate knowledge imparted with ease. They are benefic because their agenda is
peaceful. Sun, Mars, Saturn, and the nodes are also faculty in life’s university, but they often take a fearsome form to instruct the challenging and uncomfortable lessons required to pass for the most authentic expression of the soul’s yearning.
The most formidable of the malefics is Saturn, or Śani in Sanskrit – the slow. Yes, Saturn is slow, but I prefer to call it “thorough”. Saturn is exhaustive. It’s transits are methodical examinations testing us on every level. Saturn leaves no moral unassessed, and
many are afraid of it because its transit can bear delay and difficulty.
Saturn characterizes work. It teaches through hard work, discipline, and service to others. The sign and house in which your Saturn is placed indicates your ability to persevere in that area. On a spiritual level that means Saturn wants us to be perfected in honesty and humility.
How do we fully embody the wisdom of Saturn? The Vedic pantheon is fond of the great monkey Hanumān. He represents unshakable faith, devotion, and will power. In Vedic mythology there is a divinity that embodies the highest ideals of each planet.
Hanumān has perfected the curriculum of Saturn. Invoking him is to invoke the strength of forbearance and fortitude in the face of adversity.

“om haṁ rudrāya hanumate namaḥ”

Say this mantra 11 times every morning, noon, and night to connect to the wisdom of Saturn in its retrograde transit through sidereal Aquarius as it prepares to move back into Capricorn for a final cleanup of the past three years’ proceedings. Activate this mantra during a Saturn return, Saturn’s 8th house transit, Saturn’s transit of the ascendent or moon, or a Saturn ruled period in your chart.

NEPTUNE RX IN PISCES - June 27, 2022

The wizard revealed.

In what is meant to be one of the most climactic moments of the story, Dorothy and her surreal companions deliver the Wicked Witch of the West’s broomstick to the Wizard in exchange to be sent home - back to the reality they inhabited prior to their adventure.

It is small but formidable Toto (‘…and your little dog too!’) that ultimately pulls back the curtain exposing the ‘Wizard’ and bringing the whole charade crashing down.

To which/what reality do we wish to return? What purpose does nostalgia serve in our spiritual evolution?

Do we believe that the dream is designed to wake us up?

As an outer planet, Neptune spends just over 40% of the year in retrograde. The veil spends almost an equitable amount of time lifted as it does closed. There is some poetry in the revelatory nature of reality being slightly less available to us.

With exposure comes a myriad of emotions: anger, grief, humiliation, indignation, relief…

As we pass through this portal of clarification (the ripples cease and the surface becomes momentarily still), acceptance of our own process allows us space to make useful meaning of it all.

May we tell ourselves the most remarkable story: the lion gets his courage, the scarecrow gets his brain, the tin man gets his heart, and we (Dorothy) return home, forever changed.

Words: Ross O’Brien


If every astrological transit had a flavor profile, the high notes of today would taste something like: playfulness, curiosity, exploration, and charm.

There’s a whimsical quality in the air - like raw sugar as it fluffs into cotton candy.

As we swirl the experience around in our mouth, we may notice that it retains its Venusian earthiness. Similar to a well-crafted cup of chai - the variety of delicious spices and a pinch of sweetness delivers an invigorating jolt to the system.

Digestion is a process of transmutation. It changes the properties of whatever it takes in through the senses: food, information, experience, etc.

Just because something is fun, pleasurable, or sweet on the front end doesn’t mean that it produces an identical effect in the body. Hence, a certain application of structure via discipline can actually enhance the enjoyable aspects of an experience by preventing overindulgence.

An oft-overlooked quality of Gemini is their (the twins) association with Athena - goddess of wisdom, military victory, and superhuman strength.

Perhaps it is within the Athena archetype that we can find the structure and stability that can act as an antidote to any pitfalls of the Venus in Gemini portal. Clear, honest, and grounded communication creates a foundation for effective collaboration and healthy relationships: trust.

As the Northern Hemisphere blossoms into a fragrant bouquet of sensual experience, we are welcomed into the buffet of experience. We may feel the urge to flutter from one flower to the next. What would happen if we lingered for just a moment longer?

Moving slowly can be a rebellious act in a society that favors the fast. Take the time to taste everything with the entire surface of your tongue - this is how we truly enjoy, luxuriate, and relish.

Words: Ross O’Brien
Art: Anette Aurell


Happy Midsummer/Midwinter! Today we reach the turning points of the year in terms of light and dark.
The Sun enters the Cardinal water sign of Cancer and we all take a plunge into the deep waters of feelings and family and home..
It’s time to turn away from the social extroversion that Gemini inspires and take a respite in the safe cozy nest.
It’s time to tend, to nourish that which you love. Create a space of protection within which life may flourish.
Venus is wrapping up her delicious time in Taurus and today takes the time to spend a day in a trine with Pluto.
This is akin to Persephone and Hades having a picnic in the time of the year when they are not living together. They’re both excited to see each other and we benefit from a sexy, erotically charged day.
Happy Solstice!

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Art: The Classy Issue


Was Narcissus’ death a result of self-obsession or rather an inability to distinguish self from other?

In one interpretation, Narcissus didn’t actually fall in love with themself, they mistook their reflection for something or someone outside of themself and became obsessed with it.

Let’s be clear that ‘love’ is a misnomer here. Love and obsession can be adjacent but they don’t exactly comprise an alchemical concoction.

The garden doesn’t grow because we watch it with every waking minute.

What happens when the lines between us and other begin to blur? How is our emotional evolution affected by an inability to anchor to an internal sense of worth and wellbeing?

I find this myth and metaphor exceptionally poignant as the Sun wanes in the sign of the twins. The portal of Neptune in Pisces provides an aquifer of dreamy, spiritual depth.

As we wade out into high tide, we must be wary of the undertow: delusion and deception.

Textbook narcissism connotes an inability to empathize, delusions of grandeur, and some compulsive component of overemphasis on the self - an inflated ego.

Perhaps, that diagnosis doesn’t depict a full picture of the neuroses.

After all, if we truly knew ourselves, would we still fall prey to the illusion/delusion of our own reflection?

May we harness the hard edge of today’s transit to cultivate a sense of self that allows for admiration of the surface and an exploration of the depths. Beware of obscurity that breeds obsession.

Remember… a flower grew in Narcissus' final resting place.

Words: Ross O’Brien
image: unknown

Mars has reached Chiron at 15° of Aries as the Moon in Capricorn makes a passing square to this transit, taking it deeper. We are
challenged to let it help heal the structure of our life, the underpinnings that are normally kept private.
At the same time the Sun makes an air trine to Saturn, adding stability to this process of evaluating our old wounds, allowing greater access to healing.
“The ancients are right: the dear old human experience is a singular, difficult, shadowed, brilliant experience that does not resolve into being comfortable in the world. The valley of the shadow is part of that, and you are depriving yourself if you do not experience what humankind has experienced, including doubt and sorrow. We experience pain and difficulty as failure instead of saying, I will pass through this, everyone I have ever admired has passed through this, music has come out of it, literature has come out of it. We should think of our humanity as a privilege.”
-Marilynne Robinson

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Artist: Aurora Halal

Mercury Enters Gemini (again) - June 13, 2022

There’s something archetypally apt about Mercury’s re-entry into Gemini after a short stint back into Taurus via May’s Rx.

It’s quite mercurial to come home, only to realize we left our favorite earrings on a lover’s nightstand and had to leave as quickly as we arrived to go and retrieve them.

It speaks to the elusive nature of this signature. Here one minute, gone the next.

This flightiness can feel a little irksome on the receiving end - like a nervy and visceral tug somewhere in the abdomen.

Mercury in Gemini can feel so intoxicatingly present - neurons fire, minds meld, words ignite, and then… a strong wind blows and the fairy dust scatters.

Did the hummingbird come to greet us, to deliver some divine message… or was it simply there for the free sugar water?

Perhaps, it doesn’t matter. When the portal opens, we would be foolish not to pass through for fear of some future loss.

When inspiration strikes, may we follow it full-heartedly. May we drink every last syrupy drop available to us. All experiences end, some of them pass through us, and some stay with us forever.

There’s no going back this time.

Words: Ross O'Brien
Photo: Campbell Addy for Luncheon Mag via @massive.archive

Hang on through some stormy seas this week as Venus in Taurus joins Uranus at the 16th degree and sends defibrillatory shocks into our system.
Taurus is the sign of body, land, and resources. Venus wants connection and in her yin rulership, she would vastly prefer serenity and hedonism, so this transit is uncomfortable.

Where in your relationship to living in your own skin are you being lazy and stagnant? Uranus is here to galvanize your self-care, and it strongly suggests that these not-normal times require new and improved ways of care.

How deep is your pantry?
Are you able to mitigate the spiraling inflation with cooking at home more often? Where else can you take a different approach to earning, managing, spending your resources?
This is a very activated transit and could affect partnerships as well.
Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Artist: Agnès b

Mercury in Taurus makes an exact earth trine to Pluto in Cap today at 28°, as the Libra Moon makes a square.
Our communications take on a very deep and penetrating quality as if we have an X-ray device, enabling us to see into the deepest recesses of our own and others’ motivations.
This is a time for secrets to be revealed and laid bare for the world to see.
As Mercury and the Moon are answering to Venus, it’s worth noting that she is about to join Uranus, adding voltage to our relating.
Use this combination to identify and dig out the big, stuck stones in your psyche, the kind that obstruct the flow of watery emotions. Heavy lifting can be done today, using the leverage of this trine.
Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Art: Nick Scott Tuta

Today hosts an interesting dance between Saturn and Mercury. Yesterday Mercury stationed direct at 26° Taurus, square to Saturn at 25° Aquarius. Today Saturn stations retrograde, creating a vortex of energy between these two planets in fixed signs.

Mercury in Taurus is a consolidated approach to communication, hallmarked by pithy one-liners, and a square to Saturn distills thoughts down even further, potentially creating some self censorship.
Saturn in Aquarius is drilling down into our social realm and friendships, as we emerge from a multi-year pandemic that put these parts of life in the deep freeze.

Stationing Saturn square stationing Mercury teaches that self-care can look like being very careful about what we say to who and when. Although it can certainly be overdone and leave us feeling insecure and awkward in our dealings with others this week, it can also teach us stability in our perceptions and communications with our peers.

Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Image: Peter Stato

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Look at this wonderful photo by @the.cosmickind

by Michael O'Reilly:
"Mercury turns direct on the 3rd at 26° Taurus, generally a welcome celestial shift for star watchers. However, this time Mercury conjoins the 'evil star' Algol and is within one degree of squaring Saturn. Of course, those with natal planets at this point are not inherently evil, but the potential for unsettling events may certainly arise around this time."

Image: lijado sisters


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