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Oct/Nov 2014


Highlights of this issue:

    • On the Run: Astromapping Tales of Edward Snowden and Ronnie Biggs
    • The Precession of the Capricorn Solstice and the Importance of 2017 to Humanity
    • An Interview with Robert Hand
    • Wheels of Change: Stelliums and Mundane Astrology
    • A New Look at the Gods and Goddesses of Our Solar System
    • Techniques for Earthquake Prediction: Part 1: Theory and Application
    • Exploring Astrology: A Wide Spectrum of Educational Resources



From this Issue:

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  • This Week's Features

    • Scorpio Solar Eclipse
      Guest blogger Sheldon Rosner writes on personal and political themes of this week’s Scorpio solar eclipse.   read more...
    • Astrological podcasts
      Mary Plumb collects links to podcasts. Although some early adopters have archived their work (from as long ago as 2007!), and some are newly created, there’s a range of interesting topics and approaches. Enjoy listening.   read more...