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Astro Assistance

Moon Zlotnick offers Astro Assistance to an inquirer about a long-term marriage that suddenly has become "unhappy."
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Lightning in a Bottle: The Jupiter–Uranus Cycle and the Potential for a New Astro-Cosmology

Part Two of Raye Robertson's deeply researched piece on the significance of Jupiter-Uranus cycles in US history.
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Lightning in a Bottle: The Jupiter–Uranus Cycle and the Potential for a New Astro-Cosmology

Part One of astrologer Raye Robertson's deeply researched piece on the significance of Jupiter-Uranus cycles in US history. Time for a new story, anyone?
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MacKenzie Scott, Part Two

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- September 28, 2022

Words: Ross O’Brien
Art: Leif peng

The earthy bodice of Virgo becomes uncinched from the cosmic bosom and we can all breathe in some sweet relief.

Up here, the air is like an effervescent wine - a pink rosé perhaps.

The voluptuous Venusian makes a glamorous entry into her domain ushered on a chaise lounge made from cloud tufts.

She carries enough weight within her body to bring the air into balance. This is the golden ratio of the heavenly realms.

Indulgence is a season, not a perennial state. Remember, we are always just passing through.

… but pleasure can be heightened by impermanence.

Too often, we let our hearts languish in the lack of a lover’s language.

Today, may our tongues be swollen with the songs of the hopeless romantic. Be foolish. Be merry.


Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Artist: @dovneon

Mercury Rx reenters Virgo today for some deep mental clean up as we head into Autumn/Spring, and this can help offset the dramatic oppositions concurrent in the sky. Virgo is the healer so what needs healing? Use it wisely. We’re passing through the midpoint of this Mercury retrograde, moving us onto the downhill run so take advantage of its healing/vision quest capacity.


Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Artist: Ira Cohen

Venus in Virgo makes a vigorous trine to Uranus in Taurus at 18°.
This brings to the fore a need for, and an ease with freedom, space, and the unusual in the way we are relating with significant others. It is not an aspect of stability in terms of conventional thinking, but can be quite stable if allowed to take its own shape. There is a lot to be said for anchoring the unusual or eccentric in a partnership as a way of staying very alive to each other. We cannot overlook the square between Uranus and Saturn as a part of this story, which contributes to the healing power of love and how it belongs at the center of any revolution worth its salt.


Words: @paetratauchert
Art: @Jesse Kanda

The Moon shifts into mental Gemini and crosses Mars today, playing with Mercury and Jupiter in air. Talk things out and enjoy some bird’s eye perspective to offset the full immersion of today’s Sun opposite Neptune. This comes but once a year and is currently in the axis of order and chaos. Things can feel a bit psychedelic and wonderlandlish in these conditions. There are pros and cons to this. The cons are feeling overwhelmed and spaced out, while the pros include a deep connection to the divine, and primal nature.

As well, don’t lose your head as Venus squares Mars in Mercury’s two signs, under a Mercury retrograde. Stay calm and grounded and take things slow, allowing for any miscommunications to be washed away rather than allowed to trigger you into reactions.

by Raye Robertson
"Geologist, eco-philosopher, and theologian Thomas Berry expressed that we need a new story, or new cosmology, if we are to step back from the edge of catastrophic destruction. I suggest that a deeper appreciation for the Jupiter–Uranus cycle could help pen that story."
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As Mercury in Libra at 8° stations to turn Rx on the cusp of the Full Moon in Pisces, the San Francisco board of supervisors has voted to decriminalize plant-based psychedelic drugs like psilocybin, peyote, and ayahuasca.
This is no ordinary Mercury rx as it’s the opening act for the Mars in Gemini rx that begins at Halloween. Mars is already in Mercury’s sign, meaning our quicksilvery Psychopomp is in charge. I’m not going to candy coat it… this is going to be a turbulent fall and winter. Western Europe is facing imminent, drastic power cuts.. the likes of which we have never seen.
This station Rx is amplified by an opposition to Jupiter engendering everything much larger than life.
The usual cautions apply here such as no major purchase or life decisions if they can be avoided, until Mercury has cleared the station degree on September 14.
But overall, this is batten down the hatches Astro-weather.

Words: @paetratauchert
Art: DeviantArt


Words: Ross O’Brien
Image: unknown

The word ‘meticulous’ comes from the Latin root, ‘metus’ which means ‘fear.’

The modern connotation of meticulousness is often quite positive. We don’t think of someone who takes care in their actions as fearful. It generally implies a level of mastery in one’s craft.

However, it’s interesting to ponder the origins of this word and its latent associations with a kind of care that is derived from caution.

One could argue that being careful creates the conditions for skillful action.

It feels relevant in relation to the perfectionist aspects of the Virgo archetype.

The unattainable perfect can be driven by a fear of vulnerability, a fear of failure, or a fear of loss of control.

I think this is what gives earthy Virgo its often airy feel: an indecisiveness born of inhibition. As in, “am I going to make the ‘wrong’ choice?”

Enter Venus.

Meticulousness with our material resources is often looked upon fondly. We love the feeling of a balanced checkbook.

And yet we all know that being a bit obsessive about money and material breeds many forms of neuroses.

Our relationships are a different matter.

What does it mean to be meticulous in relationship?

How do we scrutinize in a constructive way that doesn’t reduce ‘love’ down to a sum of its parts?

It might be boundary work, healthy communication, the energy spent on acts of service (very Virgo)… or?

We don’t always think of relationship as a skill, but undeniably it does take practice and work.

Perhaps, the key to ‘lifting’ Venus from her ‘fall’ in Virgo lies in the paradox of meticulous mastery vs. paralyzing perfectionism.


Words: @paetratauchert
Art: unknown

Mercury and Jupiter reach an opposition through mutual application today and big picture thinking takes over. It helps to bring a generous buoyancy to relationships which might be slightly unrealistic… but still a welcomed boost.
They are disposed by Venus & Mars in playful fire and air signs, adding to an overall joie de vivre that this short-term transit is blessing us with.
Beware the tendency for exaggeration and the potential to create promises that cannot be kept, but mostly just enjoy the optimistic stimulation.

- August 28, 2022

Words: Ross O’Brien
Art: Guillermo Lorca Garcia H.

Whenever we are dealing with Saturn, I feel like it’s important to contextualize the situation in the law of karma.

Whether you ‘believe’ in karma or not, it is simply a cosmic system of cause + effect. It even lives in the physical makeup of our reality. As Newton identified: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Where it gets a little sticky is when we get into transmigration of the ‘soul.’ Do we ‘believe’ that some fundamental aspect of ourselves has existed in a lifetime prior to this one?

When it comes to ‘belief,’ I prefer to work in vague notions rather than hard facts. As in, have you ever had the vague notion that what you’re experiencing is the result of some cause/effect dynamic that preexists this life?

As it applies to Venus, generally speaking, we are working with our romantic/sexual relations and materials forms of security/wellbeing - though, this is a bit reductionist. Add in the energy of Leo and everything is expanded. Think: inside every house cat is the DNA of a wild animal. Primal energy is embedded in every aspect of society no matter how domesticated we’ve become.

So as the cosmic auditor comes to clear the balance sheet of karmic debts and credits, we can expect to have our relational worlds rocked.

It’s Leo, so it’s probably going to feel dramatic and on display. Our conflicts may feel like bad daytime television.

It’s Aquarius, so we can trust that whatever we are working out through the vehicle of our interpersonal dramas will serve the collective whole. The work we do, no matter how insignificant or futile it feels is recorded somewhere in the cosmos.

To bring it back to physics: no energy is ever created or destroyed. Transmute wisely, my friends.


Words: @paetratauchertastrology
Model: Emma’s Heidi Holterhoff

As we pass through the Dark Moon, heading towards new, the Virgo Sun makes a square to Mars in Gemini at 4°, which the Moon will join tomorrow. The Mars in Gemini journey involves a great deal of mobility around thoughts and actions, and this square from earthy Virgo says “slow down”, take it easy, stay in touch with your body, and implement your best health practices over the next month as a way to offset the excess mobility of Mars in Gemini.
Not exactly adding to stability, we also have Venus in Leo creating a square to Uranus in Taurus at 18° on the Moon’s nodes, on Venus’s day . This is a fabulously unconventional transit that will bring out a bit of the kink in anyone. Get freaky today somehow and enjoy a delicious push against the grain.

(feat. Uranus Rx in Taurus)
- August 25, 2022

Words: Ross O’Brien
Image: @chironduong

The archetype of the diplomat, the mediator, the non-violent communicator, the peacekeeper, and perhaps, the people-pleaser.

With natal Mercury in Libra, I feel primed to expound upon what it feels like to embody this signature: just be prepared for something a little long-winded. In considering all the possible angles, we don’t exactly do ‘succinct.’

Mercury in Libra possesses the power of perspective - it cannot only see all the sides, it has the mental dexterity to justify (Libra) everyone’s opinion as an essential part of the whole.

It gives equal weight to all the ways of seeing the world. After all, the cosmic books must come out balanced, right?

Depends on who you ask. What’s your Libra placement?

Therein lies the ‘problem.’ Justice must be served and in order to do so, all angles must be considered. The perfectionism of this pursuit to clearly understand the issue from all sides can be exhausting and cyclical.

Said another way, there’s no right or wrong in the issue at hand but the ‘right’ thing to do is to hear everyone out.

In this way, we struggle to find perspectives of our own. This mental agility leaves little friction in the way of standing in one’s own opinion. Perhaps, it validates everyone else but itself.

It’s the kind of deliberation that makes the intuitive prowess of Uranus go insane. The Aquarian mad genius moves quickly when compelled by its more intrinsic sense. For Uranus, even the Mercurial intellect is too slow.

However, as it stations and begins a reversal we get a window for inquiry and refinement.

Where does our intuition live? Is it a mental faculty or…?

Especially as we continue to carve our way through Taurus, what do our body sensations tell us about our intuitive senses? Where do we feel it when we ‘just know’?

And as these energies interplay, how do we know when to use our intuition vs. our intellect to make sense of the issue at hand?

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