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The Mountain Astrologer began in 1987 as a humble 8-page, typeset newsletter in Boulder, Colorado.


As the Western World’s most highly regarded astrology magazine, we are passionate about providing a print publication that delights the senses, both on and off the digital screen. Every carefully crafted issue features articles, columns, and forecasts to enrich the lives of our readers.

From novice to sage, our pages provoke deep and playful self-discovery by exploring a wide range of techniques, research, mythology, and humor — a feast of information you will want to revisit time and time again.

A leader in the field for over three decades, we are committed to exploring astrological diversity, and encourage both renowned leaders and fresh voices from all schools of thought to share their work.

What's Wyrd?

Not to be confused with WEIRD, The Mountain Astrologer has always been an exploration of the beautiful and mysterious world of the WYRD …

“Wyrd is the very boundary between the essence and the appearance of things. It describes the sensory and affective impressions that haunt our encounters with the real things that mark us.”  — Erik Davis

  • wyrd/, [wyrˠd]

(n) fate personified; our personal destiny

To be full of spirit. 

To turn or rotate. 

To come to pass, to become, to be due.  

From Proto-Germanic *wurdiz, from Proto-Indo-European *wrti-, a verbal abstract from the root *wert- (to turn) (whence Latin vertere), related to the Old English verb weorþan (to grow into, become). Cognate with Old Saxon wurd, Old High German wurt, Old Norse urðr (fate), Old Norse Urðr (one of 3 norns).

What Is The Web Of Wyrd?

“So in simplest terms, what is the Web of Wyrd? It is the fabric of the universe. It is the threads, the cosmic strings, the links that connect us all to everything.

“Remnants of this ancient, animistic viewpoint persist on in our language. When you hear someone talk about “the fabric of the universe,” or talk about the spiritual depth of reality as something that binds us together and moves through everything, you are hearing the remnants in the English language that come from the deeper, ancestral concept that Northern Europeans once referred to as the Web of Wyrd.

“The Wyrd is the thread and the thread is the Wyrd. Wyrd is fate, the future, but also the past, the things that you have lived through and achieved. It is ever present. It has depth (Orlog) and where it crosses with other threads, you will find meetings with people, events and things that have the power to change the course of your life forever.

“The Web of Wyrd is what we make of it, and in turn, our actions within it are what make us who we are and what we will become.”  Earl S. Wynn


“Wyrd refers to more than individual lives but to the universe, a vast spider’s web where everything is connected and analogically related, so that vast galaxies can resemble cell structures and the genome of living creatures. Macrocosm and microcosm.”  — Sexual Fables

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Tem Tarriktar

Founder & Publisher | 1987–2019

November 24, 1987 12:05 PM
Nederland, CO USA

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