Time out for the blog…

Dear friends,

Several streams converged in the past few days and manifesting a blog did not make it to the surface!

I hope that’s not a disappointment (I know you have lots of other things to read).

And, the April/May issue of TMAThe Music Issue – is out now. Check out the contents here.

Have a good Mardi Gras and we’ll see you soon.




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3 Responses to "Time out for the blog…"

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  • Hi Mary. Many thanks for all you do for ALL of us in the astrological community with your fine blogs and other work.

    I hope your “streams” are filled with shimmering Piscean fish and all good things as grace-filled Jupiter stations to move forward once again.

    May all of our “twelve baskets” be filled with an abundance!

    Feel a warm hug,